30 Haziran 2020

we got the wife’s together..


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we got the wife’s together..Mark got Jane to talk to Claire and tell her about our weekend away but never told her i was there..Claire came home from her night out with Jane and she couldn’t wait to tell me the story,,i said wait till i switch the telly off and you can tell me in bed.we settled down and she started to tell me about Mark letting Jane get fucked by a big black cock,she told me she loved it and Mark even joined in to,Claire looked at me with her shocked face,,i just said well its up to them what they do,but why she replied,,sometimes things go stale in a relationship and a little change makes things better..Claire said getting fucked by a black cock is not a little change..the way she was going on i thought to myself this is never going to happen in our marriage..we laid there and she was just looking in to thin air and out off the blue i said did Jane ask you if you had ever thought about it??? Claire never replied there was a blank expression on her face and she said out of the blue WHY,,would you let another man fuck me,,i said if its something you wanted and we both agreed on it i would do anything for you..Claire gave me a kiss and said goodnight so our conversation was up in the air!!the next day we went about our normal life and never spoke about anything what was said last night,Jane knocked at the window and did the cup of tea sign,,come in Jane the kettle is on,Claire ask me to go and see Mark for 10 minutes whilst they spoke,,OK..Mark was waiting for me,,any news what did she say?? nothing mate she was just telling me about you 2,,well Jane told me Claire was dripping last night at the thought of another man fucking her and you watching but she just wondered what you would say,that’s why she has gone over there now to see what’s happening cos Jane and i spoke to Steven and told him that it might be on all 4 of us coming down and was he up for it but not to mention you where here last time,,he said he knew that and it was OK..Steven even told us that his best mate Gary was interested in joining in and he was even bigger than him!!! cock wise..he said it was 11 inches and fat as fuck.go home Kevin and see what Jane has said to Claire and see if they have agreed to it..I was on the way back and i passed Jane she gave me a huge smile and said looks like your going to see me naked again and laughed..i got in the house and shouted Claire she was not there,i,m up stairs,come up..i went in to our bedroom and she had all this new sexy underwear on,,do you think Steven would like me in this?? what you on about Claire,,i know you want it Kevin,Jane told me when adapazarı escort Mark told you,,you said you wished it was me getting fucked by a big black cock,,well darling your getting your wish cos Jane has gone home to set it all up..2 weeks had passed and finally we were on our way down to London for the weekend we were all sat on the train and we never spoke about it once until we hit London train station and Jane came out with this time there’s 2 of them going to be going through us then laughed,Claire just smiled and gave me a wink..we got to the hotel and we had a double double room,Claire and Jane said you guys go down have a pint whilst we get ready..Mark’s phone went off it was Steven,he and his friend Gary where outside but didn’t want to come in without us bringing them in,so we went outside for a bit had a bit of a natter got to know Gary then they joined us in the bar,My phone went off this time it was Claire asking if we were coming up,i told her the lads where here and we were just finishing our drinks and we would be up,Claire voice change i could sense the nerves,,don’t worry love they are nice lads and if they weren’t i wouldn’t let them anywhere near you…good good..see you soon..we let ourselves to the room with the lads behind us,Jane and Claire were sat on the bed in there new sexy underwear,,Jesus they looked good,Mark said here we go Kevin its going to get sweaty..Jane said Claire this is Steven and his Friend Gary,,take your pic which one you want to fuck first..my heart was pounding i know how Mark felt last time it was heart breaking knowing its my wife..but i just smiled at Claire and so go for it love i,m right here to hold your hand and what ever else you want me to hold,,she laughed and grabbed Gary hand,come on the show me what you’ve got..Jane told Steven to strip and get his cock out she wanted to suck him off,,Mark stripped off to his shorts and was getting ready to join in,so i did the same..Claire was stood waiting for him to make a move,Gary looked lost,,so i walked over and took Claire’s bra off and pants,don’t be shy Gary do what you want but if she says NO you stop OK..Yes mate will do,,Gary took his stuff off and let out this monster of a cock it wasn’t even hard and it was bigger than mine fully erect,,WOW mate that is some cock you have,,Claire was just gobsmacked but she went down on to her knees and started to play with it,she held his balls in one hand and started to pull his cock towards her mouth,my cock was hard already just watching her hold his cock,,i sat on the bed and watched her take bit by bit in to her escort adapazarı mouth,,she looked great and i was buzzing that she was