7 Kasım 2021

Three into one does go 2


Three into one does go 2As I looked at my wife walking into the room I was speechless. She has totally naked now, except for an 8 strap-on sticking out from in front her. It was fairly thick too, I would have to say about 6” in diameter. Samantha giggled as she looked at her sister, “you look funny with a dick Kayla.” Kayla laughed, “it feels weird too.” As she shook her hips, the dildo bounced around with her movements. She grabbed on to the dildo and was slowly stroking it, “So Brian you what do you think?” I still couldn’t say anything as I looked at her stunned. “This dick is for you Brian.” She smiled as she walked towards the bed. I looked up at my wife as she stood over me, “For me?” She grinned devilishly at me, “yeah for your ass, for cumming so soon, and inside of my sister.” “I… I couldn’t help it.” I stuttered as I took a deep breath. She laughed, “well it’s too late for that now, now get over here and let’s see you suck this dick of mine.” Samantha pushed at my back towards my wife standing at the edge of the bed. I very reluctantly moved over towards her as I looked at the plastic dick pointing at me. My wife smiled at me as she moved forward until the dildo was against my lips. She rubbed the head of the plastic dick against my lips trying to push it into my mouth, “come on honey, you know you want to.” I resisted, holding my lips tightly shut. My wife slapped my cheek hard, “come on honey suck my dick.” I slowly opened my mouth as she pushed it into my mouth. I moved my mouth down the dildo until I felt the head hit the back of my throat. “MMMMM that looks so hot honey, yeah suck my hard dick.” My wife moaned as she put her hand on the back of my head and started moving her hips back and forth, mouth-fucking me. I had never seen my wife like this before, but as I sucked on the plastic dick, I felt my own dick beginning to rise again. How could this be possible? I thought to myself. I’m not gay, but in a weird way this was turning me on. “Get the lube Sam,” my wife said as she grabbed the back of my head to hold me in place and started mouth-fucking me faster. I felt Samantha get off of the bed and saw her walk up next to her sister a short time later with the lube in her hand. My wife withdrew from my mouth and leaned down and kissed me deeply. “Ok honey, let me know if it hurts you and I will stop, I promise.” She said as she stood back up. I nodded in response as I knelt there looking up at the sisters standing next to each other. “Ok honey lay on your back, with your ass on the edge.” Kayla said as she took the lube from Samantha. I spun around as she instructed and moved my ass to the edge of the bed in front of them. Samantha grabbed my legs and lifted them up so my knees were almost against my chest. My dick was raging hard once again as Kayla knelt on the floor and squirted some lube on to her hand and started rubbing it against my asshole. It felt really cold at first, but as she rubbed her hand up and down my crack, it quickly warmed up. As she moved her hand up and down my ass crack, she started to rub the tip of her finger against my puckered hole. I felt myself getting even more turned on as she rubbed against it faster and harder. Samantha meanwhile was stroking my hard dick as she watched her sister tease my ass. Kayla started to push a finger into my asshole, but it resisted at first. She squeezed more lube on to her finger and again tried to push it in. As she applied more pressure my anus finally relaxed enough for the tip of her finger to enter me. I winced and groaned as my dick throbbed in Samantha’s hand and felt my wife sink her finger into my anal cavity. This is the first time she had ever played with my ass, and never thought I would find joy out of this, but it was turning me on even more as her finger hit a spot that sent chills throughout my body. I guessed that it was my prostate as she moved her finger moved forward and back across it. My dick jumped in Samantha’s bursa escort hand each time my wife’s finger pushed hard against it. Samantha would jump a little every time, as my dick throbbed harder and harder in her hand. My wife started to work a second finger into my anal cavity as she looked up at me and smiled. I could only smile back, as I was finding great satisfaction out of this. She asked, “you like that don’t you honey?” I could only nod as a she worked her fingers in and out of my tight asshole. Every time she pushed hard on my prostate, it felt like I had to take a piss in a way, but yet was bringing me great satisfaction too. Samantha started fondling my ball sack with her other hand as she stroked my dick even faster. This was the most intense feeling I had ever felt before in my life, when it came to sex, and the girls were getting great joy out of this as well. My wife had worked a third finger into my ass and was just rotating her fingers around, trying to stretch it out even more. After a while of moving her fingers around in my ass, she slowly pulled them out, with a slight audible pop from my ass. My dick was leaking an excessive amount of pre-cum as Samantha picked it up with her fingers and took it in her mouth. “Mmm he tastes good Kayla,” she commented as she cleaned her fingers off.My wife stood back up with the dildo sticking out over