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Young Wife’s Blog to Love, Marriage and Adultery


Young Wife’s Blog to Love, Marriage and AdulterySeptember 21, 2010 My mom died when I was eight, this is my first Blog entry it is full of really bad advice I received from my role model my wild Aunt Fran, as I grew up, she taught me the rules of love, sex, marriage and adultery. Her rules;#1 Love and sex are two entirely different things:A. Love is what you reserve for your husband, the person that supports you and your lifestyle.B. Sex is for fun NEVER have sex with your husband, it’s reserved for lovers that is for sexual satisfaction!#2 Marriage is your security blanket never mix marriage and sex. In marriage you make vanilla love to your husband, missionary ONLY, no anal, oral for is for you only, never let your husband eat you unless you have had sex with a lover shortly before, so he won’t relize the cum in your pussy isn’t all yours! Make love with your husband no more than you have to keep him wanting you. Start at once a week then every other week but your goal is once every 3 months! (just remember your having sex with lovers up to 3 times a day so you’re not doing without)September 30, 2010 My 16th birthday I tell Aunt Fran I’m ready, I am really good at making out, my firm and perky breast have been well explored, as has my pussy, lots of guys have tested the liquid level in my pussy with their middle finger. Fran says it’s about time, but we need to find you the right guy, actually man I don’t want some clumsy teenage boy fumbling around hurting you, wait she calls a number, Josh this is Fran I have something special for you. Her name is Leana ,she’s 5’4” 104 lbs 34c perky tits, green eyes, a natural red head, and she is a virgin! My dad was going out of town and I was spending the next few days at my Aunts house and my dad dropped me off at 6:00. Fran takes me to get a bath she has bath oils to soften my skin and relax me she trims my bush into a landing strip to make it look hot for the Josh. When she is done, she takes hot oil and massages it into my pussy, then she kisses my pussy and slides her tongue into me, it sends a thill throughout my body my nipples got hard as a rock and my pussy was dripping. Fran said you look beatiful. She fixed my hair into long loose curls, then she did my makeup lots of heavy eye makeup bright red lips with liner, heavy rouge on the cheeks , then she walks me into the bed room handed me a pair of black seamed lace topped thigh highs bought for someone my height and weight so they fit perfect, a black lace strapless open cup lace bustier with garter straps, Fran adjust the straps so they pull up on the nylons slightly and are perfectly aligned, then I step into a pair of 6”black heals. Fran stepped back looked at me said before you were beatiful now your hot! She walked over to handed me a small straw and pointed to her hand mirror on her dresser that had two lines of white powder told me to snort one line in each side, I did, then she says open your mouth and she put a tab of ex on my tongue and says swallow. Fran went about turning off lights and lighting candles, in the bed room and the, living room, then brought in a bottle of chilled champagne and two champagne glasses. There was a knock on the door Fran says make me proud I asked aren’t you staying with me she says no you’re on your own, Fran disapears into the spare bed room.I opened the door and say hi Josh I’m Leana won’t you come in, at first, he just stood there staring at me, I say Josh he says oh yes and walks in. Josh is 29, six feet tall, dark hair and eyes, broad sholders a body like a Greek God and a major bulge in his paints. Josh asks if Fran was there, I told him no it’s just us for tonight, I wrapped my arms around his head, burry my tongue in his mouth press my body against his and my mound against his cock and we kiss a long hot passionate kiss. Josh picked me up in his arms and walked towards the bedroom, I told him to hold up and go back for the champagne, I reach down grab the glasses and champagne and told him to take me to bed and make me a woman! Josh layed me gently on the bed takes the champagne and the glasses and says why don’t we save this to toast your deflowering! I told him well then get in here and deflower me! He kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks stood in front of the bed started unbuttoning his shirt, I rolled over undid his belt and pulled down his paints and underware in one hard pull, and there in front of me was a rock solid 7.5 long thick cock that was going to shortly be inside me stealing my virginity and making me a woman. I reached over grabbed his cock and swallowed it to his balls as Fran had taught me how to swallow cock using her collection of dildos. Josh just about lost it, he grabbed my head and pulled his cock out of my throat and said I really don’t need that now I have been rock solid sence you opened the door. He climbed on the bed pulled me into his arms, buried his tongue in my mouth, his hands explored my body, cupping my breast, rolling my nipples between his fingers and then sliding his hand down my body, across my flat belly and between my