30 Haziran 2021

Why Not?


Why Not?Why not?There was a family tragedy.It wasnt easy to get over, thats if I ever really did. But it made me revaluate things. Too long leading the quiet normal reasonably happy life. Just the normal mundane married life.My sex life had ended years ago. I still loved my wife but, through no fault of her own, she lost interest in sex.I was happy enough to make do occasionally wanking off to internet porn. Lots of occasions. I loved to watch some lesbian fun.Anyway my life seemed to be chuntering along reasonably when the tragedy occured.I was knocked off my feet. And I started to think. I had not long turned 50, I reckoned I had about 20, maybe 30 years left on the planet….and I’d struggle to hit 20 if genetics were anything to go by. I hadn’t really done anything remarkable and now i wanted to.I didnt want to go down in flames or anything like that, but I did want to see a bit of the wilder side.So, “Fuck it!’ I thought, “I’m going to live a bit.”I joined a well known online hook up site to look for available women to meet up with for no strings attached fun.Well it got off to a less that stellar start. There werent that many unattached women in my area that fitted the bill. I live in a provincial town and so its hardly sin city so that wasnt any great surprise.Any women that were around were understandably careful and picky. And it seemed they wanted younger well hung guys. Well I didnt fill either criteria being on the wrong side of a half century and , I have to admit, not that well endowed.There was one woman who seemed to be interested, but in the end nothing came from it. Both of us were married and obviously couldnt accomodate and she also lived just a little too far away. But we had a number of very hot phone calls at least.Unexpectedly, immediately after joining the site I got a lot of messages from gay and bisexual guys, just asking if I was interested. I never guessed my small home town was seething with so much gay loving.Of course I was very flattered but I turned them down politely as it wasnt what I thought I was into. One guy, John, and I kept up a little bit of a correspondence which had nothing to do with sex as we had a mutual interest in a football side. He was a nice guy.As with probably nearly every other straight guys, I gave no more than a passing thought to gay sex. I watched some online when I first got the internet, more or less to see the mechanics of it than anything else. And while it was a little intriguing, it didnt seem to pique any dormant interest at that time. More’ “Ah okay, so thats what they do.”But I was getting frustrated with my inactivity. It was nearing ‘shit or get off the pot’ time.The only messages I was getting were from guy or bi fellas.Well I’m not going to lie, it was boosting my ego quite a bit. So after a day or two of mental to-ing and fro-ing, I thought, “Why Not?”.I went back to the gay porn. I had to do a bit of research if I was serious about this.I watched, and then watched some more. I was getting more and more intrigued. And yes, sure enough, the more I watched there were stirrings. I was surprised myself. For some reason I found myself drawn the the sight of two long hard cocks coming into contact with each other. Muscular mature guys grinding on each other, kissing deeply and hard was getting my small dick harder than anything I had ever seen before.Jesus, where the hell did that come from?!I wanted to do that!Or I thought I did. Yeah , but I’m not gay, so why? Well frankly who cares? Whatever the reason, the stiffening bulge in my pants was providing some sort of answer.I said that I wanted to live a little, and here the opportunities were definitely around. So I steeled myself and sent a message to John. Would he still be interested in hooking up. With luck he was online and immediately sent a very enthusiastic reply back. I mean within seconds!He was one of the first gay guys to contact me and we seemed to get along, online anyway, so he was an obvious first choice. I told him that I still wasnt sure about going along with it but willing to at least try. He assured me that it was okay. He told me he had his own place and to visit him there. If nothing happened, thats fine we seemed to get along so we’d just have a coffee and a chat. And if something did happen…..great!He promised to show me the ropes, so to speak. We exchanged phone numbers and arranged a time around lunch the following Thursday, while he was on lunch from his work.No turning back now, it seemed. That week I binged on gay porn, Good God I was so horny for it all now.I booked a half day off