30 Haziran 2020

Uncle Joe


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Uncle JoeI was fifteen when mom had to go to the hospital for quite a time and her brother Joe came to our house to stay with me. He was a handsome sexy man. He looked at my body all the time and I knew what he was thinking. He liked young girls I could tell.One night as I was asleep he came to my room to talk to me. He asked if I would let my uncle in bed with me. I moved over and made room for him. He got in and wrapped his arms around me and then kissed me. As he kissed me he put his hand under my gown and felt my titties. He then said “Let Uncle Joe make you feel good.” He kissed me using his tongue to feel the inside of my mouth and I liked how it felt. His hands were rubbing my tits as he kissed me harder and harder. He then pushed my gown up over my head and began to kiss my tits. It felt so good to have his mouth kissing all over my tits and nipples. He then began to suck each nipple as he removed my panties.He kept kissing my tits as his hand went down to my young pussy. Now he started sucking my nipples real hard as his fingers went into the slit in my pussy. He found my clit and rubbed it between two fingers. “Spread your legs baby so Uncle Joe can make you feel so good as I finger that sweet pussy hole.” His finger than found my hole and he pushed just one finger in me and I have never felt anything so good before. He said “you like that don’t you? Uncle Joe is going to teach you many things you will like.” I spread my legs wider and wider for his finger to explore me and he began to really finger my hole.My uncle pulled his mouth from my nipple and kissed down my body licking my stomach and then licking my kocaeli escort pussy. When his tongue licked my clit I screamed because it felt so good. Uncle Joe laughed and said “You are a sexy little slut. We are going to have so much fun together.” He then replaced his finger in my hole with his tongue. He took turns sucking and licking and tonguing my pussy till I had cum many times. All night he licked my pussy.In the morning he took me naked into the bathroom. He sat me on the vanity and spread my legs. “I am going to shave your pussy so when I lick you it is smooth and you also will feel much better.” He then lathered my pus and shaved it bald clear back to my ass. After I was bald and smooth he spread my pussy lips open and began to lick me sucking my clit till it grew hard and stiff. I loved my pussy sucked.Next my uncle removed his boxers to show me his cock. “I want you to look and touch my cock. See how it gets big and hard as you touch it. Then i will teach you to lick and suck it like I do your pussy” my uncle told me. I loved touching his big cock. As I touched and felt it it got big and hard to double its size. He than sat me in the vanity chair and stood with his cock close to my mouth. “Stick out your tongue. I am going to rub my cock over that tongue and then you will lick it before I show you how to suck my big member for me.”As I stuck out my tongue he rolled his cock over my tongue. I loved how smooth his hard rod felt on my tongue. I liked licking it. He even rolled his balls over my tongue. He had shaved his cock and balls too. He then rubbed the tip of his cock on my tongue and I tasted escort kocaeli a liquid there. It tasted good and salty to me. He instructed me “now open your mouth as I put my cock in it and I want you to put your lips around it and suck on it like it is a lollipop.” As I opened my mouth he put the thick shaft in it and I wrapped it in my lips and sucked. As I sucked he moved in and out and I heard him moan in pleasure. “Oh yes, you are going to be a great little cock sucker for your uncle. Now tighten your lips and suck hard. I am going to put all my cock in your mouth and fuck your mouth till I cum. When you feel the liquid swallow it fast for Uncle Joe.” As I tightened my lips he shoved his cock in deeper and really began to fuck my mouth and it was not long before i felt the liquid and swallowed every drop.Uncle Joe was moaning and almost screaming when he squirted me full of cum. He pulled his cock out and kissed me pushing his tongue around my mouth. “My cum tastes good in your mouth. Do you like sucking cock?” I told him I did like the cock in my mouth. It made my pussy tingle as I sucked the big rod. He then put his mouth to my pussy and began to suck and lick me harder than before. I felt my pussy tingle then cum on his tongue. His tongue was deep in my hole as his nose rubbed my clit. He tongued me for several minutes as I gave him lots of cum to lick.By now Uncle Joe’s cock was hard and poking up in the air. “Spread your legs and straddle my lap. I am going to put my cock in your pussy. You will love how big it is and how good it will feel in your tight hole.” I was anxious for more sex play and I kocaeli escort bayan straddled his lap with my pussy next to that hard cock. He raised me up and put me over his cock. He placed his cock at the entrance to my hole and slowly put the tip in. “This will be tight and hurt the first time but you will adjust to me and you will love me to fuck your hole many many times. i wan to fuck you and hear you scream as you cum.” he told me. He then pushed more cock in my tight hole. It did hurt and felt like it would never fit but I began to stretch and adjust to the big cock and it felt good in me. He then began to fuck my tight hole and I never felt anything so good. It must have felt good to my uncle too as he kept yelling he loved my tight cunt. In and out he fucked me and I loved fucking him. He fucked me till I heard him scream and a warm flow filled my pussy. He whispered to me, “baby girl you are the best cunt I have ever fucked. You are so tight and my cock could feel the walls of your pussy as I fucked you.”I told my uncle that I loved fucking him too. He then carried me back to my bed and began nursing my nipples and rubbing my pussy. We stayed in bed all day and I sucked his cock and fucked him like a whore in heat. I love cock and could not get enough. We fucked in every room of the house. He would bend me over and fuck me all day long. I loved to kneel in front of him and suck his cock. I got so good I could suck his cock clear to his balls. At night we would fuck and he would sleep with his cock in my pussy. Then several times he would wake and fuck me more and fall back asleep with a tit in his mouth. I loved him nursing my tits and the nipples would get huge as he sucked them.My mom was not able to come home so Uncle Joe moved into our house permanently. I am his fuck slut and we can not get enough of each other. I have the best uncle in the world.

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