30 Haziran 2020

Tracy Lust For More Anal Negro


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Tracy Lust For More Anal NegroTracy dirty ass fucking-part 2…..so from part 1.We were sat looking at a video of a cheap middle aged white blonde, European Lady flashing her ample ass and tits at a camera. Just come into view was a huge horse and its super-sized ball sack!I know knew where Trace was going with this, well as her new desire, but thought there was no way, except for her fantasy, that she would ever perform like the dirty blonde in the video was about to?Trace was still slumped forward and holding her big swollen pregnant belly. Her brat was kicking her hard now as her pussy dripped with lust, she was in the 9th month.Just then there was a loud bang on her back door, then again? Who was so eager to come into the house, I wondered? Trace was too far gone to bother to reply, she was there in the action with the blonde and the huge horse Dick. Her pathetic, new hubby, Mark went to answer the door and see what the rush was all about? I could only hear a voice, as I could not see into the kitchen or the rear house door.The voice was a deep rumble; I knew it to be of a Negro man, well from my experiences! I could not though understand it at all? Nor could Mark! I heard Mark say, ’yes can I help you? What do you want? Why are you here?’The reply long in coming was incoherent, ‘Woman, errr whitey woman, errr yeah, me, yeah me.’ The accent was very deep African continent?‘Look, you are clearly at the wrong house, let me show you the door,’ Mark eagerly and voice cracking told the odd unwanted visitor.‘You look,’ said the visitor to Mark.There was a silence and it turned out the man had given Mark a piece of paper. Mark was looking at this, with disbelief! He saw that the writing on it was from his slut wife Tracy. She had written on it her number and address and time to come over to see her.The door from the kitchen swung open and Mark leaned into the lounge. Tracy was eagerly dreaming about, she hoped, things to come! I must admit I want in on that party too. The video blonde now on her knees.‘Tracy, my love, erm, are you available, my dear? Sorry to disturb you both. There is a gent here who claims to know you and has said he should call on you?’ Mark said very reluctantly, as if the ground would swallow up the eager randy nigger, still in the kitchen, he hopedTracy was coming to her senses and very interested in some instant fun, now that she knew her stud was in the house, lol.‘Help me up then useless,’ she cried out to Mark.Mark looked down at Tracy, as she lifted those big milkers into her obscene dirty white Lycra mini dress. Her huge pouting fat nipples were upended by the tight Lycra. They looked like porn cartoon nipples, fat pink bullets sat on top of big raised brown areole, the slits in them slithering baby cream. Her cleavage glistened with wet milk. She sat with her legs hopelessly open as her brat thrust south into her uterus. She flinched a sigh and let out an,’UUUmph.’ Holding the underside of her pregnant bulge, as if to lift it and stem the pain!‘Here he is my dirty fucking Nigga. He’s gonna bang the shit out er me, ain’t you Baby? Let’s see your poker in those pants,’ she yelled out, still fuelled up on the a****l action on the screen, which had moved on to the slutty blonde sucking its massive spunk dripping flare!!!Trace by now had no dignity left. Why, she had a dirty Nigga in her womb, banging away in her, re-arranging her fallopian furniture and tickling her pleasured womb, then another very big lad about to bang away in her too..lol. She just reached out and pulled down his baggy grey training pants. His huge dick sk**ding slowly off the stressed out material, then finally flicked up in front of him, when the waist band reached his knees! The cock swayed up and down, like an Olympic diving board, only her small white hand steading it, as she tried to wrap her fingers around his eager glans and fat foreskin! His sheer ebony ass cheeks shone, perfectly formed, all butt muscle and taught. I stroked his butt, I could not resist it. Wow, it was tight and loaded with power for pussy fucking action. A real ram rod stuck out front, that any white slut would crave for!Mark looked ashen white, the colour drained away from him completely. Who had he allowed into his nice middle class respectable home? A Nigga intent on filling his wife’s slutty holes! He was still on the formalities of politeness, asking for the name of the selfish stud?