15 Eylül 2021

Tyrone’s Crossdressing White Pussyboy

Big Dick

Tyrone’s Crossdressing White PussyboySubmissive whiteboi becomes a sissy faggot pussyboy for his nigger master.It was to be a night of romance. My Nigger lover, Tyrone, gruntedas he pulled his glistening cock from my aching, cum filled asscunt. Hehad just shot a massive load of man slop into my steamy, grippingentrails. Our lovemaking had been a brutal affair, as it always is, which is just the way I like it. I am a subjugated fuck slave, nothing but a sissy faggot sperm receptacle for my dominant nigger lover.Tyrone is the envy of every guy in our neighborhood. He was anAll-American linebacker in high school in Aurora and his physique stillshowed that, even now that he was in his early thirties. He stood aboutsix foot six and weighed in at two hundred sixty pounds of perfectlychiseled ebony muscle. His thighs were like tree trunks and his bicepswere absolutely knee weakening to look upon. Throw in his washboardstomach and abs and a ruggedly handsome, thuggish face and you had theperfect black stud. After making some bad choices soon after high school,he wound up in Joliet for a couple years, for some aggravated assault andpossession charges. In the clink he found that it was easy to makescared, virgin white boys do his bidding and he wound up with a smallharem of the prettiest pussy boys the prison had to offer. After he gotout, he tried women again and found that although they make for a decentfuck now and again, he tended to prefer submissive white pussyboys, especiallyyoung ones, or at least young looking. He found out that sissy pussyboys will do anything to please him, things that are so humiliating and degrading that none of his women slut girlfriends would do, but sissies loved to do to please him. I loved being one of those sissy fucksluts. Although I am not particularly young, I am very youthful appearing and I am VERY submissive. My name is Patrick, although Ty sometimes calls me Patricia, Trish, Pussyboy, whore, bitch, etc. I am five foot eight inches and about one hundred seventy pounds. I love to suck cock and drink cum for nigger studs guys. This is whereour relationship really heats up. You see, a few years ago, I was veryinto some stories I was reading online about a really muscled and superhung black dude who turns white boys and men into his sissy sexual slaves. Heactually makes them NEED his nigger cock and his sperm inside their bodies. Ijerked off to many of these stories for a long time before attempting totake it a step further. I started perusing chat rooms and online datingservices and eventually hooked up with Tyrone. He was interested enough,but was really fascinated with my desire to dress in women’s clothing forhim. Specifically, I enjoy lingerie and sexy underwear like crotchless panties. More on that later…….I cried out for Tyrone to fuck me harder and deeper as I felt his teninch long, six inch thick nigger python fuckmeat find itself a silken nest between mybuns. Sweat poured off him and onto me, melding our bodies into one. Iabsolutely LOVE being taken in the missionary position, as with my kneeshooked around Ty’s elbows he is able to get some tremendous depth andangle in his penetrations. I love to run my hands all over Tyrone’smuscular chest, stomach and arms and eventually while in the throes oforgasm I will be pressed into him as close as can be, my fingernailsclawing and digging into his back and shoulders. We fucked some more, hismouth smashed onto mine, taking possession of my lips and tongue anddrawing me ever more into this world of black dominance and whitesubmission. I could feel Tyrone running his hands up and down my stockingclad legs, and I could hear from his muffled sigh that he approved of mychosen apparel. It arouses him immensely to have me feminized and dolledup in various styles of ladies lingerie and undergarments. I had on hisfavorite sheer white baby doll that had peekaboo cups and a matchingcrotchless panties with spaghetti thin garter straps that fastened onto thelace tops of the sheer white silk stockings. I must admit, I look fuckinggorgeous in it and it turns Tyrone into a raging sex b**st, his hormonescompletely taking control of his brain. We’ve made love many times whenTy is in this mode; fuck mode. He had pulled open the tiny lace ties onmy panty crotch and was fucking me through it, his massive black mambabeing caressed back and forth by the silky panty material and the silkygrip of my boipussy.Typically, Tyrone takes me in several different positions but this nightwould be different. I take yoga and pilates so that I can twist my bodyto Ty’s desire. On my back, on my tummy, on my hands and knees, spooning,cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, in the hottub, in the shower, on the deck, inour sex swing, anywhere and in any position. However, Tyrone wasseemingly only interested in fucking me in missionary tonight. Wecontinued our torrid fuck pace, Tyrone pile driving into my receptivebody. My tight, pink sissy fuckhole willingly submitting to the black invader as itpushed through my sphincter and into my rectum then onto the onceforbidden territory of my bowels, forcing them to adjust to thetremendous size of the thug cock. I gasped as Ty pushed right past mysecond sphincter muscle, the one that guards the entrance to my entrails.It didn’t do a very