30 Haziran 2021

Wife To A Escort-1


Wife To A Escort-1deleteddeletedmy husband name is Sagar. We both are from Nagpur and we live in Mumbai. Our marriage was an arranged marriage and I was virgin until my marriage, but my husband was not virgin which got to know 2 years back and that night changed every thing from what we are now,I am software engineer and my husband is a sales director in a reputed mnc. Before marriage I use to work in pune and I got many proposals from the boys but I turned them off….. I mostly use wear a salwar and rarely jeans. Girls around me says that I have very shinning skin and good body shape, even they use to encourage to make friends with the boys and enjoy the life… I turned them all as I believed that any advances (even a kiss) before marriage is sin.I was very happy with my marriage and my husband was more closer to what I assumed as dream husband. We had some complications and doctors said we may not become parents unless we go for surrogacy which we could not afford (that was the case 2 years back). Now the case is different….Initially after marriage we took a 2 bed room house for rent in anderi… I use earn around 40k and my husband use to earn around 75 k…. Similar like all the wife and husbands we also planned a lot regarding savings and about buying our own house some where near pune and to get shifted to pune etc., my husband use to maintain all the financials and I never interfered, I just ask him for pocket money when ever I need…. Like all the homes, there was always crunch and our savings where not going any where.Somthing that got changed after marriage is my dressing style… My husband use to tell me that when ever he walks in the malls and notices any girls with sleeveless or skits exposing the knees or girls wearing shorts or even when sees any girls in jeans exposing they hip on short tops…. He gets immediate hard on.He was very happy for getting such a beautiful girl in fabulous shape as his wife…. One thing he was not much happy with me wearing slawar most of the time. Unlike all the newly married couples we roamed around entire mumbai, malls, theatres, beaches and he took me to all sorts of entertainments. He use to show me the girls wearing sexy dresses and said that he use to get jealous on the boys next to those girls before marriage as he did not had girl friends before ( I use to feel pity for him).I told him that he got me now and he done have to feel jealous any more… Most of the nights after having sex use requests me to go beauty parlour and get the hair straightened, buy some push up bras, buy some 3/4th jeans etc.,…. I was not sure if would wear a 3/4 and walk in public, I use to say that I feel like every one staring on my exposed skin and that makes me uncomfortable… This use discussion use to happen almost every day….Slowly I started thinking as far as my husband is next to me I have no problem and no one is going to rap me…. More one some one staring would not make me pregnant. One fine day on his birthday I told him that I am ready to wear any thing that make him happy and I told that I will wear it only when he is next to me…. Said that is his birthday present and we had a wonderful sex that night.Next morning he took a day off and asked me also take day off and said we are going to parlour and for some shopping…. In the parlour they showed many packages, after few discussions we sorted down to a package that was around 1.5 lakh (my husband convinced me a lot and said that is his dream and want to see his dream girl in me and want to have a girl not less than a movie star as his wife)…..We had the existing savings up to 1.2 lakh and he said he will use his card…. This is what the package covered…. The sessions would go for 7 weeks and we have to pay upfront for all 7 sessions (if we pay separate for each session it will got beyond 3 lakh) it is a combo offer which includes hair cut, hair smoothing, straightening, full body laser removal (arms, under arms, legs), full body thai massage, steam baths, permanent glossy facial (we were told that it should be done every week for 7 sessions similar like laser removal and the glow in face will remain for 2 to 3 years with minimal maintenance once in 6 weeks).Parlour folks convinced us saying that I have a very good colour and I will be fabulous once all the sessions are completed. They did showed us some photos of the girls who are trying for chances in film industry and who had gone thru similar packages… Going through the photos of girls before and after… My wife was lot more 10 times better and the parlour folks are right.Immediately after the first session itself which went for about 4 hours.. My husband said there was a lot of change in my appearance…. Should say the hair cut makes a lot difference how you look….We went for shopping and we brought around 6 pairs of jeans (torn jeans, floral, coloured, low waist)… Brought few t-shirts and tops ( I was picking a sleeved one and my husband was searching for sleeveless)…. After a bit of hesitation I gave up and got reminded myself on the birthday gift on I would wear what ever he picks…. He went on picking some long skits and some till knee…. He even teased me to try a short skirt and I was very shy to walk out of the trial room…..After seeing my face that I was very comfortable that I am holding