legs cupping my small smooth mound and sliding his long middle finger deep into my dripping pussy, and proceeded to finger fuck my pussy driving me crazy. I grabbed his hand and yelled PLEASE FUCK ME NOW JOSH! I’m ready Josh please baby you’re driving me crazy TAKE ME NOW! He sat up kneeled between my legs places a hand on my knees and spreads my legs, then he kissed the inside of each knee, reaches down grabs my ankles lifts them onto his sholders, grabs his cock slides it up and down my slit, lubing it with my pussy juice then puts his cock head into the entrance of my virgin vagina, and presses forward until he reaches the barrier preventing me from becoming a woman. Josh is about three inches deep in my pussy he pulls back and pushes back in just short of my hymen, then again and again faster and faster, each time rubbing my clit I’m out of my head with pleasure and lust, I’m trying to rotate my hips up to meet him but he is holding them down, then on one up stroke he releases my hips I push up to meet him as he pushes down. He dosen’t stop short but buries his cock in me all the way to his balls I feel a sharp pain and I cry out, my seal was broken I was now a woman and Josh taught me what it is to be a woman by continuing to pound my pussy faster and faster harder and harder. I’m slowly losing all sence of time and place my head is spinning in a continual orgasum of lust and sex and pleasure way beyond anything I had ever experienced. I found my self clinging to him my nails buried into his back , my teeth biting into his neck, my legs wrapped around his thighs my heels dug in holding him tight against me , I was pounding my pussy as hard as I can against his cock, I feel Josh pull me tight to him he started rapidly pumping my pussy with short strokes, then explodes his hot cum inside me, it’s like I could feel his thousands of little wigglers invading my pussy poking and prodding every crease and crevasse in my womb to find my egg and impregnate me but there is none this time. I open my eyes Josh is holding my limp body in his arms, he kissed me and pulled me tight to him and asks are you ok I say better than ok let’s do it again. He said you have to give a bit to recover we been at for three hours, how about we celebrate your womanhood with this bottle of Champaign. Josh popped the cork and filled two glasses one for each of us, As we drank the Champaign I started stroking his cock slowly bringing it back to life, when he filled my glass for the fourth time there was just a little left, he got an evil grin on his face and told me to lay back rotate my hips up and hold my pussy open, then he took the remaining Champaign and pored it into my pussy and covered my pussy with his mouth. Then he pulled me on top his face and drank the sweet cocktail of Champaign and my sweet pussy juice. When he finished, he flipped me over on my back and with one push buried his cock all the way in me, I screamed OH MY GOD YES JOSH, and soaked his cock and balls with my sweet female cum. We spent the rest of the night in each other’s arms most of it with Josh’s cock inside me. At about 4:30 am I passed out. October 1, 2010 6:00 am Josh woke up to the smell of coffee, when he woke up my sexy little body layed next to him, it took everything he had in him to get out of bed get dressed and go to his new car dealership. As he walked towards the smell of fresh coffee, there was Fran sitting at the kitchen table with two cups of coffee, Josh sits down takes a big sip of coffee, and Fran says you had a good night, Josh smiled at my Aunt and asked her why me? Fran said because you’re a wonderful and gentle lover and I knew you would lovingly and respectfully take my Niece’s virginity and not make her feel like a slut. So how was she, Josh says Fran you’re a wonderful lover, but you can’t compare to her, any chance I can be with her again? She says she has a busy day, I have to get her to school, then I’m getting her out at noon going to take her to get her drivers license yester was her 16th birthday. Josh tells her last night was the most erotic night I have ever had in my life, if she passes her driving test bring her to my lot and send her up to my office. Fran told him I have to warn you she will be in her plaid jumper, white blouse, white thigh highs, garter belt and I’ll bring her a change of shoes to white 6” pumps just for you. I’ll have a birthday present for her. I passed my driving test with no problem, of course the skirt on my jumper was up so high the straps on my thigh highs were showing doubt he saw much of my driving, I asked Fran if I could drive home, but she said no, and had me put on the 6” white heels. She drove me to the new car dealer in town and told me to go in and ask for Josh Brown. I went in and asked for Josh’s office they told me to go up stairs the first door on the right, as I walk up the steps every salesman in the place was bending their necks looking up my skirt, and I’m unbuttoning my white chiffon top that was 2 sizes too small for me, when I topped the stairs my tits were trying to pop out blouse, Josh was waiting for me at the door to his office. I walked into his office and he closed the door and locked it, then