6 Temmuz 2021

Uncle Suck My Wife In Front Of Me


Uncle Suck My Wife In Front Of MedeleteddeletedMy self and wife is 10 yrs difference. She could be satisfied with none so far. She has got a pussy which I cant find with any easily. It got flowers like flaps with a small hole. The flaps we say in our language kanth which could be chew for hours together. And at the end a liquid mixed with urine will fill our mouth.Once we drank it we will excited with more sexual urge and madness like alcohol or more than it. We feel like pressing sharing this pleasure to all , share it all. The more people chew it more taste it becomes, and more satisfied both and all us she is more and more excited with each person I shared. More sexy and beauty after each chew and suck, fuck.She was very young 19 when I married 10 yrs back. I was in to gay sex and used to suck her fathers kok every possible day. And finally he marry her daughter to me saying she have to be suck for hours than fucking and me the fittest.I never told her about her dad and me. Till I gt to know from her that she was sucked by her dad and uncle and relatives from c***d hood days. That is how it became so big and fleeter like. If I get it it will fill my mouth. I seen several my friends putting that flaps inside the hole and then a tight fuck for hours together.The first time story I used to share with my fired stated when one day I was licking her in an after noon time while she was standing and dishing.I was sitting below her under her thighs I could reach her pussy and lick her. As she continued dishing the vessels after lunch. I was in to mouth full slowly licking and gentle biting chewing sucking ,kissing and smelling deep of it.She slightly pulled up her legs and placed it in stool near by so that I could suck it more fully. While was doing suddenly one of the neighbor entered. Door was not closed as we have just finished lunch only by then.He was around so and just entered seeing our positions and act a little bit. Suddenly I jumped up and she just put her cloth right. There was some oily jelly drops all around my mouth which he noticed before I cleansed.I took him to the forefront room and asked why he came all sudden. He told he got a foreign chocolate whiskys which he wanted to share with me and to have a company. He was so rich nri. Then He already have started eyeing on my wife since we came to that flat. But never confronted her directly than with some looks and stalk sometimes.We went to bed room and started drinking the chocolate whiskys slowly. After a few minutes he asked me what bursa escort was going in the kitchen. And I was shy to answer. I know that he notion-ed it all.He told me that he is top guy used to push hi koke to several youngsters and like faking guys in anal after keeping them in mouthing. Saying his direct words may be on the drink intoxication. I was very much excited hearing that. I wondered how he came to know that am a guy toilet dirty sex slave. Yes am a toilet slave sex like to be mouthed and drunk urine of the tough coke master.I was dreaming that some sex master could mouth me and fuck me and my wife with same coke which I mouthed and sucked. Then I was dreaming several times that pussy of my wife being sucked heavily by my guy friends worse coke I sucked and tasted. I was dreaming several times that I could present my wife with excellent rod. Which I tasted every time from various guys.He immediately placed his hands on my small penis. And asked me are you interested to see his coke and suck it for a while. I was about to say no and told him my wife is here and she doesn’t know me like this.But before completing a word he placed my hands stanley on his tough rod. I just grabbed it I cant stop my eagerness . Tempted much to suck it I took it out side his lunky cloth and started kissing it and licking it like a slave slut. It was uncleaned and with terrible or-dour of urine and cum. I just taken back my face.He then sat just more close straight to me and forced my face to his rod. It started growing in my mouth, he pushed it deep in my mouth and since I am a sex slave I liked. And submitted totally and started enjoying it.Suddenly my wife came in to bed room without any noise and shouted what is going on there. Hearing the sound I just pulled back my mouth and stranded from the floor.We both were intoxicated a bit and couldn’t stand well.He did-int cover his coke and my wife was looking it. For a moment we all stuck. Then she slapped me on my face and suddenly turned back to the door.That uncle suddenly grabbed her and asked sorry we were drinking a bit and slipped our mind. She started yelling and slapping him and struggled to move away.Some how he made her sit down and started begging at her feet and don’t tell or shout. He offered a great sorry and offered a drink. I also said sorry while she slapped me a lot by that time.I got angry and told her immediately don’t try smart. Your dad told me every thing about you and you family have cheated me. In that intoxication I shouted and told bursa escort bayan her that your dad and mum used to use me as a sex slave