30 Haziran 2020

When my husband came home from work.


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When my husband came home from work.I have been married to Harry for about s*******n years, we have one daughter Katie, and I suppose life is kind of good. The biggest problem is Harry’s job. He spends most of the year overseas, often for two or three months at a time. That leaves very little time for sex. When he does get home, often only for a weekend before he is travelling again, we try to spend as much time in bed as possible. Having a sixteen year old daughter though, doesn’t help in this regard. When we do get to fuck, it is usually muted so we don’t disturb Katie, and often more than not, sex sessions are quick, before jet lag takes control.I’m only in my late thirties, and so I’m told by my friends, and the occasional passer-by in the street, I’m still quite attractive. I have short blonde hair, a good 36C bust line, I work out a bit so I’m fairly slim. I’ve always felt my best features were my legs and ass, which still look like they did when I first met Harry.When Harry is due home, my routine is to cook a good meal, have a good bottle of wine waiting, and I usually spend the day of his arrival making sure I look me best. Harry likes lace, and if the truth be told, he also has a bit of a fetish for Stockings and Nylon.He was due home on Friday. I had bought a new black dress, fairly figure hugging, with a V shaped neck line to show my breasts to their best potential. I had a new red bra and panties set, along with stockings and a garter belt. I knew Harry wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off me. The only problem was going to be Katie, hopefully she would spend her normal Friday night in her friend’s house.Friday came and I had the dinner cooking, Harry had phoned to let me know what time his flight was due to land at. Just as I hung up the phone, Katie arrived home and announced she was going to her friends and wouldn’t be home till late. My plan was going to work out perfectly.I could hear Katie upstairs getting ready to go out, she showered and was back and forward across the upstairs landing getting herself dressed, no doubt she had a date she didn’t want me to know about.I heard Katie bounding down the stairs and opening the front door, “See you in the morning Mom, I guess you and dad will be in bed when I get home, tell Dad I love him”It was my turn to get ready, I went up the stairs and turned the shower on. The anticipation of the night ahead was making me aroused, as the warm water flowed over by body, I could feel me nerve endings tingle. My nipples were hardening as I massaged the soap into them. I got a familiar damp feeling between my legs. Harry would be home in about two hours.I dried myself off in my room. Carefully I put on my make up and fixed my hair, even though I say so myself, I thought I looked quite hot in the mirror. My nipples were still hard as I took my dress from the wardrobe. Holding it against my bare skin, I checked myself in the mirror. Yes I was going to look good. As I closed the wardrobe door, I noticed my clothes had been disturbed, Katie must have been borrowing my clothes again. With such a short age gap and the fact we are both similarly built, I was used to her borrowing my things.I opened my underwear drawer, my new red set weren’t near the top where I had left them, I guess Katie had disturbed everything, so I began to root deeper in the drawer. I couldn’t find my new underwear. Not only had my sixteen year old daughter borrowed my clothes, she had taken my new un-worn underwear too. I rooted deeper and found a sheer thong and black lace bra to wear under my dress, I got a pair of hold up stockings, and pulled them up over my legs. The nylon on my thighs made my skin tingle, Harry would be home in about an hour, but I was so turned on, I gentle touched my pussy, dampness soaked my finger tip.I reached back into my underwear drawer, right at the back my hand searched. Being alone for such long periods, I had güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri invested in a couple of toys, three to be exact. It had taken all my courage to go to a sex shop at all, but over a couple of visits I had made three purchases, a pink silicone dildo, not too big, about the size of Harry’s penis, a perfect size for nights when I lay in bed silently missing him. My second toy was a small vibrator, the gentle hum of the warm plastic phallus often gave me orgasms when I thought Katie was asleep. And finally me favourite, my Magic Bullet. A hard metal bullet shaped vibrator that fitted in my fingertips perfectly. The vibrations were strong, and just holding the cold metal against my clitoris gave me immensely strong orgasms, often making me scream involuntarily.My hand searched the back of the drawer, I felt the soft silicone on the dildo, the box from the plastic vibrator was passed, I wanted my magic bullet. A quick hard orgasm was what I needed. My other hand was gently rubbing my labia, brushing gently between the folds of pink skin. My finger nails brushed against my clitoral hood. Still no sign of my Magic Bullet, I should have easily found the battery pack and cable, connected to the metal head.I knew I was close to cumming, I grabbed the box containing my