22 Haziran 2021



UnexpexctedSitting at home watching porn on my great big TV. House silent as a grave as I watched with the mute on and my cock I my hand.Was chatting on xhamster and getting turned on by what I could see, read and hear lol. House coat open my cock was all out for all to see but luckily there was no one around to see anything. Mt visitor was in bed fast asleep. Or so I thought. . .House coat open and my cock going up and down from hard to soft to hard I was edging myself when I heard a noise from behind me and to the left and as I turned around my heart jumped up into my mouth. My visitor, my niece, was standing behind me seeing everything. My cock and the porn on the TV. I couldn’t move fast enough and didn’t know what to do first – switch off the telly or cover my cock or both? In the end I did nothing. I just said, “see anything you like?” To which she replied “Oh yes” Getting bolder I asked which bit. She said “Your cock. It looks so sexy standing up there all alone and proud with little drops of pre-cum on the tip.” I looked into her face ad eyes to see if she was maybe taking the pish. She wasn’t. She was very matter of fact and had a little smile on her face. Looking at her I noticed for the first time that her onesie’s zip was pulled all the way open with one boob exposed with a nipple that was just to die or and a little bit of white panty just peeking up at me at the bottom. Seeing I was in a bit of a panic and not knowing what to do she just calmly said, “Look your hard on is going away. Here let me help you.” With that she came into the room and stood in front of me and slipped her onesie off all the way down past her ankles and flicked it away. She pulled her panties to the side so I could see her shave pussy. “Now is that not better than what’s on the screen?” She said. It was but the lassie on the screen was getting ass fucked while giving a blow job. She came closer and reached down and grasped my cock and gave it a wee squeeze and pulled my fore skin back and forth and up and down for a few seconds. My cock grew in stature and become hard again. Standing up in front of me in just her panties she pulled them to the side exposing he shaved pussy to me and slipped a finger in and up her wet glistening cunt. She then slipped the same finger into my mouth. “You like?” she said. I think I sort of mumbled something lol. She slipped her panties off down anadolu yakası escort past her knees and and ankles to join her onesie somewhere on the floor. With my legs closed and cock up and hard she straddled my legs bring her pussy closer to my face. And closer and the promptly sat down. My cock was inches from her when she said, “Don’t worry no one need know. I’ve watched you wank, suck and be sucked and fuck and be fucked over the years. I’ve seen you cum and be cummed on and its been a huge fucking turn on for me for years. I’ve usually gone back to my room and fingered myself thinking of you naked in the sitting room or in your bedroom but never had the courage to do anything about it. Now and only because of a creaky floor board you saw me otherwise I’d be in my room fingering myself yet again. Now you get the chance to finger me.” I stood up and let my house coat fall to the floor. We now, both of us, stood naked about an inch apart. I could smell her scent and her sex. We shuffled towards each other. Still not touching. We shuffled some more and still didn’t touch. She shuffled towards me and I felt her pussy stubble on my cock. It was like a fucking electric shock going through me starting at my cock. We just took and held each others hands. She was lovely. Cute 34b tits and nipples that you could hang a suit on. “Don’t worry.” she said. “I think I know what you like.”I reached forward and ran a finger up and down her wet pussy lips and teased her clit. It throbbed. She smiled. I ran my pussy soaked finger around her nipple and it rose up and became harder. I licked and sucked her juices from the nipple. Her hands ran threw my hair. We kissed. Oh fuck!. We kissed long deep and hard tongues flicking in and out of our mouths. I licked her tongue and she licked mine I fingered her cunt and she held my cock. We kept kissing. Our hands seemed to me everywhere. My cock was hard as fuck and she was as wet as fuck. We both fell to the floor. She then sat on my face. I kissed and licked her pussy she opened her cunt wide as my tongue flicked across her clit a few times. She then slid down my body until I felt her over my cock. Past my cock and onto my balls. She lifted my cock and inserted the smooth tip in and up her. She slid down my cock until she was sitting on my balls with her pussy wrapped around my cock. She then slipped her legs around anadolu yakası escort my back and said “Its better this way. I get all your cock.” And she laughed. We carried on kissing and