took me in his arms and buried his tongue in my mouth, his hands were cupping my bare butt cheeks, as I wrapped my arms around his neck and press my body against his. Josh stepped back looked at me and said damn woman your hot! I reached back unzipped my jumper and slid it off my sholders, then took my blouse off releasing my tits, I stood there in front of Josh wearing my garter belt, thigh highs, and 6” heels. Josh stripped off his clothes I put my arms around his neck then jumped up wrapped my legs around his waist and impaled myself on his hot hard cock, he walked me over to the conference table sat me on it as we continue to kiss and make out, he kissed down my neck then to my nipples, giving me a major orgasum, then kissing me way down across my tummy, then he pulled out of me sat in front of me I wrapped my legs around his head and pulled his face to my pussy and he sucked my clit to another orgasum, he slid his cock back into me and we fucked me till we both came together. We kissed and made out for a few more minutes, then we went into his bathroom and cleaned up got dressed and we walked down to the lot and he took me over to a new pink Camaro, it was used for a breast cancer awareness promotion Josh had the vinyl ribbons removed and he handed me the keys and said happy birthday! I gave him a big hug and kiss and said thank you, he told me when ever it needed service to come see him and that included car washes.October 16, 2010 I got a job in a variety store, there were only four guys my age working there. There was one I was immediately attracted to one as he was to me. Over the past few weeks I was becoming very popular at school having fucked six of the jocks from the various sports teams. I was like a k** with a new toy and I couldn’t get enough cock. Greg my new co-worker was different much different, he was a year and a half older than me but very shy and I’m guessing a virgin. I told Fran I think I had met HIM, she said what do you mean you’re too young to be meeting HIM I said no I know it’s HIM. A week later he finally asked me out on a date to the drag strip, he was a gear head and he knew all the officials at the track, so we parked in an area right at the start line, but on the other side of the track from the spectators. His 57 Chevy was broken down so we went in a 53 Pontiac he bought for fifteen dollars. The thing was huge inside the seats were like two sofas you could have a desent orgy inside that thing. Greg spread a blanket over the hood and we sat on there and he had eventually worked his arm around me and we were cuddling there watching the races, one of the really fast cars broke something at the start and spun out rolled off the track and started rolling stright towards, Greg grabbed me pulled us off the hood and onto the ground away from the car rolling towards us. I wound up in his arms and we kissed a long loving kiss, there was a lot of lust pent up lust and love in him and it all come out in our first kiss. I was happy I had worn a long flannel plaid shirt with tail out over my jeans, because he made me cum hard from that kiss and I was soaking wet all the way thru my jeans. We left the track and I had him take me to Frans house. I had clean jeans there and I needed to change bad.When we got there, I had him come in with me and I introduced Greg to my Aunt Fran I told her this is him! Then I said I needed to pee. When I got in the back, I called Fran when she came in, I lifted my shirt and said look, she said did you pee yourself I said no this is our first kiss he made me cum and I soaked myself! Fran told me to change and be sure to wear a panty liner she had to chat with him. Fran told me when she went back out, they talked, he had told her he was in the Army Reserve and had a government job when he graduated in the spring. Then she asked him what were his intentions towards me, he told her it may sound crazy but he knew the second he saw me he was in love me and wanted to marry me. She told him that he appeared to be a very responsible and hansom young man that she really liked him also she told him Leana really liked him a lot, BUT Leana was a virgin and she better remain that way until her wedding day! When I came out Fran said you k**s have fun and Leana remember the rules. Greg took me to a local drive in and we had dinner then he drove me home and we parked in front of my house and made out for an hour, till Mom flashed the front light telling me to come in. When I got in the house, I had to go stright to the bathroom and get my pad out it was soaked. As hot as Josh is, he never did to me what Greg does.October 17, 2010, I went to my Sally’s house her pairents were gone for the day and she called over the twin canlı bahis boys next door we took turns fucking them the boys had Sally and I clean out each other’s pussy’s between fuck sessions. Greg called me, and we made a date to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant. My dinner date with Greg went great I remembered to wear a pad we parked out in front of my house again he told me he loved me, as we were making out I put his hand on my boob I doubt he would have ever done it by himself, well he learned fast and when