good job of “guarding”; Tyrone acted as if there wasno resistance at all, forging ahead with his a****l lust taking us bothtowards the brink of orgasm. Mine was approaching fast and I knew Ty’swouldn’t be far behind. Soon I would be impregnated with black seed, myneed satiated. I was moaning like a whore, my stocking ensconced legswrapped tight around my man’s waist, my fingers scr****g and gouging intothe muscles of his back, his sweat drenching us both in a sexy sheen. Mysenses were all highly attuned to the moment. With my mouth I tasted histongue and saliva; with my nose I could smell the musky tang of sex andhis black man’s perspiration; with my ears I could hear his gutturalgroaning and my own high pitched mewling; with my eyes I could see himtowering over me, taking me and making me his girl; with my skin I couldfeel his hard, muscled body dominating me, penetrating me.Tyrone’s hands cupped my smooth, round buttocks as he continued rockinginto me, forcing more oooh’s and aaah’s out of me. He had a specialrhythm, stabbing my pussy repeatedly several times, then pulling out andcausing my hole to gape, then thrusting back in quick. I could feel thecool air sucking into my yawning furrow. The babydoll was soaked withsweat, sticking to my skin as Ty pinched my nipples through the peekabooslits on the cups, then brought his teeth down to bite them, turning theminto rigid pinpoints of pleasure. I let loose with a girlish scream asTyrone suckled my nubs. I was truly his bitch, his mare in heat and he mystallion. I was in pure lust at the moment and wanted this release sobad. I continued arching my back up towards him, meeting his powerfulthrusts with my own. Tyrone’s hands had, regrettably, moved from my bunsto the bed sheets and he was gripping them tensely, his biceps bulgingwith the effort he was putting into his fuck. With a vigor that I hadrarely before seen, Tyrone was equal parts fucking me and making love tome, growling and grunting. I imagined him a brawny gladiator and I washis victory spoils or he was the dashing knight who had rescued me and Ithe helpless damsel now favoring him with her charms. Or that he was thecotton slave and I was the plantation owner’s son, getting some nigger slavecock in the hayloft. My lusty fantasies were no match for the real thing,though. I was living my fantasy, being dominated and feminized by a hung,nigger muscle stud.I couldn’t believe how Ty’s mouth worked it’s magic on my nipples. I wasarching my back as his brawny hands slid from the bed sheets, back to mywaist, then my butt cheeks, running up and down my legs, the stockingsnow also drenched with sweat. He moved his mouth back to mine, crushingmy lips and thrusting his tongue into my oral cavity in time with thetempo of his cock pounding into my anal cavity. Tyrone was in controltotally and I could feel the friction from his manhood as it continuallypressed into my prostrate, my boy clit. I knew he was trying to get me tocum and I certainly wanted to oblige him. The release was imminent and Igroaned into his mouth, between the powerful kisses he was bestowing uponme. In an instant, my orgasm hit and I screamed out loud, like a virginon her wedding night. My little penis showered both Tyrone and me in amusk scented rain. I couldn’t stop squealing, screaming out Tyrone’s nameand my demand that he fuck me harder. Tyrone was compelled to sate mydesire. He was panting as he upped his thrusting cadence another notch,if that was possible. My quim tightened around his cock as my orgasmcontinued racking my body. Tyrone was grunting like some exotic b**st ashe levered into my open rosebud. The once tiny opening milked his prick,massaging the ebony length within my sugar walls. And then it happened;Ty let out one final, guttural roar and emptied his load of manjuice intome. He gripped my buttocks tightly as he ground his manhood into me allthe way, mashing his wiry pubes into my baby smooth backside. I dug myfingernails into his huge biceps, holding on to my massive black loverfor dear life, his teeth fastened onto my nipples.As the our mutual orgasm subsided, we were both breathing hard, gaspingfor air. I felt Tyrone’s hands again roving my body, then reaching aroundbehind his waist to unhook my legs from around him. I groaned as heslowly pulled his cock out of my gaping bumhole. After being filled withhis manliness for the past hour, I suddenly felt very empty. I tightenedup my pussy trying to keep him in me, but he just chuckled and pulledall the way out. I looked down between my legs and even in the dim light,I could see his cock glistening with sperm and ass juice, my blackwarrior in the aftermath of staking his claim to my body and and my soul.I was completely spent and let Ty do as he pleased, so after hiswithdrawal from my bowels he curled around behind me into a spooningposition. I was trembling in the afterglow of a tremendous butt fuck, myentire body shaking from the effects of Tyrone’s incredible lovemaking. Ifell into a doze, exhausted from being used as a fuck doll by a dominantblack thug.About an hour later I awoke, feeling Tyrone’s strong arms wrapped aroundme and his once again hardening cock nestled between my legs. From hissteady breathing, I could tell he was dozing. I slowly slid out of hisgrasp and wormed my way down his body to the sleeping cobra. I wanted itawake and set out on my mission. I