28 Haziran 2021

Uncle Brian pt 2


Uncle Brian pt 2A couple of weeks passed by before I heard from Uncle Brian again. He spoke with my parents who were happy for him to take me fishing again. Brian then spoke to me and suggested that, if I wanted, I could ask Tim to join us.I ran around to Tim’s house (no mobiles in those days), excited at the thought of having someone my age at the caravan. Totally gutted when he told me that he was going away for the last 2 weeks of school holidays with his mum and dad. I racked my brains to think of someone who would be glad of a break from their parents. Then it hit me…Marc. He was in the same year as me and Tim, although we didn’t bother with him too much as he didn’t like footie or any of the boy stuff we used to get up to. But I knew he lived just with his Mum and would be bored silly after 4 weeks stuck with her.I caught the bus to his house. He was surprised to see me because, as I said, we weren’t close friends. Still, he was glad of the offer of a weekend away. I told him that my Uncle would pick him up the next day and drive us to his caravan. Weirdly, Marc’s eyes kinda lit up when I said it was my Uncle taking us away. Still, didn’t give it much thought and off I went to get my kit packed.I’ll tell you about Marc. He was a proper girl’s boy…always had our female classmates hanging around him (thought never seems to be stepping out with any of them) and not really surprising to be honest. He was tall, slim with jet black hair and dark complexion with no zits or moles. He had full lips and would have made an attractive girl.Brian picked me up and we collected Marc. We got to the caravan and threw our bags on the bed. My kit bag was full of spare clothes, wellies, jumpers and the like – the stuff a lad would usually take when on a fishing trip. I dumped the contents of my bag in the bottom of a cupboard. Marc’s bag was half the size. He removed, one at a time, every item in it and placed each neatly either in a drawer or on a cupboard shelf. No sign of stuff to keep him warm or dry.“You do know we’re gonna be outside, don’t you?” I asked.“Never done this before so no idea what we’ll be doing or what to wear” he replied.I told him that it was okay, he could use some of the spare clothes I had brought and, with that, we went into the lounge area where Brian had already unpacked and got 3 beers ready for us. Marc looked apprehensive.“It’s ok Marc” said Brian. “We are all blokes and you can have a proper drink if you want. Nothing from this trip will ever get back to anyone, ok?” Marc relaxed and took the can, we all sat down and Brian told us where we’d be fishing the next day.Marc asked about the sleeping arrangements. Fuck, that hadn’t even occurred to me…there was one single (Brian used that) and one double (Brian used that for a while last time too!). Brian told Marc he could take the single or sleep in the double with me. Marc looked at Brian.“I’ll take the double tonight if that’s ok” Marc said. There was something mischievous in the way he said it and Brian had a dirty smirk on his face.“That ok with you?” asked my Uncle. I was a bit disappointed, rather hoping for more attention from Brian. Still, Marc was the guest so we went with his choice.“Um…er…yeah, I guess that’s ok, it’s a big bed” I replied. Fucking hell, what was I thinking? I mean, being toyed with by my Uncle was one thing but it was never going to get out. Having a classmate in the same bed as me might well prove tricky.“Right, let’s all get some shut-eye then, early start tomorrow lads” declared Brian.Marc and I went into the bedroom and heard Brian messing about next door making the sofa into canlı bahis a bed.This is what is now called an ‘awks’ moment. Marc and I stood either side of the bed, waiting for the other to make the move to change into pyjamas. Seemed to last for ages but was probably just a few seconds before Mark opened a drawer and rummaged for something to wear. As he did this, I quickly removed my clothes and donned my pj’s. Phew, got that done whilst his back was to me so I felt proper relieved. I jumped into the bed, pulling the sheet up high.I watched Marc remove his t-shirt and jeans. Still with his back to me, he slid off his pants and slipped a clean pair on. He turned around and got into bed.“No jimjams mate?” I asked.