29 Kasım 2021

The Story Of Roger Part 5


The Story Of Roger Part 5The old man spent the next hour or so uploading some more of the pics that Sam had taken to his profile as well as updating his interests and he was quite pleased with what he had done, he received a text from Sam asking if Ollie could come round for a kick about as she had to help Ella with her cookery homework, he quickly text back that it was OK.Ollie soon came round with his football, Roger saw him coming down the path in just his little sports shorts which for some reason he seemed to live in and as he got closer he couldn’t help but notice the ‘swing’ underneath telling him he had taken a leaf out of his own book and wore nothing underneath.Roger had to close down his website as he didn’t think Ollie was quite ready for that and welcomed him in,“Hi Uncle Rog, are we good for a kick about?” he asked and then proceeded to mention how happy his mother was today although he had no idea why.They went out to the garden and spent the next half hour kicking the ball about until the old man tweaked a muscle in his thigh, “Let’s go in for a break” he suggested to give his leg a rest and Ollie helped him limp back inside.“Happens to me too” Ollie said as the old man sat in his chair, “My coach usually massages it for me, shall I do that for you Uncle Rog?” he asked and the old man was more than happy for the lad to help and handed him some muscle cream while he sat back in his chair with his legs wide while Ollie knelt down in front of him.Ollie had a good touch and replicated the technique his trainer used and slowly started to massage his thigh, it felt good and the old man closed his eyes as Ollie worked on his thigh muscle slowly working his was upwards working his hands up inside the leg of his shorts, Ollie soon realised that the old man was getting a bulge under his shorts from the lads tender touch, he looked up at Roger,“Don’t worry about the boner Rog, it happens when my coach does it so it’s perfectly natural” he said as his hands went up inside his shorts, ‘Really’ Roger thought.The pain was subsiding as Ollie worked his way up the inside of his thigh and his boner was evident as his young fingers touched Roger’s balls, “Why not take your shorts of uncle Rog” he suggested as this would give him better access, Roger nodded thinking that was a sensible suggestion and raised his arse up to allow Ollie to pull his shorts down carefully lifting them over his now erect cock, “Wow!” said Ollie as the old mans cock came into view. Roger glanced down at his young masseur and could see he was suffering from the same condition however Ollie kept his shorts on.. for now.“Damn uncle Rog” he sighed looking at his erection and the old man was apologetic, “Did you take your shorts off with your coach?” he asked and Ollie answered in very matter of fact way, “Oh yes, the coach said that it is easier to get to the muscle” Ollie continued running his hands up and down Rogers thigh kneading his fingers into his muscles just as his coach did and every time he got to the top he brushed his balls which made the old mans cock twitch, they both giggled at that.“How does it feel Rog?” he asked and Roger answered that it was feeling easier but it would be best to carry on for a while longer which Ollie was happy to do and inched his knees closer to the chair and then started to rub up both thighs together, “Just replicate exactly what your coach does and it will be fine” the old man instructed and Ollie was happy to continue and each time he ran up his halkalı escort thigh his hands seem to press harder against the old mans balls and then seemed to gently run around the base of his throbbing cock.Roger again closed his eyes and was enjoying Ollies tender touch and on the next stroke his fingers went either side of his cock on the upward stroke and then returning very slowly forcing his cock back so it was pointing directly at him, he did this quite a few times and the old man was quite enjoying it.Roger could see that Ollies cock was straining inside his shorts, “Does your coach get a boner too?” he asked with a giggle and he confessed that he usually does but was always told that it was a perfectly natural reaction and the old man agreed in a reassuring way.Roger sighed as Ollie repeated the process a number of times but now on the return stoke her was running his hand up the length of his cock which caused a bit of a giggle as it then banged back onto the old man’s belly.Ollie was now paying far more attention to the old mans cock and balls and while one hand cupped and gently squeezed his balls the other was starting to rub up and down slowly wanking him, Roger looked puzzled until Ollie explained that