he tweaked my nipple he made me cum. We made a date for Friday night to go to the drive-in movies. Oct. 22, 2010 I knew I was going to have Greg eat me, so I had to get prepared and get my pussy filled with cum and we were working that afternoon. Then I remembered the little perv that worked in the shoe store across the mall, he was always trying to look up my skirt and feel my legs when I was trying on shoes. I took a break shortly before quitting time went over to the shoe store walked up to the little perv and told him to take me in the back and fuck me. He took me in the back there was a table there I sat on I pulled up my skirt and took off my pantys sat on the table spread my legs and said fuck me he said no making out no sucking your tits, I told him shut up and fuck me and cum in me and make it fast. He climbed between my legs and in less than a minuet the little perv had given me given me what I needed a pussy full of cum! I said now give me a pair of 6” red heels 7 ½! He says why I told him I needed a reason to be in here, he said they are $50.00 I said you just got paid between my legs, and I walked out. Greg got off and we went stright to the movies, I made sure we went in the 53 so we had lots of room. When we got there it was just dusk, so we went to the snack bar got some hamburgers, fries and drinks then climbed in the back seat ate our food and started making out under a blanket he had in the car. This time I didn’t have to put his on my boob he handled that all on his own, in fact in no time he had my top off along with my skirt as we continued making out and that suckers fingers popped my bra clasp with ease, when I felt his mouth on my nipple it almost drove me over the top, I needed to cum and I needed to cum then, I took his hand and slid it in my pantys and pushed his middle finger deep up inside my pussy, and said see how hot and wet you have made me, he took over on his own and did a great job in no time my back was arching and I was humping against his hand pleasantly cuming, he slid his hand up and rubbed my clit I yelled AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and went limp in his arms. When I regained my senses, Greg was holding me in his arms gently kissing my eye lids, the tip of my nose and corners of my lips, I looked up at him smiled and said it I told him I loved him. He pulled me tight into his arms we kissed a deep loving kiss that lingered on and on, slowly the kiss got hotter and he trailed his kiss off my lips, down my neck back to my nipples he had me moaning as he kissed his way lower I wasn’t expecting this from him as his kisses trailed across my flat belly down inside my thighs then he very gently put my legs over his sholders and he took the tip of his tongue and traced the outline of my pussy lips round and round, I felt my pussy lips swell open, then he took the tip of his tongue and traced a line from my little pink ass hole to just below my clit then back down and back up he kept going up and down pressing a bit harder and going a bit faster my back arches I moan a deep moan and on the next up stroke he sucked my clit into his mouth and rapidly flicked his tongue over my clit bright flashes of colored lights flashed in my head I exploded my pussy juice all over his face and fell exhausted into his arms. We had fallen asleep the next thing I remember was someone knocking on the window telling us to wake up they were closing the up. Some how we were both nude under the blanket. Greg waved to the guy and we both started laughing, I reached down and ran my hand over his cock to see if it was dry wondering if we had fucked and I just didn’t remember it, boy I was in for a big susprise his cock was bigger than Josh’s I’m guessing he was an inch longer and a bit thicker I knew then we had not fucked had he fucked me my pussy would be really sore. Just to be sure I said kinda shyly did we well you know do it. He said no, so I asked why he was nude he said while we were making out as he was taking off my clothes, I was taking off his! I didn’t remember that happening but knowing me I doubt he was lying. Then he asked if I was going to do something with his cock I said no why, he was thinking we should get dressed and I would have to let go of his cock, so he could get his paints on. I said ok, but it really felt good in my hand, and he said my hand felt really good holding it. I squeezed him a few times and slowly slid my hand off of it then reached up to pull his to me, so we could kiss and said oh damn you really smell like my pussy good thing I’m staying at Aunt Frans house this weekend. Oct 23, 2010 We got back to Aunt Frans house at 1:30am, and I told Greg he had to come in with me and explain what happened when we walked in I knew Aunt Fran was going to fuck with his head. When we walked in the door she looked up at the clock on the wall, she said good thing you’re staying here tonight Your Dad would ground you for the rest of your life, then asked what movie did you two go see I looked at Greg, Greg looks at me, Fran laughed and said let me guess you watched the movie from the back seat, got yourselves all hot and bothered and fell asleep and got woke up by the crew