14 Temmuz 2021

Witnessing sex for the 1st time


Witnessing sex for the 1st timeThis is a true story, and it was life changing! Until this night, I had never witnessed people having sex, not even on video. I had never seen a cock either. I had been very curious about sex, and had asked my friend about it. We had many conversations about what we thought it would be like. My father was a professional baseball player. My mom is a gorgeous lady from Spain. My mom had a great friend that she spent a lot of time with. She was a beautiful petite woman, with a gorgeous face and flawless skin. Her body was absolutely amazing. A total 10, she was perfect in every way. I had a serious girl crush on her. She spent a lot of time with me and always gave me advice when I asked. My father also had a great friend, his teammate. They were best friends and had played together for years. He was an athletic and handsome man. Every time I was around him, my heart would beat faster. Although we were very close, and my dad’s best friend, he was the 1st guy I had a crush on. He was so handsome. Ladies always threw themselves at him. I knew his reputation for being quite the ladies man. I knew why, he was awesome. One day, these two beautiful people were introduced at our home. We had a great day. A cookout and swimming in our pool. My mom’s friend Maria had on a cute little bikini. It accentuated her perfect body and every curve. My father’s friend, Jeff, had on his swim trunks. His muscular chest was showing and every time he got out of the pool, you could see the outline of his cock through his pants. I was very turned on by him. After a while, I could tell that they were Hitting it off very well. In our hone, there was a game room upstairs. Off the game room was my little room, my private getaway. From there, I could watch outside and see clearly in the game room. I was hot from being outside and decided to go in and cool off. I wanted to sit and read. I turned the game TV on for some background music.I was relaxing and reading when I heard Maria’s voice. She has a sexy voice. I was about to yell to her when I heard Jeff say something. I froze and got quiet. She made him a drink and joined him on the couch. They were just chatting when he said, My God, you are gorgeous! She smiled and said that he was a beautiful man. She moved closer and he put his hand on her thigh and began rubbing her. They didn’t waste much time when she moved in and kissed him passionately. canlı bahis His hand then started exploring her. She was so sexy, and her moans were almost a whimper. I could tell she was really getting turned on. He asked, can I make love to you? She sighed…oh god yes! At this point both of his strong hands were now rubbing every inch of her body. He commented how smooth her skin was. Her head was leaned back as he explored her body. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My little heart was pounding. His hand disappeared between her sexy legs. She responded by opening them a little wider. It then disappeared inside her bikini bottom. She and him both moaned! He commented that she was already wet. He then told her to lay back, she did. He told her to lift her little bottom as he slid her bikini off. He then pushed her legs back and just stared at her pussy. Again, she was perfect. Her pussy was so beautiful. A perfect little patch of hair and full lips. He moved his face in and kissed her pussy. Her body arched violently. He wasted no time. His tongue went to work on her. I had never seen anything like that before. I was mesmerized. I was afraid I would make a noise and they would find out. He was licking, sucking, kissing, nibbling and using his finger on her. She was moaning very softly when without warning, she exploded. Her orgasm was intense and beautiful. She shuddered for what seemed like forever. He then spent some time kissing her pussy. He kept telling her how good she tasted. She had her mouth covered with her hand and the other one on the back of his head. He finally finished and asked if she enjoyed it. She responded with a very excited YES! He wiped his chin and she told him to stand up. She then got on her knees and started rubbing his cock through his trunks. Now, my heart was really pounding. I realized that I was seconds away from seeing a cock for the first time. She ran her little hands over him, stroking and squeezing him. She giggled a few times. He had his hands on his hips, just watching her. She then put her fingers in his waistband and said, lets see what I’m dealing with. She then pulled his trunks down and out pops the BIGGEST COCK EVER. I was in shock. It was HUGE. So big and thick and hard. Her reaction was also shock. She looked him in the eyes and said, that is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen! He just smiled. She said, OMG Jeff, you are going to wreck bahis siteleri my pussy. I seriously don’t know if it will fit. She was