8 Kasım 2021

To meet or Not to meet that is the Question?


To meet or Not to meet that is the Question?Well I have not writen for a while because most people don’t seam to even read what is told in the stories that are posted. Even when there true stories about peoples sex lives most don’t even seam to care.I’m also very dissapointed as I have been making arrangements to meet up with people form this site and then they either don’t turn up, ignore you or play some silly game and never intend to meet. So I’m visiting other sites that seam to have more genuin people on them. I did make arrangements to meet a couple last month that were visiting where I live and fancied a bit of Dogging, the first night we aranged to meet I got a message an hour before we were suppose to meet saying that they where tiered and could I make it the next night? I have a regular meeting with this blokes wife, while he gose to play Snooker at the local club I go around and fuck his wife. So I ask them to meet the night after, but again they called it off and after making arrangements to meet the next night they just ignored me. I did turn up at the Pub where they had arranged to meet and I was really pleased I did as I sat having a Drink I noticed this Lady sat on her own keep looking at her watch and her mobile phone. After about 5 minuets I went over and started to chat her up she seamed very shy and not comfertable at first, but as we chatted she explained that she was suppose to be going out with her friend on a girls night out, with that her phone rang and she chatted with her friend for a bit. When she had finished she told me her friend had a problem at home and would not be going out that night. She seamed really dissapointed and as we talked and i bought her another Vodka, she relaxed and we chatted about all sorts of things. Then I started to flirt with her as she drank more vodka and she crossed and un-crossed her gorgeous long legs. Her long black hair was blowing from the breeze that was coming from the open doors to the beer garden, then her skirt lifted and I caught a glimps of her Tanned stocking tops and her red susspenders, as she got up and went to the ladies I noticed the seams running down the backs of her legs and this gave me a hard on, I got her another vodka and when she came back in to the lounge Bar she looked stunning in her dress and high sarıyer escort heels and as she sat down next to me she put her hand on my leg and stroked it into my crouch. She felt my hard bulge and smiled at me as she said, ” Is that for me?” then she gestured to the vodka I had just got for her and I replyed, “Yes! and anything else you want as well !” She gave me a big smile and then explained that she didn’t get out much as her Husband didn’t like her going out with out him and that the only time she was aloud out was with her friend, she then said she should be going home as It was getting late and as she had not gone out with her friend she should go home. I offered her a lift and after a pause she excepted and as we left the bar and walked across the car park she put her arm around mine. i opened the car door for her and as she got in she pulled her skirt up to show me her stockings and spread her legs so I could see her panties, they where red to match her suspender belt and her skin looked so smooth. I got in the car and asked her were she lived so she gave me directions to her house, it was only about a 5 minuet drive and as I turned into the drive way of her house she turned and said, ” My Husband is away at the Moment, Would you like to come in for a coffee?” I thanked her and excepted straight away. I jumped out of the car and was around to open the door for her so I could get another look at her stocking tops as she got out of my car. She walked leading me by my hand to her door and as she unlocked it she pulled me inside and locked it behind us.I was in the hall way with this gorgeous Lady and she just wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, her tounge darted into my mouth and she tarted sweet and smelt wonderful as I wrapped my arms around her. She started to pull at my clothes and as she broke away from kissing me she said, ” Will you fuck me?” I didn’t need asking twice as she led me up the stairs and into her marrital bedroom. As she stood at the end of the double bed and I unzipped her dress she let it fall to the floor as she unbuckled my belt and pulled my shirt off of me I was easing my shoes off and then she was pulling down my boxers as my erect cock sprang into view she gasped and told me it esenyurt escort was muh bigger than her husbands. She was fasinated with my foreskin and as she knelt down and sucked my cock pulling my hood back so she could lick my purple knob. I had my hand inside her matching red bra playing with her firm tits and tweeking her nipples between my thumb and index finger as they hardened and stood out lick organ stops the dark areolas just asking to be sucked. As I bent to take each one in my mouth she was pulling hard on my cock. Then with out a word she just climbed onto the bed and spred her legs wide as she laid there in her underware and stockings with her high heels still on as she dug them into the quilt and slightly raised her hips I pulled down her panties and had the wonderful view of her wet cunt just begging for my attention. I was naked and my cock was throbbing as I climbed onto the bed between her legs and burried my face into her wet hairy pussy and I sucked hard on her clit as my fingers probed her inner walls, her juices were flowing free and I lapped at her tasting her sweet lips. She was having an orgasam as I licked her out and my face was covered with her fluids she appologised to me that she was so wet and with that i climbed between her legs and kissed her on the mouth so she could taste her own juices. With a loud squeele she laid there motionless as she felt my knob slip inside her very willing cunt, she told me that she had never been fucked by anyone other than her husband they had been married for over 30 years and she had gone to her wedding bed a virgin and had never thought about being unfaithful until now, she suddenly realised I didn’t have a condom on and she asked me to stop and put one on. I told her I didn’t have any and that my cock was all ready more than halfway up her, as she explained that her husband didn’t even go in that far, as I thrust the rest of my hard bare shaft into her, she clamped her legs around my back and told me not to worry about the condom. My balls had slapped against her arse and her juices had squirted allover them as I started to pull out and thrust back inside her I slowly got a nice gentle rhythm going as I fucked this very willing wife in the middle of her marrital bed and I pumped my bare avrupa yakası escort cock into her deep with every stroke, her smooth silky body thrusting up to meet me as I plunged deeper into her making my shaft throb and swell with each stroke as I built up the pace and thrust harder inside her wet tunnle, she started to shake and shudder as another orgasam hit her her legs were high and wrapped tight around my back so I could not pull out of her. The heels were pointing up at the cealing as I felt my balls swelling and I warned her I was close to cumming, she just tightened her grip around me and forced her self up harder to meet my thrusts as I pumped her full of my thick white seed, she gasped as jet after jet shot out of my shaft deepinto her, after about the 7th shot my balls fell as they were empty from all my cum. My cock still stayed hard inside her as we just held each other as both our bodies calmed down and stopped shaking and pulsing from the pleasure we had just both felt. She wispered into my ear that she had cum again with me as I filled her with my sperm. We just laid there and fell asleep in an embrace. We were both woken by her phone ringing and as she answered it she was talking to her husband while my cock was still inside her well used pussy as she told him how she had not gone out because her friend could not go and so she had a drink in the pub and gone home for an early night, little did her husband know she had her belly full of my cum and my cock was swelling inside her as she chatted with him as she then with a surprise said, ” Oh so you wont be home till next monday then, I will be hear on my own all weekend!” she winked at me and I fekt her cunt muscles squeeze my hard shaft as she continued her coversation with her husband I positioned my self so I could fuck her while she was having her conversation with her husband she seamed to be turned on even more as I fucked her while she chatted with him, my bare knob was pounding her as she talked and she had to stiffle her noises she made as I fucked her, her little squeeles and shreeks as we fucked just go her to the point when she had to make an excusse to her husband that she was tired and had to go to sleep. As soon as she had blown a kiss down the phone to her husband and wished him a good night as she put the phone down and she embraced me. She was asking me if I could stay for the weekend with her as we continued to fuck each other I told her i would have to go home for a couple of hours the next day but I would be back for the weekend with her. We fucked each other for the rest of the night, but thats another story for next time.

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