5 Haziran 2021

Wife’s Friend Pays Me a Visit


My wife has a few girlfriends who from time to time stop by to pay her a visit. For some odd reason my wife likes to let them know how good that I am sexually. Quite a few times I have noticed her friends looking at me in that lustful way. And today it was no different. But than again it was!

It was Friday morning and I had the day off from work. I was out front mowing the lawn. I always like to catch a few rays whenever I can. So I am in pair of shorts with no shirt on. Over the past few months I have been working out quite hard to regain my former body. I stand a little over 6 foot and weigh around 200. My legs endure the treadmill daily and 5 times weekly I weight-lift. So I am pretty buff and the traces of washboard ab’s are just beginning to return.

As I am wrapping up my front lawn a car pulls into the drive. It is familiar but in the early morning sun I cannot make out the person inside. Out from the car slide out a nice pair of tanned firm legs. It was my wife’s friend Nancy. A big smile appears across her face as she walks up to me. I am never much into expressing affection for other women but with Nancy it was different. I place my hands on her hips as our lips meet for a nice short but sweet kiss. It is the kind of kiss that allows both of our lips to make full contact.

Nancy is in a black polyester skirt dress. The skirt is a nice thin summer material that clings to her hot body. The top is a v-neck with a bahçelievler escort collar and suits her quite well. She has just left work and sure does look good. Her heels help bring Nancy closer to my height as my hands are still on her hips. My eyes are locked on hers as she asks where my wife is. I snap out of it and respond that she went into work today. I think to myself what a break! So, of course I invite Nancy in for a drink!

She gladly accepts as my hands move to her lower back and I lead her inside the house. I make sure to lean back as I once again look all the way up her tan legs. Nancy only stands about 5’3″ and about 120. So she is a little on the thicker side. But, certainly not stocky or overweight! She always has a great tan and I can only dream about tan lines for now! I watch her nice firm ass in that form fitting skirt as I lead her through my front door. As we enter the house she turns to hug me again and whispers in my ear that she has really missed me. Her hands have found my ass as I look into her deep blue eyes and tell her the same. Her breasts push against mine as she kisses me once more. Nancy is not so well endowed as she is probably a 34A or maybe a B. But, I have always been enamored with her sexy, playful, cute school-girl looks. She is kind of a lot like a Meg Ryan lookalike!

We both are avid golfers and that is what we decide to do for now. As we drive to the balgat escort nearest course, Nancy continuously moves closer and closer to my seat as we talk about our bet for today’s round. I agree to give her 15 strokes (and by do I want to give her at least 15!). Nancy has brought along a change of clothes. I convince her to keep the skirt on and she changes into a white lace tank top. I don’t care if she has no tits at all…she is still hot! On the first tee I offer my help as my hands once again find her hips to help align her properly. I already have wood as she makes sure to lean back into my hard cock. She playfully asks if I would rather hit it with my putter! I laugh and tell her that she can only wish! It is now my turn and I hit a perfect drive as we climb into the cart together. Nancy kisses me on the cheek and thanks me for playing with her today. I tell her that she might not be thanking me after I finish kicking her ass today! She replies that I might be licking but certainly not kicking! Now I can only wish!

Of course as she is putting I once again take the opportunity to grind against her again and this will continue on for the whole day. We finally reach 18 and when I add up the scores, I am leading by 1 stroke. This is when it gets interesting.

The wager on the table is that if she manages to beat me than I am her slave for the rest of the day. I can handle that, but of course I wanted ankara escort to know what my prize is! Nancy very calmly told me that I get her anyway that I see fit. I laugh as I think that she is playing with me. But her seductive smile tells me that she is telling the truth. I have never wanted to win so badly in my life before. We are both in front of the green in 2. I chip first and stiff the pin (kind of matches the stiffness in my shorts!). Nancy is next and wouldn’t you know it, knocks it right in the hole! So, I have to have my putt for a tie. I sink it and we end up in a tie.

We kiss after the round and I make sure that I let this kiss linger and let my hands roam as well as let her feel my hard cock. Nancy responds but also lets me know that I did not win! We both decide that a game of strip poker will decide the winner. What a day I am having so far!

Back at the house Nancy changes back into those sexy high heels again and has added a pair of fishnet stockings to boot! A strong trace of perfume fills the air as I emerge from the shower. Nancy waits at the door and suggests that I only play in my towel. I tell her to dream about it and she promises that she will! I change into a new pair of shorts and a tank top with a cotton shirt on top. I decide to add a pair of socks for additional clothing. Nancy has found the cards and is waiting patiently for me. I finally truly realize that I am going to fuck this woman today! Her face tells me all that I need to know, as she looks me over top to bottom. I whisper in her ear that I am going to have her stark naked in a few minutes. She laughs as I make sure that my tongue also slips out to slide into her ear. A slight moan is my reward and I know that she is mine!

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