before marriage. And regularly licking her mother pussy and father coke for so many times.She staked and looked down for some time. Then that uncle asked her to drink the chocolate whiskys. She refused then he said we all are humans and doing sex with whom ever we like whom ever the way is not a sin. Drink this and shall we enjoy you pussy,She stared crying. Bu that uncle forcefully given a her a drink stated licking her ass from behind. I also helped him by removal her clothes in anger and excitement that my dream coming true.He started pressing her ass and kissing her as by force. I have enjoined him and place her hands on his big rod twice than mine. Suddenly he started kissing her from the form side on her lips and pressing her bobs and nipples foreclose.I was just enjoying it terribly. He then forcefully pierced his big cock to her mouth. I cant resist my self I also started to lick her pussy from a side.A few second he pieced and faked oh her moth and then started pushing me away took her full. He sat down and made her thighs apart and started kissing her pussy a lot. He was horribly excited, as he never seen such a pussy, such a girl. Wildly he started kissing her full body and every while kissing and licking her pussy again and again.He startled making wild humming and started biting her nipples and pussy alternatively.I came to notice that my wife was very cool and enjoying each moment very much. By making some murmurings of great excitements , she was asking me to lick her again. But that man never allowed me to go to her.She became calm. So also the uncle and both settled in the bed. He continued to lick. Now in slow pace and every now then chewiness the elixir from her pussy.She started hugging him as if she like his action very much. She opens her mouth and asked to have my coke in it. I then moved to her and inserted my coke in to her mouth. Mine was small , she then asked uncle to stop sucking and wanted his coke to get suck.He sued me apart and placed hie bid rod in her mouth. She started sucking and licking deep and started licking his testicle deeply. I am toilet sex slave and used to suck the asshole of my masters a long. Some masters after shitting asked me to clean his ass hole by licking and I done it wonderfully cheerfully.While uncle was being suck by my wife , distracted sucking his ass hole with my tongue deep inside the hole. escort bursa My wife looked at me seeing it and asked you are just a beggar. And why you did int licked her ass hole which she liked it most.I said I will do that later and started liking his ass hole. Then she suddenly pulled me apart and started licking uncles ass hole. Then I cant resit my self seeing that.I just move to her back and stated liking her ass hole deeply. She thrilled like anything and turned back and kissed me, slapped me out of joy and satisfaction.Uncle seeing all this dint know what to do further.She was sucking her penis, balls, ass holes repeatedly, cyclically y as if getting anew opportunity to tastes a new man fully. She may have bore with me as am useful only to lick her. I was unable to fuck her along. I felt that so many times and wanted somebody faking hard in front of me. Now all my dreams lively running in front. Was much satisfied and started sucking and kissing hard on her pussy.Uncle was thoroughly enjoying and could not wait any more.Suddenly he push me form bed by this foot and started making my wife in correct position. He was preparing to fuck her, she was thrill at this rod. She kept her thigh apart and made maximum space , as her hole was too small.Just a few second he adjusted to have hos big rod straight inside the pussy hole of my wife and she started screaming with pain and pleasure.She called me to kiss eh lips and nipples. When I went to her uncle again pushed me apart and started kiss and fucking her. I just watched. After a few minutes he wanted my beloved wife slim girl like withe to be on his chest. He place her hack on his penis and start blowing form behind. Now I can see very clearly the rod in front side moving up and deep to her pussy.I cant resit I just went them and started liking his balls and her flaps form one side while she was on her stomach and moving up and down.All were excited and after a few moment the cum was just out to her pussy. She suddenly stopped and steered cheesing sucking his coke and drinking the cum in a wild passion.Wile she was sipping her cum from all areas of the penis and legs I seen that her pussy is just opposite to me. She war four leg like a dog and chewing fully all the cum for it drop by drop. I seen that the pussy was also smeared with some cum.I just went behind and started cleaning her pussy with my tongue. She was excited a lot and started keeping her thigh apart so that I could suck it properly.Within a few minutes all were calm, uncle started sharing the balance whiskys to us and offered a five star hotel dinner tonight as she cant cook tonight.That was the beginning, since then this sex slave have so many exciting real life stories to share with all of you.

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