work myself that Thursday. John’s flat was in the university area of the nearest city about 10 miles from my home. I travelled up there by train. He texted me that morning just to see if I was still going to meet. I texted back, yes, I would meet, I still wasnt sure if I would go through with it but I would at least do him the courtesy of turning up. He replied not to worry.I know its a worn out cliche but, honestly, that 30 minute train journey really did seem like the longest of my life. My insides were churning with nerves and worry. I reached the train station nearest to John’s flat. His flat was just a 3 minute walk away.I texted him to say that I’d arrived and he texted back saying that he was late, he was still at work but give him about 10 minutes or so to get home.There was a coffee place at the station, I went in there for a steadying latte. The delay did nothing for my nerves, but it did seem a bad omen.And that it made up my mind.This wasnt for me.I just couldn’t.I wouldnt text him that though, no, that would be sly and rude. I would go to his place see him face to face and apologise for wasting his time. That seemed the very least pendik escort I could do.My phone pinged with a text. He was home and waiting. Smiley face. Sunglasses emoji.Oh God.I finished my latte, and strode out.The busy city centre street bubbled with activity, but the turmoil in my guts was all that multiplied tenfold.The three minute walk seemed like three hours. My feet were suddenly buckets of bricks to be dragged along each step with effort. I must have drawn wary glances from passers by as I mutttered my excuse to myself in some weird outdoor rehearsal of my rebuff. “Look, John, I’m sorry, but I cant do this, I’m really sorry to have wasted your time.” Oh God, oh God, oh God.There was his street.I turned into it. His number was on the blue door of an old Victorian house converted into 3 or 4 flats. His name was on the buzzer for the ground floor flat.I pressed it. “Hold on, I’ll be there,” came a voice from the intercom.”Look, John, I’m sorry, but I cant do this, I’m really sorry to have wasted your time.” I kept muttering. Jesus man, catch a grip!The door opened and John stood there. ‘Hi Billy, come on in.”I followed him through the communal hall past the obligatory chained up bikes and through the door to his small flat. Straight into the living room, sparsely but nicely furnished and oninto what appeared to be a small back bedroom. He turned to face me and smiled.He was a stocky guy an inch or two smaller than my 5 foot eleven and seemed to be in his early forties.Curly dark hair in contrast to my greying on top cropped brown hair and glittering mischievious brown eyes to my piercing blue (my best feature I’ve been told). He obviously kept himself trim and fit and seemed to look Italian or Spanish in spite of the Irish surname on his door buzzer. I looked all the inch the pale pasty typical Anglo Saxon and, being honest, stood to lose the odd pound or two.I opened my mouth to spurt out my well reheased but feeble excuse but it was gone, I couldn’t bring myself to say it.Nope.I looked again at John’s beautiful brown eyes. By Christ, I was attracted to this man.”Ach Shit! Lets do this!” I said. We kissed.He leaned into me, his lips fell on mine, Oh the joy!To feel his tongue dart into my mouth and flick against mine and flit out.I pressed against him hard, my tongue clumsy assaulted his mouth. Jesus man, You’re fifty one! I ranted to myself, calm down you’re acting like a frigging 14 year old!’Whoa, easy there, tiger!” said John, pulling himself back and holding me slightly at bay. Even that corny line made me blush like a schoolgirl. “Sorry” I mumbled.”Lets have a good look at you,” he said and gave me the onceover. He seemed to like what he saw as he smiled again.”Okay, lets take it nice and slow, I’ve an hour or so.” And this time he let me take the lead.Decorum was restablished. We kissed long and slow, both our tongues making playful forays with each other, darting like dolphins.I am actually quite a good kisser and have full shapely lips, so I was annoyed by making an ass of myself at first through overeagerness. This time I knew what i was doing. I was encouraged to hear small pleasurable moaning, but the encouragment didnt last when I realised it was coming from me! Dammit man!Our hands roamed over, I felt John’s hands grip my buttocks and squeeze and brush over them. He pushed me against him. My hands were over his shoulders pressing his head to mine as we enjoyed each others willing mouths.We broke and started to undress. We didnt break eye contact the