5 Haziran 2021

Wrath of Khan


I grab a drink from the kitchen and sit down next to you on the couch, where you’re seated watching the second Star Trek movie.

“Oh, cool!” I exclaim, snuggling up against your side, “Khan is so sexy!”

You give me an amused look as you put an arm around my shoulders, and we watch quietly for a while.

I’ve seen the movie many times before, so after a while I begin to feel the need for a little additional entertainment. Continuing to watch the movie, as if unaware of what I’m doing, I slide one hand slowly across the top of your thigh. With one finger, I begin to softly trace a line up and down the inside of your leg. My finger moves slowly and evenly from your knee, up your inner thigh, to within a few inches of your crotch, then pauses for a moment before reversing direction. Your legs move farther apart as you relax into the couch.

I continue my caresses as we watch, gradually letting my finger slip closer and closer to the growing bulge in your pants. I can’t suppress a grin at seeing you reach down repeatedly to adjust yourself. As always, your arousal sends a thrill of excitement radiating out from my loins and I feel a growing wetness between my thighs.

By the time my finger is moving to within a quarter of an inch of your cock you are breathing noticeably faster. You tense each time my hand approaches its ultimate goal, your body anticipating the touch, it knows is coming, with growing hunger. My finger once more moves up your leg, this time finally making light contact with your swollen cock and forcing a sharp intake of breath from you. Instead of moving against your straining cock, it pauses again, as though about to move back down your leg again.

“Don’t you dare!” you growl harshly, turning your head toward me and gazing at me hungrily. My pussy tingles with arousal at your hunger, and I can feel my juices flowing past my swollen lips. I give you a sly smile as my finger resumes its travel up the length of your cock, joined by the soft touches of my other finger tips as they trace up and down the shaft and gently pinch the head. My smile broadens as you sigh in pleasure at my fingers welcome touch.

No longer even bothering to pretend I’m paying attention to the movie, I rub your wonderfully hard cock through the fabric of your pants for a few moments. I long to feel the heat of your firm flesh on my skin, and it is only shear force of will that keeps me from falling upon you like a starved animal.

I can deny myself no longer: I swiftly pull down your fly and slide my hand in against your skin, wrapping my fingers around your shaft. The feel of you, so hard and smooth, never ceases to thrill me. My breath quickens with arousal as I slowly stroke you. Lovingly I explore every inch with my fingertips, eagerly tracing every contour of your flesh, relishing the way you twitch in my hand and the sound of your labored breathing.

My grip slowly tightens around your cock as I stroke it, alternately hard and fast, then torturously slow. My thumb darts across your slit each time I reach the head, collecting the gathering precum to lubricate my fingers as they slide up and down your flesh. I turn slightly so that I can reach your balls with my other hand, caressing them gently while I jack your cock.

Your eyes are closed, a blissful smile on your face. Your mind is completely focused on the delicious sensations I’m triggering in your cock. Preoccupied, you don’t notice me reach for my drink with my other hand. A sudden wet chill on your cock wrenches a surprised groan from your lips and your body jerks spasmodically at the intensity of the sensation. I guide the slippery ice cube up over the ridge and along the ultra sensitive underside of your shaft. The muscles of your legs twitch as your body tenses.

“Mmmmmm that feels so good doesn’t it?” I drawl seductively.

I lick my lips hungrily, admiring the way the glistening droplets of melt water run down the dark red flesh of your cock, leaving shining trails of moisture just crying out to be licked.

“Uhuh . . . ” you moan hoarsely.

Your hips move to press more firmly against the ice. My other hand resumes stroking your shaft, while I bring what’s left of the ice cube up to your helmet and run it around the tip and ridge in slow, sensual circles. I make sure to hit that spot on the underside of the ridge frequently and your cock jerks in appreciation, leaking more precum.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” you moan, tossing your head on the back of the couch, “Mmmmmmmm, so good, . . . don’t stop!”

My own heart pounds in excitement at the lust in your voice. I curl one leg under my skirt and rub my slick pussy lips against it and the pressure of my calf against my aroused clit sends another flood of liquid into my already soaking panties.

I can tell you’re close to cumming: your cock pulses and throbs in rhythm to your pounding heart. The moment your body tenses, a mere instant before the onset of orgasm, I remove my hands from you.