‘Erm what is your name?’ yozgat escort He spouted.The visitor ignored Mark; he had other ambitions right now. The black man slipped off his flip-flop footwear and wrestled his fit legs out of the baggy training pants. His huge feet planted firmly. Size 13’s, ebony black on top and a brown-pink on the soles. He stood in front of Tracy now.He pulled her slowly to her feet. She wore no shoes and her legs were bare. She tried to stand up and straight, but her huge heavy tits and her nigga laden belly pulled her forward. The young Black lad with tight afro hair, short cut. This made the best of his Negro features. Huge lips, big ears and bulging eyes, flat nose,with big whites of his eyes. He stood really tall, towering over Mark. His stare at Tracy was one of pure lust and nothing, not even the fact we too were in the room with them! This lad, newly smuggled into the UK was up for some white married ass-hole fucking! Tracy turned and wobbled about to face her new super ass fucking stud. She looked as if she would faint and her eyes rolled about, as she mopped her sweaty brow! I think she was all in for now with Nigga assaults on her, but no she wanted all she get to take. Her tiny size 4 feet, looked like a young girl’s innocent and cute, the intruder’s big black feet planted either side of hers. His huge hands and fingers parting her ass cheeks as he tongued her willing mouth. Tracy has a huge ass alright, all poked with cellulite. All the lying about all day and night under black lads and eating lots! His fingers were finding his target for his eager hard shaft. As the randy Negro released her she stumbled forward, the weight and activity of Junior sticking out front.In a flash she was spun around and pushed over the back of the sofa. Her tits and belly sank her over its back, helped by a strong arm. Her dress was pulled high and shoved up to her shoulders, then folded over her hanging udders, which fell all the way to the seats! He was a handsome sight, his grey vest, just hung above his bum cheeks, all ready for action. Not content with the humiliation it caused Mark, Tracy was now having her pregnant ass smacked hard as she bent over the furniture!Her cellulite looked like red volcano peaks and white troughs, he leaving red hand prints on that big fat ass. She yelled out at each blow and said, ‘ENOUGH. STOP,’ at each smack. I looked at her face, hanging low; it was bloated and red, her tongue rolling with the pain of the punishing blows! Mark was still trying to get this stopped and was sitting on a chair at the end of the room, his head in his hands, begging with the powerful Mandingo!Now her ass hole was being tongued out by her new lover boy. She was certainly enjoying this, moaning and blowing kisses at him. His tongue slid well in there, delicious.‘Hey MR, you looks, looks at dirty ass slut…hahahahaha’, stud boy reeled out at Mark. Mark was only daring to look through his fingers, covering his eyes.Tracey’s hole was a sight. She had taken more than her fair share of massive Nigga dicks in there. Her ring not so much puckered but fuckered…lol! The fit lad spat a thick wad of saliva onto her bum hole. It filled the void and hung on in there. She twitched and pouted, sucking slowly his dirty spit into her sphincter, only a small sample remaining on her torn and crinkled ring piece. He saw this so noisily sc****d up another gob full of sputum and fired it harder this time at the wider hole, as he held it more open. This load remained in place! Tracy made the best of the boiling hot liquid offering and sucked it in and out of her shit hole. Her red prolapse blossomed and enjoyed the gift of spit lube. Enough was enough for the anal invader. His huge purple helmet landed bang, right in the middle of her huge big red cauliflower prolapse. I was amazed how it stayed out of her and wrapped itself around the eager bell end. Even his ample foreskin was shoved back by it as the head and shaft was comforted in this way. His big hands now purposefully holding her wide open, hers on top of his, were approving his move. Her prolapse swollen, engorged with blood, still outside her ass. It bubbled and farted as he wallowed in the soft organ, her ass juices milky yellow and his pre-cum pure white, mixed as if the 2 parts of and egg were being combined!The big man leaned over and squeezes her fat milkers, 1st left, then right. Sussshhhh, susssssssssh, escort yozgat silence, then more liquid hitting plastic under