whole time. How either of us didnt fall over while trying to shake off recalcitrant shoes, jeans and socks, I don’t know. All the while his lovely eyes bored into mine and he had that beautiful cheeky smile.I was inanely grinning like a village idiot.We were down to our underpants. Luckily I had bought a new expensive pair for the occasion. I wasn’t going to turn up for my first gay sex in my normal tatty dyfes, was I.The tip of his uncut stiffening cock peeked out over the waistband of his Calvins.This was the first erect cock, other than my own, that I had ever seen in real life.It was a slightly bent but long , easily over seven inches.I was self conscious of my own smaller, but now rock hard, cock straining against the fabric of my briefs. I wanted to feel his cock more than anything.I hooked my thumbs into my underpants to pull them down and release my small diamond cutter.”No”, John said, “leave them on. For now”. He grinned again. Jesus, stop doing that! I’ll go off early, you lovely horny man!We advanced on each other. He grabbed my hips, and started grinding against me.”You like this?” he asked. ”Oh I like it!” I replied.We ground and ground. My cock stiff bulging against my pants and his now well over the waistband, his glans, shining and red, thrusting through his foreskin. I felt it press and flip past my bulge. Oh sweet Jesus this was wonderful! We were holding each other by the hips and both looking down at our crotches bumping and pushing. He let go with his right hand and pinched my nipple.OW!! But Ow, yes please more!! Who would have guessed i liked that?We started to kiss again, “Enjoying yourself, Billy?” John asked as we stopped for air.”More than you will ever know, John.” I said, and he laughed a sweet deep chuckle.He pulled me towards his double bed. “Would you like to suck me off?” He asked. This was a little unexpected. He noticed my momentary confusion.”Its alright if you don’t, honestly. Anyway I’m going to give you a sucking you’ll never forget whatever happens.””No, its fine I’ll give it a go,” I said, ”Its just that five minutes ago I’d never even seen a guy’s hard cock before and now I will be chomping down on one.”We both laughed. He sat on the bed and finally pulled escort pendik off his pants. His hard long dick pointed straight at his navel. He stroked it. ”You Like?””Oh I like!” I said.”Obviously I’ve never done this before, so you will keep me right, won’t you?””Of course,” he said, gesturing at me to kneel before him as he sat. “Just relax, and if you want to stop, then just stop, don’t worry.”I knelt. My hand actually trembled a little as I reached slowly for his lovely stiff length. I was about to touch another man’s cock. The tips of my fingers brushed against it and I ran them up and down the shaft in wonderment. I coud feel the taut cartilage, the slight bumps and veins. John leant back on his elbows and threw his head back. “Oh, yeah!”, he moaned, “oh God, yeah!”I grasped his length, I wanked it a time or two then tentatively brought my lips to the head. My tongue darted out and flicked across his hack.John moaned again. “Kiss it, Billy,” he said, “kiss it with your lovely lips.” I set my lips against it and it slid into my eager mouth.I’m not sure what I expected it to taste like.I suppose I wasnt really expecting it to taste of anything, as I hadnt even envisaged myself doing it until a few minute previously. Yet its warmth and hardness was a welcome bonus.I moved my head up and down slightly. I tried to recall the BJs I watched on porn for the past week. I know that that really isn’t the best guide, but unfortuately it was my only frame of reference. I looked up at him, ”Tell me if I’m doing okay?””Oh you’re doing just fine, oh yes.”He started to give me directions.”Cup my balls, thats it, oh, watch, a bit of tooth there.””Sorry.””No, no thats okay, oh God. Oh run your tongue up my shaft, oh yes, that’s it, yeah”…he started gasping a little.”Stop now, Billy, or I’ll jizz. You sure you’ve never done this before?””Yep, you’re my first John.”He chuckled again.”My turn,” he said, and motioned me to stand.I was still in my briefs, and still hard, though a little less than before.”Lets see what we’ve got then,” he said and pulled down my pants to expose my now reawakening rod.It seemed to pop straight into his mouth.”Mmm”, he went and started to masterfully give me the finest oral sex I’ve ever had. Though granted that wasn’t a very high bar to beat given my previous lifelong timidity.I felt weak at the knees and moaned like cheated whore.He stopped, looked at me and said, ”Lie out here,” he tapped the bed, “I