enjoying it already and he hadn’t even fuck her yet..out the corner of my eye i could see Jane’s legs in the air and Steven’s bald head between her legs and Mark getting sucked off..Mark gave me the thumbs up..Gary told Claire to lay back on the bed he wanted to taste her,she got on to the bed and he parted her legs to show her big pussy and her wet lips already dripping with cum..Gary went down on her and she let out a little sigh as if she had just cum again,,she must have been wanting another mans cock for years but didn’t dare ask,cos after 22 years together as i said things can go stale..i looked down as he was eating Claire out and i could see his cock growing it was a sight for sore eyes but a thing of beauty,,11 inches and getting fatter..Claire said fuck Gary i want it inside me..i stood up cos i wanted to see her pussy lips open and see his black cock part them white lips..he slid his cut head in to her pussy and she gasped again,,he slowly put it all in and she grabbed his hips and pulled him right inside her and she said no go for it,,he went like crazy on here,he was going to town on her pussy..i just stood over him watching it and i could see the juices running out of her.i asked Gary to take her on all 4’s..Claire was in the position and i wanted to lay under her getting sucked off,i had seen this in a porno before,,whilst getting sucked off i could watch him fucking her from underneath..Gary was OK about it and Claire just wanted fucking so she didn’t mind what we did..i laid under her and watched his cock slide in,,what a view of my wife and Gary taking her..Gary was pumping away and Mark said good idea Kevin,so he did the same..i was licking her clit and tasting their juices when his cock came out and went in my mouth,what do i do??? Gary looked at me and said taste her properly if you want..i sucked his head and could taste her,,Claire looked at me and said do i taste different on his cock..Steven said do you want to taste Jane!! Mark..Mark looked across to me and i just gave him the look and he did it,we were both giving head to a black cock???Gary kept putting it in her and making me clean it,,Steven had put his bbc up Jane’s arse and Gary looked at me and said could he,,you better ask the wife mate if she want’s it what can i do..Claire never liked anal and always said NO to me only on my Birthday did we do it and then it was only for a minute..Claire said you better lube it good if that fat cock is going up adapazarı escort bayan there..i got up and went to our bag which had some lube in it,i put it on her arse for him and he started to poke her bum with his fat fingers,Claire was gripping like mad you could see her hole every time he poked it,it was fighting it,,Relax love..Gary asked for the lube for his cock,,i poured it on it for him,,would you like to feel a real cock Kevin..rub the lube on and feel how big and hard it is..so i did..WOW it was huge and it felt good..i held his cock and i put it in Claire’s arse for him,,i held it firm whilst he pushed,,Claire was fighting it until the head was in and once he was in it slid all way down,slowly he was going in/out in/out,Claire was screaming with joy she was loving it,he got faster and faster until he was making her cum like i have never seen her cum before it was gushing out of her pussy,i went back down underneath and was lapping her juices up and eating her pussy for fun,,Claire was shaking with joy..her body was over come she had to stop..Jane said Gary why not come over here for 5 minutes and give me a go..Steven and Gary both went in a hole each..Jane was game..Mark was loving it,,go on lads fuck her..Claire and i just watched at how good Jane was at fucking them both,she must have done this before she married Mark..i said to Claire do you want that?? what do you think,,i said look this is only going to happen once with us so make the most of it cos i am,,go on then ask them..i said to the lads when you done there can you both fuck Claire..they got off Jane and came straight over,Gary went in to her pussy and Steven slid it up her arse she was in heaven,,2 men fucking her and she never flinched..Jane said come on you 2 i am bored why waste 2 cocks,,Mark said if you want mate i will let you this once,,i looked at Claire she just smiled..so i said to Mark that i would go up her arse if that’s Ok,,deffo mate go for it..i was fucking my best mates wife and watching 2 black men fuck my wife,,i was in heaven,,i didn’t last long i was about to cum it was to much for me..where do you want it Jane leave it up there Kevin i want to feel you cum in me..i pulled out and went over to Claire gave her a kiss and said thanks.. the lads were about to cum to they asked Claire where she wanted them to cum..same here leave it inside me i want to feel you cum in me..they both went for it hard and pumped away you could see their faces change they had cum..Claire just laid back on the bed and thanked them both for the best night of her life..as she laid there Mark said finish her off mate..i went down on her and started to eat her out i could feel the warm cum on my tongue i got a mouth full and went up and kissed Claire and we shared the lads cum,,we thanked them and said maybe one day it could happen again but we would see..

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