there closing up. Fran said Greg you better get yourself home before your parients send the police out looking for you, come here and give hug reluctantly he walked over gave Fran a hug she said oh no boy we can’t send you home smelling like pussy get in the bath room and take a shower. When he went in to take his shower Fran asked me if I followed all the rules, I told her yes, she asked how was he, I told her he really does it for me god can he eat pussy and his cock is bigger than Josh’s.Dec 24, 2011 I was sitting in my dad’s living room on the sofa watching TV everyone else was out, Greg came a bit early we he was going to Christmas Eve service with me and my dad and Fran then we were going to his church for midnight candle light service. When he walked in he pulled me up into his arms gave me a deep loving kiss then said you know I love you with all my heart and soul, I said of course I do baby, he took my left hand got down on one knee in front of me and said Leana Hinson will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and spend the rest of your life with me of course I said yes and he placed the ring on my finger. July 16, 2012 Greg started his new Government job, now I won’t have him under foot all the time. He is working shift work.Juky 20, 2012 It was Friday might the next day I was getting married , Sally my Maid of Honor picked me up to go to my bachelorette party she said you better be dressed supper slutty because I have a night planed for you that you will never forget. We drove down town to a hotel we got on the elevator and went to the 12th floor she led me to room 1214 just before she knocked on the door she told me she had hired us out as strippers for a black batcher party. Then she knocked and we went in were handed a bottle of Champaign each and told we had 10 minutes to drink them, we did then the music was turned on and we started to strip for the groom who was sitting in the middle of the room in a chair we took turns giving him lap dances and stripping him, I pulled off his boxers and walked over to his 11” hard cock and impaled myself on it and we held onto each other and I fucked him till he filled my pussy with cum, I got up everyone was cheering and clapping and I was heading to the bathroom to clean up Sally grabbed me and I wound up on a king sized bed 69ing with her cleaning each other out she had been fucked by the best man, to the cheering of a room full of guys, when we were finished and rolled apart two guys grabbed us and fucked us in the ass it hurt like hell! The rest of the night was spent fucking the 23 guys at the party. July 21, 2012 My Wedding Day! I woke up 6:00 am in Sally’s arms and nude black guys passed out everywhere, I woke Sally up, we relized our cunts had been badly bruised inside, we were hurting like hell and could barely stand and walk, we went in took a shower found our clothes, there was a big brown envelope on the table marked for the strippers Sally grabbed it and we went to Aunt Fran’s house to get ready for the wedding. The envelope was filled with $5,500 dollars and a few used condoms. When we got to Fran’s she took one look at us and said what the fuck did you two do last night, I said Sally booked us as strippers for a black bachelor party for my bachelorette party and looked we, earned $5,500 dollars. She said both of you strip we did she said how in the hell are we going to hide all of those, she grabbed both of us took us into the bed room in front of the full-length mirror we were covered in hicky’s. She said ok you go get in the tub and use the oils, how in hell are we going to keep Greg from seeing you till your body heals. Wait I know go get your bath I’ll take care of it. Aunt Fran called Greg, when he answered Fran said Greg dear this is Aunt Fran, Greg said please don’t tell me she is backing out of the wedding, Fran says NO, NO, NO, but we have a problem seams Sally and the girls had a bachelorette party for Leana last night well they got her drunk to the point she passed out and one of the girls thought it would be funny to take an industrial vacuum cleaner and put suck marks all over her body. Leana is devastated she is worried sick you will think she was cheating on you and you won’t want her. Greg says tell Leana I Love Her with all my being and can’t wait to hold her in my arms and kiss her on the alter as my wife. Fran says I was sure you would understand, but they of course the girls were drunk also but they really tore up your Leana’s tits, so you’re going to have to take it easy on them for a few weeks till she’s all healed up. Greg says a few weeks well ok I will but tell Sally to stay the hell away from both of us after today and tell her I said her ass is grass and I will get even with her big time. Fran says please Greg don’t let this mess up your day let it ride you two deserve a wonderful day, enjoy today get even tomorrow! Ok Greg I’ll see you in a few hours thank you for understanding.The girls come out from the bathroom Fran says Leana I just talked to Greg, your clear, but I had to throw Sally under the bus, so you better give Greg a wide birth for a while. I told him you girls had a bachelorette party for her, got her drunk