30 Haziran 2020

The sleepover, part1


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The sleepover, part1One night my girlfriend and I stayed at my gayfriend’s house. We had a great dinner and a couple of drinks, that made us tipsy. My girlfriend let me know that the drinks had made her horny, so we said goodnight to my friend and went upstairs. Not even I had closed the door of the room or my girlfriend rips my jeans open and starts to suck my hard cock. While doing so, I start to undress her and touch her breasts and nipples. The nipple pinching makes my girlfriend even hornier, she pushes me on the kuşadası escort bayan bed and starts to suck even harder and deeper. I turn her around so I can lick her soaking wet shaven pussy. ‘Fuck me’, she moans. I put her on top of me and she starts to ride me. All of a sudden I feel a tongue licking my balls. I’m surprised, I look up and look right in the smiling face of my gayfriend. ‘Finally’, he lipsyncs. ‘Finally, I lick your balls.’ The next moment he takes my dick out of my girlfriend’s kuşadası escort bayan pussy and puts it into his mouth. I moan. My girlfriend turns around and asks me, shocked, what’s going on. But the sight of my friend sucking my cock, makes her very wet. She decides to join him. They take turns on sucking my cock and balls. My girlfriend’s on the loose. She summons my friend to lay next to me on the bed, takes his big cock out and she takes both of our cocks in her mouth. I feel my cock touching escort kuşadası my friend’s. I have never been so close to another man’s cock. It arrouses me very much. My girl turns around so I have her soaking pussy right above my head. When I lick and fingerfuck her, she comes loudly. Her juice is all over my face. I have to do my best not to come, especially now my friend is licking balls and has started to go down on my asshole as well. So my girlfriend is still sucking my dick, that’s getting harder and harder and my friend is licking… Oh no… he puts a finger in my ass. ‘What are you doing?’ He smiles and keeps on going. ‘Oh my god, that’s great.’ He spits on my ass and puts another one in. ‘I’m going to prepare you’. ‘Prepare me for what?’ ‘For me’, he smiles…To be continued…

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