30 Haziran 2020

The Surprise


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The SurpriseAs she reached for her doorknob, she fumbled in her purse looking for her keys only to discover the knob turned with ease.“Did I forget to lock the door?” She pondered. Shrugging off the unlocked door, she went in and tossed her purse aside. She took a few moments to stop in the kitchen for something quick to drink before heading to the bathroom to take a long shower after a hectic day at work. As she slipped into the bathroom, she felt one hand quickly cover her mouth and another firmly gripping her around her waist pulling her back. She tried to gasp but the hand was grasped so tightly that nothing escaped her mouth. It took her a minute to register what had happened, but suddenly she realized her peril and tried to fight back. It was a fruitless effort. The man was so strong and large that her struggles went almost unnoticed. He easily held her against him, quietly laughing at her plight. He whispered in her ear, “Be good little girl and we might go easy on you.” Fear flashed across her eyes as she realized what might happen to her. She immediately stopped struggling; the man effortlessly picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He tossed her onto her large 4 poster bed.“You’re a dirty little cunt aren’t you. I looked in your room. So many restraints and a bed perfect for tying you up. I think you’re going to enjoy this.” He quipped. She trembled as he touched her. Yanking her arms above her head, he used the rope she kept for bdsm play, to tie them to the bed. He moved down to her legs, tying her ankles to her thighs and then tying them to the opposite ends of the bed, leaving her exposed to the world. Silent tears started falling from her panic stricken face. She was used to bdsm play, but had never imagined something like this could happen to her. Even as submissive as she was, she still held ultimate control. Her safe word and gestures could put a stop to a session immediately, nothing was ever done that she couldn’t handle or wanted. The man pulled out a long sharp knife, even in the dark she could see the cold shining steel glinting as he drew nearer to her. bayraklı escort bayan Fear set in as she watched him approached and she started struggling against her bonds, screaming,“Let me go! Please, don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you want, please just don’t hurt me.” He smirked at her as he replied, “You will do anything I want, and you’re going to like it. You’re going to cum for me aren’t you? You filthy slut.” He grew tired of her crying and proceeded to gag her. After muffling her cries he ripped away her cloth with his knife. She tried squirming away, but after lightly nicking one of her breasts, she stopped and let him finish. He glanced down at her naked exposed body and grinned. He loved watching a beautiful woman bound and gagged, helpless. He felt his cock grow hard pressing against his pants, begging to be released. But not yet….He had more surprises in store before he ravaged her body. He made a quick phone call that she was unable to hear and he sat in the shadows just watching her. Soon she became listless, ceasing to struggle against her bonds. She didn’t know what was going to happen but her fear continued to escalate. After what felt like an eternity, she heard a loud knocking at the door. Her captor went to investigate the noise, and she tried to scream for help, but her cries were muffled and barely made a noise. When he came back a second, smaller, but equally menacing man appeared with him. He gazed hungrily at her naked body, silhouetted by the moonlight. “Can I taste her?” He hastily asked. “No.” the first man’s voiced boomed. “We have to wait.” She had no idea how much time had passed since she came home but she new her boyfriend would be arriving very soon. Almost as if on cue, she heard him come home. Noisily moving about the house, and calling out her name. She desperately wanted him to hear her screams, crying out for him to run and get help, but her attempts made no difference, he couldn’t hear her, and the two men were in position to attack him. The two of them combined with the element of surprise were no match. When he entered the escort bayraklı bedroom, they quickly incapacitated him, strapping him into a chair. They positioned him facing the bed, giving him a very graphic view of his girlfriend. They wanted to relish in him having to watch as they brutalized her. The first man approached her, and looked her up and down slowly, watching her every muscle tense, he reached down and flicked her clit with his fingers, then stroking the lips of her pussy he decided it was time. He reached down and removed his belt. Sliding his jeans off she looked on terrified at his huge throbbing cock. He didn’t even pause before shoving his cock deep within her. She cried out, trying to scream through her gag from the pain of the sudden insertion. She wasn’t ready and had never had a cock that large enter her before. She felt his massiveness thrusting in her. She tried to squirm away, but his weight and the bonds prevented her from moving much. He laughed and told her to enjoy it. The second man approached, and with his cock out, turned her head to face him and removed her gag. She started crying and begging them to stop, but she was soon muffled again with his cock this time. He told her he would cut her if she didn’t suck. She tried but quickly started choking. He slapped her across the face and yelled at her to get herself under control. She slowly started to calm down and tried to please him so he wouldn’t hurt her again. While the first man continued to pound at her tight unforgiving pussy, she sucked the second man’s cock with a hunger she had never experienced before. Survival was all she cared about. She swirled her tongue across his head, and tried to swallow as much as her small throat would allow. Soon she felt his cum pouring down her throat as he grinned at her. Soon they switched places and she was forced to repeat it all over again. The first man’s cock was so large she struggled to adequately suck and lick it. She could hear her boyfriend trying to break free but couldn’t see him. She was so scared of what he must think of what was happening. bayraklı escot She was being turned into a slut and she had no control over the situation. As they continued to take turns fucking her, they would bite and slap her. Pinching and twisting her nipples, flicking her clit. She tried to resist, as much agony as she was in, she felt her pussy get wetter and wetter, her hips grinding against the men r****g her uncontrollably. She felt her body ache for more. She felt so ashamed with herself. She begged them to stop but secretly felt waves of intense pleasure wash over her body. She knew it was only a matter of time before she could no longer control herself and she would orgasm. Suddenly the first man stopped assaulting her, looking at the second man, he remarked, “Come on, lets finish and get out of here, I think they’ve been tortured enough.” She though her pain was finally coming to an end, but she couldn’t have been more wrong. The first man unbound her, and like lifting a c***d place her on top of the second man. She felt his cock grinding inside her wet pussy, when before she could move and try and stop it, she sucked in a deep breath and gasped as the first man’s rock hard cock pushed it’s way into her ass. At first he was gentle, slowly thrusting in and out, but as he got his rhythm going he started faster and harder, pounding her, making her entire body shake. She couldn’t help herself, it was so intense, his cock in her ass, and the other man fucking her pussy, and playing with her clit, she moaned so loud, and started begging them to make her cum. She couldn’t even believe the words coming out of her mouth. It was like she was a passerby, watching it happen to someone else. This poor girl bruised and battered being ****d unmercifully yet crying out for more. This wasn’t her, this wasn’t happening to her. But the pleasure and pain continued to climb to unbearable heights. It finally reached it’s breaking point, and she couldn’t contain herself any longer. As she climaxed she screamed and fell limply on the first man. Exhausted, beaten, and broken, she entered a state of delirium before passing out. The men left her there covered their cum, her juices and blood from the brutality of the encounter. They laughed as they left, leaving man tied to the chair unable to do anything, but watch her lay there degraded…

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