12 Kasım 2021

Think about it…


Think about it…Think about what you would do if you answered this email. Think about me coming to your place or you coming to my place downtown and we are both nicely dressed, me in a suit with a casual collar, you in some sort of lovely attire, with great shoes, something nice not slutty. Imagine we both greet each other and say hello, like any other acquaintance. However this is different because we both know something more than just a friendly meeting is about to take place. We are introduced to our new surroundings, studying each other’s eyes and face for any other hints. Both continue to know what’s going to happen but we both dont want to rush things, because we are both nervous and dont want to come off too strong or too intense. Perhaps the mood is broken with a light hearted joke. We both have a seat, not together, but separate chairs say in between a coffee table or even a desk in an office. We do a little small talk but not too much, we dont exactly feel like we have to know each other just because we understand each other. However, we have to learn to get over this. We initially connected with nothing more between us than a fantasy. We didnt even talk on the phone, that would have ruined it too. Its fun to be surprised. Perhaps my photos I sent didnt honor anadolu yakası escort my handsomeness in person. Perhaps you didnt want to reveal too much and you are stunning individual of a unique beauty beyond a photo. In any case, we move on….”Well,” you say, with a slight smile and a raised eyebrow, “let’s see it…”By know my heart is racing so much I think it will explode. Its not every day you take your cock out in front of a strange to see. Beyond just looking at your dick, this stranger wants to see you take it in your hand and do what you do everyday – fuck yourself. But its a bit more difficult in person, in reality. I take my slowly take it out. Its not how hard it is, or hard big it is, what color or shape, its about seeing you make it cum. She wants to see you make yourself come right in front of you…At first, as its exposed to the air, its a bit shy. Not exactly how it is in the videos, it needs to grow. I start stroking it, Its not working as easy as it does when Im alone, I start tugging and stroking it vigorously. Its helping but its not enough. Perhaps by looking directly at her eyes or dressed bosom, I can start to get some more courage. She’s looking right at me,while also stealing glances ataşehir escort on my progress. She’s seeing how big its getting and wondering how big its going to get. Looking at her, Im trying not to think how stupid I look, my mouth open while jerking myself off. But she’s not looking at me like Im a fool or an idiot. She’s looking at me with lust.”Yeaaah” you say softly, watching me get harder and bigger. Now we have locked on to each other’s eyes, its the closest connection with our bodies we got. Im starting to get more comfortable so I sit back more into my chair. “Now slower” you say…you want me to get beyond the usual quick jerk. This time you want me to fuck myself like a girl does; slow, sensual touches, exploring the sensitive, soft parts on my member. You want me to anticipate this, make this happen because its not just another quickie jackoff session.My cock is starting to get really red and raw. Its going to cum soon. We keep looking at each other’s eyes. I keep looking at your tits, your ass, you legs, anything I can see and imagine with even less clothes on. I want you to touch me but you wont. I want you to come to me and start to suck me gently with your lips and mouth but we cant. I want you to climb onto ümraniye escort my lap in my chair and sit down on top of me but we shoudlnt. So I continue imagining you naked. God, if you just let me see a peek of your body Id blow my load in a second. But you dont, you sit there watching, with a smile and with those eyes…Now Im determined to make myself cum for you. I cant take it anymore and I want to fulfill my promise. The friction of my hand is starting to take its toll, and I feel the pressure from the base of my balls grow towards to my shaft, “Im gonna cum!” I say breathlessly. We never talked about where you wanted me to cum so Ill have to be impromptu. I dont want to make a mess, so I quickly pull up on my shirts to reveal my abdomen. Just in time, cum starts to spurt out of my tiny hole. My cum pumps onto my stomach in bursts, and it feels hotter and looks thicker than what Im used to. All the while, Im letting out a moan of absolute relief. Ive done it, its over.I take a tissue out and start to clean up. You stand up to come get a closer look. You know that Im now satiated for a bit so Im harmless. “Wow, that’s a lot!” you say with another smile.”Did you like that? Kinda hot, huh?” I ask. “I’d love to do it again sometime for you.” My eyes were looking back into yours for answer. They look like they did before but now its a bit different, the urgency and lust have receded.”Hmm, perhaps.” you reply. “But maybe next time, it will be me instead.”We both gather our things and say good bye, like we just shared coffee. It was real, it was fun. It was an experience we will never forget.

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