bornova escort the skirt bottom edge to protect from flying by the blowing wind… He laughed and asked me change it….. I told him if he wants to wear that short skirt (it was 10 inches above the knees) I would wear it for him but I might be holding that to make sure it not flying and my panty or bumps are not exposed. Finally he dropped it and brought me couple of shorts in jockey and asked in wear it inside the house.Our life was going cool and as I continued to go for the parlour sessions….I got lot of attention and feedback from colleagues in the office…. Even some of my team mets said joking to marry them and they will talk to my husband…In a quick time I was like talk of the town in office and when I wear jeans and tshirt to office….. My god I got many proposals… Some team members joked that they will kill my husband and give life for a window. Even girls gave feedback that I should wear western dress more frequently and that suits me..I started liking the attention that I got in office and slowly becoming comfortable with my dressings…. I use to share everything with my husband…. Now he put another bomb on me saying that he want to try new things in sex and kept begging to suck him which I could not do….The thought itself gives me vomiting feeling.My husband got promotion as senior sales executive.. Though our salaries got raised, our life also got changed and we always run tight at the month end….. That did not changed any thing from making mumbai jealous and my husband was very happy, sometimes in the malls he wantedly places his hand on my hip and rubs it lifting a bit exposing some portion of hip and my belly button.. While doing that he use to show me some one standing on the corner and watching us and watching my exposed skin (he says he was like that guy in corner feeling jealous before marriage)…He thanked me and said I love you (it was like from bottom of his heart with a feeling)…. I understood his feeling that he is more happy to be exhibitionist… I got was carried away and asked him to close his eyes, I looked at the guy in the corner to see if he is still seeing us…. He got me seeing him, I saw my husband who still has his eyes closed…. I got courage and kiss my husband on the lips right in centre of a large mall (it was like a quick kiss)My husband could not believe that I kissed in public view.. I told him I will any thing for him and I told I also love you…Our life was so romantic and I got more and more comfortable in wearing sleeveless tops, push up bras, skirts etc., our life got changed once for all on a trip to goa…. I swam with a bikini too (that was a kind of private beach belonging to 5 start resort and it had 90% foreign guests), slept on the goa beach sand in bikini for more than 1 hour exposing my 90 to 95% skin to the foreigners….. The kind of looks these foreigners were giving, my husband started teasing me that I should behave like I was alone and try to see how of them approach her for a date..It was a 3 day trip and on the next day I asked my husband if he really wants to tease the foreigner……. After making so many public shows in mumbai malls it become like a regular routine for us to tease public by kissing…. The more daring wost part that happened once was…. We booked for a night show which starts at 10:40 in orbit mall… My husband said it is a romantic hindi movie and I should wear something sexy.He picked me a dress that has gets back full exposed….. It was very fantastic dress for a candle light dinner kind of….. It is a full length dress comes till the toes… It got a one side cut from above the knees…Me too liked that dress very much but I was not sure if that was appropriate for the movie… He said the theatre is almost empty and 20% seats are filled… As the back was fully exposed you cant wear a bra for that…. It has to go with silicon sticky cups so that the nipples dont get pocked.As expected we got attention and in dark suddenly my husband pulled the dress from one side exposing by one side breast… I got angry and stared at him.. I told I will walk away if he does it again…He kept a sorry face like a k** and I was so much disappointed. I told him that it is not my responsibility if I get ****d or if some asks me what is the rate and pulled down the dress from both the shoulders. I removed the sticky cups and gave it to him…. Cold air was hitting my breast and I could see he was sweating and nervous…. I smiled at him and asked if he wants me to remove the dress completely. I teased him more asking if he wants me sit fully naked. He said sorry baby please pull up the dress…Luckily no one had seen me…..That night we laughed a lot and I joked him that I am more daring than him and he is fattu..Back to the goa.. The second day… It turned out like a debate and my husband saying I can do any thing daring even though I slept on beach sand in bikini…. I reminded him how much he was sweating when I exposed my boobs in the theatre… Finally after a little chat and challenge that I will pretend like a prostitute and how much I can earn.Like the first day I went to swim on a bikini and rested on the sand, no one approached me till noon, we thought to hit the beach in the evening and hut for foreign escort bornova fools… We came back to the room and I was still in bikini, my husband called in room service and ordered