Bereft of eryaman escort all erotic stimulation, your body hangs at the very edge of climax for an agonizingly long moment. Your muscles taunt and shuddering, anticipating the ecstasy that will not come. Finally your tortured body relaxes, and you slump back against the couch with a tormented groan, shaking with unfulfilled need.

I stroke my fingers through your hair tenderly while waiting for you to cool off. When I’m sure you are calm enough, I smile sensually at you, then move to the floor between your legs.

My hands pull at your pants and briefs and you lift yourself slightly off the sofa so I can slide them off, leaving you exposed before my hungry eyes. Giving you a predatory grin, I lower my mouth to the inside of your knee, kissing you. My mouth moves slowly up your inner thigh, licking and nibbling the tender flesh. Finally reaching your crotch, I carefully avoid touching the lovely engorged cock in front of me while I nibble and lick all around its base.

My finger tips slowly trail up your chest, approaching your nipples teasingly close then moving away again. I lap at your balls with soft, fast strokes of my warm, wet tongue, like a kitten drinking milk. Taking one of your balls into the wet heat of my mouth, I run my tongue all over it, sucking gently. My fingers move toward your nipples again, circling them, moving closer with every second. I let your ball slip from my mouth and quickly replace it with the other one, sucking and sliding my tongue over it sensuously.

Suddenly I pinch each nipple between index finger and thumb, rubbing the hard nubs between my fingers. Leaving your balls, I move forward, my tongue pressing up behind your scrotum and licking at your perineum. I raise my head, placing my mouth a hair’s breadth from your cock, then blow across the damp head, sending chills up your spine. With the tip of my tongue I lick at the purple head of your cock with a feather light touch.

You’re filled with an almost unbearable need to thrust against me! Your cock aches to increase the sensations pulsing through it, to push against the maddening silken caress of my tongue. Reaching the breaking point, you arch forward with a low groan, thrusting against my mouth. You groan again, in frustration, as I move my head back. Preventing you from pressing harder against me, I lazily run my tongue in circles around your helmet.

Moving one hand back to massage your heavy balls, with the other I run my index finger up and down your cock. My finger brushes the ridge ever so slightly with each caress, sending the nerves screaming for more. Then my mouth moves to the base of your cock, my full lips pressed against your shaft. Running my teeth gently against the hard flesh with each kiss, I slowly work my mouth up your cock. I move around the shaft so that all sides get plenty of attention, nibbling at the thick vein on the underside.

I can’t ignore the burning between my legs any longer, my other hand moves to my dripping pussy, gently teasing the outer lips. My touches ripple the flesh over my clit, sending delicious spurts of pleasure coursing through me, making me moan against your shaft. My fingers plunge deeper, finding my hard nub, rubbing firmly against it. The intense pleasure draws a sudden gasp from me.

You tense with anticipation as I start to near your ridge. I keep my pace slow, making one more full circle of kisses around your thick shaft, the edges of my lips just barely brushing your ridge. Holding you steady, I lower my mouth to the drooling head of your cock. I lightly kiss the glans, just barely touching the sensitive flesh with my lips. Every nerve in the head is on heightened alert, hungrily seeking the slightest touch.

Pressing my lips together, I push against you. In one fast stroke the head is thrust past my tight lips and into my mouth: the nerves screaming with the intensity of the sensation. Pumping your cock with my hand, I slowly start to build up suction on the head in my mouth, while rubbing my tongue across the tip. One second I’m sucking hard on your throbbing head, the next I suddenly release you from my mouth.

Holding your cock to my lips, I resume my earlier kissing. But this time my lips are moving right along your ridge! The tip of my tongue darts back and forth between my caressing lips, rubbing the sensitive flesh beneath. Just before hitting that spot on the underside of your helmet I switch sides and start to kiss and lick my way along the ridge in the other direction. Finally, placing my lips on that sensitive spot on the underside, I run my tongue against your ridge in quick strokes. I let my lips from a seal and start sucking gently in time with my flicking tongue. Your engorged cock throbs with desire against my lips.

I bring my hand up from between my legs, wet and glistening from my pussy, and wrap it around your cock. Pumping my slick hand slowly up and down your cock, I run my thumb esat escort along the vein underneath. I remove my mouth from you once more, my lips slipping off your head with an audible ‘pop,’ leaving you red and throbbing. The air is shockingly cold on your sensitive flesh after the heat of my mouth.