took the semi hard tuzla eve gelen escort shaft in my softhands and lightly began to stroke it, all the while tonguing his mammothballs and laying gentle kisses on his sac. I could smell the headyremnants of sex all about his genitals. It was making me crazy, that ranksmell of dried cum, man sweat and ass all coming together in a crescendoof heavenly bliss. I could feel the blood begin to rush back into hisshaft as I began licking up and down that massive black meat. He stirreda little, perhaps still dreaming of our raunchy, romantic intercourse. Isucked my man deeply into my mouth, bringing him all the way back to fullstiffness in the process and after a couple trips down my throat, he wasready again. I starred in awe at the powerful ebony pole that I wouldsoon again have inside my body, enveloping it in the warmth of my snugboy pussy.I swung my leg over Tyrone’s waist and pushed my tush down on his heatederection, slowly letting the head enter me. I softly raked my fingersover his ripped pectoral muscles, reveling in the power and majesty of mystud lover’s chiseled physique. I let out a groan as his throbbercontinued it’s trek into my bowels, the soft insides of my rectumgripping and grabbing at his rigid maleness. I wanted all of him insideme, wanted to become one with him, joined both sexually and emotionally.I was his bitch, his pussyboy, his good little girl, surrendering to hisdemands and to my own overwhelming lust. Suddenly he awoke from hisslumber and upon seeing the situation, grabbed my slim waist, growledwith the lustful hunger of an aggressive top-man and pulled me the restof the way down onto his shaft. My sphincter streched open wide forTyrone and I again let out a girlish scream as I was taken hard, made tobe a woman and needing that feeling. Ty gave me an evil grin, knowingfull well about my need to be dominated and fucked. I ground down hard,loving that feel of my innards being invaded by an ebony intruder, theslow pleasurable burning sensation spreading throughout my guts. Ty’scock slid in rather easily, despite it’s massive girth, due to theprevious deposit of sperm and the subsequent lubrication. I felt hisprickly pubes crushing into my smooth crack and buns and knew he was allthe way in. Now it was time to fuck. Like a mindless a****l, I leveredmyself up and down on that beautiful, black cock, wanting only to pleasemy master. My own release was irrelevent, although it was unstoppable; Ialways came when Tyrone was in my ass. Time and again I pounded my slimecoated asscunt down on my lover’s hard manhood, feeling the cock crown rubagainst my boy clitty. Ty was grunting profusely again and I knew thathe wasn’t going to last long. Despite his prolific stamina, particularlyso soon after a good cum, he was clearly wanting to nut inside mequickly. I continued my forceful pulsation on that meaty, black sex pole.I was moaning girlishly, like Tyrone enjoyed, as I raked my fingersacross his brawny chest and pectorals and biceps, feeling the musclesripple beneath my soft hands. My tight little pucker was milking hisstrong cock, radiating warmth and silky softness up and down the veinyshaft. I gasped again as the cock skull battered my pleasure nub againand again and then suddenly I was screaming out a raw and hoarse cry ofecstasy as my little clitty penis erupted with silvery rivulets of jizz,covering both Ty and myself in musky stickiness. This was all my manneeded to put him into overdrive and he quickly, and without pulling outof me, whipped us into the more traditional male-on-male ruttingposition. I found myself on my knees, with my buns up in the air andTyrone pushing my shoulders into the bed. He continued his fierce, fierydomination of me. His piledriver-like thrusts were amazing, filling myanal cavity, my entrails, my entire being with his maleness. I washelpless against this anal onslaught, and I literally came so hard Istarted crying, screaming into the pillow as my orgasm ripped through me.I felt Tyrone biting my neck and shoulders, hard enough to draw blood. Hegets so aggressive when he’s near to nutting. He was talking dirty intomy ear, calling me his girl and telling me how tight my pussy was. Myrectum and sphincter tightened hard onto his sex pole as I shot my load,and it was only seconds after that I felt my master emptying his ballsinside me. The man slime coated my intestines again; I wanted so much tobe pregnant with my man’s seed in me. He grunted into my ear about how heliked making me pregnant as his orgasm racked him violently.Which brings us back to where I started this story. Tyrone and me, Patriciathe Whore, slowly coming back to our senses after several hours ofunbelievable sexual intercourse, my lingerie soaked with lust-scented sweatand cum. I settled back into the muscular arms of my lover, my master anddreamed the unfettered dreams of a kept slave-boy….It had been a night ofromance.”Oh my God, Tyrone!”, I moaned girlishly, my high pitched voice cracking as my master once again took my pussy and made it his property, his birthright. His bulbous cockhead pushed past the meager defenses of my sphincter, and with a moist, soft plop he was in me. I heard him groan right in my ear, felt his breath on my neck as he began to slowly ease into my boy-pussy.We were supposed to be getting dressed for a night on the town, but when I made the mistake of letting Tyrone