for lunch in the room. He asked me to stay in bikini until the room service guy comes (more over most of the hotel people had seen me in bikini in 2 days and nothing much to shy)…. I gave him a naughty smile.After about 20 mins there was a calling bell, he gave me signal in he eye to open and he pretend like busy on laptop.. As I moved from bed to open the door, he said darling… Why dont you remove your the bikini top? I asked him if he is serious and he will get sweated again and nervous like theatre incident… He challenged me that I am fattu and I wont find get any customer. He went on saying that I need to act like a prostitute if you want to be one.I told him shut and went to answer the door with out removing it…. He started to smile like he is winning and I dont want to give up…. I went back to him and told him that he is fattu and I am not the girl who he married 3 years back…I added saying I am a prostitute today and he is my pimp… I removed both the bikini top and bottom throwed it on his face and said “Lets see if you have the guts to take this” I walked to the door fully naked having a hand on the door nob and looked back at him.. He was very nervous but did not speek a word, his legs were shivering…. I could not believe myself that I was so cool and did not even mind to be naked before other person..More over we dont know if it is 1 guy or more than one guy outside…. I really felt proud that he lost and I am winning.Just in flash, I garbed a towel hanging near the door, wrapped it around my hip and opened the door. It was only 1 guy from room service, he was around 18 to 19 years and got surprised seeing me like that with a small towel around my hip and round boobs with erect nipples.I told come in showed him the place to keep the food… He could not take his eyes from the inviting boobs, I acted so natural and some thing like proud feeling inside me….. I sat on the bed and facing room service guys back….I asked my husband thru eyes pressing my boobs and what he thinks if he agrees that I am more daring and he is a fattu. He twisted his toung and gave a reckless smile… That brought a quick anger in me as seated on the bed I removed the towel, crushed it and kept in covering the pussy. I did not wanted to the room service guy to see it. Seeing my husband reckless I started the conversation with the room services and I told him that I am an elite prostitute based out of mumbai and introduced my husband as my pimp…I told him that I am looking for foreign customers who can pay more………..He said he can understand he is not surprised seeing me almost naked, he went on saying that generally customers gets the girls and this some what different. My husband added to that and said I am need of money and that’s why she came from mumbai… Room service guy said he check with his senior and manager and come back if there was any request from any of the customer asking for girls.. He himself said the market is very good and she can make 5 lakh for the night and if she lucky and gets a group for gangbang she can earn up to 10 lakhs. Saying that he moved out.Both mine and my husbands mouth got open big hearing that…. As he went out we both saw each other and had a big lauge on our act like a prostitute and pimp…… Just then I realised the towel had got dropped down and I dont know when… I was worried and asked my husband if the room service guy had seen my pussy.My husband said the towel got dropped on floor when I started the conversation and said I was gave him the full naked show thru out the conversation..He said that he assumed I dropped it intentionallyWe both laughed loud and that was fun…. Still the front door was fully open and sitting in the bed naked. I asked my husband to come me and said to leave the door open and we will have some sex…. With all the behaviours till now I though that idea might me interesting with a fear some one might walk in as we have sex… My husband appreciated the idea and came to bed removing all his dress.I stopped him and said, rules are rules… You be my customer and pay the girl first.We fucked hard and both myself and my husband giving loud moans… Inside our hearts we are inviting some one come in and see us naked…. All that we did in mumbai was nothing, kissing in public, exposing the slender legs, arms, belly etc….. What we are doing in goa is different (best part is we dont know any one in goa and hotel is filled with foreigners)After about 15 to 20 mins of fucking in various positions we returned back to sitting position… I wrapped both my legs around my husband and pumping in sitting angle with a full swing and high moans… I was saying my husband that I was actually expecting some one walking in the corridor to peep in and to say sorry..And I was getting disappointed and I really need some audience to build more fire.My husband said that I got fully transformed to prostitute and he feels like he fucking a prostitute… From deep heart he said “Love you” baby, and said he always dreamed to fuck a prostitute who fucks only for money. He continued adding that he loves me so much and some bornova escort bayan how we carried this drama of acting as prostitute to so long…. Knowing or unknowing we took it long and he said he wont mind even if she gets fucked by some one…. Entire resort saw her in bikini, room service guy saw me