vibrator, pulled the hard plastic rocket shaped toy from the box. I lay back on the bed and pulled my panties down to my ankles. My knees fell apart, in the mirror on the far side of the room I could see the wisps of pubic hair, neatly trimmed, on my pubic mound. My pussy lips looked red and slightly puffy as I watched my hand twist the power button on the vibrator to the on position. I parted my labia with my left hand as my other hand guided the plastic towards the hot bright hole now visible between my legs. The vibrator slid inside, my juices made me well lubricated. I pushed the vibrator to the spot that I knew would make me cum quickly. I reached with my left hand and turned the power button to full speed. In the mirror I could see my cream thighs involuntarily closing, trapping my hand and the toy deep inside me. Within seconds I could feel my orgasm, waving through my body, beginning deep in the pit of my stomach, forcing its way out, racing through every internal organ looking for an escape route. After what felt like an age, I felt the release as my orgasm found its destination, I gasped as my vagina pulsed, forcing it wetness on to my thighs. My legs weakened and parted, in the mirror I could see my thighs glistening, the coloured toy still buzzing deep within me. I let the toy slip from my vagina, a damp patch appearing on the sheets below me, and lay there for a few minutes.I got my senses together, pulled my panties up and fixed my hair. A quick tidy of my makeup, and as I pulled my dress over my head, the hall door opened. Harry was home. I bounded down the stairs like a teenager about to go on a first date, meeting my husband in the hall with a deep full on kiss. I lead him to the kitchen, poured him a glass of wine and served the dinner. We chatted over dinner, the usual small talk, and finished a couple of bottles of wine.I lead Harry to the bedroom. I was even hornier now than I had been earlier that afternoon. I unbuttoned my husband’s shirt, baring his chest, running my hands over his familiar chest, gently kissing his tanned skin. I unzipped his jeans and let them slide to the floor releasing his penis from his boxers. Kneeling in front of him I closed my lips over the tip of his clean cut penis. I could feel the muscle stiffen against my lips and tongue. I reached behind and undid the catch of my dress allowing it to fall to the floor around my knees. I pulled his boxers down as my mouth and tongue slid up and down the length of his warm hard penis, the head growing in my mouth as my tongue flicked over the tiny eye on the tip. I gripped perabet güvenilir mi one of his testicles between my fingers, gently pulling at his sack, as I stood up and stepped out of my dress I lead him to our bed. I unclasped by bra, and as it fell from my shoulders, Harry’s fingers were pinching my already hard nipples. I lay him on the bed and positioned myself so I could continue to give him oral sex while he could pinch my nipples, occasionally I felt his tongue flick the underside of my breast.Harry’s hand snaked along my thighs, up towards my sheer thong, his finger pulled the light material aside and pushed its way in to my vagina. I pushed back against his hand, still sucking his penis deep in my mouth. His finger was pushing as deep inside me as he could get it, I felt a second finger join it, both fingers easily sliding in me, my juices sloshing deep inside me.As Harry’s fingers popped out from my vagina, I slid from the bed, my mouth still holding on to his erection. I pulled my panties from my waist and dropped them to the floor. I climbed back onto the bed and positioned myself astride my husband’s chest. I could feel a pool of my juices dripping onto his chest as I released him from my mouth. Lifting myself up on my knees, I guided his hard erection towards my vagina. My vagina that hadn’t felt a man’s penis between its labia in about three months. As the head of Harry’s penis began to push it way gently between my labia, parting the lips to reveal a deep heat inside me, I could feel a familiar excitement build deep in the base of my stomach. I could feel an itch, I knew only had one cure, my husband’s penis deep inside me. The tip of his penis touched the opening inside me, I could feel the muscles parting, my lubrication pouring over this welcome intervention. The tip of his erection pushing my opening wider. Just as my internal muscles adjusted to the intrusion, I felt a blast of warm liquid, three spurts of his cum shot deep inside me. He groaned behind me, as his orgasm took control. I pressed down on his penis, I needed to cum, but I could already feel his penis softening. I tried to grind my pelvis against him, twisting myself, so my clitoris could rub against his leg. But his penis popped out from between my legs, and I knew the grinding wouldn’t be enough.Harry was snoring, he had fallen straight asleep. I tried to wake him but he was in a deep slumber. I needed to be satisfied. I slid first one then two fingers between my legs, Harry’s cum and my own mixed in to a stream pouring over my hand. As my husband slept, my hand was bringing me close to orgasm, but I felt I needed something more, where was my Magic Bullet, It wasn’t in my drawer earlier. I climbed off the bed and pulled my drawer fully open. Me selection of