5 Haziran 2021

You, Me, and a Pool of Astroglide


Anne wanted to do something special for Valentine’s Day; not just roses, chocolates and such, but something memorable, something spectacular. Every time she asked Allen what he wanted or tried to discern his desire, he always came back with “You know what I want, you, me and a pool full of astroglide” with a sly grin and wink. It was his cavalier attitude and lack of anything concrete she could work with that really drove her crazy.

As he left that Tuesday morning she waved as he left, and then began working on her plan. Playing around with her camera she snapped a few dozen pictures, everything from her in her robe, to the robe opening suggestively, to the barely there lingerie beneath. Each snap was more provocative and she grinned to think of what his reaction to each would be through out the day. Forty-five minutes after he left, she figured he was near enough to work to send the first one to his cell phone. The next went to his email. The rest would have to be cell phone shots. Anyone looking over his shoulder would be shocked that his wife could be so brazen.

As she thought about the teasing he was getting she thought “Why just visuals? Let’s give him a truly full sensory experience.” The last of the photographs were sent, just before 12:30 and he called just like she hoped.

“Anne! Good god what were you thinking?!” No hello, or anything, just him with that shocked tone that she knew made him smile even though he was blushing.

“Shhhhhhhh close your eyes, just listen.” Never bothering to dress after the photos, she sat naked on the bed. She turned her vibrator on, the gentle humming barely audible over the phone. “You know what that is, don’t you?”

“Anne! What’s gotten into..”

“Shhhhhh, abidinpaşa escort just listen.” She didn’t even want to feed his inner visuals. No descriptions, no words, just sounds was all she would give him for now. Moving the phone to lay on her belly she began using the toy, letting him hear it buzz, fainter then more clearly as it came in and out of her. It was louder as she rubbed it on her clit, and the moan she let escape was more than enough to let him know beyond any shadow of doubt exactly what she was doing.

“God Anne” his words were distant, and she smiled knowing the effect she was having on him. Turning the speed up higher, the motor louder her moaning more pronounced, she kept teasing him with nothing but sounds. Feeling the first tingles of the coming climax she changed again, gasping and loving the sensations. She could just imagine him sitting in his car, eyes closed, one hand gripping the steering wheel the other tight on the phone to keep from opening his pants.

Soon she came, and cried out the first real word of the call a long drawn out “YESSSS”. Then trying to compose her self quickly she whispered in a hoarse throaty voice “happy valentine’s day” and hung up. Lying back and just basking in the warmth of a nice orgasm she thought of what else she had in store and smiled wickedly as she hoped he would come home early. She couldn’t lay there long if he did so she got moving about, finishing her plot and schemes.

2 o’clock came and she saw his car pull into the drive. He was earlier than she had thought but not enough to spoil her surprise. She had the robe back on, but that was it, all she needed really for this part. As he opened the door, she was there, waiting for akay escort him.

“Damn Anne, I love you!” he lunged for her, obviously worked up for before.

“I love you too but you’ll have to wait a bit before you go any further baby”. She loved teasing him. “Put this on” dangling the black blindfold out form her fingers in front of him.

Allen knew better than to argue. She had changed moods on him before and he wasn’t about to let this one slip away. He tied the fabric tight around his eyes and then just waited for her lead.

“Good, now then, we’ve had sight, and sound, now how about taste?” Taking his hand she lead him to the kitchen and into a dining chair. “Now sit very still and let me bring it to you”. The tray was prepared and she set it very nearby. First it was a slice of orange, tangy, juicy, cold. Then she fed him a pepper, not too hot but spicy regardless. His smile as she brought bite after bite to him made her grin all the more. Next it was a peach, remembering the day they had spent under a tree, eating the ripe fruit, letting its juice run down their chins and necks, and the fun they had cleaning it up.

He bit into it reluctantly first then more greedily, the juice messily coating his face. Anne’s hand was covered in the nectar and she licked it off when he was finished. She was ready to move on now.

Purring an almost predatory voice she whispered, “Now, smell. Lean forward, and inhale deeply. If you can guess what it is, you can eat it if you like.” She inched forward on the table and opened her legs wide. Watching his nostrils flatten then flare, as the idea enlightened in his head. “Oh ANNE!” He reached up to pull off his blindfold.

“No no no, no sight, just taste ankara escort and smell now baby”. She touched his cheek and traced a fingernail along his jaw line. Allen lowered his head, kissing and licking her pussy with barely contained fervor. Up one side down the other, plunging as deep as he could between her lips then fluttering on her clit before capturing it and sucking it slightly. She writhed and bit her lip trying not to make a sound but the guttural noises of desire were too much to hold back. Her second climax on this day for romance, at the lips of her beloved, was so much more electric and satisfying than before.

“I guess all that we have left now is touch huh?” she teased still trembling from her cumming.

“Anne, please…” Allen could only sit there, letting her lead the way but she could see he was near the edge. Helping him stand again she saw the stiff cock in his slacks and rubbed it with a hand.

“Soon baby soon.” As she unbuckled his belt and opened his fly, She nuzzled the shaft and purred again. His disrobing was a slow deliberate process, hoping that he would enjoy the feeling of the air on his skin, but she knew more that he was focused on what was to come next. She stepped back for just a moment, admiring the way he looked naked, cock hard and erect. He truly was a handsome man and this day was for him.

“Follow me.” She made a point to let the robe slide off of her so that it would brush over his cock and he would know she was as naked as he was. Out the back door and into the yard they went. The sunlight of the mid-afternoon was warm on their skin and the gentle breeze made for a slight chill.

“Step up and in” She guided him to the small inflatable pool. As his foot entered he winced then grimaced.

“Geez what is this?” He tried to turn to her but was still blindfolded.

“Just what you asked for. You, me and a pool of lube.” She pulled him down into it with her, and kissed him hard and deep. “Happy Valentine’s Day”

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