30 Haziran 2020

Wife with the neighbor boys!


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Wife with the neighbor boys!My wife had walked over to a neighbor lady’s house for a girl’s night. I sat in that night watching tv, and eagerly awaiting her return based on her performance the last time she went out with these ladies. Let me explain what she did last time, to better set the stage for what I hoped would be a repeat performance. A few weeks back these woman had invited her over for a girls night of craft making. She went there trying to make friends and brought with her a bottle of wine, as did most of the other women. However, as they all chatted and did their crafts or painting or whatever, she was bored out of her mind with the company. Turns out most of them were all part of the same church, and talked about that mostly. They also didn’t really drink much, and my wife ended up drinking way more than everyone else. She was a little nervous and not sure what to say to them or how to fit in, so she really hit the wine to loosen herself up. When she finally decided to leave and walk home, she realized just how much she had been drinking. She literally crawled in the front door at around midnight that night. She was slurring her words, and falling all over the place. I was shocked she was even able to find our house. The next day she insisted it didn’t hit her until she was walking home, and that she hadn’t made an ass of herself in front of them. So when they invited her back, we assumed that must have been the case. When she left that I night I secretly hoped she would get just as drunk as last time. That is because last time when she came home that hammered, I was able to coax her into some hot fun. She actually passed out half way into our fun, leaving me to enjoy her body in ways she normally wouldn’t allow. Like licking her asshole, and I even managed to get the tip of my cock inside her anus before I blew a load up into her slumbering butthole. As the night dragged on, I sat patiently, jerking my cock to the edge of cumming in anticipation of things to come. When midnight came, I got a text from her. “leeeavin n 5minnns”. Seeing that was all I needed to know she was clearly in the midst of a repeat performance. I peered out the front window and saw her come around the corner. She was staggering. I reached in my pants and felt my rock hard cock, as I watched her stumbling down the sidewalk. Suddenly I saw her stop in front of a neighbor’s house, and start fumbling with her belt buckle. She was still across the street from our side of the block at this point, about 3 houses down from ours. There was a street light at the corner, which lit her up quite niğde escort well, and I realized she appeared to be undoing her pants. What the fuck was she about to do, I thought. It was midnight and no one appeared to be around. Then to my shock and amazement, I saw her pull her pants down to her ankle and squat right there in the middle of the sidewalk. Holy shit, she was taking a piss right out in the open. By now I had my cock out of my pants and was beating it like crazy watching her piss flow, and seeing her trying to steady herself without falling into her puddle. Then I heard a noise from our side of the block. It sounded like hooting and clapping. OH MY GOD, I suddenly realized the neighbors on our side exactly 3 doors down have two teenage sons who often hang out on their porch late at night having fires, and sneaking beers from their parents. They must be seeing her. For some reason, this made me even harder, and I had to stop stroking to keep myself from cumming at the thought of them seeing her bare ass and hairy pussy in the dim light. She heard them as well, and quickly got herself up and pulled her pants back up, neglecting to even buckle her belt. Then I saw her sticking up her middle finger at them, and yelling something inaudibly back in their direction. I figured that would be it, and she would hurry home now embarrassed as hell. What shocked me was when she turned towards them and then began to cross the street over their way, swaying back and forth the whole time. She was going to confront them, I couldn’t believe it. As quietly as I could, I snuck out my front door and hid behind my parked car in my driveway. From there I could see her standing on their front lawn, looking like she was about to fall flat on her face. Then I saw one of the two boys walk over to her and hand her a beer. My god, she hadn’t been mad at them, she was looking to continue drinking and found someone to party with. The last thing she needed at this point was more alcohol, and I knew I should go stop this. But something made me stay and wait to see what happened. She took the beer from the boy, and struggled to open it and take a sip. She is still on the front lawn, rocking back and forth, and then I see him try to steady her. She takes on more sip, and then down she goes, seemingly out like a light. I stood up to go retrieve her, but before I could do anything, I noticed the neighbor boy reaching down and starting to play with her tits. I should have gone over and kicked his ass, or woken up his parents, or even called the cops. But something about it just made my escort niğde cock throb inside my pants. I saw him wave over to