till she passed out then took an industrial vacuum cleaner and put hicky’s all over your body. Sally he is really pissed at you. Sally says fuck him I’m not afraid of him. Fran said says if I were you two, I wouldn’t sell him too short he is no dummy! Oh and listen to me I relize you have had a taste of black cock and I know how good it feels but they will ruin your body, and your life, once they are done with you, you won’t be any good for anybody! Shortly there after the rest of the bride’s maids came along with the hairdresser and the makeup girl. I dressed in a white lace shelf bra, with matching white lace garter belt and white lace thong and white seamed lace topped thigh highs and 6” white heels and of course white lace garter for the toss! My wedding dress was white lace open sholder very deep v top exposing lots of boobs, the bottom was scalloped from just above the knee to an actual train in the back. The reception was being held in the church hall that was attached to the church. I put on everything on at Frans except the dress, everyone else got fully dressed at Frans. At the church they had two rooms one near for the bride in the back and one for the groom towards the front. When we got to the church the wedding planer assigned a hunky black attendant to us should we need anything. We went into the brides room the girls got me dressed the hair and make up girls gave me a few final touch ups then Sally stayed with me and the brides maids went down the hall to wait in line for the pression to start. I said to Sally just 15 more minutes and I’ll be married, she said you do have the big hunky attendant just outside the door want me to go send him in to attend you and I’ll watch the door. Sally your so bad do it! Sally went out and said the bride needs your help in there, he walked thru the door I leaned against the a table pulled my dress up and said I need attention come over here take these pantys off and pull your cock out and fuck me hard and fast we only have a few minutes. He walked over knelt down in front of me reached up pulled off my lace pantys off put them in his pocket, he stood up dropped his paints his giant popped out and with hesitation he began shoving it in me till he was balls deep my head was spinning and yelled OH GOD YES BABY FUCK ME HARD in five minutes he pumped out a huge load of cum up in my pussy and stretching my pussy way out of shape with his 11” cock. Sally cracked the door and whispered in to let me know my father was approaching to walk me down the aisle. Sam hid in the closet, Sally opened the door and my dad walked in and asked are you ready baby, I told him yes daddy, then he asked me are you sure you want to go thru with this, I said yes daddy I love him with all my heart, he said I hoped you were going to say that Greg is the best and will always be there for you he’s like the son I never had. He holds my hands stood back and said my god your beatiful I wish your mom were alive to see you, I know she has been watching you all these years and she is looking down and smiling you. As my dad walked me down the aisle Fran noticed the cum running down my leg then looked in the back of the church and saw San with his shirt tail out his fly and her lace pantys hanging out of his pocket. Fran told me later how pissed she was that I couldn’t stay away from black cock for one day to get married, good thing she didn’t know about the three black waiters I did at the reception!After the reception I was all fucked out from fucking four big black cocks and we were both waisted and I had to get past the whole virgin thing. I spiked the champagne in our room got our clothes off and when he hit the bed he was out like a light. I got the bottle of fake blood squirted it up in my pussy, stroked his cock till he was good and hard squatted down on it pumped up and down a few times to mix the fake blood with all the black guys cum in my pussy then got off him and squatted over the sheet pushed out all the left over black cum and fake blood mix so in the morning there would be bloody cum on his cock and the sheets. July 22, 2012 I woke up Greg bahis siteleri was laying next to me smiling at me and asked if I was ok that there was so much blood. I gave him a sad look and said I was really sore and hurting that he was like an a****l last night and had really stretched and hurt my little virgin pussy! I said I’m going to get up and get a shower then you can get yours then we can go down to the restraint and get some breakfast. He said I thought we might fool around a bit this morning I looked at him and said after what you did to me last night it will be a week or two before my pussy is well enough to have sex again. He asked is this normal I told him no, but he was so big, actually his cock was big (but nothing like the huge black cocks I had grown accustomed to getting)!We got our showers and went down for breakfast our waiter was one of the guys from the bachelor party he stood beside Greg and kept motioning towards the bath rooms. He takes our order and I watch as he goes over puts our order in and heads back towards the bathroom, I tell Greg I need to go and head to the little girls room he pulls me in