30 Haziran 2020

Wife Anita in a video


Merhaba cariye.info porno sex hikayeleri okuyucuları,derlediğimiz en büyük hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz.Aradığınız tüm hikayeler burada

Wife Anita in a videoWife Anita in a videoMy sweet Ana flew to New York, leaving me home alone for almost two weeks. She had been waiting her chance at her work and was happy to spend this time with some friends over there.After a week I felt so fucking horny after coming home early from my office.I decided to jerk myself while enjoying a porn movie over the Internet. While watching several porn sites, I got a big surprise. It was a picture of a black man shooting his semen all over the pretty face of a blonde woman who seemed to be my lovely wife. It could not be possible, I thought; but she had exactly the same facial expression as Anita had.The sound was a little poor, but the image was clear enough.A bunch of black guys were hanging around in a hotel room, when I recognized Erasmus, a black guy who used to be a gardener we had hired some time ago.He told the others that he had a blonde slut coming over and that they were going to make a porno video with her.”Does the bitch know that we will be making a movie?” asked one of them.”Well, not exactly” Erasmus answered and all they laughed.There was a knock at the door and the blonde slut came in… she was my sweet Ana indeed!!!!! She was wearing a gray raincoat, nylon hose and high heels.”Ana, I want you to meet a few of my mates” Erasmus introduced bahis firmaları her.She sat with her legs crossed provocatively revealing she was not wearing panties. The five men looked at her with lust all over their faces. As some slow music began in crescendo, one of the men called Jimmy pulled her up out of her chair and they started to dance. In seconds, he was kissing her deeply. Another black man got up and put his hand up her skirt from behind. They undid her blouse, unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. In a flash, she stood in front of the bunch of black men naked except for her nylon hose and her stiletto high heels. The scene changed. A tattooed giant black dude reclined on a large sofa. He was naked already and had a monster piece almost a foot long hard on.Ana kneeled in front of him on the couch. She proceeded to hold the monster cock and suck on it. The man looked up at the ceiling, moaning in pleasure. In the next shot the black stud called Jimmy got her to step one high heel up on the bed. From the low camera angle, her buttocks were in the air as he pulled apart her cheeks, revealing Ana’s wet pussy lips. His ten inches hard cock finally entered deeply my wife’s tight vagina in just one single hip thrust.He rammed it down deep up to the hilt making kaçak iddaa her shriek out loud. “Aaaahhhhhhh!”, I recognized her style: was pain and pleasure at same time.A voice in the background spoke.”Look into the lens, bitch. We want to see that pretty face while you are fucked.”Anita turned her head and looked to the camera as Jimmy continued to pound her sweet pussy lips. I could hear his dark meat beating on her ass.In the next scene I saw my wife eagerly sucking the cock of every black man.Some pieces were as big as sausages and she had to struggle to suck them.The final scene really got to me. All I could see was an extreme close up of the biggest black shaft penetrating deep into her now swollen cunt. Her moaning was increasing; she let out that wild low moan of a whore in heat. The seconds seemed like hours as I watched her cunt wide opened on each thrust of the huge black dick. Her own juices were now lubricating that relentlessly pumping piston. The camera zoomed on her undulating sphincter. She was begging them for it. She was screaming to be fucked in her ass too. My blood boiled at the thought of what spectacle I would have to view next.The camera’s angle shifted only slightly and a second black mamba intruded from overhead. A bulbous black head knocked casually on her kaçak bahis back door two or three times and then affianced her vulnerable tight orifice. Her anus accepted that engorged black cock. It began his penetration of her tight sphincter. The man plunged in aggressively.”Ooooowwwwwwwww!”, She howled. Now I knew she was crying in pleasure.Inch by inch her anus surrendered to the black’s powerful conquest. And then that stiff black cock swaggered unchallenged down my wife’s round ass.The pace quickened as the camera showed that two black snakes; undulating in a lurid dance of penetration and pulling out, pounding her slutty pussy and ass.Moaning and groaning, the two cocks suddenly exploded their sticky semen up into my whore’s asshole and cunt; I ejaculated spontaneously; humiliated by the outrage of these bastard gangsters ravishing my wife’s buxom beauty. The tattooed black giant came again with his monster piece inside Ana’s mouth wide open. He grabbed her by the hair, calling her a slut and imperiously filling her mouth with his milky semen splashing all over her beautiful face. The last camera shot was a split frame with my beautiful wife’s face splattered with the black thugs spunk, along with a final view of her swollen pussy lips and asshole gape; both of them oozing a cream pie of the viscous black seed mixed with her vaginal juices.I kept that video in a secret folder on my computer; never told Ana that I had watched her starring that video. Of course, she never told me she had performed those wild sex scenes.

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