10 Nisan 2021

The Really Complicated Family Ch. 06


We spoke on the phone every night, masturbating and describing what we were doing and what we wanted to do. I told him about my vibrator as it nestled at the apex of my cunt lips snug into its very own hood making sure to lick my fingers and verbally remind him of how I taste.

“Well, it’s like this Mr Barnes; It’s just starting to tingle darling,” I said, “Ooooooh, it’s fucking nice, how about you?”

“I’m lying on my bed and rubbing my prick like you do, but it’s not the same.”

“Well, imagine that I’m kneeling on the bed between your legs and my lips are just around the head. I’m sucking you and sucking you, and sucking you, I’m flicking your cockhead with my tongue just underneath where the stretched bit of skin is…”

“And what about you,” he said, “Am I fucking you?”

“Yes,” I gasped, “listen…”

I’d pulled the vibrator from between my labia and started to pump it in and out of my fleshy cunt lips and the soft squelchy sound was picked up by the phone microphone, switching off the vibrate function so he could hear me. I didn’t for a second think about how stupid I must have looked slopping the vibrator in and out of my pussy with the phone receiver right next to my cunt.

I could just hear his voice urging me on. I put the phone back to my ear panting.

“Could you hear?” I said.

“Yeah,” he growled, “do it on your hands and knees,” he ordered.

“Okay,” I whispered to him and turned over. I laid the phone handset on the pillow and laid my head on it to hold it in place. I then reached down between my thighs and pumped it in and out of my cunt. “Oh Tim,” I exclaimed, “It’s nowhere near as good as you, it’s not long enough, it’s not going in far enough.” I panted in time to my thrusts.

“Easy answer to that,” he said, “stick it up your arse…”


“I said stick it up your arse; I absolutely insist.”

Now I know that I could simple have pretended, and made the sort of noises that he’d expect to hear, but leaving the vibrator in my cunt, I put my arm around my back and felt down for the butt end. My pussy tightened and the vibe slid out just in reach of my right hand.

“OK,” I panted, “I’m just…” I put the tip in the crack of my arse and slid it up until I felt the point touch my anus. “It’s just about to go in.”

“Push,” he said, “tell me how it feels.”

I pushed, and it slipped; I chuckled, “It slid out,” I said, “Hang on, aaaaaah, awwww shit, that’s tight.”

“Pump it in and out, I don’t care how tight it is, fuck your arse with it.”

“OK darling,” I said, slipping it in and out as ordered. “Oh that’s good, it’s tight, I feel full, it’s kind of wanting to go, then not wanting to – fuck it’s good.” It was only wet with my pussy juice and I was pleased the plastic didn’t lose too much moisture. I could feel it becoming dry though and hoped it would Tim would come or let me come.

“It’s me fucking you Elaine, It’s my cock forcing itself in and out of your arse; play with your clit…”

“Oh God,” I cried out almost falling to the bed, as my weight was taken by my shoulders against my pillows. I strummed hard, flicking hard, still trying to fuck my arse with the slowly drying vibe.

Now to recreate the technical aspects of this activity, do that, rubbing your stomach in a circular motion and patting your head at the same time. It was becoming a bit of a struggle and Tim must have heard my occasional frustrated growl.

“Switch the vibrate back on…” he order.

“Oh Tim, you dirty bastard,” I said reaching back for the grooved base and twisting it to full power. SHIT!!

“OH CHRIST,” I cried out, “Tim you fucking beauty!” It was the weirdest sensation ever, and I could hear Tim chuckle to himself as I flicked my clitty again, holding the vibrator in place as it tickled and prickled. I felt the tingle start in my arse and belly and gasped a hissed ‘ooh yeah’ as I began. “Oh Tim,” I cried out, “I’m coming, I’m co-oooooh shit!” I mumbled into the phone as the spasms struck and I burbled promising him endless blow jobs as I came a couple of hundred miles away from lover, who I could hear gasping as he came into a pair of my knickers I left precisely for this occasion.

We got our breath back and asked each other about our mutual orgasms. Tim it seemed had come so hard that the knickers slipped and he pumped his come over his belly and lower chest. For me I was lying flat on the bed still with the receiver wedged under my face, my left arm pinned under me cupping my entire puss, and my right hand gently hold the now still vibrator in my arse as the final shudders came and went.

