10 Kasım 2021



UsedShe was raised by her mom who was a cheap whore. She was used to men coming into the apartment all the time and hearing the moans and screams from her moms room. Her mom would meet the men at the door and she wore only a skimpy short robe usually open showing her nice tits. She was used to seeing her moms naked body. The men would grab the tits before they even got to her room and even would push their hands between her moms legs.No one bothered her till she began to develop tits. Many times the men would grab at her tits or ass as they followd the mom to her room. One night two naked men were sitting in the front room when one came to her room. He shut the door and told her to do as he said or he would hurt both her mom and her. He told her to stand up and strip for him. As she removed her clothes he admired her body. He grabbed at her tits and pulled on the nipples before he began to suck them. He then pushed her on her back on the bed and spread her legs apart. He ran a finger over her clit and then began to roll it between two fingers. He felt the clit get hard and swell. “Well, that little cunt likes to be fingered desn’t it?” he whispered into anadolu yakası escort her ear. He than began to lick and suck her clit and then down to her hole. He ran his tongue around her hole and then licked her. His mouth went back to her clit as his finger pushed inside her hole. His finger fucked her tight cunt as he sucked her clit. She began to cum again and again.He stood up and showed her his hard cock. He moaned to her, “I think you are ready for a serious fuck. Keep those legs spread as I am going to push this cock deep in that tight cunt of yours.” He then aimed his cock at her hole and began to push in slow. She felt warm and tight and his cock felt good in her. He pushed all the way deep into her not caring how tight she was or the pain he was causing. He then began to fuck her hard. In and out he went in the tight cunt. She thought the fucking would never stop but soon she felt the flow of wetness and knew he had cum inside her.He then told her to sit up and he stood before her and said, “Now suck my cock and lick your juice from my big rod.” She then began to lick his cock. She really didn’t ataşehir escort mind the taste of the two cums mixed together. Then he grabbed her hair and forced his cock into her mouth. “Suck that big cock. I want to feel your tongue and lips as I fuck your mouth.” She did the best she could sucking his cock. It would gag her and he would just push it in further and laugh. He had her by her hair pushing her head up and down on his cock. “A little more practice and you will be a great cock sucker little girl.” He then released a load of cum down her throat and held his cock so she had to swallow every drop. He pushed her back on the bed and began to suck and chew her nipples. He sucked her nips till they were sore not caring as he pinched the one he was not sucking. Then he pushed them close together and went back and forth sucking and biting each round mound. His hand moved down between her legs and his finger found her fuck hole. He finger fucked her hole as he continued to suck and pull her tits. As his finger fucking had her cumming over and over he bit down the sides of her sweet tits. He left teeth marks on all four ümraniye escort sides as his fingers fucked her harder and harder.He then laid across the top of her with his face in her cunt as he shoved his cock against her mouth. “Suck my cock while I eat that pussy of yours. Mouth fuck my cock and make me cum.” He then began to run his tongue over her pussy and into her cunt as she sucked his hard cock. He started moving his hips to fuck her mouth as she sucked his cock. She was cumming faster and faster and he sucked her cum from her cunt. Then he pushed his cock all the way in her mouth and told her “Suck me hard. Use your tongue. Show me what a good cock sucker I have made you.” She obeyed and soon felt the cum run down her throat. She swallowed every drop and felt his cock relax.”Now pack your clothes. I am taking you to my house to live. I need a fuck toy and you are the best around.” She could not believe he was just taking her away. Her life with her mom was one of povery and she hoped he would treat her good and she would just have to fuck him any time he wanted sex.For five years she lived with the strange man. Her life was one of sex any time he wanted her. He had a high sex drive and used her body often. But she was warm and fed and life was good for her. She got so she liked the sex and waited for him to want her over and over. She grew into a sexy body and she was a beautiful girl. The man loved having her as his sex toy and kept good care of her.

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