26 Haziran 2021

Took You Long Enough


Took You Long EnoughMy balls tightened and my cock swelled. I tried to hold back longer but could not as her hand squeezed me. I exploded, one, two three ropes of creamy cum shot from cock. Four, five, six ropes, my cum pooled on Lizzy’s bush. “Wow Chuck, that is a big load.” Lizzy said as she admired our work. She smeared my cum around her soft golden bush and rubbed it in between her lips and then pushed her cum covered fingers into her wet pussy. “I just love watching you cum on me.” Lizzy said. “Well, it might feel better if it was inside you.” I replied. “Well Chuck, you know that would be weird.” Lizzy was my sister and she was exactly ten years older than I. And at twenty six years old she had moved back in with mom, dad, and I. She finished college and was looking for a job. Lizzy had walked in on me jacking off a couple of times and decided she could help me out. It is fun having a woman help jack me off and she even lets me cum on her pussy. But I want to get laid, lose my virginity and Lizzy will not let me penetrate her. Nor will she let me cum in her mouth. I guess blowing my load on her cunt and watching her finger herself with my cum is better than nothing. She seems to enjoy it as much as I do even though I don’t understand her thinking. Women. This went for some canlı bahis time and we both honed our skill. Then one weekend when our parents where gone, Lizzy had a friend over. Jill had raven hair, not bad looking and a great personality. We played cards and drank. Then we decided to go to bed. Once in my room, I decided I should have some happy alone time. Well no sooner than I got started Lizzy and Jill walk in. “See, he is always doing this.” Lizzy said walking over to me and taking my cock in her hand. “He is bigger than my boyfriend.” Jill added looking me over. My cock stayed hard even thought this was strange. “Well Chuck, Lizzy says you want to be a man? I have always wanted to take a man’s virginity.” Jill said taking off her shirt, then her pants. Once naked Jill pushed me onto the bed on my back and straddled me. Lizzy knelt beside the bed and guided my cock into Jill as she held open her pussy. Her wet pussy easily swallowed my rod. I was now fucking my first woman. Jill worked her pussy around my cock as Lizzy watched. It did not take long before I shooting my load up into Jill’s womb and she came too. I am pretty sure Lizzy got off on this too. I got to fuck Jill several more times that weekend. It was great. Lizzy would watch, I had hoped Lizzy might join in bahis siteleri and that I could fuck her too but that never happened. Jill left on Sunday and thing with Lizzy and I went back to the way they had been. Several weeks later mom and dad were gone again. Lizzy had another friend over. This woman was much older, like almost my mom’s age. Jane had blonde hair, nice body and very married. So I figured nothing would happened even though she was flirting her ass off as we drank and played cards. I am not sure how it happened but soon enough the three of us were naked and I was fucking Jane. I pumped several deep into Jane’s cunt before she went home to her husband. “Wow, you rocked her world Chuckie, she can’t for you two to fuck some more.” Lizzy told me.I started fucking other girls my own age but still letting Lizzy stroke me and get me off and I would do the same for her but we never fucked. Lizzy moved out and got married and had k**s and all that as did I. But we would still get together ever once in a while. The years went by. Dad died and then several years later mom died. Lizzy and I met at the house. We had to clean it up and get on the market. We worked for days. One night we were sitting in the living room talking about the past and drinking. “You know the bahis şirketleri first time I walked in on you and you were stroking your meat. Before that I would watch you and get myself off.” Lizzy said taking a drink of wine. “I used to watch you too.” I laughed. “Lizzy, you don’t know how bad I wanted to fuck you. You brought your friends over to fuck me and all that. That was good and thanks, the married woman, Jane, was strange. ” I said. “Well Jane wanted to fuck you so bad and I thought you could use some vintage puss. It was so cool to watch you fuck.” Lizzy laughed. “It was fun having you watch.” I replied. “You know all those times I was rubbing your cock up and down my slit, I so wanted you to just thrust into me and fuck my brains out!” Lizzy said. “What? Are you serious? But you always kept your hand right there so I could not slip inside.” I said shocked. “Well if you had tried a little harder you could have been banging me alot. You can bang me right now if you want.” Lizzy said smiling. I quickly removed my clothes and stood there, my cock standing at attention. Lizzy got naked and laid on her back with hr legs spread wide. Her golden bush framing her wet pussy. I got on top and sank my cock into her. I fucked her good and hard till we both came and drained a huge load deep inside her. I laid there letting my cock deflate inside her. “You do not know how bad I have wanted to do that.” I said pulling my limp dong from her gaping sperm filled cunt. “Took you long enough.” Lizzy said.

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