5 Haziran 2021

Windows to the Soul


Author’s Note: Thanks to Honey123 for her contribution to the “Danielle” part of this story. It’s my fortune to know such a talented writer and truly sensuous person.

~ ~ ~

It began with a look. A single, quick glance; then another. And suddenly, the world fell away, and there were only the two of us, our eyes locked in that surrealistic moment, in which we looked, each for an instant, into the other’s soul.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I had been at work since 6:30 that morning, and I was getting tired. Now here it was, almost 7:30 in the evening. I should have been finishing off a nice meal and relaxing with a Sam Adams or two, then maybe watching a little TV before going to bed. Tomorrow was going to be another long day.

This school addition had taken longer than it should, and that’s why the school board had hired me. I was supposed to make the men work faster, make the materials get here sooner, and generally fix everything that had gone wrong all summer. Now it was only two days before the little brats came back, and we still weren’t ready. Damn elementary kids, anyway, I thought grumpily!

To make matters worse, tonight was “Meet the Teacher Night” and the place would soon be crawling with noisy pre-teens and their parents, most of whom would be wondering why little Johnnie hadn’t been placed in an accelerated program, for anyone could see he was almost at genius level! I would rather have been anyplace but here, but I had a meeting with the principal and his subordinates after the general assembly. I was trapped!

Sure enough, here came the first of the bunch. I looked down the sidewalk to see a nicely shaped woman with a full head of wavy dark hair, holding onto a small boy’s hand as they walked toward me.

“Excuse me!” she called, though we were still 40 feet apart. In the twilight and the dim illumination provided by what few outside lights were on, I could see that she was nicely dressed: short white skirt, a dark, silky type of blouse, and high heels. Nice legs!

“Can you tell me which way to the auditorium?”

I waited until we were about 15 feet apart before I answered her. “Sure,” I said, walking up to the two of them. “It’s two buildings that way, down this…”

As I looked into her eyes to speak to her, something happened. A moment. It was unexplainable and fleeting, like trying to catch a spark. There was something so familiar there! She picked up on it about the time I did. She looked quickly away, then back at me. And then we stared into each other’s eyes for a long, long moment. Was it really her? I stood, slack-jawed, trying to recall her name. God, that was so long ago! Her eyes, those same mysterious green eyes, held me prisoner for more than a few more seconds.


That broke the contact, and I looked down to see the little guy, his face contorted in a grimace. His mother held his hand in a death-grip, her knuckles white as she squeezed it tightly. Suddenly, she realized it, too.

“Oh, honey,” she said, dropping to her haunches before him. “Mommy’s so sorry!” She held him close, then turned to look up at me, almost accusingly, as if I had ignited the moment between us. Suddenly I remembered, all of it.

“I – I’m sorry,” she said, haltingly. “Where did you say…?”

I remembered to breathe then, and pointed with my right hand. “It’s that way. If you want, I can show you,” I volunteered. It had to be her! No matter how much she had changed, it just had to be her. The eyes don’t lie.

I thought she was going to say, “That’s okay, we can find it now,” but she didn’t. Instead, she fixed me with a smile, stood up quickly, and extended her hand toward mine.

“Brian?” she asked tentatively, cocking her pretty head to look at me. I took her hand. It was firm and strong, and I felt the old spark again. Suddenly I didn’t want to let go.

“My god, is it Danielle?” I asked, sure after hearing her voice up close that it was. How long had it been, since I had heard that voice in my ear, breathing my name as I forced myself clumsily into her?

She smiled. “In the flesh.” I dropped her hand and stepped into her, putting my arms around her. She returned the hug, perhaps a little too forcefully. When we broke, she looked like she was trying to get her self-control back, and failing. She indicated her son, beside her. “This is Austin.”

“My son,” she added.

I held my hand out to the boy, who took it, timidly. I think even he could feel that there was a strong connection between his mother and I, and was confused and possibly scared by it.

So was I, but I was also excited! I cleared my throat, as nervous as a boy on his first prom date.

“How long has it been, Dani?” I asked, adopting the name I called her by back then. “Twenty years?”

She smiled, considering. Finally, she said softly, “A long time.”