My hand strokes up over your helmet in a long slow motion and I lick my lips as I see precum oozing from your slit. My fingers tighten around the head, softly squeezing it in little pulses. Slowly, I drag my hand back down the shaft. Your head slips into my mouth again and I press my tongue to the tip of your cock, flexing it to vary the pressure and sensation against your slit. My hand slides along your wet cock in long smooth strokes.

My slow, controlled jacking is driving you insane: your aching cock tormented as my hand takes an eternity to move from base to helmet. Each stroke is gradually, relentlessly bringing you closer and closer to climax. Your body is tense and shaking, every fiber screaming. Release is so close! Your balls tighten in anticipation.

I descend on you again, sucking you into my mouth as though I mean to devour you. I moan in pleasure, sending a wave of vibrations through your shaft to your balls. My tongue swirls around the head and my lips press so tightly around the ridge, that every throb of your cock causes it to move against them.

One hand pumps your shaft while the other moves behind your aching balls, my finger tips massaging you. My stroking gradually becomes stronger, until I’m rubbing my fingers against your perineum firmly, pressing into your prostate in time to the throbbing of your cock. Abruptly my head moves forward, taking your whole cock in my mouth. My throat muscles milk you as I swallow.

My head moves back and once more I’m sucking on the head of your cock hungrily. I wrap my tongue around your head, enveloping the whole helmet in its warm embrace, then sliding off and writhing it around your head. I want to taste your cum so badly I ache for it, I need to taste you! I start to push my head forward again.

Your hips thrust up hard to meet me, plunging your cock down my throat, hilting yourself in my hot mouth. I swallow hungrily around it, the strong contractions of my throat muscles pulling the sperm from your balls.

Gripping my head in your hands, you force me back until only the head remains in my mouth. With a powerful thrust you plunge back in, pressing my face against your crotch and burying your cock deep in my clasping throat. The head of your cock rubs against the tight, wet passage as I swallow over and over. The waves of contractions milk you with powerful, rhythmic strokes. Your muscles go rigid as pleasure overwhelms you! With a loud cry your body shudders in the first spasm of your long awaited orgasm.

I moan in delight as I feel your balls clench and your cock jerks powerfully within me. Cum pulses up your shaft. My fingers continue to stimulate your prostate, pumping even more from your balls. Your body shudders and bucks against me as climax overtakes you. Jet after jet of hot cum erupts from your pulsing cock, shooting down my throat.

As your jerking finally slows, I pull back a little so I can once more suck the head. I lash my tongue across your slit and resume pumping your shaft with my hand. Your cock pulses on my tongue as the last of your cum spurts into my hungry mouth.

I keep sucking you until every last drop of cum is drained from your balls. Then I let your cock soften in my mouth, embraced by my lips and the soft warmth of my tongue.

“Ohhhhh,” you say softly, smiling at me, “that was soooooo good babe!”

“Good enough to deserve a reward?” I ask, my voice all innocence.

I stand up, letting my skirt fall to the floor so you can see how wet I am: a small rivulet leaks from my pussy lips down my inner thigh.

“Jesus!” you exclaim hoarsely, your eyes fixed hungrily on my dripping pussy.

Grabbing my hips you pull me, unresisting, to the couch. You push me back and crouch on the floor between my spread legs, admiring my soft pink folds now exposed before you. Leaning forward, you breath deeply, inhaling the sweet musky scent of my arousal.

I squirm in anticipation. I can’t stand the waiting: I’m so hot from getting you off! Whimpering in need, I push my hips back, trying to force your face into my pussy.

“Please, touch me!” I beg, shuddering as I feel your hot breath on my flesh.

Desperate for stimulation, I bring my hands to my chest and swiftly open my shirt. Sliding my hands up under my bra, I rub and pinch my nipples. Beneath my fingers the large dark areolas of my breasts contract and my nipples swell into hard peaks. I hurriedly slip out of my bra in order to have easier access to my full breasts. Taking each nipple between a thumb and forefinger I rub and pinch them, their pink tips protruding above my fingers. Thrills of tingling pleasure run down my spine, making me shiver ankara escort with excitement.

At last your fingers are at my pussylips, spreading me, exposing my moist folds and red, swollen clit. Holding me open, you swirl one finger in my cunt until it is slick and wet, then begin taping it swiftly on my clit.