can work better here anyway.”I lay out. And looked down as his curly dark head engulfed my dick, waves of pleasure coursed through me. He kept looking up at me, smiling and then going back to work.”Stop, stop”, I said, “I might cum. I dont want to yet””Okay,” he laughed and then lay alongside me.I was a little surprised when he regarded me for what seemed a long time and then tenderly ran his hand through my hair.”You’re gorgeous, you know that?” he siad.Well this came straight out of the blue. I don’t think i’m a fierce uggo, but I’m far from a Brad Pitt either.”Er, thanks.” I replied, “But erm, I dont know…er…” I was stammering like an idiot now.”No, no, you are. I love an older guy. You just fit the bill for me. I could see myself falling for you if this keeps up.”Now this was a bit unwelcome, sure I was astonishingly flattered and thought that I could actually physically feel my ego swell. Here was this handsome dark guy giving me the finest of compliments, but while I was having , literally, the best time of my life, I was still a married straight….no, face it, bi, guy who just wanted fun with no strings attached. The last thing i wanted was any emotional attachment, even to a guy as good looking and, well, fucking amazingly horny as he was.He noticed my consternation, laughed and said, ”No, don’t worry it won’t happen.” Relief and yet even a little chagrin swept over me.”You mentioned on one of your message that you were turned on by frotting. Want to let the boys fight? Or we could just fuck?””I really dont think I’m ready to actually fuck yet,” I wasn’t, things were going fast enough.”No I mean, you fuck me, not the other way round. I wouldn’t do that on you first time.””No, thanks, but , well i’m not sure, I’ll just leave it,””No problem. What about a bit of cock on cock fun. You’re still up for that though?””Oh hell yes!!” I said.I lay back. He lay on top of me. His arms held his torso up and I felt that long cock move slowly up along against my much smaller length. The tip of his dick glistening and I felt it advance then reach mine.”I’m sorry, I’m not very big,” I said.I saw the first flicker of annoyance flash across his face.”Look, theres nothing wrong with it. Its perfectly lovely. You want to see some of the fuckers I’ve had. Ugh! Now just let me move again….oh, thats good, eh? Oh yes.”He grasped our two cocks together and wanked them for a bit. Rubbed his head of his penis against mine. He kissed me.We made love.Kissing and grinding, my arms around his neck, he kissed my neck nibbled gently, flicked his tongue in my ear, “Oh Billy,” he whispered, “Why couldn’t we have met years ago.”I sought out is mouth with mine. Again we kissing long, hard and deep, tongues entwined. He hooked his legs around mine as he ground that gorgeous cock into me. I felt it shove along my groin, move over my dick, oh jesus his glans and mine seemed caught together settled on each other, our banjo strings even strummed it seemed. Sweet merciful God!”John, I’m cumming, I think I’m going to cum.””Cum on me, Billy, cum on me!”The sound of my name did it.I spurted. It would not stop. Okay I tried to refrain from wanking for a day or two beforehand, but even then, it was so much jizz.It was on my belly, my chest, on John’s taut stomach, pendik escort bayan a bit matted in his black chest hair. He put two fingers in the biggest pooling on my stomach and scooped it up and into his mouth as if he was sampling ice cream. “Hmm”, he said, “you taste goooood!”Again his fingers swiped through the cum. This time his fingers found my mouth. “Taste yourself.”I eagerly sucked my own juice off his fingers.But before I could savour myself, his mouth was on mine, his tongue sticky with me, sought out mine as they wrestled covered in my own fluid.This was becoming dangerously intense. I was actually on the verge of sobs of overwhelming pleasure. I reached down, we were still locked together at the mouth, gasping, chomping, wild with delight, chins sticky with me.I grasped his frighteningly stiff dick. He was close to going off and I was determined to make that happen.I wanked him slowly a few times and he broke of kissing to push himself up on his arms to look down at himself. Then he looked in to my eyes. “Cum on me, John, I want your cum. Please!” I pleaded.I looked down, I saw his glans twitch. A long string of lovely creamy jizz fired straight at me. Instinctively I turned my head to avoid getting hit, but I felt it hit under my chin.John moaned, “Oh, oh Jesus, Billy!”I shut my eyes and moaned myself.I could fell his warmth still splatter onto me. I thought I had cum gallons, but