“Never wear them” he replied. “Hope you don’t mind”. I told him that was okay and we turned away from one another.The more I tried to sleep, the more I thought about Marc lying next to me wearing just a pair of tight cartoon briefs. I tried desperately to rid my mind of the lad sleeping with me. Didn’t work so I turned around towards him. As I did so, he turned onto his front, face away from me.It was a warm evening and he’d pulled the bedsheet down, exposing his body down to his calves. Gosh he looked hot…he was a light coloured brown all over, long slim hairless legs, smooth back and a small firm bum that stretched the material of his pants. I could feel things stirring where they shouldn’t stir – at that moment I almost hated my Uncle for making me feel this way. That thought soon subsided though.I gazed at my friend’s body for a few minutes and, when I thought he was asleep, I gently rested my palm on his bum. As I touched his arse I felt my cock throb, God it was electric feeling another boys bum. I rested my hand there and there was no response from Marc. Emboldened by his lack of reaction, I slowly ran my hand over his smooth thighs. Suddenly he moved. His legs parted and my hand seemed frozen to his leg, just below the leg of his pants.Fuck, if he wakes up now he will tell the whole school that I’m a poof, I thought. Not daring to move my hand, he settled down again and I sighed with relief. By now my cock was hard, throbbing and, almost certainly, leaking precum onto my pj’s. Should I remove my hand and go to sleep? I knew sleeping wouldn’t happen. Should I just stroke his thighs a bit more? It would be hard to stop at just that. Maybe I should….Marc turned around suddenly, eyes completely open. I took my hand back quickly. He grabbed the back of my head, pulled it towards him and placed his lips on mine. His other hand grabbed my wrist and guided it back to his arse. I clenched my teeth, keeping my lips closed as tightly as I could. Then I felt Marc’s tongue move over my lips and I couldn’t resist any longer. I slowly opened my mouth and felt his hot breath. His hand still on my wrist, he pulled us closer together until our groins were touching. Then I felt his tongue invade my mouth. I tried not to but, after a few seconds, I found myself grinding into him and gently sucking his tongue. He no longer needed to force my hand against his bum and he let go of my wrist. My fingers slipped beneath the waistband of his pants, he let out a kinda girly ‘oooh’ as my palm rested on the soft flesh of his bum cheek.I felt his hand move down over my hip, under my jimjam bottoms and onto my bum. He pulled us even closer together. I was sure I was about to cream my pj’s. I had a sudden attack of nerves and I pulled away quickly.“Sorry Marc, I can’t do this” I said as I got up from the bed. Marc smiled and pointed at my groin. I looked down to see that my cock had forced bahis siteleri the material out and there was a damp patch on them“Doesn’t look as if you hated it Kev” he said almost mockingly.“Look, I’m not a pansy ok?” I replied defensively. “I was just curious to know what another boy felt like”“Oh right, so you come here with just your hot Uncle and you spend all your time fishing, drinking beer and sleeping…yeah right!” he replied.“Fuck off cunt” I replied. I turned around, pulled the sheet up to my neck and hunkered down in a sulk.I felt Marc’s breath on my ear. “I’m sorry” he whispered.By the morning I was totally knackered, no sleep at all by the time I smelled the bacon cooking. I realised that Marc wasn’t in the room let alone the bed. Bleary-eyed, got up. I could hear chatter. I walked into the main room and the chatter stopped. Marc and Brian looked at me. Brian had converted it back to a lounge and was grilling the bacon. Marc was sat on the sofa, knees up and hands around his ankles. He was still wearing just the pants he had on last night.Marc smiled at me.“Morning Kev” said Brian, “Bacon sarnie?”I sat next to Marc and Brian brought two plates over. “It was a warm night, hope you too lads weren’t too uncomfortable”“I was fine, maybe Kev was a bit uncomfy though” replied Marc, grinning as he spoke. Brian smirked and tidied up the kitchen as we ate our sandwiches.“So, what do you guys fancy doing? It’s a bit hot for fishing and, to be honest, there’s not a lot to do around here other than the clubhouse and walks in the woods. Or stay here, have a few beers and watch the telly”.We agreed on staying in and watching telly. God it was crap…in those days just a couple of channels and very little on either. Didn’t take long for us to get bored silly.“How about a game of cards then?” asked Brian.“Cool, works for me” replied Marc, adding “Strip poker?”Jeez, he is such a fucking dirty flirt. Brian said it was a great idea but we all need to start with the same number of items on. Can’t believe I was going along with this, but I went to the bedroom and got dressed…pants, t-shirt, shorts and socks. As I returned to the lounge, Marc hit the bedroom, closed the door and came back after a couple of minutes.