me, she squirted some lube on the dildo and started stroking it up and down, making sure it was well covered. “Ok honey here we go.” She looked intently at me as she moved the dildo down to my puckered hole and started pushing it in, the head of the dildo slipped in fairly easy. She proceeded to push into my cavity, slowly as I felt great pressure in there. It felt like I had to take a giant shit, I tried to push it back out with my muscles, but that only helped it to sink deeper into my ass. “Oh my god, that looks so hot honey,” my wife said as she grabbed my throbbing dick. I felt the dildo push against my prostate and I let out a loud groan as my dick surged in her hand. “My dick is buried deep inside your ass.” My wife said, smiling at me, and stroking my dick fast.I guess Samantha was feeling left out, so she climbed onto the bed and straddled me, bringing her pussy to my mouth. She sat right down on my face and started grinding hard against me. The remnants of my cum still slightly in her pussy, as I tasted it on my tongue. Kayla started to withdraw the dildo, my ass squeezing at it, trying to push it out completely. When just the head was still inside of me, she pushed back in, a little faster. My dick throbbed even harder. She started a steady rhythm of sliding out slowly, then driving back into my ass a little harder. Every time she moved back into my ass, it felt like I had to piss even more as the dildo rubbed against my prostate. Samantha’s pussy was getting even wetter as she rubbed harder against my face. I tried to get my tongue up inside of her as my nose rubbed against her asshole. “Wow s*s, you’re really fucking him aren’t you?” Samantha said as she started fiddling with her clit. Kayla was stroking my dick in time with her pumping in and out of my ass. I could feel my balls beginning to tighten already for an impending ejaculation. I couldn’t believe I was getting ready to cum again already, of course I couldn’t believe I got hard again that fast either. I guess Kayla could sense my orgasm coming on as my dick throbbed in her hand. She squeezed the base of my dick hard, trying to hold back my cum, “you can’t come again already Eric.” She yelled at me as her sister was starting to buck faster on my face. She buried the dildo deep in my ass, holding there as my dick throbbed hard, but nothing came out of it, as my prostate pressed hard against the invader, trying to force it out. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt, but with no release of cum. My whole body felt a total release of pressure from my orgasm as Kayla just bursa escort bayan held my dick tight, and not moving her hips. I tried to yell out, but was muffled by Samantha’s pussy. Samantha started cumming on my face, her juices running out of her pussy, and down into my mouth, tasting her juices mixed with the remnants of my cum. She put her hands on my chest for stability her legs trembled on either side of my head, yelling out, “oh fuck yes, I’m cumming, yes!” My dick finally stopped throbbing hard as Samantha slowly started coming down from her orgasm. She collapsed across my chest as her pussy uncovered my face, allowing me to breathe again. I took short breaths as she panted on top of my. I looked up at my wife as she just stood there smiling wide. She began to slide the dildo back out of my ass as she said, “that was so hot baby, and you didn’t cum either.” I chuckled lightly, “yeah but that was one intense orgasm.” She smiled as the dildo slipped out of my now gaping asshole and began to remove the straps from her hips, “so you had an orgasm without actually cumming?” I nodded as Samantha finally got the strength and rolled off of me. My wife finally got the strap-on off of herself and laid it on the bed next to my legs. “Samantha now it’s your turn to fuck his ass,” Kayla said as she looked down at her sister lying on the bed. Samantha looked up at her, “I… I don’t know Kayla, I’ve never done anything close to that before.” Kayla laughed lightly, “I never have before either, but it was a lot of fun, plus it’s just like having sex, only you’re the one doing the pumping.” Samantha slowly pushed herself up still looking at her sister, “but… But it’s not right to do that to a guy.” I could see that my wife was beginning to get a little agitated, “hey now you promised you would, there’s no backing out of it now.” Samantha just stared at her sister, “I know I did, but I don’t think I can do it.” I decided to help my wife out with this situation, “Samantha just give it a try for your sister, besides it really turned me on and I think your sister as me all prepped for your try now.” Samantha turned to look at me, and then back at her sister, “ok I guess I will try it once, but if I don’t like it, don’t get mad when I stop.” A big smile came across my wife’s face, “ok Samantha, now you are going to get him from behind, while he fucks me from behind.” I have to say, I liked the sound of this proposition, and my wife couldn’t stop me from cumming this time. Samantha got up off of the bed and my wife helped her put the strap-on on, after she was hooked up, I looked at her and lightly chuckled. Samantha looked at me sternly, “what?” I smiled, “you just look kind of funny with that on.” She smiled, “yeah it does look kind of funny on me, just like it did on Kayla.”Kayla