29 Mayıs 2021

Very First Time


She lay on the bed of her mysterious lover in the dark room.

She felt her lover moving closer breathing heavy, as if he just finished the 50 yard dash.

She searched the darkness for his face or touch so she wouldn’t feel alone.

She found nothing and began to sit up.

She felt his hands swoop upon her as if with the swiftness of an eagle’s wings, pressing her against the soft silky sheets.

She knew he was there now, not wanting her to move from her designated position.

She sensed his controlling hands above her face once again.

She was placed in a blindfold to leave her only to her senses.

She smelled him breathing above her, his face aligned with hers so that their noses touched.

She was suddenly attacked with his lips, tongue, and hands.

She felt his tongue probing her mouth reaching deep into her throat.

She then felt his awesome hands ripping her shirt and tugging at her bra.

She was then exposed to him and she could feel him smile.

She bit her lip as he wrestled her nipples, jerking her breast as if he were tangled in them and trying to get free.

She now felt his lips move lower güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri towards her belly button then lower until her skirt got in the way.

She knew it wouldn’t stop him and it only did for a 1/2 of a second then it was tugged off and tossed on the floor.

She gasped as he spread her legs and took a handful of each thigh and squeezed with no mercy.

She could feel him biting her, sinking his pearly whites in her lightly tanned skin and she knew he was leaving his mark.

She grabbed her aching nipples as she felt his tongue exploring her vagina, browsing her clitoris, and researching her “G” spot.

She hesitated on opening her mouth, afraid of what might come out but she opened it anyway.

She wanted him deeper so she let her hands slide down the line of her body until it reached his broad shoulders.

She raised her palm up until it brushed down upon his soft curly hair.

She grabbed it erotically and he reacted by exploring deeper up, down, left, and right forming a canyon between her legs.

She was then in a state of release and when she was done he released her.

She was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hot, wet, and yearning for more. She was then exposed to the strip of light in the dark room as the blindfold was being removed.

She stared up into his eyes as he stood above her, his eyes filled with ecstasy.

She watched his arms ripple as his hands slid down his sexy chiseled chest, until it reached the area where the light stopped and made her body quiver.

She was scared of his rock hardness but she wanted it badly.

She focused on his eyes so soft ‘n’ blue like the day sky, as he kneeled down ready to enter her.

She never lost sight of his glare as he began to penetrate her.

She was nervous but he was gentle as he first began.

She closed her eyes and began moving to his rhythm.

She concentrated on him inside of her rocking her gentle as if she were a tree branch and he was the wind.

She then became aware of his need when he began moving faster and deeper.

She was being plunged into and he was taking no prisoners.

She looked into his eyes and saw a look of pleasure with a hint of passionate güvenilir bahis şirketleri anger.

She was rocking faster unable to control her breast as they bounced around in a circles.

She felt his eyes watching them and then she felt his teeth as he grabbed one and ate it.

She pleaded with him to stop before he devoured he body taking total control, and leaving her empty.

She was overpowered by the force of him moving in and out of her, like the rushing water flowing down a mighty waterfall.

She was emerged in hunger and need an she began to feel a growing desire within her that she never felt before.

She released a cry so loud and unexpected that he laughed and tugged at her hair.

She smiled and reached up to grab his hair to return the favor.

She then received a blow so strong that she arched her back and jumped up from the sheets.

She immediately grabbed his back and dug her nails in deep enough to make him yell out.

She was now sitting up and they formed one body as their ordeal began to come to an end.

She was pinned back on the sheets as he dug into her cervix, finishing his deed with enforced blows that made her body weak.

She was then let go and a loving kiss was placed on the only tear that she shed.

She curled up under her lover as he wrapped himself around her and she grinned at the experience that she would never forget on this day, with her lover, for her very first time.

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