The sensation of your finger tip sliding against my hard flesh is so strong that my body jerks as though struck by lightening each time you make contact. I try to slither further down the couch, the pleasure surging through me only serving to make me desperate for more. Suddenly I can feel your tongue gently licking my outer folds.

“Mmmmmmmmm, fuck . . . yesssss . . . ” I moan, my voice trailing off breathlessly.

Using the same restraint as I had earlier used on you, you slowly run your tongue up along one side of my clit and down the other. Placing a hand on my stomach to prevent me from thrusting against your tormenting mouth, the tip of your tongue caresses the swollen hood of my clit. You press your fingers down on either side of my tortured clit, so it protrudes as far as possible from its protective hood.

I nearly lose my mind as you begin lapping at my exposed clit with your tongue: the feeling is incredible! My pussy clenches around you and I squirm and shudder. Whimpers of pleasure escape from my lips each time you make contact with my aching clit.

Your tongue swiftly drives me to the brink of orgasm, but will not provide quite enough stimulation to send me over the edge. You force my body to remain in a state of near climactic ecstasy as I thrash madly beneath you.

“Please!” I beg, my hands clenching white knuckled at the cushions beneath me, “Oh fuck, please. . . .”

My hips buck desperately against your restraining hand. My every nerve is in a state of intense arousal, leaving my whole body with a heightened awareness of even the slightest breath of air against my skin. Your tongue feels like a red-hot iron searing into my flesh. Above all, I am overwhelmingly aware of a core of pure, blazing need within me, consuming me in its flames, my body taunt as burning rope in its grip.

My body is screaming with need and desire! Out of my mind with lust, I tangle my fingers in your hair and pull your face into my pussy. I force you deep into my wet folds, pressing my throbbing clit hard against your tongue.

Slipping your hand out from around my clit, you slide a finger slowly into my cunt, only to withdraw it again slowly. This slow torture continues for what feels like both an eternity and a mere moment. Your finger fucking my drooling cunt, thrusting in to the second knuckle, then pulling out, with a slow, steady rhythm.

I twitch and shudder beneath you, my breath coming in ragged gasps, interspersed with soft moans and cries of pleasure. The tension of my body increasing as I near the point of no return.

Just as my climax is almost upon me, you slow the movement of your tongue on my clit, giving it only the most fleeting of caresses as you lick around it.

I cry out in frustration, futilely trying to press your face further into my pussy.

Carefully, so as not to cause me to reach the peak my body so desperately needed, you add two more fingers to the one buried in my pussy. Your fingers continue their gentle thrusting, now pushing in as far as they will go before withdrawing, fucking me at a torturously slow pace. The warm velvet walls of my cunt grip you, quivering with small spasms. You’re agonizingly careful not to give me enough stimulation to trigger my full release.

You release your hand from my stomach and immediately my hips are bucking against you. Maddingly I’m unable to move myself against the fingers and mouth that torment me: you move with my helpless thrusting, preventing me from doing anything to speed my orgasm. My writhing body is forced to wait as the pleasures inexorably, yet ever so slowly, continue to build within me.

Gasping for air, every breath beginning with a moan, I mindlessly thrust my pelvis against your face and hand, begging you to touch me harder.

All at once my back arches and I scream in ecstasy as the first spasm of my much needed climax hits.

You give up your cautious teasing and stab your fingers into me. Your mouth sucks hard on my clit, sending explosive waves of pleasure pulsing through me, drowning me in sensation.

My cunt clenches tightly on your fingers, cumming hard. The hot flood of my release washing over your hand and soaking your fingers.

Your other hand takes control of my clit as you drive your tongue deep into my cunt alongside your fingers, licking up my sweet cum. You eagerly lap all that I have released, then probe still deeper into my sex in search of more.

Even as my first peak subsides, my body continues to shudder: your tongue sets off an intoxicatingly slow spasm of release that shakes me for many minutes.

As the orgasmic rapture passes, I collapse, limp and panting, into the couch. My body still tingling in pleasure as your tongue finishes its thorough cleaning.

“Mmmmmmmm. . . .” I breathe in pleasure. My eyes close as I savor the delicious sensation of your tongue caressing my soft folds. “Ohhhhhhh . . . that feels so good baby. . . .”

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