climbed onto the bed and got on her hands and knees next to me. She looked at me smiling, “ok honey, now fuck me hard.” I got up and moved up behind my wife, her pussy was glistening with her juices. Fucking me must have really excited her even more. I guided my throbbing dick towards her wet pussy lips and slowly pushed in. The head easily slipped between her outer lips as she let out a long groan of pleasure. I grabbed her hips to steady her, and quickly drove my hips into her hard, burying my dick deep inside of her. “Oh fuck yeah honey, fuck my pussy hard.” I pulled back until my dick was completely out of her, I guided it back in and drove it hard back into her, grunting as my abdomen slapped against her ass. Samantha got up on the bed behind me as I was fucking Kayla in and out fast. I felt her small hands on my ass as she said, “ok Brian, stop moving for a bit.” I buried my dick deep into my pussy and stayed as Samantha got up on her feet behind. She started rubbing the head of the dildo across my puckered hole, “this still feels really weird.” She said as Kayla turned to look at Samantha squatting behind me. She started to push escort bursa the head against my asshole as it expanded once again to allow entrance. Samantha kind of cooed as the dildo started to sink into the recesses of my ass, “wow his ass is taking easily.” Kayla smiled, “well yeah, I stretched him out for it.” Samantha pushed forward until about an inch of the dildo was still out of my ass, unable to go any further from resistance in my ass. My prostate was once again inflamed and the dildo felt like it applied more pressure against it in this position than the other position. I looked back at Samantha and smiled, “Ok Sam, now we need to get a good rhythm going. Now pull the dildo out until it is just inside of my ass, then as I pull out of Kayla you can slide the dildo into my ass at the same time.” Samantha nodded as she started the pulling the dildo back out of my ass. With the just the head inside of my ass I started to pull back out of my wife as Samantha grabbed my hips and pushed the dildo back into me. We did this a couple of times, a little uncoordinated at first, but after a few more times she finally got the hang of it. We started moving faster together, as Kayla started driving her hips, hard, back into me each time I slammed back into her pussy. Each time Samantha slammed in my ass, my dick throbbed harder inside of my wife, when the dildo rubbed against my prostate, causing her yelp in pleasure. My wife turned to look at, “make me cum honey, please my pussy wants to cum all over your hard dick.” I reached under my wife and found her inflamed clit and began to furiously rub it hard, my wife’s hips slamming into me harder with each stroke of my dick. “Oh fuck yes honey, I’m going to cum, yes make me cum baby.” She yelled as I felt her pussy tighten around my dick. She slammed her hips back into me as her pussy tried to force my dick out of her. She moaned really loud as a rush pussy juices came flowing out, soaking my thighs and the bed below us. Her pussy was squeezing my dick as hard as it could, as Samantha moved in and out of my ass harder and faster. I got that familiar tingling in my balls as my wife fell to her elbows on the bed, breathing heavily in exhaustion. “Oh fuck honey, I’m going to cum, I’m going to fill your pussy up.” I yelled as I moved in time with Samantha. I slammed back into my wife hard as the first shot of cum ran up my shaft and deep into my wife’s pussy. “Oh yes baby, fill my pussy up, nice and deep.” My wife yelled when she felt the first shot of cum. I stayed buried in my wife as Samantha continued slamming in and out of my ass, my ass muscles contracting around the dildo trying to hold it in place as another shot of cum fired deep into my wife. My dick throbbed hard with each shot of cum deep into her, some of it beginning to seep around my dick and run down my ball sack. I couldn’t believe I was cumming this much, especially after having just cum earlier. My wife looked back at me as I collapsed across her back, my dick still throbbing deep inside, trying to get all of the cum out it. “Damn Brian you really filled me up, I can feel it running down my legs,” she said smiling at me. Samantha had finally stopped fucking my ass and she just stayed there with the dildo deep in my bowels. I lightly laughed, breathing heavily, and said, “I have never been that turned on before in my life honey.”Samantha slowly pulled the dildo out of my ass as she sat down on the bed behind us. I finally got the strength to push myself up off of my wife and slid my softening member out of her gaping pussy, a string of my cum still attaching the tip of my dick to her pussy. I noticed the cum at the opening of her pussy, and running down her legs, and just smiled to myself. I collapsed onto the bed, completely exhausted, as Kayla laid down next to me with her arm around me, and kissing me deeply. Samantha just sat there looking at the both of us and said, “you were right Kayla, that was a lot of fun using the dildo on him.” Kayla turned to look at her and said, “see I told you so.” Samantha smiled as she laid down on the other side of me and put her arm around me, the dildo rubbing against my thigh.

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