his coach had said that if he ejaculated it would clear his system which enhanced the healing process, Roger told him to carry on. He moved his body down the chair widening his legs more as Ollie gently wanked him and his soft moans confirmed his enjoyment however he gasped when he felt the warmth of the young lads mouth as her started to lick and suck around the swollen head, OMG did his coach really suck him off? The old man wasn’t complaining as he was enjoying it so much.Ollie was good, he licked all around the shaft up and down making the old man moan, Roger put his hands on the lads head as he started to bob up and down using a good amount of saliva making slurping noises as his cock hit the back of his throat and the old man knew this wasn’t the first cock he had sucked and began wondering more about his football coach, he was obviously a good teacher.As Rogers breathing increased Ollie knew he was close and started to up the pace to bring the old man off, “OMG YESS!” Roger cried out as he felt his balls tighten under the young lads grip and a further squeezed did the trick as he felt his cock pulsate, “Mmm” cried Ollie as his mouth filled with the old mans hot man seed and he didn’t flinch as he kept on sucking and swallowing what Roger delivered looking up at him while he feasted.“How was that Rog?” he asked as he finished sucking every last drop, Roger was regaining his breath but had a big smile which told Ollie how much he enjoyed it, when he regained his composure he looked down at Ollie, “Awesome mate, really awesome” he sighed and the young lad was pleased that he was able to help his uncle.Ollie stood back up and looked down on the old mans softening cock and his own boner had now subsided and was happy that he had been able to fix Rogers muscle before he had to return home for his supper, the thanked the old man for being his playmate and Roger told him that he was welcome anytime he wanted a kick about, Roger never let on why his mother was so happy today After Ollie left Roger decided to go for a shower with a big smile on his face as he had a good day with both Sam and her son, shame that Ella was busy but he knew he would have plenty of taksim escort opportunities in the future. He decided to put on his ‘new’ silk robe as he so loved the feel of it on his body and checked out his new profile and was amazed at the comments her had received from his new uploaded pictures and also that he had a number of friend requests, it appeared that his ‘interests’ were more popular than he had first imagined.Roger sat there looking at the pictures of him and Sam and hadn’t realised that a certain someone was outside looking in, it was Ella who had brought over some of the cakes that she had baked as part of her homework assignment, how long had she been standing there?Poor old Roger nearly had a heart attack when she tapped on the glass door, he quickly minimised the page as he swivelled round on his chair to see young Ella standing there with a plate wearing just a vest and rather tight yoga shorts, “Oh fuck!!!” he said to himself as he stood up and opened the door to let her in.The tell-tale bulge in the front of his robe told the story but as she came in and slipped off her shoes she didn’t make a comment and handed him the plate of cakes, “Hi uncle Rog, you want to taste my cakes?” she asked with a smile and he was never one to refuse food, “Wow!, they look good young lady” he replied as she sat down in the chair behind him, he swivelled his chair to face her as he took a bite, “Mmm, so tasty” he replied which put a smile on Ella’s face.“So, what were you looking at?” she asked and he knew immediately she had seen more that she should, he was busted and had to think quick on how to deal with this situation.Roger decided to come clean as telling lies wasn’t something he was good at plus if she was standing at his door she couldn’t fail to recognise that it was her mother in the pictures however he had to try and keep in control, he looked across at Ella as he munched on another cupcake, they really were nice.Ella’s vest really didn’t really hide her 32a’s and he could see them through the sides noticing her little nipples were stiffening and her little white yoga shorts were pretty tight around her crotch as she sat with her legs slightly open, he was well aware that he hadn’t answered her question yet.