12 Temmuz 2021

The Taboo club

Solo Male

The Taboo clubThe “****” clubSpecially set up for men and women who want to indulge in this underground and socially taboo practice.. you were selected to be one of the first participants and had undergone intensive training and hormone therapy to increase the size of your cuntlip’s , dramatically enlarge the size of your nipples, increase there sensitivity and of course make you lactate.You arrived at the club at lunchtime.. everything had been meticulously prepared… the service room being very luxurious and comfortable.. there were four very attractive Male assistants and the maid…She dressed you in a special tunic which emphasised your curvaceous form.. rubber teats were placed over your large nipples from which transparent tubes where attached. Your bottom and pussy was similarly encased… a pulldown flap complete with a black rubber pussy plug concealed your pussy .. its Purpose to keep your lips spread and spunk inside your cunt… Plus it framed your swollen cunt lips, creating an intoxicating presentation to your r****t. The assistants pick you up and lower you onto the purpose made bed, your back is supported and as they spread your legs you can see how exposed you are. There is a container directly under your pussy designed to catch the hot spunk that will be dripping from your repeatedly fucked and used cunt.. when it is full with half a litre of semen your **** session Will be complete.All the r****ts have being thoroughly Vetted for cleanliness and size they have also had extensive canlı bahis hormone treatment which increases there volume of spunk by a factor of 10The first r****t enters the room.. he has been prepared by another maid so his cock is Rigid and also enormous. Your maid unclips your cunt flap …presenting your gaping lips and spunk tank to him…. in one swift penetration he is balls deep inside you… the size of him makes you grasp… you instinctively try to Close your legs… to no avail as the assistants keep you spread…this assault on your cunt is just so incredibly naughty and stimulating and you start to cum.. sensors inside the tunic react to your state and start to suck on your huge nipples and pump your swollen tits… your milk flowing Down the tubes into another tank… the feeling of cumming all over this huge cock combined with Being milked is intense… Plus looking down between your spread legs Seeing your beautifully framed puffed up cunt being fucked by this huge cock makes you spurt…. “you dirty fucking whore” he says as he erupts inside you, it feels like your insides are exploding with the quantity of spunk being pumped inside you…. that delicious feeling of pleasure and pain. As he withdraws his dripping cock the maid pushes the plug inside you and re fastens the flap.. You are given two minutes to recover before the next r****t…….Even with the plug inside you you can feel the Hot spunk dripping from your cunt with your swollen tits starting to ache painfully……. NextAnother… mercifully bahis siteleri ! slightly smaller cock is once again between your legs… the maid lowers the flap, which glistens was a mixture of spunk and cunt cream… the hard throbbing cock pounds into you as you watch its thrusts expelling semen from your bulging ripe mound…. This is unreal… you’re throbbing tits are aching painfully…. you know that to relieve them you have to cum… there is no choice…. your wet cunt grips onto his cock and you cum. The relief of your aching tits being milked is immediate and coincides with Another huge blast of hot semen exploding deep inside you…. you keep coming …relieving your breasts and milking his cock of every last drop of spunk… Completely spent he withdraws…. again the maid plugs you and fastens the flap….. Another two minutes to recover and contemplate this vicious circle…. your cunt aches but your still swollen tits more so….. You need more cock to make you cum…Next…….. Fuck this time there’s two… your legs are lifted up and back. The maid undoes the flap with a resounding plop as its bulbous head is released from your sopping swollen cunt… the first r****t dips his helmet into the spunk container then brutally Rams it into your Arse…. you squeal with pain as he withdraws his slippery cock then plunges it back into Your quivering asshole. Relieve her pain the maid says…. the other r****t straddles you, his huge cock dangling …the maid spreads your cunt lips and he buries his cock into your aching bahis şirketleri cunt ….you have never Felt so abused and brutally fucked in your life….they both start a steady rhythm plunging the depths of your very being… the mixture of pleasure from your cunt and pain from your arse is unreal …then your tits join this heady mixture …aching intensely…. you know the solution as your cunt clenches and the milking starts…. the r****ts are really pounding you now… your arse is on fire with pain, your cunt in Spasm as the milking of your tits intensifies as you in turn milk these brutally but deliciously invading cocks…. they both come together the combined pulsing of their hard fat helmets pumping what seems like gallons of hot semen into both your holes ….you pass out with the intensity of this rush…..Your awoken by the maid … now you feel pain… the flap is open and there are globules of semen all over you…. your cunt is red, coated with thick spunk, swollen and painfully sore…. what happened you ask… well, while you’re sleeping you were fucked by 10 more men…they used you like a spunk tank to relieve there aching full balls…fucking you like a limp rag doll… seven of them coming inside you the other three wanking all over you… look the spunk container is full we have finished with you….. now you can go home and recover …theres two grand in cash waiting for you at reception…. please do come again… you have been very popular And we would like to keep you on the hormone treatment….the spunk and milk will be processed into our unique hormone treatment… we will feed you with the reprocessed spunk which containes special additives and there will be a bottle of it with your cash…hopefully we will see you again soon…..

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