21 Temmuz 2021

The Storm


The StormI had flown to pick up my first car. I bought it on the internet. I was excited. I got the car and headed back towards home, which was almost two states away. My dad had given me a credit card to use to by gas and get a hotel. I knew a winter storm was coming in and I wanted to beat it. But that would not happen. It started with a lite rain then went down hill from there. It rained, then turned to a mix of rain and freezing rain. Then sleet. This slowed my progress. And the weather got worse so did the road conditions. I pulled into a rest stop. There was a nice car stopped with a woman standing outside it. She was looking at a flat tire. I stopped and offered her help just as it started the freezing rain again. By the time I got the flat changed it was really coming down. “Thanks so much-I owe you big time.” the woman said as she drove off. I got back in my car and turned the heat up and drove. They were talking on the radio that they might close the highway. Many cars were in the ditches. I made it to the next town and found a hotel. “Do you have a room?” I asked the desk person. “No we are all out, she got the last one.” It was the woman that had the flat. “Hi! its you. You are welcome to stay in my room tonight. I told you I owe you big time for helping me out back there.You know they just closed the highway.” I stood there in disbelief thinking about my options. This woman had a nice car and looked like she had money and was married. My only other option was to sleep in the lobby or in my car. I went for the room with a woman I don’t know. As we made our way to the room she said “I stopped at a store and got plenty of canlı bahis food and drinks plus some fried chicken and some other food. We should not be hungry.” Wow food, I did not even think of that. She was an older lady, had one of those bob type haircuts with the blonde on top and brown underneath that all the older ladies do now. She was tall and skinny, guessing around sixty years old and in great shape. “My husband told me to stop and get off the road as the weather was getting much worse.” She said. I could tell she had some money. I was happy to have a place to sleep for the night. But right now it was just before four in the afternoon. “I am glad to share my room with you, I do not like being alone, we can watch a movie while we eat.” She said as she opened the door to the room. There was a king size bed in the room and a tv, microwave and fridge. That was it. “Well it is a king bed, you sleep on one side and I will sleep on the other, we can put pillows between us if you want, or snuggle up to keep warm. And my name is Connie” she said with a flirty smile. We got on the bed and watched a movie as we ate. Then we decided to get dressed for bed. I put on sweat pants and a tshirt. Connie went into the bathroom and peed with the door open. She came out in one of her husband’s dress shirts, a look I find very hot a on a woman. My cock tingled a little but this woman was way older and out of my league. And married, so why would she want to mess with a teen? She made us both a rum and coke and then sat right next to me on the bed and we started the movie. I could not help checking out her long smooth legs, every so often I got bahis siteleri a glimpse of nipple and I thought I saw some bush, surely she was wearing panties. We got to talking during the movie and she snuggled up a little to me which I found to be nice, something my girlfriend likes to do when we watch movies together. Then it happened, she touched my cock thru my pants. At first I thought it was accidental, but then she kind of squeezed it. And with that my cock went into full hard-on mode. Connie got up to fix us both another drink and as she did I saw her butt crack. Wow! I thought to myself, she is not wearing any underwear. We got back on the bed and in doing so I caught a glimpse of her bush, no underwear. She snuggled up to me and we cuddled as the movie played. I think we both got a good buzz from the rum when she placed her hand on my cock again. I took Connie lead and placed my hand on her boob, outside her shirt. She again squeezed my cock so I squeezed her small tit. Then she pushed her hand down my pants and slowly played with my cock and balls. So I slipped my hand under her shirt and played with her tit. Then she pulled my cock from my pants and put her mouth on it and gave me a quick BJ but stopped before I came. She then straddled me and lifted her shirt up and lowered herself down on my pole. I could not believe this was happening. She rode my cock for a minute or two. The sweet smell of her pussy, her wetness, and her breathing and the feel of her tight cunt proved more than I could handle and I exploded a large load deep inside her. Connie just laid on me, my cock still buried deep. Then she lifted herself bahis şirketleri off of me and laid on her back on the bed, spreading her legs. “Will you eat me out and make me cum?” I had not done that too much, but Connie picked up on that and guided me on where and how to make it happen. She came quickly and heavy. We fucked two more time that night and then first thing on the morning. We did not even dress, we just walked around the room naked and fucked whenever we felt the urge. I even had my cock in her when she was talking to her husband on the cell phone. The storm had worsen overnight and the highway was still closed. We would have to stay another night at the hotel. Connie’s husband even talked to me on the phone thanking me for changing her flat and taking care of her. We had nothing to do that day and night but eat and fuck. I am pretty sure I was heaven. Connie gave me tips on foreplay, eating pussy, how to pickup women, and more. I lost count of how loads I blasted into her pussy and mouth. The third day they opened the highway. We dressed, and I blew one more load into Connie’s womb, one for the road, and we parted ways. She told me it was the best time she had had being stranded. As I drove I thought about all the fucking we did and wondered what her husband would think if he knew just how well I took care of his wife. I still had the smell of her pussy on my fingers. I made it home late that day and my girlfriend mounted me the minute we were alone. I tried a few things Connie taught me and sent my girl into space. She asked a couple of questions about Connie but decided that the woman being older and married was a safe room mate and did bring it up again. But as we lay there, my cum dripping out of my girlfriend’s snatch onto my leg it reminded me of Connie. Now every time a winter storm is coming in I want to fuck, fuck an older woman.

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