We stood there then, each lost in our memories for a while. I thought back to that night in the back of my car, and the rapturous feeling of her fleshy breast in my inexperienced hand. Yes! akyurt escort I remembered how her plump thighs parted slightly as my hand went between them, intent on exploring all those mysterious places. The fragrance of her on my fingers after I dropped her off at home! I knew she was recalling some of those times, too, by the way her eyes lost their focus.

Finally, she spoke. “Well, Brian, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to have you walk with us. It’s kind of dark out here.”

“Not at all,” I said, and took her arm. As we began to walk, I explained about the construction, and why the lights weren’t all working yet. I even walked them past the auditorium to show her the new gymnasium we were close to completing. “We’re supposed to have been finished by now,” I said, and she looked at me and smiled.

“Well, now, that wouldn’t have been any good. How would we have met again, after so long?” Then she laughed, a lusty little laugh that had me fantasizing instantly about her. I looked her up and down as we stood there, amazed by how much she had changed in the last 20 years.

Her body, formerly kind of chunky, was now trim and muscular. The short skirt revealed toned legs, and her arms, even cloaked by the silky blouse she wore, were solid. Her waist was incredibly tiny, her hips full. She couldn’t have weighed much more than a hundred pounds, I thought.

She knew I was looking her over. As if reading my mind, she said proudly, “I’m a hundred and fifteen. Thanks to lots of running and weights.” Then she laughed, that old lusty laugh again. “You haven’t aged badly yourself, Brian.”

I blushed, knowing that I had been caught, but I was also burning with lust. How could I not think about her? She was beautiful! I could already feel the firmness of her waist as my hands caressed her body, the smell of her again. Her eyes, those incredible green windows I had looked into so long ago.

“I guess we’d better get to the auditorium,” she said at last, and I reluctantly walked them back to the right building. She held onto my arm the whole way.

“Maybe I’ll see you again?” It was a question, and she had the answer ready. She smiled up at me.

“Stick around,” she said, as she turned to lead her son into the building. “If you can, that is.”

I hung around the outside of the auditorium like a puppy who’s been ordered to stay, and an hour later the meeting broke up. I could see her looking for me as she came out the door, and her smile when she spotted me.

“God, I thought they’d never shut up!” she said. “Did you wait out here all that time for me?”

“Nah,” I lied. “I had stuff to do.” I think she knew the truth, and it excited her, but she told me she had to take her son to meet his teacher now, and she didn’t know how long that would take. I told her I had a meeting with the principal, and I hoped to see her after they were through with me.

“This time I’ll wait, if I have to,” she said as they headed for the classroom.

It took me well over an hour to get away from them, and when I walked outside the lights were out and everybody was gone. On my truck windshield, however, was a note.

‘Had to go. Here’s my email address.’

Great! I thought. I don’t have a computer! I folded the note and stuck it in my wallet, thinking that I could maybe get on one of the school computers sometime. I shook my head. God, she had aged well!

Three days later she showed up to drop her son off for his first day of school. I was waiting by the front of the school, hoping she would show, and was mesmerized by her as she strode across the parking lot. She was dressed to kill: tight black work-out pants and a black and red sweater that barely covered a red sports bra that showed most of her lean, hard belly. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. I saw her glancing side to side as she walked, and I hoped she was looking for me.

Sure enough, when she saw me she smiled broadly, and indicated her son. “Be right back,” she mouthed, and I put one thumb up in reply. I walked to the far end of the walkway, hoping to get out of the growing crowd of children and parents.

She joined me soon, and asked me before even greeting me if I’d had breakfast yet. When I responded that I didn’t usually eat breakfast, she smiled and said, “Me, either. I try to get a run in before I begin work.”

“Where do you run?” I asked, wondering if all this time she was that hot little number that ran across the street in the field, which had most of my guys slowing down their work or taking coffee breaks to watch her.

She pointed across the street and crinkled her brow when I began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” She asked and playfully punched my arm.

“Ah…nothing.” I said shaking my head, sobering up a bit. “So, you run and then what? Go to work?”

“Well, I’ve been working from home since my husband and I separated last fall. I’ve been tele-commuting. It’s worked out beautifully. The company….”

My ears stopped hearing when I heard her say she had ayaş escort separated. I couldn’t believe my luck. I suddenly began to picture all the things I would love to do to her, if I had the chance to get her alone. Out of my daydream, I heard her saying my name.

