30 Haziran 2020

Wicked world of telemarketing part 3


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Wicked world of telemarketing part 3As i left off i was now Terri not Thomas the feminizing process had begun after having sex with Pamela i knew it would be one of the last times i would ever be able to fuck using my cock.Wendy told every one to go home shower and be back here in an hour do not be late she scolded. Wendy then said Terri we are just getting started with you with that she gave me a very hard slap on the ass. I was startled and just looked at Wendy she then said get used to it if you cross me my hand will be on your ass a lot harder than that. Go home and get cleaned up we have a lot of shopping to do as Monday you will be dressed as on of the girls. I will pick you up be ready. I hurriedly showered did not exactly know what to put on so i figured loose fitting clothing would be a better option.Wendy arrived she told me to sit in the back with Joan as she had to pick up another person i did as she instructed . As soon as we started moving Joan said to me i want you to meet my friend Peter with that she pulled up her skirt yalova escort and produced a huge strap on dildo now be a good girl and give Peter a nice juicy French kiss . I had no choice but to bury my face in Joan’s lap and start giving Joan’s dildo the best blow job possible. In the mean time Wendy was watching from the rear view mirror and told me to pull my pants down so that Joan could give me a hand job at the same time. My cock was now very erect and i was getting a case of blue balls . Just then Wendy stopped at a residence she told us to stop what we were doing and to come inside never mind that i had an erection that was clearly visible. Once inside we met Wendy’s guest his name was Parker and all Parker was wearing was a speedo and a tank top that clearly showed his muscular body . Wendy told me Terri why don’t you find out what a real man can do for you, rather than Joan’s rubber thing she has strapped around her waist. I then asked asked Parker if i could feel and play with his cock . Parker said why of coarse with escort yalova that i pulled Parker’s Speedo down and got down on my knees to take his short but very thick cock in my mouth. I sucked on Parker’s cock until it was as solid as steel Wendy then said i think Parker would rather fuck you instead of wasting his load on your throat. Parker just grunted as i was told to get on all fours and get ready to be fucked. Wendy and Joan lubed my male pussy so Parker would have no problem putting that big thick cock in my tight male pussy. At first it was very tight and did not fit properly but after a little while Parker’s cock was in my male pussy i felt like i was being impaled. Parker then started fucking me harder i thought for sure he was going to tear my insides a part. After almost twenty minutes of steady fucking Parker started to moan and then i felt him deposit his load deep inside of me it felt like he would never stop cumming.Wendy and Joan got me cleaned up so we could go and finally meet up with the girls. The girls yalova escort bayan were waiting when we arrived and asked Wendy what took us so long Wendy just replied that i needed to be broken in they all giggled as they knew what that meant. Off we went to a high end ladies boutique as for usual Wendy had all the connections and it was arranged that i was to be fitted with a wardrobe from sexy lingerie to business suits. The bobsey twins Michelle and Bethany were in seventh heaven as they picked out some of the sluttish attire for me to wear . Wendy just said the office is not going toturn into a whore house so keep it professional. All this time Pamela and Paula were making it with Parker they had a threesome going on. Parker had Pamela bouncing up and down on his cock while licking Paula’s sweet smelling pussy the girls were loving all this attention . Parker was getting the best of both worlds fucking Pamela’s tight pussy and getting drown with Paula’s sweet pussy juice Parker felt like he had just won the lottery.While having a fuck fest with Parker was awesome they had completely neglected their duties which was to help Terri become a woman by Monday. Wendy was certain that they would never neglect another duty while she was running the office to be continued…

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