6 Kasım 2021

The Truth


The TruthTammy Stevens is 37yrs. mother of a boy 14yrs. and girl 10yrs. married to Ted Stevens they live in a plesent upper class houseing develomen they have been together almost her hole life they lived in the same aera grew up together and right after school got married. She is very good looking but no model she works at a office building in the city he has his own business as an accountent. Life for them was perfect they worked drove the k**s to games and lessons ate as a family every nite and there sex life was good too.Thursday afternoon she goes to the market upon coming home opens the trunk to bring the bags inside and spills a bag just then a voice comes over her back O my you look like you could use some help looking up she sees a women very pretty lond red hair dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, the women holds out her hand Hi I’m Jane Can I help you? Oh yes thank you and the two pick up the stuff and other bags and go inside Thanks alot and I’m Tammy thanks again would like something to drink? Well yes water is find. the two sit and talk a while and Jane hears about Tammy’s life and family but doesn’t offer much of her own.After about 30mins. Jane ask for a tour of the house Tammy proudly shows her around room by room they fethiye escort go as they get to Tammy’s bedroom Jane shoves her on the bed and jumps on top holding her down slowly starts to kiss and rub her body all over Tammy trys to get up but Jane is just to strong soon her cloth are removed and used to tie her to the bed spred out for the taken. Jane is very slow but very sure of her plan as she litely rubs her fingers over Tammy’s body and licks her from head to toe very lite kisses to her eyes and ears , raking her lips over her nips till they start to harden then biteing them softly kissing and licking her way down nibbling at her belly and breathing heavy over her cunt but not touching it licking her but barely touching her theb sucking her toes. Tammy is feeling both scared and turn on like never before her body has gooses bumps all over and she is mad at herself for the feeling she is having but doesn’t want it to stop. Then Jane very slowly rubs her twat inserting one finger in and out slowly a little faster then two a little faster then three pumping her fast and hard useing her other hand to pinch Tammy’s hard nipples and twist them tell Tammy can’t take it and cums yelling and shaking non-stop for what seem like escort fethiye forever OMG she thinks I have never felt anything lik——- HOLY JUSES HERE I GO AGAIN AS STRONG AS THE FRIST OMG OMG as she comes down Jane is getting undressed and sits on the edge of the bed Well sweet cheeks did you have fun Tammy looks away she wants to screms yes at the top of her lungs but how could she this women she didn’t even know was doing wrongs to her she was married she has a husband how could this feel so dam good Jane just smiles and says OK well see She unties her legs and turns her over and ties her back so that her perfect ass is in the air walking out of sight she does something Tammy can’t see but then she feels hands on her ass rubing and lite kiss too fingers go to her puss again and the sound of sloughting cause shes so wet two fingers moving in and out a third then gone a small moan of desapointment excapes then she feel something close to her rubing her pussy lips up and down then OMG pushing in inch by inch forceing her cunt to open wider then ever slowly going in deeper and deeper then stoping Jane ask does your hubby have a cock like this? Once again Tammy wants to yell hell no he doesn’t but says nothing Jane says still fethiye escort bayan not ready to talk to me yet huh? and starts to rock her 91/2′ strap-on back and forth in and out fast faster harder deeper up and down fucking the bitch better then she has ever been and playing with her asshole too Tammy loses all control and gives over to the cock pushing back to meet every stroke she can feel it so deep in her much deeper then her husbain ever has been and so much more bigger around to so full so good OMG OMG I’MMMM CUMMMMINGGGG but Jane just goes faster yet hammering her cunt and tammy yells PLE PLES PLEASE FUCK ME O O GOD PLEASE DO NOT STOP GOD THATS SOOOOO GOOOOODDD……. after she just lays quiet Jane unties her and dresses sit next to her on the bed and brushes the hair from her eyes clamly says Tammy I know exactly how you feel right know 2 years ago I was you and I felt omg how could I have cum like that and for a women no less I hated myself for enjoying it so much I wanted to tell the cops my husband but felt to guilty cause I liked no loved it for days I couldn’t think of nothing else at last I tracted down that women that well ****d me I begged for more she is my lover my all and I’m still married are sex life is better then ever. You have to decided for you but I live across the street 8 houses down if you want more…Two monthes later there is a knock on Jane’s door and Tammy is there…..as Jane opens the door Tammy says you told the truth…….

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