“Brian?” She said, “Look, I’m sure you need to get back to work and, well…”

Her voice trailed off and I immediately felt like an ass. I said the first thing that popped into my head.

“I don’t have a computer.”


“A computer. You left me your email address and I don’t have a computer.” She just looked at me with this amazed looked on her face. Then she smiled.

“Oh, ok. Well, do you have paper and a pen? I’ll give you my number.”

After writing down her number and her address, she gave me a quick hug and whispered in my ear, “Call me” which sent chills down my spine. Her voice was low, soft and sexy. I was sure if she held me any longer she would have felt my hard-on.

Turning, she gave me a quick wave and made her way across the street. It took me a ton of effort not to keep looking at her for that hour. It was the longest hour of my life. Any time one of the workers would come and talk to me, I positioned myself so I could still see her. When I heard the phone ringing in the trailer, I was reluctant to go answer, and was disappointed that by the time I came back, she was gone.

~ ~ ~

As I remove my sweater, slowly, and hopefully seductively, I know he’s watching me. Each movement of my stretch, I do purposely, tempting him. I giggle to myself at how childish I’m acting, but I haven’t felt this way in such a long time!

I recall the prior evening as I make my way around the track. To think, just last night I was worried about how I would look after all this time! I replay that scene in my mind over and over again…

…How I smoothed my skirt, turning left and right to see what I looked like in the mirror. I knew I looked good, but I needed to look fantastic. Moving closer to the mirror, I recall looking at my face.

“I’ve aged well,” I remember thinking to myself. Twenty years! Twenty years since I saw him. I thought he had fallen off the face the earth. I remembered walking back to my bed and sitting down, stroking the cover of the yearbook I had dug out of my attic. Shaking my head, I had opened the pages to where the faces of the 1984 graduates where embedded forever. His face stared out at me.

Brian. I had used my finger to caress the lines of his handsome face, and thought back to how crazy I was about him. I smiled, remembering how heavy I was, and could not believe that he even noticed me. Not that he could help it, that is! The day we began talking, I literally fell in front of him. Having a great sense of humor, he joked about how beautiful girls couldn’t help but throw themselves at him.

I couldn’t believe he thought I was beautiful. Stuttering my apologies, I grabbed the hand he held out to me and stood there, inches…well, feet, away from him. From that moment, we became friends.

Finally I closed the book and got up, grabbed my pocketbook and smiled when my son Austin ran into my room and hugged me tight around my hips…

…Now I check my pulse and the time, as I picture my son’s face. I see his father in him more and more these days. Which is not bad at all. His dad was…is…a handsome man. Just not someone who, after 10 years of marriage wanted to be, how did he put it, ‘tied down to a family!’ “The bastard!” I think to myself, and thank God that even though he might have been an asshole, he gave me a wonderful child.

I take a quick glance over to the construction site, smiling as I see him standing there, watching me. I resist the urge to wave, not sure if he actually meant to have me see him.

My mind wanders to the memory of our one fleeting intimate moment and I grimace. It was in the back of his car, of all places! I was so innocent and needed to feel wanted. I was heading off to college and was determined not to be a fat virgin. The only person I could trust was Brian. But, it didn’t work out. I became so nervous when he started to touch me between my legs that I freaked out. I remember telling him this was wrong, and asked him to drive me home. He did, and I ended up leaving for college while he was vacationing with his family. We lost touch after a few letters and now. . .is it possible?

I had thought at the time that it may have been a coincidence. The other mothers were raving about this construction foreman. A blonde haired, blue-eyed, Chuck Norris look-alike. They said that he had eyes that could melt ice cubes instantly and a body that looked as hard as a rock. I was so anxious when I heard that the Teacher/Parent night was nearing, I couldn’t wait to see this man up close and personal.

Even today, I still have those butterflies I felt last night as I approached the school. I smile to myself, remembering how I almost squeezed the life out of my son’s hand as we started down the sidewalk and through the ankara escort schoolyard and I saw the figure of a man with blonde hair a few yards away. I had taken a deep, shaky breath and gripped hard onto my son’s hand, telling myself that it was now or never.

“Excuse me!” I had called across the yard. “Can you tell me which way to the auditorium?”

