1 Kasım 2021

Wonder woman and Supergirl


Wonder woman and SupergirlSuperman was returning to the city so kara (supergirl) decided she would head off to see her friend diana (wonderwoman) and take a little break from crime fighting, and she missed her friend and it seem like forever since the two off them had just hung out without worrying about evil doers.She rang diana to let her know she was coming and then flew to dianas island were she and her amazon warriors lived, “kara its lovely to see you again” said diana as kara landed and gave her a hug “you to diana its going to be nice to just relax for awhile”, they headed up to were the living apartments were so kara could change, diana and kara now were both wearing robes simply things that felt so relaxing as they walked together going back down to the beach.They chatted as they walked catching up on what each other had been upto, diana was telling her about the new women she had been training in the ways of the amazon, and kara talked about the criminals she had brought to justice and how superman was teaching her about istanbul escort her powers.As the day went on they laughed and joke loving how they could talk about anything with each other not only were they warriors together but truly best friends, they headed back for something to eat as the sun was setting, they sat at a feast with the other women and drank and ate their fill, “that was simply perfect” kara said to diana, “it truly was, would you like to go to the spa” diana asked, “sounds like a good way to end the evening” kara said so the headed off the the warm pools with some off the amazons.They slipped of their robes and got into the pools of hot water diana kara and three of the amazon women, they were more like big baths then pools so there was lots of room and the hot water washed over their bodies, kara was watching as the amazon women started to wash and caress diana, one moved closer to her and started avcılar escort doing the same, kara was a bit tense at first but then relaxed as her body so gentle rubbed making her let out a gentle moan, “it seems your enjoying that kara” diana laughed “it does feel amazing who knew warriors could be so gentle” kara said giving the amazing a little smile.Kara had her eyes closed as the women kept rubbing the warm water over her body, she felt a hand slip down between her legs and caress her pussy, her eyes shot open to see diana smiling at her and before she could say anything diana leaned in and softly kissed her, she was frozen for only a moment and the kissed back feeling how soft and gentle dianas lips were and the feel of her fingers gentle teasing her pussy, karas hands staring moving over dianas body feeling how tight and toned it was but still so soft and the warmth of the water as they kissed and touched each other.The other amazon women were joining in caressing both women as kara and şirinevler escort diana started fingering each other deeper and faster, the water in the baths was splashing about as their breathing was getting faster and faster both getting closer and closer to exploding, it was diana who scream out first “KARA IM CUMMING” which made kara finger here harder making diana body tremble, she lay back breathing heavy and looking into kara eyes with a cheeky smile “your turn” and diana thrust her fingers deep into karas pussy making her moan out.She started to pound her pussy hard and deep making kara moan out with every thrust, two of the amazons started sucking on karas tits licking and biting her nipples, this was driving her wild and her body started to tremble as the orgasim built, “god diana your driving me wild” kara said breathlessly which just made diana push here hole hand deep into karas pussy and fist her, pounding in and out of her pussy kara couldn’t take anymore and her body cried out in pleasure “DIANA YOUR MAKING ME CUMMMMMMMM” she screamed, her body trembling as diana eased her hand out making kara moan again, they all let there breathless their bodies feeling amazing as the pleasure swept over them, kara kissed diana deeply and then looked and the three amazon women, “now its there turn” diana just smiled back thinking this was going to be quite the adventure and a very exciting weekend together.

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