30 Haziran 2020



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UNION OF FEMALE HEARTS – PART.2I was so excited when she buried her face on my chest and I could sense she was inhaling deeper. My hand moved slowly away from thighs and upwards and smoothly caressing her belly. I pulled her more closer and tightly held her and kissed her cheek and took a deep breath. The natural aroma of her skin mixed up with the perfume that she wore was so exciting and intoxicating. She changed her posture by sitting on my lap facing me directly. Now, it was easy for both of us hug each other and we did enjoy it. Without releasing her hands while she rubbing my cheek with her’s, she called in a whisper, “Eva””Hmmmm…”In a low voice she said, ‘you never kept any secrets from me till now”of course, yes’, replied as I was trying gently bite her ear.’How did you know that I have a crush on you’, she demanded.’Couple of months ago, when you came here like this, I noticed your voyeurism as you were wetting your lips watching my up skirt’ I replied as I was gently caressing her back with one hand.She sharply reacted, ‘Then why you did not ask me about it then & there?’Politely I answered, ‘Obviously the reason is the same as you gave to my question.I was scared of losing you. I can’t imagine a life without you any more’.Hearing this, she further tightened her grip around me and kissed & licked all over my face and said, ‘No force on this earth can separate us. I promise you, honey, I will never leave you until my death’.I deeply kissed her brought her face closer to mine afyon escort bayan and whispered into her ear, ‘I just can’t describe how much I love you..its beyond words. I love you.I promise you too, I would never do anything that may hurt you, darling!!’Eva, take me to bedroom, sweetie!! With some extra effort, I carried her in the same position. The moment I stood up, she put her legs around my waist, holding on to me like a baby. I just walked towards the bedroom which was already open and lowered on the bed. Now she released her hands and spread them over the bed. I lowered my self above her and kissed her. I tried to push my tongue deep into her throat but could not. Instead I moved it around her tongue and she also did the same and enjoyed it. I felt her hands on my breasts moving in a circular motion and gently pinching my nipples. As I moved my face to kiss her shoulders, she undid the buttons of my blouse and took it off. She started kneading my boobs again without removing my bra, occasionally licking on the cleavage. I could understand she is fond of doing it. I rolled to my back on the bed and made her sit on my belly. Her nakedness was clearly visible through the transparent fabric of the chemise she was wearing. Her brown nipples were so inviting and I pinched both of them at the same time to turn her on further.She immediately took it off and thrown it to the side. She lowered her boobs nearer to my face and pushed one of them into my mouth as nursing mother escort afyon would do to her baby. I squeezed it as long as she wanted me to while she was pressing her pussy to my belly and moving from left to right continuously for some time. I could sense her G string is now completely wet (and so was mine).She got up and unzipped my skirt pulled it off my legs. She removed her G string and showed it near my face. I snatched it from her and kissed the dampened triangular cloth and deeply inhaled the smell of it which was very exciting. She smiled at me noticing the wetness of thong and the stain along my vaginal crease. She pulled my legs wide apart and came down in between them and started licking my pubic patch without removing my thong. Shortly after that she pulled off my thong threw it aside and gently rubbed my pussy. She dampened her hand with my juices and licked her hand. Later she buried her face in between my thighs and licked and bit my clit. She inserted her index and middle finger inside my pussy and moved back and forth. I started moaning with pain & pleasure. My excitement knew no bounds and made screeching noise of pleasure. She removed her fingers and inserted them into my mouth for me to have a taste of my own juices.She now came over me and shown her pussy closer to my mouth. It was neatly shaved and clean like mine and she was cumming already. the half white fluid was flowing and I could not resist any more. I opened my mouth wide and tried to swallow her afyon escort entire pussy. I licked and licked all her juices and my tongue slowly found the opening of her vaginal passage and entered into her pussy. I tried to push my tongue deeper and deeper into her. I was able hear her moans and screams. She groaned in pleasure. I held both her thighs tightly with my hands and tried hard push my tongue further deep into her pussy until the tip of my tongue touched and rubbed her G spot. She screamed louder with pleasure. I did not want to stop it as both her hands were holding my head tight against her pussy and I released my hands from holding thighs and moved them towards her tits. I caught hold of them one in each hand and pressed and kneaded them. Her heaves and moans persuaded me to give her the maximum excitement. She moved one of her hands backwards and touched my pussy and pinched my clitoris. I sensed that she too wanted me have the same amount of pleasure at the same time. Since my mouth and hands were engaged in giving her the best orgasm, my boobs were not cared for some time. Her one hand was busy fingering my pussy the fingers of other hand was pinching one of my nipples.My face was fully stained with her juice. Seeing this, she moved little backward and leaned towards my face and licked allover to enjoy the taste of her juices. She breathing hard and whispered into my ears, ‘I never thought you are burning with so much of desire for me. I love you too, darling’I could sense Jessica is not going to stop with this. She lied to my side and pulled me closer pushing her thigh in between mine and rub my pussy.I was sure that we are not going to sleep that night!!! What she did later??Wait until PART.3 comes out.

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