see me as I was slipping into my pretty silk and lace intimates, it was all over but the fucking. Ty was going to take me out dancing and to show me off to some of his thug friends who also had their own white pussyboy bitches. I guess he thought I was the prettiest and wanted to diplay his trophy fucktoy. I was excited to be able to get out and really get seductive and teasing with Ty. I wanted him to want me worse than anything he had ever wanted in his life. “Ohh, shit yeah, bitch. Yeah. You like it when I spear dat mudafuckin’ poonani, don’t you?” Tyrone nibbled my ear while he whispered into it. “I know you get off on puttin’ on dat purtty girly shit for me. Dollin’ youself all up for yo master, eh whitey? Cmon, pussy boy let me hear ya’ll scream!”His words turned me on almost as much as his sexual prowess. My own little dick was rock hard, but it wasn’t fit to even be in the same zip code as Ty’s magnificent member. He made sure I felt every inch of it too, twisting it in me and varying the depth , angle and speed of his penetrations. While Tyrone cared little if I came or not, I was almost assured of cumming at least three to four times during our average sex sessions. I was dressed in a beautiful red corset, extremely form fitting, it actually made it look as though I had breasts when I cinched it closed. With it I wore a matching rose red flowered, lace garter belt with slightly lighter red sheer silk stockings. I finished the ensemble with red high heels and wore no panties with it. They were supposed to be my undergarments for the evening, but Tyrone had other ideas. “Pull dat pussy open for me, bitch. I know you need my nigga cock in dat tight litta hole.” I did as I was told, reaching around behind myself to pull my buns apart and open my pussy as far as possible for my master. “Yea, girl, oh yea sweetie. Dat coochie is mine. Open dose white buns for yo black daddy. FUCK!! YEA! I’m in all da way now, pussy boy! You feel me, bitch?” Tyrone took my fingers in his hand and forced me to feel and stroke the place where we were joined together. If I didn’t realize the full extent of my situation before, I certainly did now. My holed was completely gaped around his powerful, ebony fuckpole. I could feel the stickiness on his cock, a mixture of anal lube and my own ass juice. I could feel intimately just how much my body was streched to accommodate his massive girth. And I loved every second of it. “Ohhhh, myyyyy Gooooood! Master, make me cum, I need you to make me cum!!” I could indeed feel him, as he had asked. He took my breath away as he slid up into me, to the hilt. I could feel his wiry pubes mashing into the hairless skin of my backhole. I can’t describe in words how much I love the feel of Tyrone’s black-armored warrior inside my body, stripping away the last vestiges of free spirit, molding me to his will and becoming Submissive Patricia. His willingly subjugated girly boy. “Again! Again! Ohhhh, baby. It feels so good.” I was begging him to slam into my rectum again, as the sheer force of his poundings get me very close to the edge. “Shit, girl! Fuck, I got to have dat poony. Ohh, fuck!!” Spittle was spraying from between his gritted teeth and the muscles in his neck were bulging as Tyrone fought against the very early urge to shoot his load. His endurance was legendary, not only to me but to the mryiad of women and pussy boys he had fucked through the years. His hands ran posessively up and down my freshly-shaven, stockinged legs, then upwards to my beautiful round buttocks. “Yea, Pussy Pattie. Ya’ll want dis nigga cock, I can tell, baby. You need me in dis poontang, dontcha bitch?” His torrid fuck pace continued, with my passion and need for submission mounting. I was mewling like a kitten for my lover, my aggressive master topping me as we both desired. I started to reach back around to jerk my cock, it was so hard. Immediately Tyrone grabbed both my wrists in one of his big hands and held them above my head. “Whatchoo think you doin’, ho? I tell you to crank off?” I was trembling now, not only from the tremendous butt-fucking I was recieving but from this erotic transfer of power. I was giving up all control to this muscular black man, surrendering the last of my free will, the final remnants of my manhood. I was nothing but a girly boy to him, a pussy for him to fuck. “If you gonna cum, it’s gonna happen ’cause I say so, ya’ll hear me? When I start deepcockin’ yo clit, then make dat quim nice and fuckin’ tight for me and get reada for my big nigga load. You got dat, girl?””Yes, Tyrone.” I groaned softly. I was trying to slow the pace back down, but Ty would have none of it. “Whatchoo tryin’ to do girl? You wantin’ me to keep quiet, keep it under wraps, so’s all ya’lls neighbors don’t hear you taking my cock and findin’ out you’s a faggot? A faggot who takes black dick and drinks blackman’s sperm and piss? A faggot who gets hisself all dollied up like a prissy girl, puttin’ on all dis sexy shit to turn on his nigga stud? A sissy fag cunt-boy who shaves hisself all smooth and shit? What part embarrases you da most?” I was crying both in shame and in reckless passion, my orgasm approaching. As I was about to shoot, Tyrone suddenly ordered tuzla otele gelen escort me to squeeze my cock as hard as I could, so I couldn’t cum. I did as I was told, despite my almost overwhelming urge to