this load was leaving me for dead. His cum splattered on mine, his glans twitched a final few times as the last drops of his issue emerged. He moaned gain then his weight collapsed on me as we were glued together by our mixed cum. We kissed tenderly.I stuck my hand down between us and felt our mingling stickiness.I brought my hand up between our faces as we broke off from kissing. Our cum webbed between my fingers and we both eagerly fell to licking my fingers and suck the last drop of juice from them.Then we kissed again, this time both our fluid shone on our chins and faces. And we held each, glued to each other. My mouth by his ear, his by mine.Oh John,’ I gasped.We lay like that for what seemed an eternity but was only probably a minute.At last reality intruded. We broke apart with a sigh.He got up and pointed to a door at the back of the bedroom. “Thats the bathroom you can shower in there if you want.””What about you?” I asked, ”Wont you join me?” I asked slyly and smiled.He laughed. ”No, better not, I clean this bed up and go after you”.A little disappointed I walked into the tiny bathroom.I could see why he said no. There was barely enough room in the shower for one let alone two, no matter how close they were trying to get to each other.Anyway I was also a little relieved. I was not a young man anymore and was completely spent. I doubt I’d survive a second bout, even if I could manage it.I took a longish shower wash the both of us off my face, chest and belly. And suddenly remembered with a pang of guilt that this was Johns lunch hour and he had to go back to work.So I hurriedly dried off, and went back into the bedroom. The bed was now stripped and I could hear the sound of a washing machine starting up somewhere in the flat.I snatched up my clothes from where they lay after I had dumped them in a lustful hurry, and dressed.”I’m through here, come on in” John’s voice said as I went into the living and saw an open door that I didnt notice before just a few feet from the bedroom door. The kitchen, of course. I sat down on John’s rather expensive looking leather couch. I guessed he wouldnt want us getting together on that. Not with the cost of cleaning bills and the amount we had just jizzed.John came in holding two cups of coffee. “There’s milk and sugar on the table”, he said as he set the drinks down. He was still just in his briefs. His tumescence was away but our jizz still stuck to his chest hair and his mouth and chin still glistened. He really was a handsome man.”I’ll have a shower in a minute” he said when he noticed me staring, “Anyway after what we’ve been up to I doubt that any more filthiness will kill us,” he laughed.”Havent you to get back to work?” I asked.”Nah, fuck them.” he replied. “I’ll just saunter in a bit late.”We talked.He was actually just working his notice. He told me that he had broken up with his long term boyfriend just a few months before and wanted a break from things. He had applied for a job in London and had found out a fortnight before that he had got it and would soon be moving over there. He had another three weeks to organise things.He had gone on the same site as me for a bit of fun to take his mind off his ex and off the forthcoming upheaval, but told me that he hadn’t actually hooked up with anyone apart from me. When it came down to it he just couldnt be bothered.I was the exception as I was obviously wanting to go with a man for the first time and it appeared that from my profile that I was just the type of guy he fancied. So he thought it a little bit of do gooding before starting his new life.I finished my coffee we both stood, he went into the kitchen and wiped himself down a little.”I’ll see you out and then shower then get back to those cunts at work.” he said. At the door we kissed. I pulled him towards me then broke the kiss and leant my forehead on his so that we stared straight into each others eyes. I cupped his face.”Remember what you said earlier about falling for me?” I said, “Well I think I could very easily fall for you too, John.” We came together in a fierce hard kiss, one neither of us wanted to break, until finally, panting we edged apart.He opened his front door.”If things had been different, eh?” I saidHe smiled sadly, “Yeah.”I passed through the open doorway and turned to him and said, ‘Look you’ve still got three weeks. We could hook up again if you want?”He stood there in his doorway wearing only a pair of black Calvins, considered this, then smiled ruefully at me and said, “No, maybe best not to.” and shut the door.

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