underwear neatly folded, all perfectly in place. I lifted a large pile of cotton, lace and silk lingerie from the drawer, my dildo was in one corner, my vibrator was safely back in its box, at the back of the drawer, but no bullet. Where could it be, had Katie “borrowed it”. She was out, I could check her room.Naked I crossed the landing, my vagina still begging for its orgasm. I gently pushed Katie’s bedroom door. It swung open, the landing light filling the dark room. In her mirror I could clearly see my full naked reflection, the landing light working like spot lights on my body. The room filled with light from the doorway, as I walked through the door, the bed lit up. I noticed a humming noise, as the room filled with light, I turned the light on. As the dark room turned to brightness, a pair of knees, spread wide on top to the bed clothes came into view. A pair of red lace panties hung around slim ankles, a matching red bra lay on the bed side chair. Her hand was holding a small metal bullet shaped object against her clitoris, the object buzzed as my young daughter, one finger deep inside her, tipobet rubbed the vibrating toy against her clitoris.I could feel my hand touching my labia, my fingers gently brushing against my own clitoris, now peeking out from it little hood of skin. I was still walking towards the bed. It was like a dream, I couldn’t stop myself, it was like watching a film, what would happen next.I reached the bed and sat on the edge, only a couple of feet from Katie, her hand and my Magic Bullet bringing her to orgasm. My hand reached out, I could see my fingers reach for her inner thigh. My finger gently touched the glistening dampness spreading from within her. The tip of my finger brushed against my lips as my other hand gently pushed between my labia. I could taste a sweetness on my lips as I realised it was my daughters cum juice. I watched as my hand returned to her body, it was like I had no control over my own actions. My fingers reached for her thigh, gently caressing their way to her pubic mound. My other hand was flicking over my own clitoris. I could feel my finger touching Katie’s folds of skin as it found her hard nub that was her clitoris. As my finger gently touched her erect womanhood, her legs clamped tight together, trapping my hand between her young muscular legs. Her body writhed around the bed, her head thrashing on the pillow, my finger trapped on the tip of her clitoris as she orgasmed. The Magic Bullet, buzzing and vibrating in a mess of hands legs and Katie’s most secret feminine places. For what seemed like several minutes she orgasmed, at the same time my own hand was bringing me to pleasurable heights.I felt though that I just wasn’t going to get the tension relief I needed. Was I dreaming, would I wake up and be able to reach an orgasm, would I awaken to find Harry mounting me, and he would bring me to orgasm. I needed to cum.Katie’s orgasm subsided. I felt her shift on the bed. For the first time I saw her face as she looked up from the pillow, her eyes glazed, her bare breasts glistening with her own sweat, her nipples standing erect and proud. Beads of sweat dripping onto her small belly, her thighs shining with her cum juices, still trapping my hand on her clitoris. A small metal toy buzzing between her fingers. Katie propped herself up on her elbows, her hand reached out and I felt a metal object gently brushing the back of the hand I had between my legs. The bullet slid towards my clitoris, passing my hand on the way. I could feel my own belly tighten as I recognised my orgasm growing from deep inside me. The metal toy, along with the fingers holding it pushed to the entrance of my vagina. My own hand slipped away, as Katie’s hand replaced it. The toy vibrated it way between my vagina muscles. Slowly allowing me body to accept the invasion. My daughter’s finger tips followed, widening the gaping hole between my legs. Every sense in my body seemed to be pointing between my legs, as I could feel her hand slowly push inside me. She twisted her hand and as I felt the buzzing toy glance over my G spot, I began to orgasm. Not my normal orgasm, but everything seemed to point towards her fist inside me. Every muscle in my body tensed up and began to involuntarily shake, I could feel me love juices flowing from deep inside my body, trying to escape. I could hear myself gasping uncontrollably, Katie’s hand audibly popped from between my legs as a squirt of my cum juice sprayed across the bed on to Katie’s face and chest. As I collapsed on the bed, my legs were shaking violently, by body still writhing as I felt Katie’s mouth against mine. I could feel her tongue flicking off my own as my orgasm subsided.I reached out hugging Katie, kissing her face, tasting my juices from her skin. The sticky sweetness on my own tongue. A tear in my eye, not of sadness but from extreme joy. The two of us lay together for a couple of hours, not speaking, just kissing and caressing each other.When I eventually got up to go back to bed, Katie spoke for the first time, “do you want to take this and put it in your drawer” she asked holding the Magic Bullet in her soft young hand, “No” I answered, “you mind it for me, your Dad is only home for the weekend”

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