30 Haziran 2021

Watcher By The Cliff

Beautiful Face

Watcher By The CliffWatcher By The Cliff———-The purchase of the farm next door was finally completed. I was excited begin marking out new riding trails. Unlike our relatively flat and hilly property, the new land had many rocky ravines and dotted with small dry creeks. I dressed as I would normally, shorts, a loose blouse and a light jacket before heading out to the barn to gather up my horse and supplies for the day. I grabbed my leather chaps to protect my legs in the thick brush and weeds and headed out.The sun was barely peeking over the hilltops as I threaded my way to the property line and guided my horse onto the new land, which we had dubbed ‘Wonderland’. I had a topographical map and busily established a system of marking the map while tying bright strips of cloth along the way. After several hours traversing the landscape I stopped atop what seemed to be the highest point overlooking most of the property. The sun was blazing hot as I removed my jacket and unbuttoned several buttons on my blouse hoping the breeze would cool me off as I drank from my canteen.I could see from my vantage point the farm and barns behind me in the distance like miniscule dots among the trees. In front of me was a vast ravine beautiful granite and limestone rock that reminded me of the nearby river further to the west. I was intrigued that this canlı bahis was almost smack dab in the middle of Wonderland. Heading my horse down the hilltop towards it the woods and brush seemed to close in on me only allowing brief peeks of sunlight thru its density. The humidity of the woods closed in on me as I fought my way thru marking my way until I suddenly found a large clearing.The sounds of the woods seemed to echo all around me with birds singing and insects clicking happily. There on the eastern side was a 20-foot cliff of rock that seemed to bend around the clearing like a horseshoe. The rock was fragmented with shelves and water seeped thru them running down the face. The weeds were very tall in the clearing as I dismounted letting the horse graze freely. I pushed forward towards the cliff when the weeds seemed to be mixed with reeds and the ground was wet and mushy almost sucking my boots off as I walked. Amazingly, there before me was a large clear pool of water with the sun reflecting off it. The shadows danced eerily off one side of the cliff as I sidestepped around the mushy soil to sandy area directly alongside the pool of water. I smiled at my luck for having found such a pretty area in the middle of nowhere. I envisioned building a nice shelter with a stone fire pit and some picnic tables. The clearing was large enough bahis siteleri for a volleyball net and plenty of room for small tents if an overnight camp was planned.I felt a bit faint from the heat and humidity. I undid my chaps, pulled them off, along with the rest of my clothing, and stepped naked into the pool of water. Slowly edging my way along feeling with my feet the sandy smooth bottom of the pool, I sat down, dipping my head underwater. The water was not cold but cool enough to take my breath away. I tossed my head back and forth and laughed aloud thinking how Magic always shook when he got wet. I sat quietly not moving, just listening to the silence, when I thought I heard some rustling in the brush along the cliff-side. Cautiously and slowly, I turned my head and peered in the direction of the sound but saw nothing but shadows. Relaxing again, I stood up letting the water drip down my body and took a few more steps into the water. I cannot tell you the exhilaration I felt with the breeze blowing lightly against my skin, the sun basking my body with its warm light and the sounds around me.I felt myself tingling and let my fingers begin fondling my breasts, cupping them, squeezing them and began manipulating my nipples between my forefinger and thumb. In only moments my pussy began pulsating with the blood flow, as my bahis şirketleri breasts always seemed directly connected to my pussy when playing with them. I dropped one hand and started tracing the outlines of my labia, pressing into the folds of my pussy up and down. I closed my eyes, touched my clitoris, and let the instant pleasure flow thru me.Now using both hands, I pulled my labia open and inserted my fingers inside. Bending my knees slightly I began finger fucking myself, pushing them deeply inside me imagining someone’s tongue entering my privates lapping at my pussy. With the solitude of the clearing and water, my body was soon overtaken with ecstasy at the thoughts and I climaxed several times. Satisfied, I splashed water against my pussy to wash away the sticky juices of my orgasm, watching it float on top of the water and slowly disappear. I started to turn and walk back to shore, when I saw startled by the sounds again in the brush by the cliff. I turned my head and caught glimpse of a blond hair and bare breasts turning and running up a tiny trail along the cliff. I moved quickly toward the movement, but only caught a glimpse of the blond hair and a shapely white butt clamoring up and over the top of the cliff out of sight.As I climbed up the path, I heard a horse whinny and hoof beats rapidly disappear beyond my vision. At the top of the cliff, I found a pair of white panties and bra pushed under a bush. As I picked them up and looked off down the trail where the horse had gone, I wondered who this girl had been and how long she had watched me.

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