The moment he turned around, I knew it was him. A bit older, but it was him. He looked wonderful. Big, handsome, smoldering blue eyes. I couldn’t speak.

I smile at the memory and take a quick glance at the schoolyard, but he’s gone. It’s time for me to make my way home, anyway, so I do just that. I’m home within minutes, and barely in the door when I hear the answering machine beep. “A message,” I wonder….”Nah! Would he?” I run to the phone more out of breath in anticipation of hearing his voice than the 5-mile run just made me. My heart pounds in my chest as I check the machine. “5 messages!” Oh, God, I have to wait to see?? My motherly sense clicks on, and I know I have to listen to each one, just in case one concerns my son.

I listen to four messages, all telemarketers which I delete immediately, and wait with baited breath as the digital number 5 comes on. I cross my fingers.

“Hey, Dani, it’s me, Brian…” I throw my hands up in a victory cheer as I listen to the rest of his message with a silly grin on my face.

“…I was wondering if maybe we could grab a bite for lunch or coffee, or…I don’t know..something?”

I smile at how nervous he sounds. After all these years, he’s nervous! I wait for more; a phone number. . .something, but all he says is that he’ll catch me later. I stare at the answering machine, shaking my head, thinking maybe I should dial *69 and see if there is a return number, but decide not to. I don’t want to seem too anxious. I exhale deeply, shrugging my shoulders, and make my way to the bathroom, hoping that a shower will relax me.

As the water runs down my body, I continue to think of Brian. I feel myself getting excited and bring my hand down between my legs, finding my clit and massaging it. A jolt of excitement runs through my body and I close my eyes. I notice my nipples becoming so hard, and I bring a hand up to massage my breasts, pinching the nipples between my fingers, smiling at how my pussy clenches at the action.

“God!” I think, “How long has it been? 3 months? 4?” My eyes fly open when I realize it’s been almost half a year! “Half a year!” I press my forehead against the wet tile and lean against it. The sensation of the smooth, wet tile sends chills down my spine and I press my nipples hard up against the wall. A moan escapes my lips as I move my hips in rhythm with my hand, spreading my legs further apart. I run a finger across the hard nub, along the lips of my labia, dipping a finger into the hole that contracts around it. I ease it out again, massaging my clit faster . . . harder. I use two fingers, pushing them into my pussy. I imagine him doing this to me, closing my eyes as I picture him pushing me up against the tile. I fantasize how his hands, covered in soap, circle my breasts, sliding down the sides of my body, around to my ass. I moan again, thinking of how a soapy finger would slide so easily into my asshole, as the other hand massages my pussy.

I stroke myself, teasing that hard nub, bringing it closer; then stopping, relishing that feeling that I haven’t had in such a long time, not wanting it to end. But of course, it has to. It feels so good, and my body soon gets to that point where every touch sends jolts throughout my being, and I can’t wait any longer. Massaging the tip faster, concentrating solely on making myself cum, nothing else matters. I lean against the tile, trying desperately to keep myself from slipping, my knees buckling as the orgasm rips through my body.

Slowly coming back to reality, I realize that the water has run cold. Laughing at the sudden shock, I shut off the faucet and grab my robe, when I hear my doorbell ringing.

“Shit! This better be good!” I groan, making my way to the front door, tying the sash tightly around me. “One minute!” I yell, as the person rings the door a few more times.

~ ~ ~

I was nervous as I waited at the door. She had said she was separated. What if some other guy was here, as well? Surely she had had her share of men friends since she had been alone. No one who looked that good remained alone for long. It wasn’t hard to find her house, though, so I had ventured a visit.

The door swung open to reveal a dream of mine: Danielle, clad only in a fluffy robe, her wet hair in wild disarray, framing her lovely face. She took my breath away momentarily.

“God, Dani…” I stuttered, buying the time I needed to let my mouth catch up to my brain! “If I’m bothering you…well, I can’t think of a better time to do it!” I laughed, and so did she. She had to know the effect she was having on me.

“Brian,” she said, warmly. She glanced up and down the street for just a split second, and nodded her head to the room behind her. “Come on in. I was just…thinking about you.” This was said with a little smile, and I hoped I knew what she meant. She turned, and I followed her into the house, my eyes on those lovely legs revealed to me below the robe, and her provocatively swaying hips.

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