16 Haziran 2021

Wife getting fucked by friend fantasy


Wife getting fucked by friend fantasyWife getting fucked by friend fantasy ( Actual image of Wife & friend.)So as you know from several video’s of ours on this site that I have somewhat of a fetish / fantasy of seeing my Wife getting pounded by this one particular friend of mine. A little background about this friend, he’s like 40 plus, a little over weight. Has confidence issues & was never married & has been single since I’ve met him about ten years ago. The guy is great though & has done so much to help our family in so many ways. I’ve never asked him but I also think he’s a virgin as well, you never know but I’m pretty sure. So anyways it kind of started a few years back when we were hanging out & he had these shorts on that were made out of a thin material & I was able to see his package & my goodness the guy is hung like a horse. I’m not gay or anything ( & have nothing against gay people) but it was hard too not look at his cock in them shorts! So over the years I’ve had this idea of allowing this friend to experience having sex with my Wife & it turns me on so damn much. Not sure why b/c of have no problem satisfying my Wife, maybe I want to go farther with our sex life? I’m really not sure?A few years ago I started asking my Wife to wear things like glossy pantyhose, spandex & other fetish type of clothing around him & even though he doesn’t come right out & say it I can tell he get’s turned on like crazy & who could blame him? She was a little hesitant at first but then seemed like it wasn’t a big deal. As a matter of fact I think she kind of get’s off on teasing him a little. When my Wife & I fuck there will be times when I tell her these little fantasy stories that make her pussy so wet & explode w/ cum. So here’s the one story that makes her cum. Okay so my friend is over at our house & my Wife is wearing those shiny, glossy pantyhose & laying on the couch beside him on the opposite end. I’m laying on the love seat across & we are just canlı bahis watching some TV. My Wife complains about neck pain & asks if I can rub her neck but realizes I am fast asleep. She checks me just to make sure & then slowly sits up in a position where her legs are propped up & spread so that my friend is able to see up her dress. My friend tries hard to not make it obvious but he is looking right past her shiny legs & staring into her pussy. His cock begins to get hard. My Wife then with one hand reaches down & slowly begins to feel herself, rubbing her clit nice & slow. My friend slips his one hand down into his pants & carefully strokes his cock that is now almost fully hard. A few moments go by & my Wife then asks ” Would you mind rubbing my neck for me?” My buddy replies in almost a nervous tone “Sure, I mean if he doesn’t mind.”Wife: ” Oh well he’s sleeping so he’s just going too have to deal with it, besides my neck is killing me. I mean, if you don’t want too do it that’s fine.”Friend: ” No, I don’t mind at all. If (BLANK) would wake up, I don’t want him to get upset at me.”Wife: ” Your fine, he’s a deep sleeper plus he would be thanking you for doing him a favor.” My friend chuckles for a moment as my Wife stretches out her legs out & stands up to move in closer. Wife: ” You aren’t going to break me so it’s okay if you go deep & hard…”My Wife then sits on my friends lap nice & slowly, her dress is above her thighs. Her ass is sitting right on top of my friend’s semi hard cock.I’m still fast asleep…Friend: “Is the pressure good enough?”Wife: ” Just a little harder” My Wife whisper’s in a soft tone that makes my friends cock fully hard & stiff. My Wife feels his hard & throbbing cock in between her ass cheeks & in between her legs. She knows whats going on & likes it. She knows that she is totally seducing my friend & making him aroused to the point where cum is starting to slowly leak out of his erect penis. My Wife then begins bahis siteleri to motion her hips making her ass brush up & down on my buddies rock hard cock. A few moments go by & then my friend takes his hands off from massaging her neck & he places them on her hips. She reaches back with one arm & wraps it around his neck & continues the motion of rubbing her glossy ass up & down. My friend then places both of his hands on her breasts ( 36 D ) & begins to caress them. Her nipples get so fucking hard as he breathes heavily down upon her neck.At this point I don’t even exist.My Wife then turns & reaches down.Wife: ” (BLANK) I didn’t know you had such a huge cock… If I would have known about this a long time ago I would have helped you with this…”My Wife reaches down & pulls his pants down. His huge, monster of a cock comes flopping out slapping up against the upper portion of his stomach.Wife: ” My God, your cock is way, way bigger than my Husbands!” My friend is in his absolute glory.Wife: “Have you ever been with a woman before?”Friend: No replyWife: ” Aw, don’t worry I’m going to take good care of you.”My Wife then begins to stroke my buddies big cock w/ carefully studying it & then says.Wife: “So, did you ever have a woman suck your cock before?”She then leans down over & slowly wraps her lips around the shaft of my friends enormous dick & begins to suck, jerking her head slowly. Her tongue slowly sliding over the bottom portion of his long shaft. Friend: “Oh it feels so damn good.”She then takes a moment from slurping on his cock & pulls the chest part of her dress down exposing her large breasts.Wife: “You like how big my tits are? Do you want to feel them? How about suck on them?”He lunges face first into them big boobs & she smothers him with them. After a few minutes of sucking on the big & hard nipples my Wife says.Wife: ” How about you stick your big cock in between my tits? Yeah, I’m going to teach you somethings tonight.”She gets bahis şirketleri on her knees & squeezes her big boobs together as he slides his pecker in. Wife: “Doesn’t it feel so good? Tell me how good it fucking feels…”For almost a moment my buddy almost blows his whole load but is able to keep his composure. Then after a few moments she stands up on her feet & pushes him back onto the couch. She then stands up on her feet & tears a hole into the crotch section of her pantyhose.Wife: ” I might have too tear a bit more but this should do. Now sit back & enjoy the ride.”My Wife then squats down & carefully aligns my friends big cock up to her plump pussy lips & slowly guides it in. Friend: ” It feels so warm.”My Wife begins to work her hips up & down.Wife: “Soon it’s going to be warm & wet…”My friend couldn’t believe it, first he got a hand job, then a blow job. Then he got to titty fuck & now is literally fucking his friends hot Wife. It was a dream cum true for him. He was now in his complete glory, never in a thousand years would he believe it. After some time, he started to feel his cock throb in a way like never before.Friend: ” I think – I think I’m going to cum…”She then began to thrust her hips more aggressively to work that cum right out of his cock. He starts to moan. “I’m going to cum! I’m cumming!” My Wife then slips his hard dick out & drops to her knees below him. Then as she is on her knees looking up with her mouth wide open my friend’s cock begins to shoot & squirt a warm, fresh load of thick & creamy cum. Almost falling over from excitement he keeps his balance & aims his cock towards my Wife’s mouth & shoots a load all over her tongue & then sticks it deep into her warm mouth. He then squeezes & pushes his throbbing cock down her throat. She gags for a second but then she looks up & tells him to grab her hair & force his cock back down her throat. Grabbing a handful of my Wife’s hair he fucks my Wife’s face making sure every little bit of cum goes down. She tightens her lips & sucks away at all the cum that is being pumped out of his large testicles. It’s almost too much to bear but she does it anyway. Every little drop…The endHope you enjoyed.

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