We chatted softly as lovers do, neither wanting to be the one that said goodnight and ended what we shared. It was a school night, and as my radio alarm ticked to thirty minutes past eleven, I said that we both had to sleep now, and that I would call him tomorrow.

I put the phone back onto its cradle, and reached back for the butt of the vibe still indecently sticking out of my arse. I gently pulled it out, and wiped it clean with some escort ataşehir wet wipes I kept in my knickers drawer for just this reason. I thought about getting a small tube of KY jelly to keep with it, but then figured Tim would bring his with him when he moved south. I closed my drawer, and lying as I had when I fucked myself, put one hand on my still tingling arse and fell into the most peaceful and deep sleep.

On Thursday I bought the local paper for jobs, and I found that the local grammar school was looking for an Arts Department technician, someone to mix and fill paint pots, assist in painting and pottery lessons and operate the school kiln; I drove there the next morning and collected an application pack in time for me to take it to Manchester with me that night.

I had gone out and bought a new black lace body, in preparation for that Friday night. I knew he’d be horny and I knew for certain that I was, and any underwear I wore would be torn off of me and thrown aside, but we BOTH liked them and what they did for us prior to the sex. We loved fucking each other and the undies were the nice addition, just the ‘jam on the bread’ as my Nanny Barnes would have said.

We didn’t spend the whole of our phone conversations wanking of course, we did actually have some intelligent discussion before we turned to sex starved animals! I told him about the application I’d found and would collect, and we discussed moving his stuff to my place and how to dispose of Mums.

That Friday when I left work I went straight to the nearest rental van place I picked up a biggish over-cab Ford Transit that would get almost all of his stuff in it at one go. It was a slower less comfortable drive, as my car was high performance, had an excellent stereo system and a soft top.

The Luton van had a radio that would only tune to two stations and I soon ran out of cassette tapes to play in it.

After a reeeeeeeeally boring five hour drive I turned into the street that held the old house. It was never ‘my’ house and I pretty much hated the place until Tim’s makeover of it and our lovemaking. I would always have the memory of our first night of lovemaking in his bedroom of course but ‘my’ house was in Surrey and 250 miles away. I saw to my surprise that a ‘For sale’ sign was already up.

As I opened the door, I could see that he’d already started to pack. The front room was empty, cleared of all but boxes of things he’d labelled; charity shop, check with Elaine, check with Ronnie, all sealed with brown tape.

Mum’s room was clear, all of the furniture gone – either collected by Social Services or taken by the council dustmen. His room was still looking as good as it had before, it only needed me naked on the bed to make it perfect. His model railway was packed into the original boxes, and he was there, roller in hand, painting over the fantastic scenery that had graced the wall since I moved out some twelve or so years back. I didn’t have a room for his railway but was working on that. I hadn’t told him yet but I was seriously considering putting my house on the market as well. I loved my little place but there wasn’t room for Tim’s railway, and what’s more I wanted a fresh start.

I had introduced Tim as my brother to my next door neighbours, not thinking that in a few short months we’d be lovers, and I didn’t want any suspicious noses poking over fences or staring at our comings and goings and commenting on how many sets of sheets went up on the line each week.

The old lady next door had lived in her house for forty odd years and somehow, much as she was a lovely sweet old thing, I’m not sure she’d believe that all was normal with that lovely single young school teacher and her younger brother living in such close proximity to her and also my bedroom wall was her bedroom wall.

I wanted a new start, with Tim. I’d pretty much given up on a man, marriage, children and that kind of thing, which was probably why I felt the way I did about Tim. He was probably as emotionally fucked up as I was – his lack of any kind of personal female company was even more evident than my failure with the men I’d known. All I knew was that Tim was as much of a man as I could ever want and, well, I had hundreds of children to look after, let’s face it.

That night, after packing the first of Tim’s boxes and furniture into the box van I’d brought, we lay on his bed in his almost empty bedroom watching TV and eating fish and chips out of the paper, something Mum would never of allowed and had we not cremated her, would probably have had her gently rotating in her last resting place.

Chips finished, we’d began to fill in his application form, and I would remove a piece of my clothing or his at the completion of each page. Finally, as we worked through the section ‘any other information to support your application’ I slowly and sexily removed my white cotton blouse to reveal the black body, the cleavage it gave me and the cheeks of my arse exposed by the cut of it at the rear.