touching and squeezing flicking and poking into anything and everything but we had not yet moved. I was scared I’d cum and she said later she was scared she might pee lol. Reaching around her I squeezed her arse. She moved. She rose all the way up my fucking hard throbbing shaft. She moved up my shaft until I thought I was going to slip out but the then slid all the way back down again. Lovely. She whispered I y ear. “Uncle Tony I’m going to cum” I replied. “Cum whenever your ready” And cum she did lol. She sprayed my cock and balls with a force that would strip paint off a car lol. She jerked and bucked and her arse went back and firth kike a steam hammer and at that point I came. My cock slipped out as we were both cumming and I was spaying my cum up and over both of us while she came all over my cock and balls and sitting room floor lol. After a few minutes when we had calmed down with a little spasm here and a little spasm there we kissed and cuddled and just held each other nice and tight. mmmmmm We stayed like that for what seemed like ages and I hoped it would last forever. I felt so so sleepy. My cock was still hard but I could feel it soften and eventually it slipped out followed by some (a lot) of cum. I jerked and spasmed again and she laughed. I thought Fuck that was good but that’ll be the end of it now. I could feel her still hard and erect nipples on my chest. We kissed each others lips, cheeks, shoulders, arms and hands sucking fingers. Most of the time she kept saying “Oh fuck of fuck oh fuck oh my holy fuck” I smiled and we both laughed. After about 30 minutes of just cuddling, kissing and heavy petting I had to excuse myself. I needed a pee. She just asked if we could ust cuddle a while longer. So we did. After what seemed like an age and with a bladder that felt that it was going to burst I stood up and said keep that thought and we can hold each other when I come back. “Oh no.” she said. “I’m coming with you.” I explained where I was going and sh just said “So. I just want to watch you pee. I bet you could pee for Scotland.” Laughing I agreed and just said, “C’mon then” We both, hand in hand, went through to the bathroom. I stood over the pee anadolu yakası escort pot while she stood to the side and started to tweak her nipples and finger herself with the same hand while her free hand took my cock and directed it into pee pot. Knowing she was going to miss I asked if she was sure about this. “Oh fuck aye” she said.I started to pee and what a relief but just as I knew she was going miss and I was going tohave amess to clear up I didn’t care. She had my pissing cock in her hand. Without warning she lifted my cock upwards and we were both rewarded with a hot wet stream of piss mmm fucking lovely. Looking at her she was smearing my hot piss over her and fingering her pussy, eyes closed and piss everywhere lol. Who cares I thought. Once I finished she motioned me to sit down and she the straddle my legs. She pissed on my cock. Then directed her piss all over me and the floor. Fuck it I thought. This is just pure heaven. Once we both had pee’d and pissed on each other I reached over and turned on the shower. We sat on the toilet pan for a while kissing and hugging and as the cold seeped into our wet bodies we both pee’d again but less intensity but still satisfyingly wet and warm.I the shower we both washed soaped each other. She slipped a soapy finger up my ass and ass fucked me. One good turn always deserves another so I finger fucked her ass and then with my thumb fucking her ass I slipped first 2 fingers up her cunt then all four up her cunt. One leg up the side of the bath and bent over I finger fucked her ass and pussy while tweaking her nipples quite roughly. When she came she moved as quick as a flash I took my hard cock into her mouth. I came in about 2 seconds lol. She swallowed the fucking lot lol. Greedy bitch.After out shower we went to bed where we spent the rest of the night cshagging, sleeping and fucking each others brains out. Cum the dawn we were both worn out and we both fell asleep. It was the middle of the afternoon when we both awoke. She had cuddled into my back and reached around me and was holding my cock. It was up and hard. I turned round and before I could say good morning she had disappeared under the quilt and sucked my cock and balls. I came. She came back up and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her tongue and then even more as she slipped my cum from her mouth into mine. Not being greedy I swapped back again. That Sunday we slowly fucked each other all day long. I wanked over and on her. She finger fucked herself in front on me. We pissed on each and over and in each other. We didn’t dress. Next week she’s going to use a strap on to fuck me in the arse lol. Cant wait mmmmmmm

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