5 Kasım 2021

What goes bump in the night

Female Ejaculation

What goes bump in the nightThe night was dark, as it always seemed to be when she was hungry. For 300 years it had been this way. feeding, then a few days of relative quiet, before the hunger came upon her again. She was aware of some like her, who fed every night, more for the pleasure of the chase than anything else. But Sue, did not. She had never like killing for food. She did not see the need, to end a life, just to satisfy a thirt. But, the thirst, the hunger was back tonight. Back very strongly. She would have to feed before the sun rose in the morning, or she might not be able to control her need the next evening.So, as Sue entered the pub, she began to search. The prey had to be just right. Had to be someone, who would not let her secret escape. It did not take long for her to find him. Not always a man, but mostly. They seemed to think they had the most to loose. He was at the bar, alone. He seemed to be uncomfortable sitting alone. And then she saw it. The wedding band on his finger. Perfect! He would do nicely. Sue walked up to the bar, right next to him, and ordered a drink for herself. “Lets see if he will nibble at the bait”, she told herself. As the bartender brought her drink, the man whispered to her, “May I buy this for you?” Sue was dressed all in black. The silk blouse clinging tightly to her, and the matching skirt, combining to show her very sexy curves. He was wearing a dark blue suit, minus the tie. A white satin shirt showing under his unbuttoned jacket. Sue nitices his glance down, to look at her figue as she smiled at him, and thanked him for the drink. After a slight gaziantep escort bayan sip, Sue leaned in close to him, asking his name. “Ron”, he replied. “And yours?” “I am Sue, nice to meet you Ron” And again, she could see his eyes move, taking her in, he deep breathe, letting her know he enjoyed her scent as well. After a little small talk, Sue suggested they depart to someplace quiet, as it was hard to have a conversation in this loud pub.As they entered her roon in the hotel, Ron waisted no time expressing his pleasure with her company, as he took her in his arms, and kisded her deeply. Sue allowed him to kiss her, then slowly pulled away. “Slow down” she whispered in his ear. Sue backed him up to the bed, almost pushng him down on it with his lags hanging down from the side. Standing above him, she slowly, opened her top one button at a time. Once open, she found the zipper on the skirt, and moved it down, letting the skirt fall to the floor. Only then, did she let her blouse drop, and join the shirt. Standing now above him, only in her heels, a black bra and black panties, she for the first time let her eyes go to his pants. She could plainly see the bulge growing under his zipper. As her keen eyes watched him throb, her hunger rose. She was almost to the point of loosing control. She had to have him soon, had to taste his blood. Dropping to her knees, Sue reached to him, letting her hands massage his hard cock through his pants. Up and down she rubbed him, feeling his strong desire grow. She bent down, and nibbled at him through his pants, and was rewarded with his hips thrusting up to her mouth. His arouosal was exciting her as well, not just making her hungry. She may have to go farther with this one, and have him inside her after she fed. She quickly opened his zipper, taking his hard shift in her small hands, and stroked him up and down hard. She could hear him moaning at her touch, and knew she would have to hurry. Bending her head, Sue took him into her mouoth, sucking him, moving her head up and down with long, but quick strokes. She could feel him throbbing as she sucked him, and knew it was time. She let one tooth, one sharp vampire tooth, slide against his hard cock, knowing where the vein would be, with many years of practice. He jumped slightly as her tooth broke his skin, but she did not stop. She sucked him harder, faster, knowing he would not, could not stop. She fed on him whiloe he pumped his hard cock in and out of her mouth, until he could last no longer. He came so hard, filling her mouth. His cum, mixing with his blood as she swallowed both. She felt the force of his life giving newness to hers. She could feel herself getting becoming satisfied, not with his manhood, but his blood filling her. She could feel herself getting weak from the feeding. It always did that to her. She knew Ron was as well, they always did. So she began to rise, to lay beside him as she usually did. But as she moved up to lay next to him, he grabbed her, rolling her over and pinning her down on her back. Before Sue could stop him, he was moving down and pushing his face between her legs. Her hunger was satisfied, but her sexual need would not allow her to stop him. She felt his mouth on her, his tongue darting inside her. Licking her as hard as she had just sucked him. His skill was more than she had ever had, and he used his fingers expertly to bring her close to orgasm. And just as she let go, letting him have what he wanted, she felt his teeth on her inner thigh.In her orgasm, her mind did not tell her the smart things to do. She began to push him away, but her body needed to finihs what it had begun. Her hands wrapped in his hair, pulling his waiting mouth hard against her leg. Knowing he was not feeding on her, as she had him only monents before. The confusion slowly lifted as her orgasm relaxed. He was not a vampire as she was, why would he do that? her strength renewed from her feeding, she pushed him back with one hand, and he landed on the floor against the far wall. “What have you done?!” she cried. But he only sat there, his back against the wall, smiling with her blood around his mouth.”I have been tracking you Sue, for 3 years. Following in the path of victims you left behind you. My only thought, was to join you, to be like you. I have been in love with you, the idea of you, for all that time. I was about to give up, when I heard about a woman matching you in this area. My only course, was to be the bait for you. Now, we can feed together, for as you know, I will become as you are.” One thing he did not know, was that she had sworn to herself 300 years before, that she would make no more like her. Sue smiled at him, slowly moving toward him and took his lips against hers, kissing him deeply, showing him the joy that could be his, if she gave herself to him. And then, with his arousal once more coming to life, she snapped his neck…..

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