30 Mayıs 2021

Way To Get A Woman Off


Melissa was sitting at his computer she’d asked Walter if she could borrow his computer to check her emails. Melissa had a weeklong visit with Walter, they had met online and were finally getting a chance to have a good long visit. She’d been on his computer forever it seemed, but she figured with the calisthenics of the previous night, he wouldn’t be up to a repeat performance tonight. Walter had said that she could use the computer as long as she needed to, so she was taking her time emailing each of her online girlfriends and some of her regular old fashion girlfriends that she just happened to have the email address for. Women do kiss and tell, it is not just a rumor it is an absolute fact, if we didn’t kiss and tell the only way we’d be able to improve our technique, would be by trial and error. If men could ever sit in on a conversation between a group of girlfriends, there would be a wealth of information gained there, though the only man that would be allowed on this kind of conversation would be a gay man, where all the knowledge would be lost.

Describing the events of the previous night in her emails to her girlfriends was making her horny all over again. She was starting to feel like a nympho, attacking Walter so far every night and her visit was only half over. One day they fucked once in the morning and again at night. Well, she decided that she wasn’t going to bug him tonight, if he wanted it, then he’d just have to approach her. Even though Melissa was feeling very horny at this moment, she wanted him to go after her this time. She was describing the events of the last few days, how when she’d gotten to his house she wasn’t sure how to react, but when she saw him any nervousness went away. She was telling her friends how he’d taken her out for dinner, and then they’d gone back to his house and talked for a while and suddenly she decided she really wanted him, so basically she’d walked over to him and straddled his lap. There of course were a few details she wanted to keep to herself, women kiss and tell, but they don’t tell everything. While Melissa was typing at the computer she was oblivious to everything else, well with the exception of the growing wetness between her legs.

Suddenly Walter was behind her, with his hands on her shoulders. Melissa jumped in the computer chair. She looked over her shoulder at Walter.

“You startled me,” said Melissa.

“I didn’t mean to, just was wondering when you’d be getting off the computer, you’ve been on there, for a while now.” Said Walter.

“Oh, I’m sorry do you need the computer,” asked Melissa?

“Nope, just wondering what güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri could be involving you for so long.” Said Walter.

“Oh, I’m just emailing my friends.” Said Melissa.

“About what,” asked Walter?

“About you.” Answered Melissa.

“Well, I hope it’s all good,” said Walter.

“Well, of course, what else would it be,” Said Melissa.

At this point Walter started massaging Melissa’s shoulders. Melissa turned to look at him, with one eyebrow cocked.

“What are you doing,” asked Melissa.

“Nothing, I was just feeling lonely sitting over there by myself. So, I thought I’d come over here. Keep typing I won’t be a bother,” said Walter.

Melissa resumed her typing, and then Walter’s hands slid from her shoulders to her breasts. Melissa was just wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and there was no bra under her shirt. As Walter was massaging her tits, her nipples instantly got hard, and a tingling sensation formed in her pussy. Melissa stopped typing, and laid her head back and closed her eyes.

” OOOh,” sighed Melissa.

“See I told you I wasn’t going to be a bother, so you better keep typing, cause if I’m bothering you I’ll have to stop.” Said Walter.

Melissa defiantly didn’t want Walter to stop, so she resumed her typing, though it was getting hard to concentrate on what she was typing. Walter reached down to the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up and off of Melissa. Now Melissa was sitting at the computer topless, and still typing. Walter pushed her hair back away from her neck and started kissing down her neck, then he came over to the side of Melissa, and was massaging her left tit, and was kissing her ear and down her neck. Melissa grabbed Walter’s hand that was at her left tit, and placed it down between her legs. Walter started massaging Melissa’s pussy through her shorts. While with his other hand he kept playing with Melissa’s tits. At this point Melissa was typing nothing but gibberish, if she sent it to her friends right now, they’d think she was crazy. Walter now put his hand up through the pant leg of Melissa shorts, and pushed aside the panties underneath, and was now able to really touch Melissa’s pussy. He worked his hand down to her hole, and put his fingers inside feeling the wetness in there, and then he worked is fingers up to her clit, and started rubbing vigorously. Melissa leans back in the chair, and stops typing.

“Okay, I’m finished with all my emails,” says Melissa.

Melissa has just sent one of her friends an email full of gibberish.

“You promise you’re finished?” asked Walter.

“Yep,” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri says Melissa.

Melissa pushes herself away from the computer desk. Walter now has pulled his hand out of the leg of her shorts, and is unbuttoning and unzipping the fly of her shorts. Walter grabs the top of her shorts, and Melissa rises off her seat, and in one motion Walter gets her shorts and panties off of her. Melissa now sits in the computer chair completely naked. Melissa takes Walter’s hand and places it back in her pussy.

