29 Haziran 2020

Truck Stop Rendez-Vois


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Truck Stop Rendez-Vois“I’m not a slut.” Or so I thought. However, at the precise moment of thinking that I had a thick, veiny cock between my lips, and my tongue probing the inside of a complete stranger’s foreskin in the middle of a public restroom. So yeah, I guess I can now be defined as a slut.Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Jeff. A 36 year old trucker from Pennsylvania. I like doing what most guys like doing: I drink beer, watch football, eat steak and love to fuck women. And now men.I’m what you would call a typical trucker. About 6’ 1” (without my trusty baseball cap!), I have thinning hair, with a small bald pate appearing on top of my head. I’m fairly stocky, but by no means chiselled – I’ve got large arms and a broad chest covered in dark hair, but my once defined six pack is now being lost; a victim to the countless hours sitting behind a wheel and the bottles of beer I throw down my neck when I’m waiting for my next load. I still have a boyish face, but 9 times out of 10 my cheeks and chin are covered with stubble (again, a victim to irregular shaving on the road). My eyes are green and my nose is just the right size for my face. My ears are a little big, but they are pierced and I’ve constantly got 2 small silver rings hanging from them. I’m no longer married – she couldn’t stand me being away for long stints and she was particularly jealous. Always thinking I was fucking whores or going to titty bars. She was 50% right. I never fucked a whore, but I love going to titty bars.For anyone who is familiar with life on the road, it can be pretty boring. There’s only so much Johnny Cash you can listen to, or buddies on the other end of the radio you can talk to, before you start getting those male urges. First comes the constant need to jerk off, then comes the need to visit some strip clubs, then finally, you need to go to a bar and pick up some easy chicks who will fuck you all for a shot of vodka. I’m a typical guy and since me and the wife went our separate ways, I did all of these things on a regular basis.After we split I found myself being constantly horny. I would have an aching boner 95% of the time, and the other 5% was spent jerking it off. Now, I’m no bighead but my cock definitely has one, and it is seriously noticeable through my tight jeans. When hard it’s a respectable 9 inches, and seems to constantly leak pre-cum, so when I got a boner, my jeans develop a small wet patch. This constant erection meant that sometimes all I could do to relieve it was drive with my dick hanging loose, bobbing up and down with the bumps of the road.Anyway, the night in question started out like any other. After driving all day I decided to pull over at one of those truck stops. You know the type: the ones with the dirt parking lots, and the strip joint over the road, and the sign that revolved declaring it was open 24 hours and has showers and WC. I pulled in, tired from the constant concentration, and went to the restaurant to grab myself a bite to eat and a beer. After supper I went back to my truck. All I wanted to do was get out of these clothes, crack a can of beer from the stash in my chiller, throw on some porn and jerk off until I fell asleep.As I got down to it I was watching this pretty thing give a sloppy, deepthroating blowjob to the guy on the screen. As usual my cock was already wet with precum and my foreskin canlı bahis siteleri was drenched in it. I like to taste my precum. It’s a unique taste and seeing that string from my finger to my mushroom head turns me on. As I said previously, my cock is 9” when hard, and it has a few prominent veins. I have a foreskin, which has a beautiful overhang at the end. Sometimes when I’m super horny I like to let the precum drip off the end, then catch it with my fingers. I have thick mane of black pubic hair that frames my shaft nicely. The hair runs over my balls, then down towards my asshole. When I was still married I discovered the joy of having your asshole played with. My ex wife used to love to push a finger in whilst she was sucking my cock. At first I was reluctant, but after she insisted and I relented, I realised it wasn’t ‘gay’: it was just a guy discovering his body. After we split I found myself regularly pushing my own finger into my asshole when I was jerking off. I often wondered what it would be like to push toys in there, but I was never brave enough to try. A finger would do nicely.As I was watching this hot blowjob I found myself