19 Eylül 2021



UnexpectedI got to share my experience from last night!I got a message from one of my friends that wanted to go out to a concert at a small local club or rather a bar with a stage. I had not heard about this band before and my friend raved about them. It sounded like a good concert so I agreed.We got to the club about the same time as the band went on stage. The club was packed with people. Lucky that I know the owner otherwise we would not have been able to get in. I went up to the bar to get a beer and had trouble even getting close to the counter. There was a group of young people that let me up to the counter. It was so crowded that people kept bouncing into me. Since it was mostly women, I did not really mind it. Next to me was one young woman who was pretty drunk. She kept making out with a guy and at the same time trying to watch the band. I got my beer and drank some of it. People started to dance and that moved bursa escort the crowd into us even more. When it shifted, the drunk girl got closer to me. She started to dance and was rubbing herself on to me. She had a tight little ass and she managed grind it into my cock that started to swell. This went on for several minutes and she never turned around. There was no way she did not feel my hard cock up against her. I put my hands on her hips and started to grind myself into her. She didn’t object to this, so I kept holding her tight against me.It was to crowded that nobody paid attention to us. I was a bit nervous that somebody would see and react to our dirty dancing, but he were fully clothed so they could not say much.Then I felt her hand reach back and rub my cock. She definitely knew now. I felt her pull down my pants and expose my cock. She bent over more and reach up between her legs with her other hand. bursa escort bayan She guided me to her pussy and I pushed myself into her. Fucking unbelievable, I was fucking this hot young woman right in the bar with hundreds of people around us. I looked over to my left and saw the guy that she had kissed before talking to other people in her group. I held her hips and slowly and deeply fucked her. My cock is big, thick and pretty long, so I was deep in her. I could not hear anything but the loud music. I reached around and found her clit, it was slick with wetness and easily massaged without any friction. I felt her tense up after a couple of minutes and how her pussy felt tighter. She must have reached climax. It brought me closer to my own orgasm and I did not hold back. I let go of her clit and grabbed her hips and pulled her over my cock and erupted in her! It felt like my cock was on fire and I spewed escort bursa out hot lava into this young woman, whose name I did not even know.I kept thrusting into her until I did not have any more cum. She must have been a very orgasmic girl and kept cuming. The crowd moved and my cock slipped out of her as she was moved to the left. I quickly pulled up my pants over my wet cock. She stumbled as she got pushed to the left, she stood up straight and looked at her friend. He was turned away talking to a guy.She got this surprised look on her face, when she realized that he had not been fucking her. She stood there confused with my cum running down her inner thigh and no clue who had cum in her. I looked at her from the corner of my eye and felt like I had scored big time. I got to fuck this young hot woman and cum in her without her knowing it was me. For all I know, she might have been knocked up that night!I would liked to have got her name and see her again, but she seemed to have thought it was that other guy she fucked, so I suspected that she did not want to have anything to do with me. So I let it go and finished my beer before I left…..

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