just let it go; I knew that would not sit well with my master. Then to coincide with my own blocked orgasm, Tyrone immediately slowed his pace considerably. This acheived his desired effect of giving me more stimulation of my sphincter and colon, but hardly any to my prostate. Extreme dissapointment rolled over me as I realized I was not going to be allowed to cum for quite some time. “Ya cryin’ girly boy? Cause you a prissy crossdresser? Or because you like cock? Or maybe it’s ’cause you like…..black cock…..? Yeaaa, dat’s it, aint it? You hate da fact dat you love getting yo asshole carved into a tunnel by a ghetto thug!” Ty was kissing my neck as he was breathing his words into my ear, continuing his fuck, now slow and languid and erotic. He would drive in slowly all the way to the root of his prick and then pull out even more slowly, driving me absolutely crazy as I felt every single thick, veiny inch of that magnificent black sex baton. “Goddamitt, girl. You fuckin’ beautiful. I love you in dis sexy shit. Fuck! I got to have you like dis all da time, makes my fuckin’ cock so hard when you all dressed up fo me. Maybe tommorrow we ‘all go lingerie shoppin’ for you, eh faggot? Gettchoo some new purtty panties, maybe some cutsie litta nighties, some fuckin’ silk shit fo you to model fo me….? Shit, dose fuckin’ girls who who work at da lingerie store are gonna know who we buyin’ dat shit fo. I’monna make fo sho ’bout dat! We gonna go to dat Victoria’s Secret right next to yo fave book store at da muthafuckin’ mall, so’s all da folks who ya’ll know can see ya’ll buyin’ yo prissy bras and panties and shit…..yea. Ya’llre gonna need some douchebags too. Gots to keep yo poony all nice and clean and fresh fo me!” I was both scared and excited by these prospects, knowing full well the humiliation that would ensue. “Aaaahhh, oohhhhhh, myyyy fuckin’ God. Yes, Tyrone!! Oh God, Yesssss!!! I’ll do anything you say, anything!! I want to be your little girl, your fuck whore!!” I was ready to shoot, so ready, but Ty had been slowing down the pace, not letting me get my nut off. It was his choice, after all. He was the master, I the slave. He continued his current fuck speed, content to make me squirm and beg for an orgasm. But my master was not done with his suprises.”BITCH! WHOSE FUCKIN’ PUSSY IS THIS?” He startled me with the suddeness and ferocity of his hollering. “It……..it’s your pussy, Tyrone!!” I shouted back, albeit more quietly and not without some hesitation. I was still petrified of my neighbors hearing us, although it was probably pointless what with the thin walls of my apartment complex. Not to mention the fact that Tyrone was pretty much the only black guy who ever came there, drawing a fair amount of attention due to his very dark blackness and he frequently left my place in the morning…..I guess a lot of people could put two and two together. “I CAN’T HEAR YA’LL,SLUT! I AXED CHOO WHO DOES DIS PUSSY BELONG TO? ANSWER ME, BITCH!!””THIS PUSSY BELONGS TO YOU, MASTER!! IT’S ALL FOR YOU!!” I gasped out the words as Tyrone took my breath away as he started back into his faster fuck mode, slamming into my rectum with a brutality that was both unanticipated and exhilirating, my hole opened completely to my lover, my nigger master. Still he held my arms captive above my head. I was unable to do anything except press back into him, in time to his rhythm. With his other hand he roaved possesively over my heart shaped buttocks and the sexy, sheer stockings that encased my legs in a gossamer sheen. “YEAA, GIRLIE!! AND WHAT DA FUCK DOES DIS HO LIKE IN HIS ASS-PUSSY!? YA’LL LIKE NIGGA COCK, I HEAR! BIG BLACK MUSCLE STUD POUNDIN’ YO SLUT HOLE! YEA, GIRLIE-BOY!! TAKE IT!!”I was crying out loud now, completely emasculated and humiliated, gasping out my answers to his demands, loving and hating the feeling of being dragged down into the depravity of master/slave sex, loving and hating (as Tyrone had guessed) the fact that a black nigger buck could turn me into this, a prissy girlie slut. That he could make me arch my back into his frenzied thrusts, accepting more and more of his delicious shaft into my once male body. For I was now totally feminized, his dress-up doll, all done up in satin and lace and silk, begging for him to make sweet love to me as a woman might, purring for him. When I thought about it, I realized I was his de-facto wife. I fixed most of his meals, did his laundry, gave him massages, blowjobs and warmed his bed at night. My asshole was now and forever would be, a pussy. Only there for his pleasure, to massage his prick within it’s satiny sheath. “PLEASE MASTER MAY I PLEASE CUM!?! PLEASE LET ME SHOOT. I’M SO CLOSE!! I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK NIGGER COCK IN MY PUSSY. I LOVE YOUR BIG………BLACK NIGGER FUCKMEAT COCK INSIDE ME!! I NEED IT! I NEED YOUR SPERM IN ME! PLEASE MAKE ME PREGNANT WITH YOUR NIGGER FUCKSLOP SPERM, MASTER” Tears were running down my face, both from the extreme degradation of my words and from my absolute love of and devotion to this dominating black male, my master, my lover, my husband. My utter disgrace would soon be complete, as my neighbors would hear me orgasm while impaled on my black stud and they would be sure to hear his grunting and groaning, as well. His climaxes were always loud and like much of his speech, laced with vulgarities, graphic