running her fingers up and down the shaft. She circled the tip with her finger and I saw his precum stretch from her finger. She immediately tasted it. She moaned with approval. She said yummy! She then started licking him, sucking him, and squeezing his balls. She used her tongue and flicked up and down his cock. She had her hands on his as she took him about halfway in her mouth. She pumped his cock with her mouth and finally, out of breath, it came out. She caught her breath while continuing to stroke him. He was moaning. She then took him back in her mouth and he grabbed her hair and started pumping! She was moaning and very noisy. He pumped her little mouth deep and hard. She finally pushed him back to catch her breath. She slapped his waist. He asked if she’s ever been face fucked? She shook her head no. He then laughs and said…now you have! She called him a bastard and smiled. I was now so turned on. I started rubbing my pussy. I was so wet. He grabbed her hands and helped her up. His cock was so fucking huge. It was pointing straight up. She was staring at it. He asked her to lay back down on her back and spread her legs. She layed back and grabbed behind her knees. She looked so vulnerable in that position. She looked so pretty. I wanted to be her at that moment. I was just waiting for him to duck her. He made her wait for a minute while he moved a pillow and something else. All the while, she was knees up, exposed, just waiting to be fucked. He then moved into place and rubbed his massive tip against her little wet soft pussy lips. He really took his time. He was being a gentleman and talking to her very sweetly. He kissed her several times as he gently pushed into her. I could hear it take her breath. His cock was about halfway inside her when he pulled out. He quickly went back in. He did this several times and finally he was all the way in. He was kissing her deeply. They were staring into each other’s eyes. He then said, guess what? She said, what? He said I’m completely inside you. She smiled and said, be gentle, okay? He said he would, then he started fucking her. He pounded her with nice,deep, slow gentle strokes. They never broke eye contact and kept kissing. My pussy was dripping wet. I was rubbing my clit hard. She was so beautiful bahis şirketleri in that position, taking him fully. She handled him well. She moaned softly as they kissed. He kept telling her how beautiful she is, how good she felt. I could hear her wet pussy getting fucked. Every thrust was magnificent. I could see her sticky cum covering his cock. His cock was fantastic. I couldn’t believe how long he lasted. He fucked her like that for 20 minutes. Then he paused inside her. He tongue kissed for several minutes. He asked if she wanted a different position. She asked to bend over. He was so sweet with her. He helped her change positions. All the while complimenting her. He undid her top. Now she was totally naked. She kissed him again and bent over, exposing her little perfect bottom to him. He gently pushed her back down and moved her into position. He then took both hands and spread her beautiful ass apart. She looked back at him. He said, I’m just admiring your perfect ass. He then reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy. His cock was throbbing. He moved in and inserted his cock in her. Her reaction was OMG. He patted her hips as he went all the way in. He asked if he could pound her pussy. She said yes. He then grabbed her hips and started pounding away. He was squeezing and smacking and fucking her hard. She was moaning and writhing and shaking. Her bottom was just shaking as he fucked her good. At this point, I came harder that I ever had. My pussy spasmed as I came. I was shaking. I wished it was me he was fucking. He pounded her so good. Her face was so pretty as she took the fucking of her life. She was moaning, I’ve never been fucked this good in my life. He was all business as he pounded her. He never pulled out or broke his rythmn. It was beautiful and very intense. Then without even a word…..he came HARD. He exploded. He probably blasted 10 shots of cum inside her. She took every drop. He then pulled out and she turned around and kissed his cock. She then sucked him for a minute to make sure he was done. It was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen. I was spent. My pussy dripping. Maria had Jeffs cum dripping out of her. She sat on his lap, both totally naked and kissed for several minutes. She finally stood up and he squeezed her perfect butt. He was all smiles. She was too. They put their swimsuits back on and went back out. I was just left in amazement. I finally went back out. Jeff said, where have you been? I said I was in my room on the phone. They never knew that I was there. A few months later I found out that Maria and Jeff were together. I would love to watch them again!

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