“Right, ready then?” said Brian. He’d got beers for us and a pack of cards.Brian lost the first round and removed his shirt. I hit a bad run of luck and, within the space of 3 hands, I was without socks and my t-shirt. As I removed the shirt, Marc remarked on my small dark, but stiff, nipples. He didn’t whisper, just fucking well said it out loud in front of my Uncle. More shocking, Brian added that they looked real tasty! For fuck’s sake, these people are crazy!Anyway, Brian lost his socks and shorts in quick succession. I swear I saw his prick move about in his boxers as Marc lost his shirt and socks and my shorts came off. I was shit at this game.So, there we were, a grown man in boxers and two teen lads in briefs. The table was hiding us from one another so we could each only really see one another from the waist up. I felt really awkward and my face must have shown this.“Tell you what lads” said Brian, “Instead of one of us having to show our wares to the other two, how about an alternative”I looked at Marc nervously. He had a broad grin on his face.“What do you have in mind Unc?” I asked.“You two keep your underwear on, get on the double bed and wrestle. I’ll take photographs if that’s ok with you two” he replied.Marc’s face lit up and be rushed to the bedroom. I stood, Brian grabbed my hand and looked at me reassuringly. He led me to the room where Marc was kneeling bahis şirketleri on the bed. I joined him as Brian sat in the corner, camera in hand.As I was thinking about the situation, Marc took me by surprise, pushing my shoulders back and forcing me to move my legs from under me to outstretched. He knelt between my long legs. His hands still on my shoulders meant I couldn’t move my arms. I drew my knees upwards but he was stronger and I was, basically, immobile. He leant forward and kissed me. I completely forgot about the camera clicking away in the background. I wasn’t able to resist and, as my mouth opened and Marc’s tongue entered, he collapsed on top of me. Our cocks, both rock-solid, were grinding as my hands carried on where they left off last night. I slipped my fingers under the waistband of his pants. His bum was firm and his skin soft. I kneaded his little buttocks, causing him to press his groin harder into mine. He suddenly pulled away and removed his pants. He knelt back in front of me, this time astride my legs, and seemed to be posing. His cock was solid, probably around 6” and uncut. No pubic hair at all – Marc was totally smooth. My prick twitched in my pants. Marc leant down and slid the pants down my legs.I became aware of the camera clicking furiously as Marc, again, Laid on top of me for another bum-feeling, cock-grinding session. I pulled his bum cheeks apart as we snogged. I knew my cock, smaller than my mates, was leaking like crazy. I felt the heat from his crack as my forefinger reached in and gently stroked his hole. I thought I was gonna cum but managed to hold back.“Stop now” instructed Brian. We both looked up. Brian put the camera down. We could see his hard hairy cock poking out of the fly of his boxers.He told us to both get on all fours facing away from him. We did as we were told. I looked at Marc before offering him my mouth. As we kissed, Marc pulled back sharply and moaned loudly. I looked back to see Brian’s face buried between Marc’s bum cheeks. Suddenly I felt a warm wet sensation on my arse. Fucking hell, I was so close to ejaculating at this new experience.Brian pushed us both so we were next to one another on the bed. He knelt between us and offered his solid piece of man-meat to Marc. Marc licked then swallowed a few inches of my Uncle’s hardon, I reached down and wanked Marc as he gobbled on Brian. Brian wiped his finger over his helmet and told me to suck. I obeyed.Marc took Brian’s cock in his hand and pushed it towards me. Both Marc and I kissed, licked and sucked Brian’s throbbing cock as my Uncle wanked it.“Shit, cumin” exclaimed Brian. He knelt up and his hand moved furiously on his shaft. Marc moved his head close and pulled my head too. I saw Marc open his mouth so I copied. Seconds later, our two young faces were splattered with man-juice. I opened my eyes, luckily none landed on our eyes, to see Marc slurping on Brian’s spunky helmet. Marc pushed me back and his tongue probed my mouth. I sucked eagerly on Marc’s cum-soaked tongue. Jeez it was so hot.Brian resumed his photography activities. I moved down Marc’s body, wrapped my fingers around his cock and pulled his foreskin down. I gobbled on his helmet, flicking my tongue against the underside. His back arched, his hips in the air as he ejaculated into my mouth. All the time, I was wanking myself hard and, almost immediately, dropped the contents of my balls onto Marc’s softening penis. Marc used his fingers to wipe my cum from his genitals then fed some to me and himself. The deep snogging resumed until we were just too tired to carry on.Brian promised to show us the photos as soon as the film was developed and he left the bedroom. Marc and I dozed for the rest of the day.Well, sorry about typos & grammar errors. Hope you enjoyed this and my previous episode of Uncle Brian.

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