“I’m finished with my emails, but you ain’t finished with me,” says Melissa.

Walter with his hand still rubbing Melissa clit vigorously back and forth, stands up and leans over and kisses Melissa on the mouth, his tongue enters her mouth, and she sucks on it. Melissa reaches over with her left hand, begins to massage the bulge in Walter’s pants, and with her right hand she massages her right tit and then her left tit. Melissa stops kissing Walter for a second, and reaches over and works at the fly of his jeans, and finally she gets them undone, and pulls the jeans and underwear down around his ankles. She grabs his very hard cock, right at the base and pulls up and the back down. Then Melissa grabs a hold of Walter’s shirt and pulls him back down toward her, and they resume their kissing. Melissa’s rubbing of Walter’s cock has caused him to work even more vigorously at her clit. Soon Melissa begins to feel the orgasm building in her, she stops kissing Walter and lays her head back, squeezing her eyes shut.

“Oh my,” Melissa lets out with a long sigh.

Just then her body starts to quiver, she lets go of Walter’s cock, and both hands brace the arms of the chair. Her body convulses all over, she bites her lower lip, and her juices flow out of her, all over the computer chair. Her quivers come to and ebb, and she pulls Walter’s hand out of her pussy. Walter then removes his pants from around his ankles, and Melissa looks at him with bedroom eyes, and grabs onto Walter’s hips and pulls him toward her. Melissa takes a hold of Walter’s hard cock that’s right in front of her, and with her hand on at the base of it, she puts the rest of his cock into her mouth, she closes her lips tight around his shaft, and pulls him all the way into her mouth, then out just a bit, and then back in. Walter’s hips move back in forth in sync with the movements of Melissa’s mouth. Melissa then sucks hard on Walter’s pecker and moves her mouth up and back down Walter’s hard shaft.

Melissa releases his cock from her mouth, but she still has her hand moving up and down his güvenilir bahis şirketleri shaft, with her free hand she pulls on Walter’s t-shirt, and pulls him down to her face, and begins kissing him once more. They stop kissing and Melissa gets out of the chair, her hand still firmly around Walter’s cock, she moves down to the floor, and Walter follows, being lead by his cock. Melissa is on the floor now, with her legs spread open, and Walter lays on top of her, and Melissa guides Walter’s pecker into her pussy hole. Walter enters Melissa; she is hot and wet inside. Walter let’s his pecker just stay where it is for a moment, just feeling the inside of Melissa, then he slides it back and forth inside her. Melissa clamps her legs around Walter’s waist. Melissa reaches up and grabs the bottom of Walter’s shirt that he’s still wearing, and helps him struggle out of it; she wants to feel his warm skin on her skin with nothing in between. As Walter is thrusting himself deeper into her, Melissa wraps her arms around his neck and pulls his face down to her own, she locks lips with him and forces her tongue into his mouth. As they kiss Melissa runs her fingernails down his back and up again. Walter stops kissing Melissa’s mouth, and begins kissing her tits, he takes the nipple of her right breast into his mouth and sucks hard on it and flicks the tip of it with his tongue, and then Walter kisses around her left breast and takes the left nipple in his mouth. Melissa’s left nipple is the most sensitive. Melissa lets out a long sigh.

“Oh, Walter,” says Melissa.

At this Melissa releases her legs from around Walter’s waist, and she plants her feet on the floor, and she raises her hips up into Walter, pushing him deeper into her.

“Harder,” Melissa whispers into Walter’s ear.

Walter begins thrusting himself harder and deeper into Melissa, then Walter’s hand pushes in between their bodies’, his fingers go down to Melissa’s clit, and begins rubbing her there, while still thrusting himself into her. The minute Walter touches her clit, her body starts to quiver and shake. The muscles inside Melissa tighten around Walter’s cock, as he’s thrusting into her, then his own body starts to shake and quiver, and the both of them cum together, his juices unloading inside of Melissa, and her juices building up and around Walter’s cock and then pouring out of her. They stay connected together for a moment, and then Walter pulls himself out of her, and Melissa tightens her muscles inside, which causes a shiver to run through Walter, she looks up at him with an ornery grin. Walter collapses next to Melissa on the floor. Melissa rises up on one arm, and throws the other one across Walter’s chest, and she looks at him.

“Wow, point taken don’t let Walter get lonely cause he gets horny,” says Melissa.

“Yeah, and don’t let Melissa write her adventures to her friends cause obviously, that gets her horny,” says Walter.

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