pressure noises, as the hot milk pissed out and hit the cheap imitation leather sofa! He was still in the cock loaded position, until he looked around and his eyes rolled, then WOOOOOSH!!! In he plunged, no warning of it, staring dementedly at her shocked hubby!!!Tracy looked like she had been anally speared in a medieval battle! She was in deep shock and pleasure at the same time. His black spear was impaling her. Mr Afro had his wanger to the hilt in Mrs dirty white preggo wife! His big black scrotum, all hairless and wrinkled, except for where the big heavy balls hung, the weight of those spunk factories, smoothing out the skin in the sack. The balls looked lovely bouncing off her big ass.Tracey’s mouth opened and closed in rhythm to his thrusts, mind you he was not pulling out too far. He was in for the deep ride. She farted loud and then orgasmed as her ass cream spat out, leaving a trail of her gut jelly on the floor.He nailed her deep then picked her up on it, turning her weak body about. Mother and baby were for all to see, titties hanging low, dripping. He reached under the Pregnant bulge and lifted her with it. Her little feet left the floor and she sailed on his fat dick. He linked his arms and used her fat full belly to make her ass hole fuck his veiny fat pole.‘You liking Mr? She liking Mr. She hot. You like ma Baby Bro in her, he said winking at what was in his brute arms. The brat was being thrown about and squeezed in the perverted act of sodomy! As he tightened the grip, her white belly skin stretched and stretched. The infant began to appear through the tight flesh. It lay across his arms, like on its knees in the foetal position.‘Haha, hey is dis yours Mr?’ again nodding down at it.It already looked 3 foot long in there! The head the size of a normal 5 yr old! Her skin worked so thin with the infant and the stretching from her stud, plunging her deeper on his sword, stabbing her ass. ‘Ohhh, Mr. Look, wat his colour? He a blacky Bro in ya Mrs….hahahahaahaha,’ he roared out, making the room boom and more noise coming from his wife as she orgasmed again.Indeed the youngster was almost totally visible now; his blackness overwhelming her thin white taught shiny belly skin, the shape poking through her, almost making its way out!Her guts were being re-arranged by the hammering bell end. He was trying all directions, as if Pappa Bear was stirring his porridge. Some thrusts more useful to him than others as he let out small groans, no doubt pissing into her hot scalding cum, judging by how she reacted, jerking and yelling out obscene language, each time he ejaculated!‘Woooo ooooo, fooooook that fooooooking ass…mmmmm….errrrrrrr…..hole. That’s it stick it right up me. Yeah stir it, wiggle it, and bang it, OH ERRRRRR FUUUUUUUUUUK. IM CUMING AGAIN..AAAAAHHHHHHHHH…..SHEEEEEEEEEEET, RIGHT IN MY SHITTER, YOU FUCKING NIGGA MOTHER FUCKA,’ she cried out, now really having lost her brains!He carried her around and banged down onto the settee, she still mounted on his swollen shaft.WOOOOOOOOF, went the sofa cushion as he crashed down onto it, her still glued to him. The impact almost making his huge apple sized testicles shoot up her cunt! Her belly flu up high with her heavy tits, then crashed back, tits slapping the over ripe bulge, with a splat. The youngster was on a roller coaster ride. Her cunt I noticed was gaped very wide with all this action and excitement. In fact it was squirting and cuming, the white pussy juices spraying the furniture and floor. Her Ass invader lifted her short fat thighs high up, either side of her hanging belly and split them wide. Her little shoes dangled from the tips of her toes. The shoes were slipping about and wobbling with each of his deep thrusts, her feet were curving with the pleasure. She looked like a trussed Turkey, which had been well stuffed ready for the table. Her cunt was the way into the fat bird for more stuffing! As he held her fat ankles in his huge black hands, gripping her tightly, her cunt gaped so wide now, her clitty stuck out like a small cock, all erect and pink. He smiled happily, his teeth in a neat white row and was more relaxed, having lost some of the spunk pressure, built up no doubt on his journey from Africa last week. He had been smuggled in on a truck. Her big ass cheeks yozgat escort bayan were spreading either side of his hips, in-fact he was embedded into her ass flesh! She had lost herself in the ecstasy of the moment; she is a Lady who loves to be full