“Fuck, Elaine, come here, NOW!” he ordered.

“NO!” kadıköy escort I said wagging a finger at him, “you’ve got to apply for your job, then you can have your present.”

“But…” he started, looking at me all puppy-dog like.

“You know that doesn’t work with me Tim,” I said folding my arms and raising my tits, but knowing that he’d pretty much just grab me and fuck me if he really wanted to, “complete your form!” I ordered bending forward at the waist so he could stare down my cleavage. I then turned round so the strip of black lace bisecting my buttocks was there for him to see.

I had to stop myself from laughing at his efforts to answer all the questions and cover all the points in the job description, while nursing his huge erection and having an attractive and horny woman strutting before him denying him what he wanted most. After all, he needed a job down south and I couldn’t let one night of passion ruin his chances of what was actually a really good one.

“There!” he announced, carefully folding the paper in half and slipping it in the ‘reply’ envelope, “all finished, NOW,” he announced to the room, “Bring that sexy fucking body over here so I can FINALLY slake my lust on you.”

I feigned a yawn and stretched,

“Oh Timmy,” I said, “I’m too tired for sex, can’t we just sleep, Oh,” I said bending at the waist and looking at the newspaper I’d brought with me for the job adverts it contained, “there’s a Bond film on TV, let’s watch that.” I put my hands on the cheeks of my bottom and stroked them, then softly pulled them apart.

“Oh no,” he growled with a grin, “I’m fucking you, end of story.”

“You gotta catch me fi-irst,” I chimed at him, and sticking out my tongue pulled the door open, closed it behind me and ran down the stair, with him in hot and erect pursuit. We chased around the house ducking around boxes and furniture, not finding the one thing I’d wanted, a nice soft rug or some cushions for him to fuck me on; but no, everywhere was hard polished floor boards or linoleum – then, bathed in moonlight I saw the perfect spot.

We’d both of us cared for the lawn and cut it, rolled it, weeded it – why I’ll never know because Mum would scream down the garden if we so much as sneezed on it. I turned the catch in the back door and, probably for the first and last time, wearing nothing but a really sexy black lace body, ran out onto the lush grass Mum had been so proud of. Tim was out seconds later, naked and erect in the moonlight and grabbing me and rugby tackling me to the ground.

The fresh air and dew damp grass lightened our senses and we were soon snogging almost silently, while Tim tried to figure how the body was fastened. I knew it was a couple of hooks and eyes under the crotch but wanted him to find them on his own. In the meantime, he’d hustled the shoulder straps down and had freed my tits, dropping his hungry mouth to suckle on my already hard nipples, driven to aching erectness by the sexiness of the situation and the chill in the air. In the meantime I pumping his rock hard prick, readying it to do its wonderful thing.

He was trying to wrench the body down over my tummy so I gave up the struggle of fighting him and lifting both of my legs up I pointed at my groin and whispered “hooks” to him. In seconds he had found them and they pinged free allowing him the view of my pussy, shaved completely free of hair for the first time since they’d grown all those years back. He gasped and slid lower to look at my cunt, shining sliver in the moonlight.

“Christ Elaine,” he whispered, “that has to be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” As he stared I put a hand on the back of his head and pushed it down so his lips came into contact with my hairless mons.

Confession time; yes, it did look and make me feel fantastically sexy, but the real reason was those short wiry hairs would snag in the lace of the body, and rather than take it back (It did look fucking great on me by the way) the easiest thing to do was shave all of the hair off. Job done.

He sucked at my clit for what seemed like hours until, needing to feel him in me and filling me, I pulled him up, kissing his face that tasted of me and I felt his erection nudging at my cunt. Needing no urging or advice he pushed into me and that was that – our first midnight open-air fuck. While it was our first I swore it wouldn’t be the last and I came twice, before he spilt his semen into me.

I lay flat and well fucked under him; after my first come, he’d flipped me and described the glorious sight of my moonlit arse as he settled his knees either side of mine for the final push; and what a fucking push it was too. I struggled hard with containing my cries that came in time with his hard pumping thrusts and I trembled knowing that my orgasm was on its way but not knowing when, until I it hit me all at once and I fell forward into that grass gasping at each tremor his still thrusting cock put into me.