descriptions of sex and ghetto-speek. “All right, girl. Go ‘head and spray it. But remember, dis ain’t ’bout choo. I don’t give a fuck ’boutchour cum. ‘Sall ’bout tightenin’ up dat quimmy fo me. I is getting my muthafuckin’ nut off, and ‘sall goin’ down in yo poontang, bitch!””Uuuughhhh, ooohhh!! OH MY GOD!! OHHH MASTER TYRONE, I’M CUMMMMMMINGGGGG!! EEEYYYAAAAGGGHHH! OHH FUCK OH GODDD OH FUCK!! OH SHITTTT!!” I let loose with my high pitched girly scream, squeeling out my orgasm like a stuck fuckpig. I was bawling, my tears flowing unheeded down my face as the throes of my orgasm gripped me and I felt myself involuntarily constrict even tighter around Tyrone’s hammering love spear. The unabashed pleasure I got from my jizz firing up my piss hole at lightning speed was indescribable. I was shaking in Tyrone’s strong arms, feeling his muscles all around me. Feeling him inside me. I turned my neck back to face him and he grabbed my chin in one powerful hand and crushed his lips to mine, plundering my mouth with his toungue. His kiss was so strong I was sure my lips would be bruised from his forcefulness. Seconds after my orgasm, Ty’s hit both of us with the force of a hurricane. I felt the sudden blast of slick, scalding heat jettison deep in my innards. It was like my rectum and colon had been coated with slimy molten lava. I screamed out again, loving the feeling of my impregnation, my black master seeding his submissive white wife. Tyrone started shouting out more dirty talk, while still laying claim to my mouth with his own, his shouts of pleasure somewhat muffled by our sexy oral dance. “Ohhhhh, shit girl!! FUCK YEAAAA!! MUTHAFUKA!! HERE COMES MY’S BIG FUCKIN’ LOAD, GET READY FO IT GIRLIE!! Ohhhh, fuck yea, dis quim is sooo dayam tight, shit I got to empty my balls, bitch. FUCK!! THAT’S IT PIG SLUT!! FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!! AARRRRGGGGHHHH!! TAKE IT GIRL TAKE IT PUSSY BOY TAKE MY NIGGA LOAD IN YO FUCKIN ASS PUSSY!!” The orgasm shook Tyrone’s muscle-bound body. The thug master took his nut in his girl, like thugs do.”Oohhh, fuck, master. I can’t believe what you did to me. Thank you for letting me cum, master.” My breathing was coming in heavy gulps as I slowly got over my own climax and the feeling of being filled with Tyrone’s manjuice. He slowly eased out of me, but even as he was withdrawing I squeezed him as tight as I could, not wanting my master to vacate my asspussy. My lingerie was soaked with sweat and the stockings had been partially torn as Ty gripped my legs during his cum. He cared little if he bruised me or tore my unmentionables, as I belonged to him and hence, he could do as he pleased. I heard his low chuckle at my trying to keep him in me, to no avail. “Yeah, girl.” He wispered in my ear as he withdrew the remainder of his spent cock. “I know you want me in ya’ll mo dan anything, but if you’s a good litta girlie, maybe Tyrone will give ya’ll anotha fuck sooner dan ya’ll espects. Got it? Now let’s git to bed, pussy boy!”I smiled as I followed my beautiful master to his bed, holding his hand. I thought about our big lingerie shopping day tommorrow as well as what more sensual pleasures could await me yet that night. “Open yo mouf, girl. You gunna drink my piss.” It was a statement by Tyrone, one I was not about to argue with. I knealt down in front of my ebony god, his spent cock now starting to hang down in front of his heavily muscled thighs. Spent, but still impressive in it’s length and girth. Lube and saliva glazed the entire shaft and a few drips of man juice were still leaking from the tip, the remainders of our blistering sex session. The sight and smell of his rank, manly crotch was almost overwhelming. His huge balls were coated with the spuzz that had dripped down his shaft during the exhausting buttfuck. His pungent, musky scent made my mouth water as I opened wide so Ty could insert his superior nigger manhood into another of my fuckholes, dominating me yet again. I closed my lips around the thick crown and felt him immediately relax and release a hot, powerful stream of piss into my mouth and down my throat. Nothing says “subjugation” like acting as a toilet for another human being and my cock got instantly hard again at the thought of my supreme humiliation. I rolled my toungue around the bulbous penis, trying to make my mouth as accomadating as possible for my master. I tasted as much of Tyrone’s scalding, salty urine as I could, lolling it around in my mouth as if it were a fine wine, before swallowing his entire bladder full of hot, golden pee. “Oooh, fuck yeah, girlie. I had to take dat piss fo a while now. Dam! Shit feels good. Drink it up, slutboy!” Tyrone was still moaning and groaning out dirty words at me, as the pleasure of finally pissing raced through him. He emptied himself and then slowly pulled his cock back, letting the last few dribbles spray onto my face and lingerie. After I drank up his golden offering, Tyrone pulled me off to bed. But not before I could strip off the sweat and cum and piss-soaked corset and stockings and slip into a super tuzla sınırsız escort sheer pink baby doll. It was transparent silk from top to bottom, and barely covered my bottom, by the way. It was almost just a wisp of erotic, gossamer air surrounding my body. Of course I decided against the teeny tiny panties that paired with it, leaving my