increasingly wanting a hot mouth around my throbbing cock. Tonight my rough trucker hands just weren’t cutting it. I longed to feel the velvety warmth of a mouth, and the silkiness of a tongue licking my dick’s head. I sat up off my bunk. I needed a piss. I threw some trousers on and walked into the main building of the truck stop to the restroom. It was 3am so everything was relatively quiet.I walked through the darkness into the main area of the truck stop, found the bathroom and took the leak that was busting my bladder. When I’d finished I shook the remaining drips of piss into the urinal and pulled my foreskin back. Inexplicably I started to jerk off. I don’t know why, but the openness off the bathroom was beginning to turn me on. The prospect that someone could come in made me feel so horny. I moved my foreskin back and forth over my aching purple glans. I let my mouth fill with saliva then let it drip out of my lips onto the tip of my cock making it shiny and wet. I could hear the sloppy squelch as my foreskin spread the saliva all over my cock.The door to the rest room suddenly clicked open. My heart stopped and my hand stopped. I was stood there with a throbbing wet hard-on and stared directly ahead. The guy who had just entered came and stood right next to me and unbuckled his belt. I stole a sideways glance and saw what he looked like. He was about the same height as me and had a completely shaved head. He was tanned, like myself, and had a dark black goatee beard. He wore a tight blue tshirt that clung to his big arms and light jeans. I heard him start to take a leak. The sound of his piss hitting the ceramic just aroused me even more. I tried my hardest not to look, but my cock wouldn’t go down. I started moving my hands on my cock, jerking off.After a few seconds I became aware he was no longer pissing. I looked over to him and saw that his eyes were fixed on my hands. I looked down at his cock. It was big. He was circumcised and he was moving his hand back and forth on his soft cock. It wasn’t getting hard. I felt the compulsion to want to reach out and touch it. I’ve never touched another mans cock before and this was completely unknown territory for me. I cleared bahis firmaları my throat and said in as manly tone as I could,“Wanna hand?”This powerful, muscular man with the goatee and the big soft cock just nodded his head and let go of his dick. I reached over with my left hand and squeezed his cock. It was warm and I moved my hand back and forth, rolling his fleshy prick in the palm of my hand. I could feel it begin to stiffen as he sighed.I felt a rough hand reach over and take a hold of my rock hard cock. This was the first time I’d ever had a man touch my cock and it sent a rush through my body that I almost blew my load right there on his hands. This guy’s dick was now hard in my hands. I squeezed the tip between my thumb and forefinger. Next, I did something that I never thought I would ever do: I dropped to my knees and took this stranger’s cock in my mouth.Feeling this dick in my mouth was an intense experience. It was smooth, then rough; meaty and hard. It smelled sweet and musty. I pushed this cock into my mouth as far back as it would go. I almost gagged when it touched the back of my throat, but I could hear this man groan and I just wanted it to stay back there. I wanted to pump it till his load flooded my mouth. I wanted him to empty his big hairy balls all over my tongue and I wanted to swallow his sperm. His cock was so far down my throat that I could feel his pubic hair, of which he had a lot, tickle my nose. God this felt good!I tucked my fingers into the waistband of his jeans and pulled them down to the floor. I wrapped my hands around the back of his thighs and let him fuck my throat. I wanted to feel his mouth on my tool, but I was transfixed with having this cock in my mouth. I was in heaven, Valhalla, whatever; this was bliss.After a couple of minutes I felt him pull his cock out of my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and he slapped his tip on it. The slapping sound was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.“Fuck yeah, you suck cock like a pro. I almost blew my load right down your throat,” he breathed at me.