I cried out his name, and he began kissing my neck and nuzzling my face until I finally felt his maltepe escort bayan own orgasm rise and encouraging to fuck me and fill me, he pinned me into the grass with his last ejaculating thrust.

Laying there and feeling the trickle of his copious discharge at my pussy I thought of the outrage Mum would have felt at us being on the grass. I’m not sure her outrage would have been lessened or increased any by the idea of Tim’s come pouring out of my flushed and sopping pussy onto that grass, but what the fuck; she’d gone and her malign, stagnating influence on our lives could stay in this house. I still have a lasting joy of seeing the imprint of my back and bottom in the grass and just next to it four indentations that were my knees and elbows.

The next day was a tiring round of packing and sorting, boxing and delivering things to the new ‘Age Concern’ charity shop. They had been regular visitors to Mum before her final illness and I knew she would have approved of that at least.

We showered and went to bed naked, too tired to do anything but hold each other. I woke first next morning and I felt his erect cock lying across my thigh. I figured that I would try the ‘cowgirl’ – after all I was so used to being flipped onto my hands and knees when we fucked – when we wanted it dirty and I had a need to be mastered. Then there was the standard missionary which was when we made love. But seeing him there gave me the idea to try one I’d seen in a womans’ magazine. I pushed him over so he was on his back, then straddled him, guiding him up and into me.

Fuck but it went deep, I had to concentrate or at one point I felt like I was being impaled on him and I felt the first discomfort. He had woken up enough to know what was going on and reached up for my breasts, and I let him, before taking his arms for support as I bounced up and down on his hardness making it touch all of the places I wanted it to. I came, falling forward on to him as I trembled though it. Within moments felt him slide from under me to take up his usual place at my rear, and already wet and ready he was soon sliding into me and fucking me hard, the way we both loved the most. I wriggled a bit knowing it would be enough of a hint to make him hold me down and fuck me, and of course he did.

“Wow,” I said, “that cowgirl I’m going to have to try again, but you are so fucking huge I can’t take you all that way.”

He rolled over me chuckling, “You’ll do as you’re told missy and take everything I have to give,” he started to tickle me. I tried to tickle him back but his extra strength and longer arms gave him the edge and I was soon helpless and in his arms. That morning, freed of the cloying overwatch of Mum I finally had my first inkling of what we were beginning to mean to each other and feel for each other.

I hadn’t really known Tim for nearly half of his life. When we came back into each-other’s lives we were relative strangers – I didn’t even like the old priggish, prudish younger brother of mine that I left behind. But meeting up after such a long time was like a new beginning, and I got to know this stranger. What had started as some initial fancying of the bloke across the kitchen table and some crafty and secretive masturbation had ended in a full-on secret love affair and even unspoken we both new how we wanted it to play out.

It was love, over and above what could be expected of siblings, proper full on, passionate love and on what would be our last Saturday in the house, we kissed pretty much for an hour until our lips, chins and tongues were sore. Neither of us said anything, and we just grinned and kissed.

Because it would be a fortnight until Tim would move in with me, I wanted something special for our last Manchester Saturday night. In that Saturday’s evening paper I found that a local Hotel was hosting a dinner and dance for charity and I phoned and ordered two tickets, I’d brought my favourite little black dress that was close fitting around my boobs and bottom, and made me look great, so told Tim he’d need something equally hot.

Tim’s clothing was pretty much all picked out by Mum and I told him that as well as something smart and hot for tonight, if he was going to job interviews he’d need to dress accordingly. I dragged him to a local Gent’s outfitters and they sold him three suits; two lounge and one dinner jacket with a real bow tie. Fortunately he was a perfect size for off the peg and he looked good in everything he tried on, but a few really stood out.

The lounge suits made him look like a totally new man. I’d never ever seen this side of him and I fancied him even more. While the sharp, contemporary lounge suits made him look hot, the DJ looked fucking amazing and as I sat there in my skinny jeans and tailored T-shirt, I felt my pussy moisten at his broad shoulders, his handsome features and those eyes that could make me swoon.

He showered and dressed in his new DJ, while I was dressing and making up. My little black dress was one of the most expensive items in my wardrobe, and fitted me well. I had my hair dressed, took extra time over my make-up and went bra-less and pulled on crotch-less black lace tights. At one stage I thought I’d need to put on panties as I just got so damp around the pussy and I did wonder if he’s smell the sweet wafting of my pussy ready to be fucked.

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