fully naked and we are fucking leaving the door open expecting for audience….He gave a full approval from his side to be a prostitute and win the challenge… If I wish I can be an actual whore instead of a drama……. He got more aroused as he said that and his hard cock hitting me deep inside me, I was about to answer that I am not interested to get fucked by some one else.. Only he pushed me to the edge which made me act like a slut..I don’t know if it is a coincidence or bad luck….. Suddenly room service guy entered the room along with a manager and african negro. Both negro and manager were surprised but looks like room service guy assumed that I will still be nude… I am sure he would not have expected me in such a position wrapped my legs around another nude man and having is dick fully inside my pussy.Manager extended his hand to me for shake and introduced the negro guy as rob and he is looking for girl… Looks like rob has shortlisted few girls for there party and not yet finalised on any and he insisted to see my face before committing… For his delight he had seen me fully naked and not just the face. Rob came forward and to give a shake hand.. I was confused and afraid of this negro guy saw my husband face.. He came close to my ear and said remember you are a prostitute.I brought a face smile on the face and gave my hand to him for a shake… He came close to the bed saying he liked me and this is kind of the shape he is looking for (my heart started to beet fast and worried if he is going to book me, my husband was able understand and his face was full of smile)…Very casually he kept his hand on shoulder and started rub it… He appreciated that I have a very good gifted skin..He came back to full and I could not see him (my husband cock was still inside my pussy and surprising it had not gone limp even with out any action….. May be all this conversation keeping him hard)All of a sudden rob brought both his hand and clubbed both my boobs from the back… This was the first time some one else is touching my body and that too my private parts…. On surprise I lifted my head full up to see his face fully…. He again appreciated that I have very nice boobs and he is mad to suck them, I don’t know what to do…. Best thing I could do is to give him face smile which I did. I was confused on the next action, that’s when my husband told…. Please be seated for couple of seconds, we will finish what we were doing and then we can discuss on the terms. (this time he did his part as a perfect pimp)Rob left back, manager and rob sat on the sofa and room service guy left standing there…. Only two people could sit in that sofa. My husband came to ear and said you got your audience now.. My heart got filled up with passion and we continued our fucking session with full swing again…. This time we were literally shouting and not moaning… We fucked for good 5 mins and some time I was saw these people to see if they were enjoying the act… In fact they did not take even a second to look aside, every time I see them I give them a smile….. Slowly in the flow of fucking by my husband my fake smiles got changed to the real smiles towards the audience and inside my heart I was enjoying this.I was under big confusion for which I need answer before my husband shots his cum …. Should I fuck the negro guy tonight (he had already had feel on my body and his strong palm on my breast was urging to feel more) or should I quote more around 15 lakhs so that they turn down the offer …. I was really confused …. As my husband fucking me he came to ears and asked very slowly if I want to go with the negro or not and depending on that he will tackle the situation ….. Honestly I was not able to answer that, one part say to try it and other part reminds about the girl I use to be 3 years back…. In this confusion I said yes fuck me fast.. Yes fuck me fast… Yes …. Yes …Yes … My husband took that moans as yes and said lets make some money then and remember this goa trip.Before I could react and say anything he freed my legs, pushed me to the bed and lying on my back… He pulled his cock outside and came to my mouth, all of a sudden he shot his full load in to my mouth, kissed me closing my mouth….I had no choice and all the cum had already gone deep inside my throat…. Initially I did no like the blow job… After many beggings almost an year back I started giving blow jobs and till now I told he should never shot his cum in my mouth,, though in every blow job he says he wants to cum in my mouth, I had heavily warned him that he will never get any blow job in future if he does.I knew my situation that I got audience and I wont shout at him, taking this advantage he satisfied his wish of filling my mouth…. As he moved away from me, I asked if he is fully satisfied by the loading my mouth with his cum…. He turned around and gave a victory smile for which he was begging so long……I said that filling my mouth is charged extra and he has to pay back for that with. I never tasted the cum before with some unknown fear… It was not so bad…. Few drop were rolling on my jaws…. I rubbed my fingers and sucked fingers….My husband so happy on seeing sucking the finger taking his cum on jaws…… He said, sure he will pay it back.To be continued in part 2 of this sex story.

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