30 Haziran 2020

Wife IS the Party!


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Wife IS the Party!We went to a party after work was going to just stop by quickly. But Margarita’s with no salt are her favorite. And the song by Bob Dylan called lay lady lay, came on and she was being flirted with and felt up by guys and she liked it. Dancing slowly and rubbing against hard cocks got the better of her.She started to rub back and they responded, the first to ask if she wanted to help him was a young guy from the mechanical crew that was just 20 years old. She was 45 looking hot and he liked her shapely ass. He took her to a room at the back of the house and sat her on a bed and unzipped his pants and pulled out his nicely sized cock and rubbed it on her lips telling her he needed her help. She sucked it into her mouth and he fucked her pretty lips and blew his load in her mouth after a few minutes.She stood up and said she should get back out to the party; he followed her out into the front room. She walked up to me and kissed me and stuck her tongue into my mouth and I knew what she had done, she tasted of cum. She leaned into me and whispered in my ear that the young man behind her had just fucked her in the mouth with his big cock. She then asked if I could taste it in her mouth and did she have cock breath.The young guy watched her kiss me and he smiled really big and went to get a drink. An older guy named Roy from the planning office walked up and asked her to dance. Roy had been sucked off by her at work in an unused stairwell. He was in his early sixties and black like coal, kaçak bahis but was hung like a mule. She said yes and went to the area others were dancing. I was able to see him rubbing her ass and grinding into her with his big boner the song ended and the dance floor cleared. Another slow song came on and they continued to dance. I saw the other two girls from work leave they were the last except for my wife. Now there were maybe 12 guys left some stayed only a bit longer then left leaving nine guys milling around talking, getting stoned, drinking. Roy was putting his hands down her pants squeezing her ass. Several guys were standing there watching my wife being felt up by this older man.He said something to her and she took him by the hand down the hall they turned into the bathroom she closed the door. A few minutes they came out and she had walked back up to me silently she kissed me she still had a load of cum in her mouth. Roy was talking to guys near the keg of beer and they all looked at my wife and I, while she kissed me. She had cum on her blouse and neck. She hugged me telling me how he fucked her mouth while she knelt in front of him. She said he told her he was going to tell the guys that she just sucked his cock when he went out of the bathroom. So Roy was telling them how he fucked her in her pretty mouth and the whole while they watched her kiss me.One by one the guys each asked her to dance, they played slow songs and rubbed up against her and she let them and one by one they tipobet were led to the back and they got sucked off. Each time she came back out shed find me and kiss me then get another drink and back out on the dance floor. Three guys left after they got their blow jobs from my wife, leaving six guys at the party and my self and my wife, now very drunk and being a flirt.Wife party Part IIShe walked up to me after she blew the last guy ad kissed me in front of all six guys and very loudly asked if I could taste the cum the fat guy shot into her mouth. Her bra was unhooked her shirt was open and she had cum on her face and neck. Se said she needed to cum and be eaten as she was really horny. She led me into the hall and a room she told me to unzip and lay down she got undressed and climbed on me to 69 with me and said lick my pussy honey until it’s all wet and ready.So I start eating her and the older black guy Roy walks in unzips his pants and sticks his cock in her pussy while I was licking her. He pulls out and lets his cock land on my face, and he drags it over my cheek to my lips, and pokes it into my mouth while I was trying to lick her. She squats back and says suck him up so he can fuck my pussy honey. The door is open and all the guys are all watching Roy, as he fucks my mouth till he is hard and then pulls out and put it in my wife’s wet pussy. He was slamming his big black cock in and out of her pussy. He took his time pulling too far out many times, letting his cock land tipobet güvenilir mi on my face. She leaned forward and said cum on him. So Roy spurts his cum all over her pussy and my face, he backs up and says next.Another guy from the systems group slips his cock with he balls into my wife’s pussy and he started to come the moment he was all the way in. Holding her hips he just kept pumping and pumping a huge load of cum into her. When he pulled out she put her pussy right on my mouth. A massive load of cum came out of her and I was drowning in cum I could not swallow fast enough but she held her pussy on my mouth. She started to talk nasty like “That’s right sweetie suck all that cum out of my used pussy”. She leaned forward and another guy stepped up to fuck her pussy and he flapped his cock around and rubbed it on my face before he slipped into her pussy. He was a short Mexican guy over 50 with a belly so to fuck her pussy he had to straddle my head; I believe he stood on his tippy toes. I had his balls lying on my face as he fucked my wife and he was enjoying it all too much he pulled out and came all over my face and wiped his cock off on my lips and backed away. The next guy was a tall slender black guy about 23 who worked in the hydraulics shop. He too enjoyed being able to be dominate as well he rubbed his cock on her pussy lips and then rubbed it on her asshole and lubed it with cum and juices. He slowly pushed it into her asshole his black balls dangling over my face while he butt fucked my wife. He took his time and he fucked her long and slow. But when he came she leaned forward so he would cum shallow in her ass. She sat back on my mouth with her used asshole right over my mouth and said suck his load from my tender ass honey.

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