his brother and next thing I know they are both kneeling over her getting a feel all over her slumbering body. The one boy has both his hands up her shirt, aggressively fondling her massive tits, while the other has slipped his hand inside her unbuckled jeans, and appears to be playing with her pussy. I see him pulling his hand out every now and then and sniffing and licking his fingers. Then, just as I was about to walk over there, they picked her up by her arms and feet, and began carrying her over to their porch. What they fuck where these two up to. I needed to know. As quietly as I could, I crept through the bushes past the two houses that separated us, until I found myself kneeling under a tree right next to their porch. From their standpoint I was in the dark, and I knew they couldn’t see me. One of the boys went inside the house and quickly shut off the porch light. The other one turned on a small camping lantern, and as the fire they had was pretty much dwindled, the light was very low. They had sat my wife in one of the chairs, and I watched intensely as they continued to grope and fondle my inebriated wife. What they did next almost made me cum in my pants. I watched as they each pulled out what appeared to be very huge cocks. They may have been teenagers, but they were both packing some pretty big equipment. I watched as they each reached down and took one of her hands and began stroking their massive boners with her soft hands. She appeared to give no reaction to this and they continued for a while, playing with her now exposed tits with their free hands. They had hiked her shirt up and pulled her bra down, so with the soft light of their lantern, we all enjoyed the view of her big tits, and hardening nipples and they pinched and pawed. What happened next I definitely should have stopped, but I just couldn’t. I was too turned on. They slowly removed her jeans and panties, and sat her back in the chair, pulling her pussy close to the edge of the chair and tilting her head back causing her mouth to open up. Then, as if they had done this before, one of them knelt between her legs and entered her hairy mom pussy, as the other stood next to her open mouth and began pushing his member inside. By now I had my pants around my ankles and was stroking in unison as they fucked my wife from both ends. Being teenagers, the boy fucking her didn’t last long at all. I think it was maybe 45 seconds or so before he tightened his ass, cocked back niğde escort bayan his head, and started emptying his seed into her. His brother was still face fucking her open mouth and pawing at her big breasts. When his brother withdrew, he quickly took his place, and before long he was pounding away at her very sloppy pussy. From where I was standing I could hear the squishing sounds as he pounded her cum filled holed. I am sure even in the state she was in, that some of that wetness was her juices mixed with theirs. Before long, he too was cumming deep inside my wife. I took that opportunity to shoot my load all over the side of their porch, and I quietly snuck back to my house and inside. About 10 minutes later, I saw them out of my window walking her down to our house. I am not sure if they woke her up intentionally, or if she had come to during the fucking or immediately after. She was still totally out of it, but was walking on her own, with them on either side making sure she kept going the right direction. When she reached our doorstep, she sat down on our stoop. I saw one of them ring them bell and then they ran as fast as they could out of sight. I opened the door and helped her inside. She seemed to have no idea where she was or how she got there. I brought her up to our room, stripped her down to her panties, and laid her on the bed. The crotch of her panties was soaked through with their cum leaking out of her pussy. Seeing her like this had me rock hard again, even though I had shot a huge load only minutes before. I climbed onto the bed and opened her legs. I took a big sniff through her panties of her well fucked cunt. I began to lick the crotch of her panties, tasting the mixture of cum and pussy juice. this became too much for me, and I pulled her panties to the side exposing her hairy snatch. Dribbling out of the bottom of her vagina and into her butthole was a glob of neighbor boy cum. I leaned down and lick it up, slipping my fingers into her gaping hole and squishing around the rest of their seed they had deposited. Then I felt for the very first time in my life, sloppy seconds, and with my own wife. It didn’t take me long, and I think maybe 5 or 6 thrusts into her before I was adding my load to her womb. I rolled over and passed out next to her. The next morning I was woken by her taping my on the chest and asking how the heck she got home and into bed. She said she didn’t remember much as texting me, but for some reason she was super horny. She said she must have had some really wild sex dreams because she can feel that she is soaked between her legs. Then before I could say anything, she climbed up on top of me and sat her pussy over my face. The smell of 3 loads of cum, and her womanly juices now filled my nose, and without objection I devoured her pussy with my tongue.

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