and being filled. She was only happy when her holes were being crammed with Dicks, powerful vibrators, objects and now I was thinking ready to explore a****ls, the video still running on the screen! Meanwhile her multiple orgasms were coinciding with the Bull’s, jerks of his hips and throbbing ball sack. His Afro spunk was defying gravity, as it rocketed up his swollen organ pipe, pumping and splattering scalding hot liquid into her guts. Each ejaculation was showing itself in the fat dicks spunk tube. Wow, it looked so knotty and thick, as it forced itself upwards. Trace looked like she was being shot by a mortar exploding in her ass hole! The spunk must have been randomly raining up her deep, each powerful sperm beginning its journey to fuck one or a multiple of her weak white eggs. Not one of the big headed swimmers knowing it was destined to fuck her guts! Trillions of the Nigga seeds biting into her gut lining and making her cum and cum! Not one big Nigga headed sperm was giving up his search to impregnate this slut, the more intelligent ones swimming up her gaping cunt.He was lifting her high, quite a task as she was a big heavy fat lass! Her cunt was a sight. It had had plenty of action as well as her cheap ass. Many huge black cocks had been pleasured by her warm holes, mostly i*****l immigrants, once landed in our country finding her for the relief they needed, sharing her number on stolen phones! She offered it easily. His wet slurping dick sucked out then plunged into her. Occasionally she farted out his stringing, slimy spunk, it looked like lots of lines of sticky, knotted string, glued to the length of his shaft. It was if Spiderman was in the room and binding the loving couple with sticky webs.Poor bastard hubby, Mark was on his knees, tears in his red blood shot eyes, sobbing softly. He tried to cover his ears to block the sound of his slut wife orgasming out on this black poker. The poker that was content to pump his black troops into her guts. His huge fat balls had a lot to say and do. 6 weeks making the risky journey to the UK and all the racial shit along the way. He had dreamt of and seen white women many times. He told Mark. Whilst ploughing his wife’s shit hole, how delicious white was for a Nigga. He was not wrong; in fact, I was dripping looking at him.‘Hey so you hubby, dis your preeety wive. She luv az fuck…mmmm. You too fuck her az? He quizzed Mark.Just out of politeness Mark replied, ‘no I never would do that to her!’Tracy piped out,’ Hahahahaha…fook, you k**ding. His little pecker would be lost in here. I need a real man in me….Oh ARGHHHH….GNAHHHH..OHHHHHH..SHEEEEEET, like that,’ she yelled out biting her hand.This time her ass blow out orgasm, opened her cunt wide enough to see her tight cervix, all puckered up like tight kissing lips. She seemed to realise this and held her little fat fingers either side of it, both peering down at it and helping it to gape wide. Meanwhile the black warrior was helping himself to her sore, bruised ass hole, fucking her at high speed now. His eyes were rolled back has is glans was overpowering his senses! A big row of tombstone teeth was grinning between fat black lips.We all including Mark were hypnotised by her huge open cunt. The swollen pink lining all ridged and wet with her juices and stray spunk, which wobbled in the thick pink folds, like a transparent yellowish jelly. The big rod battering just the other side of a thin wall between ass hole and cunt! The cervix replied, opening slowly. Amazingly as the hole increased black hair came into view, then the pushing crown of her brats head. The i*****l visitor was finishing up his cum enema. Thrashing and shouting in a strange language as he slipped deep to empty his lovely at balls. He pulled out and a gush of ass fluids and spunk ran down his legs and onto the sofa. The feet of the youngster were kicking her at the top of her swelling.Her lover stood and left her weakened sat on the messed up sofa. His dick looked so sexy, all shiny sticky and dripping thick white sex, even when his foreskin pulled back. The thing waving around below his knee!‘Haha, MR, is it yours in her? Dat wiv black head..he a big bro coming man to you. Sheeeeet she been busy ‘ he teased Mark.Mark was in tears and she not long away from the drop, her belly pulsating and cunt opening.The invader pulled on his thin trousers and made for the door, happy and well fucked by Trace the slut.

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