buttocks fully exposed for my man. I added just the slightest dab of a musky perfume that I had recently bought, hoping it would bring an extra zing to our sex life, as if Ty and I needed it. I crawled slowly into the massive king sized bed in my room and curled up in the crook of Tyrone’s arm. He was already asleep. I wasn’t surprised as he usually slept after that large of a sperm deposit, but I was still dissapointed nonetheless. I breathed in the manly scent of him, taking in his dominant black man’s sexuality and knowing that our wonderful, fervent night of sensual passion was likely far from over. And then I slept.I came awake some time later, unsure of how long I had been asleep, but fully aware of Tyrone softly kissing the back of my neck. I was laying with my head over one of his arms with my back to him. With his free hand he was roving over my body, somewhat roughly, domineering, showing me who I belonged to. His hands touched me everywhere but my cock, frustrating me. But then I jumped a little when his fingertips found my tender nipples and started to squeeze them, twisting, pinching. “Ooohhhh, my goodness, master. That feels so…..good……aaahhhh.” Again I yelped out my reactions in girlish little gasps and moans, playing to Tyrone’s love of my complete submission to him. “Oooo, yeah, sweetie pie whitey fuckpig. You likin’ me touchin’ ya’ll over, girl?” He was wispering erotically into my ear. “Ya’ll ready ‘gain ta show me whatchoo want? Show me how ya’ll are gonna take me inside dis sweet litta pussy? Agin and agin? You wantin’ me ta breed ya ‘gain? Gonna shit out a nigga baby?” I could feel him getting hard again, pressed up against my backside. I knew it was only going to be a couple minutes before he’d be hard enough to take me again. I could hardly wait to have that thick slab of granite poked up my hole again, streching me to new limits, making me into a complete slut. His sissy faggot slutcunt. My sluthole was still coated with his manslime, the result of our previous coupling. “I know you love it when I’s pinchin’ yo nips. Litta fuckas get so hard from my touch, shit you is ripe fo ‘notha go round aintcha, Bitch? And my fuckin’ cock is sooo dayam stiff ta getinta dat poontang agin. Fuck! You smellin’ fine, girl! You gots some kinda fuckin’ perfume on or sumthin? See ya got anutha purtty silky nightie on fo me. Lessee if we can’t wreck dis one too…..” His fingers took one last pinch of my rosy nubs and then I felt him move them back over my hips to my shapely buns and then they were at the gates to my love canal. I shifted restlessly in his embrace, trying, needing to open myself to my master’s touch. I gasped as he slid two fingers into me.”Yeah, Pattie-girl, you like dis thug friggin’ yo boy pussy? You like me makin’ dis litta hole open up fo me? Shit bitch, you so Goddamned ready fo my black fuckpole, aintchoo? Shit, I gotta breed dis poony agin! Ya ready ta wrap dat juicy ass pussy ’round ma cock? Yea, push dose buns back fo me. Get into it whitey sissypunk!” He pulled his fingers from my ass and shoved them into my mouth, making me lick my own juice, whetting his fingers. I was so hard from this show of power by him; there was no doubt who owned who. No doubt who was in charge. “Yea, girlie, get into it! Get dose fingas slobbered up. I gonna shove em back up dat coochie agin, make ya’ll good and wet fo me. Yeeeaaa, girlie-girl, open dat pussy, open dat pink boipussy, let me back up in dat whiteboi shithole.” He was still whispering into my ear as he romanced me, shoving not two, but three of his fat rough fingers back up into me, opening me for his eventual entry. Then it happened. I felt his fingers pull out of me, replaced by the bulbous crown of his magnificent erection. He slipped in effortlessly, greased as I was by my own saliva and his still-present breeding spunk. We both grunted as his penetration was a success. My girlie grunt pain-filled from my sphincter streching open so quickly, his manly grunt in response to my utter submission in accepting his maleness into my body. “Fuck ya, pussy boy. Take dat big fat nigga fuckmeat! Yea, you like dat shit, dontcha? Like being my white sissyboi sex slave?” He was still whispering, but his thrusts were getting urgent rather quickly and his hands roamed my body, once again taking full possession of me. His fingers he would jam into my mouth, then slide down and pinch my nipples, turning them into aching pinpoints of pleasure. His hands continued their trek down my body, sliding over my slim waist, my shapely buns and then to my smooth, sexy legs. “I know whatchoo doin’ slut. You purtendin’ I’m makin’ love to you, aintchoo? How we got our little night a romance an’ shit…? Shit, girl! You like me takin’ yo ass like dis, dontcha? What dos sex books a your’s calling dis? Side-saddle? Time ta get in one las fuck fore mornin’!! Get ready fo dis nigga ta pound yo pussy, bitch!!” “Ohhhh, yeeaa, baby. Ooohhhh, fuck me. Ooooohhh, I love your nigga fuckmeat cock in pink sissy whiteboi asscunt.” I was mewling like a pussy cat in heat, wanting my master yet again, my boy womb hungry to be seeded again by my brawny, black lover. His thrusts had started out merely streching my sphincter open, arousing enough for me, but then he hit it. My boy clit. I cried out instantly. “OHHHHH MY GOD MASTER!! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!! FUCK MY BOY PUSSY!! MY SISSY FAGGOT WHITEBOI ASS PUSSY IS YOURS MASTER!!! OOOHHHH MY GOD! I’M A FUCKIN COCKWHORE SLUTCUNT FUCKPIG FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!! **** ME MASTER!! **** MY PUSSY AND MAKE IT YOURS!!! I’M YOUR SEX SLAVE FUCKTOY PIGCUNT!! I ONLY WANT TO SERVE YOUR SUPERIOR NIGGER FUCKMEAT!!!!!!!!” I was screaming out every obscenity that came into my head, oblivious to my neighbors and what they might think, my mind focused entirely on the ebony fuck pole that was r****g my shit chute, fucking my mind and stripping me of my manhood, once and for all. Men don’t take cock; they give cock. Men don’t get fucked; they do the fucking. I was no longer a man, I was a slut, a cockwhore, a fuckslut, a sissy faggot girly-boi. I was there to take my master’s cock within my body, to take his seed, that most precious of gifts that a topman can give his bottomboy. Tyrone’s hard, brutal fucking was needed to remind me of my station as a hole. I was a pleasure bitch, dressing like a bitch, smelling like a bitch, acting like a bitch.And I needed it. I would go tommorrow, with Tyrone to the mall. We would walk into Victoria’s Secret together, me on his arm and inform the girls that I needed my measurements taken and that Tyrone wants to approve every single piece of lingerie that I would be purchasing. There would be no room for doubt in the girls minds that I was a cringing, whimpering pussywhore faggot bottom for the towering ebony god next to me. My humilation would be immense and somehow, it made me harder thinking about it. Just the fact that I was surrendering all my sense of being to Tyrone and I was his to do with as he pleased, was incredibly erotic and humbling and arousing. The vicious buttfucking continued, with Tyrone continuing to spoon behind me, spearing my mangina with one rigid thrust anfter another. He was inflexible in his castigation of my asshole, pounding, driving, plunging into me, causing my hole to gape around his colossal flesh lance. My pussy hole was burning from the intense physical exertion as well as the overwhelming emotions flooding my brain. I started to scissor my leg up, to allow my master greater access to penetrate me. But Ty would have none of that.”Shit, girl, keep dos legs shut. Lot tighter dat way. I like your quim nice and tight, bitch!” Tyrone forcefully pushed my legs together and held his arm over them, keeping my tunnel snug for his continued sexing. I could feel the sweat between our bodies, slippery and wet. This fuck was getting nasty, my master causing me to gasp out his name and my devotion to him. My complete submission to my slavery was nearing fruition. I feel Tyrone once again, getting close to his nut. His pace quickened, fucking me raw, his fiery poker boring into my most intimate flesh, flesh that was for no one but him to touch. The inner moistness of my rectum was clinging to his truncheon, I could feel every vein, every blood engorged inch, the ridges of the corona as the powerful boner subjugated my ass pussy to it’s iron will.”Goddamn, girlie!! I’m gunna carve this pussy but good. YOU WANT DIS COCK WHORE? YOU WANT DIS NIGGA FUCK POLE INSIDE YO WHITEBOI PIGCUNT?! ANSWER ME BITCH!! TELL ME WHERE YOU WANT IT!! TELL ME HOW YOU WANT IT!!” Tyrone was hollering, his voice undoubtably carrying through the thin walls of my apartment complex. There was still apart of me that was incredulous at the turn my life had taken. Just a few weeks before I had been a heterosexual man, carrying on relationships with women and in other aspects of day-to-day normality. Now I was being spoon fucked by a black brute, laying on my side, allowing a man to penetrate me rectally, begging for an anal orgasm. I was a sex kitten, dressed in a flimsy, sheer pink nightie, the very picture of blatant femininity. “I WANT IT HARD IN MY BOIPUSSY MASTER!! SO HARD MAKE ME CUM!! MAKE ME YOUR CUMMING FUCK WHORE! I NEED YOU IN MY SISSY WHITEBOI PUSSY IN MY BOY CUNT!! FUCK ME NUT ME GAPE ME **** ME!!! MASTER!! MASTER!! I NEED IT SO BAD! MY SISSY PIGSLUT ASSCUNT ACHES FOR YOUR COCK!!! FILL MY WHORECUNT WITH YOUR NIGGER FUCKSLOP!!”Here I cum girl!! Shit you ready fo dis hot nigga load slut? Damn I gots so much fuckin’ jizz fo you, Trisha. Gonna make you inta my own white-boy breedin’ bitch. Make ya’ll preggers wit ma fuckin’ skeez.” We clasped right hands above our heads and with his free hand, Ty pulled me back into his broad physique even more and completely buried his boner in my tush, holding himself there in my anal embrace as he grunted out his orgasm. I lay there streched out against my man’s body, accepting his gift of seed into my boy womb, while my my own tiny, four and half inch cock spouted boy sap, as well. I screamed out my own satisfaction, loving the feeling of Master leaving his essence in and on me. My nightie was drenched with sweat and torn in two places; Tyrone had indeed wrecked it. But I knew tommorow I would have plenty of opportunity to replace it on our big shopping day.As Tyrone slowly, so slowly pulled himself out of me with a rough grunt and a moist plop, I was exhausted from the almost back-to-back buttfuckings I had just had the luck and honor to recieve from my master; I hoped my nigger master was pleased with my performance. His pleasure was what mattered, not mine. END

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