18 Haziran 2021

Vivid Memory 2


Vivid Memory 2After season ended for the ewes, we started the trek back to the ranch. It was during that journey I discovered a remarkable thing… while the rut was over, for six ewes, the six the Great Ram most frequently copulated with, did not lose their desires for rutting, and kept my dog and me very busy on the trip home!Due to the duties we had to preform to keep the six happy, it took much more time to get back that it should… earning me another fist to the face from my dad, not a rarity from him. As he inspected the ewes, I realized I would have to keep the six from view, so I moved them to an unused pen in the night.As things returned to normal, except for me and my dog’s midnight calls on “our” ewes at every opportunity, life time flowed day by day, week by week, and monthe by month, and it was birthing time, and I was very pleased with myself for hiding the six, for they were all carrying! I would tend to the flock, then slip out to the pen to tend to the needs of the six. Of the six, all six gave birth to exceptional lambs, of the six lambs, six were rams, of the six rams six were midnight black with hints of red fire in their eyes! 666 seemed to be the common thread holding this all together, so that became my brand. Now, for the squeamish among you, we didn’t;t burn a brand into the hide, why ruin the wool? We had a tattoo branding system, and novocaine.Unfortunately, the day I dreaded finally arrived, my lie about losing six ewes to wolves was exposed when ranch hand found then in the pen. My dad took me out to the pen, güvenilir bahis and made my mother come with us. When I couldn’t give a good answer to how they came tp be there, he cursed and bagan to walk toward me, huge fists clenched in fury. I knew I may not survive this beating! As he neared me, the six ewes crowded around me, keeping da at bay for a time, he began to kick them out of his way, when we heard a crashing, stooped and turned to see six midnight black rams charging him, their developing horns with slight curls, battered his legs, so he was forced to retreat!I was awestruck, seeing ewe and ram come to my defense, soft, gentle ewes especially, willing to abrorb pain on my behalf. I thought, and may have hoped a little, that they would kill him. They did not, instead, they formed semi-circle around him and stared, their eyes flashing that familiar red fire. We had no idea what to expect when my dad calmly walked back to the yard, went directly to the hog pen, opened the gate and led our biggest boar out and walked him to the barn. We all gasped in shock as, on the way, he took off his pants and underwear! He went into the barn when right over to the psow’s breeding platform, crawled under it, and called the boar. It was obvious to us all that this was not the first time he had done this, the boar mounted and began to fuck my dad right in his asshole! We just stood and watched as boar spurted deep up his ass, and dad spurted a copious amount in the straw under him.After all was done, my mother had some ranch hands drag dad türkçe bahis to the house, I wasn’r there to see and hear what happened, but after an hour, a taxi came, dad got in it and I never saw him again. Mother had the ranch and the bank accounts with the promise not to divulge what took place.I told her the whole story, everything from beginning to the present. Shocked would be an understatement, but without anger or scorn. As I discovered later, the rams had no power to force their will on us, but rather, they could bring out our own repressed desires. We, ewes rams, dog and i were happily copulating in the barn, all with no regard for species or gender, all in the throes of perverse depravity. Bleeting sheep, weeping cunts and spurting cocks, growling, barking dog, and whimpering sodomite fucking, ohhhhh, fucking hard. Mouths searching for cunt and cock, to freeze in position at the sound of a gasp coming from the doorway. There, with dress hiked up around her waist, was my other, hand down her panties, mouth open, lips slick with saliva. Sweet fuck, what a beautiful sight she made! That is when I discovered the Ram’s secret that the lust is in us, not from him. The ram that was on his hind legs in front of me, with his cock in my mouth, dismounted, wlked over to my mother, stared into her eyes, the lowered his head to nuzzle between her legs. What I joy to see her spread her legs wide to give complete access to her cunt and asshole for her and the ram’s pleasure!I walked over, whimpering” mother, oh mother”, and kissed her full red güvenilir bahis siteleri lips! To my wonderment, her tongue delved deep in my mouth, licking at my tongue. The ram backed off and gently butted mother with his horns, she seemed to know instinctively what he required of her. She went to hands and knees, and he mounted her@ Ohhh, the ram mounted my own dear mother! His rampant cock sliding easily and deeply in her wet cunt as they began to fuck and fuck and fuck Never had I been as aroused as then, watching my mother being fucked so thoroughly, so completely by that magical ram! Just the words she spoke, the soffly said curses, blasphemies, and vows to some unseen entity were sufficient in themselves to make my raging hard on begin to spurt… cock spurting , I fell to my knees and fucked it deep in my mother’s mouth! I could feel her thoat squeeze and release, squeeze and release as she gulped each spurt of semen fro her little son’s cock!We spent that whole day and long into the night in the most obscene copulations imaginable. Try to picture, if you will, a woman with her cunt milking a ram’s sputing cock, while her mouth was glued to ewe’s cunt oozing human, dog, and ram semen! Then kissing her own son with a passion she had never felt before!At last, after postponing all night, I asked my mother to lay with me, to be my lover forever, to fuck with abandon, without shame, but with a boring desire to preform every sin we could conceive. She whispered yesss in my ear, her tongue flicking and probing as we laid down in the straw, the ewes, rams, and my dog, all laying in watchful attendance as I slowly slipped my cock in my mother…. ahhhhh, the bliss! The pure sinful pleasure of that one perverse act.. we fucked, I fucked her, she fucked me… we fucked!

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