“Why don’t you come and sit on my lap and I will show you” he said with a smile thinking that if he is going to be busted he may as well get some pleasure from it, Ella looked at him and the fact he was in her fathers old robe which she loved agreed, “OK” she said smiling and slowly stood up and walked over to him.Roger moved his chair back slightly and Ella eased herself down on his lap, he immediately felt her weight on his semi hard cock and she gave a little wiggle as she made herself comfortable and the old man put his left arm around her waist to hold her, she had her legs either side of him and smiled as she felt his hardening cock under her arse.Ella’s eyes widened as he opened up his profile page which clearly showed her mother with him as his profile picture, “OMG uncle Rog” she sighed softly and her smile told him that she was in no way mad, “Wow! that’s you and mum” she continued, “How cool”Roger felt relieved with her attitude, she actually found it exciting and started to read his interests and he felt his cock, which was strategically placed between the cheeks of her arse, hardening.As she started to read through his interests Roger slipped his hand up the inside of her vest gently rubbing şişli escort her bare stomach, “Oh Mmm, I see you like panties” she said with a giggle, “Maybe I need to bring mine over” she said with a giggle which kind of pleased the old man. She knew he was getting a boner as she wiggles on his lap slightly so obviously enjoyed sitting there.She giggled at the other interests, “Oh Wow!, you even like school uniforms and role-play” she said softly and the old man remembering that she loved the attention replied, “Oh yes, we can certainly do that if you wear it round here” he replied as his hand moved up to her chest, he could feel her little bee stings and her nipples were solid.She opened up his gallery to see the pictures of him and her mother, “OMG! You two must have had a good time, no wonder mummy is so happy” she said and the old man insisted that she keep it all secret, Ella agreed knowing that they could have so much fun if she kept it between themselves.“Can I call you grandad?” she asked softly and the old man could understand her fixation with older guys and it fitted in perfectly with her mothers desire to call him daddy, Roger was loving it, “Of course you can angel” he replied with a smile as he tweaked her nipple, “Mmm, thanks grandad” she replied.Ella now had control of the mouse and as she looked through his gallery the old man now had both hands up her vest and he could hear her softly moan as he tweaked her now stiff nipples, Ella started to slowly gyrate on his lap which made the old man moan a little as she rubbed her arse up and down his throbbing cock, her movements forcing his robe open.“Wow grandad” she said looking at a picture of her mum with the old mans cock in her mouth, “So HOT” she continued, Roger moved his hands down to her thighs running them up to her crotch, he could feel the warmth between her widened legs as his fingers tried to squeeze inside, she moaned softly realising what he was doing and very soon his fingers were pulling the thin fabric aside, “Mmm grandad” she sighed as his finger started to rub her wet outer lips looking for the entrance.Roger had a better plan and with one finger slipping inside her he gently lifted her up and took hold of his now exposed throbbing cock and Ella willingly helped him position it and gently slipped back down on his lap, “OH FUCK YES GRANDAD” she cried out as his cock slipped inside her young hole, the old man felt the tightness as she immediately gripped his shaft contracting her cunt muscles, Roger gasped out as Ella started to gently bounce up and down gyrating forcing Roger to gasp as he went in up to the hilt.It wasn’t long before her breathing increased and her body shook, “OMG! YESSS” she cried and the old man felt the wetness of her juices running down his balls.Ella was getting right into it thinking to herself that whatever was good for her mum was good for her, why should she have all the fun and the thought of her knowing the truth but her mum not was an even bigger turn on, Roger’s was in a win/win situation with the added bonus they the girls didn’t know about Ollie, at the moment.He started to thrust up and they built up quite a rhythm and the old man felt his balls tighten as Ella spasmed into another orgasm, “OH FUCK ELLA, YESSS!” he cried out as his cock started to pulsate shooting his hot cum into young Ella’s belly, she felt it straight away as she let out a breathless cry.Ella’s body went limp against the old mans chest as she tried to regain her breath, “OMG grandad, this is so cool” she sighed softly still gyrating slowly on the old mans lap, his cock now well spent and softening, they both smiled.“Tomorrow when I come to do the cleaning I will wear my uniform” she said with a BIG grin on her face as she was leaving, ‘cleaning!!’ Roger thought, she wont be doing much of that.To Be Continued…..

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