“I want it so bad. Put it back in my mouth,” I pleaded. This man, who still had no name, shook his head. He looked me square in the eye and said,“No way. I want to breed your ass. Do you want this cock in your ass?”I’d never had my ass fucked by anyone before. Sometimes my ex-wife stuck two fingers in or her tongue, but I’d never had anything big in there, especially not the size of this man’s huge tool. He stood me up and took my tshirt off. I let my trousers drop to the floor and kicked my sneakers off as well as my jeans. I was completely naked in this public rest room at 3 in the morning, and I was stood next to a man with no trousers on who wanted nothing more than to fuck my ass. He ordered me to the floor and made me get onto my hands and knees.“I’ve never been fucked before,” I said, somewhat sheepishly. He smiled down at me and said, very simply “There’s a first time for everything.”He dropped to his knees and I felt his rough hands pull apart my ass cheeks. My hole is hairy and tight; if I’d have anticipated this encounter I would have at least trimmed.“mmm, look at that hairy pink hole.” Evidently, my newfound fucker didn’t seem to mind.This man, whoever he was, now had me in complete control. I was on my knees, begging him to fuck me. I felt him kiss and bite an ass cheek. kaçak iddaa He inhaled deeply and growled. He started lapping at my hole with his wet tongue. This man was rimming me! I felt his strong tongue probe deep into my ass hole; his finger stretching it open so that he could get his tongue deeper in. His free hand groped at my balls in between my legs. He reached under and pulled my hard cock underneath so that he could move his tongue effortlessly from my ass hole to my now dripping wet cock head. He started to slurp on my precum that was dripping to the floor. He spat the precum into his hand and lubed his cock up so that it would slide in.My ass hole offered up a lot of resistance and he couldn’t get it in. He slapped his cock on my hole, and slowly probed it open. Fuck me did it hurt. He had to stop. There was no way he was fucking me tonight. It was too painful.“Ok you son of a bitch, you’re going to breed my hole. Fuck one of us is going to have a load dumped in his ass tonight. I guess it’s gonna be me.”He let me stand up and offered his ass up to me. I couldn’t believe what was winking back at me. An ass hole, like a rosebud, surrounded by sweaty, soft black hair, framed like a picture. I was instantly hooked. I followed his lead and plunged my face deep between his cheeks.“Fuck yeah, get that tongue in my ass hole. Breed daddy. Make me squeal.”I didn’t know what he was saying – I heard the words, but they made no sense. I just wanted to continue to taste that ass. It was exquisite. At once musty and sweaty, I nuzzled my nose deeper in. I probed with my fingers, 1, then 2, then 3. I could have got my fist in there had he not said “fuck, stick your dick in. I wanna feel you inside me.”Once again I did what I was told. I plunged my hard cock deep inside, without letting him breathe. He moaned loudly and let out what sounded like a yelp, but I just kept going. I pulled out so that only my tip was inside, then I buried it deep again. He was going to remember this in the morning.“Fuck yeah, breed daddy,” he continued to say. I fucked him hard and fast until I could feel my balls begin to drain their juice into my shaft and the spasms of orgasm rocked my body. I shot deep, hard and fast. I lay on his back and squeezed his abs hard as my full load was drained inside him. Each pump made him groan, and I felt his ass tighten as he clenched to keep me in place. My cock was super sensitive. Each ripple of orgasm made my head spin, my fingernails dug into his hairy abs. My cock, beginning to go limp, slid out of his ass and several drops of cum exploded out. He stood up and caught the drops of cum that dribbled down. He smelled them then lapped at my seed.“You’re going to taste me now. Get on your knees.”Once again I did exactly as I was told. I was on my knees on this rest room floor waiting for this man to shoot his load onto my expectant tongue. He jerked fast. The squelch reached my ears and almost sent me into a spin. I held onto his thighs for balance.“Open your mouth.”Shot after shot after shot of thick white fluid hit my tongue, my mouth, my cheek. I put my mouth over his pulsating dick and further drops went down my throat. This is what I had longed for. He pulled his cock out and slapped it on my face, leaving a smear of white cum all down my cheek. With that he pulled up his jeans, bent down and licked up his cum off my cheek and walked off.That’s it. He just left me there, completely naked, covered in his cum, leaning onto a urinal to steady myself. He’d used me for gratification. And I loved it.My name’s Jeff, I fuck men and swallow their loads almost exclusively.

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