and into his arms cups my butt cheeks and says who’s the guy I told him its my husband, he said oh how long have you been married I said about 18 hours as I reached down undid his paints as they fell to the floor I pulled up my skirt slid my pantys to the side, grabbed his cock slid it up and down my slit a few times and lined it up with and pushed forward he did the same and I took all of him in one push, he went to work sawing his cock in and out of me I was going crazy his cock felt so damn good he reaches up and pinched my nipple thru my t-shirt and I came so hard my pussy grabbing his cock and he came hard filling my cunt full of his seed. When he was done, he sat me down on the toilet, shoved his cock into my mouth to clean him off, he pulled up his paints up and walked out. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door it was Greg asking if I was ok I told him to come in I said look at my pussy it was all red and swollen and inside the bowl was cum and I still had some fake blood in there, I said your cum is still seeping out of me and I’m still bleeding. Greg apologized said he was so sorry he didn’t mean to hurt me I gave him a big hug and kiss and said it was ok, we went back out had our breakfast I made sure Greg gave our waiter a big tip.Aug 4, 2012 It’s been two weeks sience we had been married I got Greg up late, so he had to rush to get ready for work, on his way out the door I gave him his kiss and said I’m feeling all better maybe tonight! Greg gets home at 5 he picks me up carries me into the bed room lays me on the bed starts taking off his clothes and I say pew you stink go get a fast shower, when he gets out I’m sitting on the toilet I wipe myself the toilet paper has blood on it Greg says are you still bleeding I said no baby I got my period, Greg asks what does that mean I told him two things One I’m not pregnet and Two no sex for a week, and the week after next I have to go way out for a week of training and Greg says Four the week you get back I’m going on 12 hour shifts 9:00 pm to 9:00 am. This whole time I’m getting layed every day the new black guy that took Greg’s place at work back in the stock room. On weekends Sally and I are going out for girls night out and getting the shit fucked out of us. November 9. 2012 I had gone out with Sally on Friday night and we had got really fucked up and fucked by six black guys who were going to party all weekend and I wanted to party with them, I went home at 9:00am started packing all my clothes my marrage was a sham and it was time to end it, Greg got home at 9:30am from work I had one more load and I would have been gone. Greg asked me what was going on I was still drunk so I told him I was tired of being married and I was leaving, he asked who the guy was I said there was no one else (actually there were lots of guys) I said I need to get layed, Greg said I gave up trying I’d love to make love to you keep turning me down, Greg was a mess crying, he said I gave you everything I could I have been working my ass off to save enough for us to get a house, she said oh about that I took all of that out of the bank for a down payment on a new car for me, I grabbed my last bag and walked out.Greg was totally beside himself he didn’t know what to do, he checked the bank account and she had wiped it out, there was no way he could pay this month rent or any of the other bills they had. He had worked so hard to establish their credit and it was about to be destroyed. Greg called my dad Fred who also happened to be the chief of police. The town had a 20-man force, Greg was still crying when he told Fred about me leaving him and wiping out our bank account to buy myself a new car. He said not to worry he would get everything straightened out. Chief called Fran and asked what the fuck I was up to that I had left Greg wiped out our bank account, Fran told him she had not seen me sence the wedding, but my BFF Sally Jones was a slut and a really bad influence on me and most likely behind it all! Fred told her to come to the station they were going to go get me and give me to her because if he did, he would break his night stick over my ass. He went to Sally’s with another officer and had him wait outside, then beat on the door for five minutes before she finally woke up and answered the door, Fred grabbed her by her hair d**g her into the apartment, and said where is my daugther, she said I have no idea what your talking about, he pulled out his night stick raised it over his head, and she yelled OK, OK and gave him the address and told him where I was with six black guys. Dad cuffed her told her to tell him everything, she did and he told the other officer to take her to the station and lock her up with the whores, then he called in the entire force and had them meet a block away from the house where I was. He called his poker buddy the Judge and got a search warrant. He had Fran come down too. My dad and his men hit the door hard and knocked it off its hinges when he got to the bed room where I was in there were three black guys on me one in my ass, one in my pussy and I was sucking off the last one I had swallowed to his balls, it wasn’t pretty I’m sure none of them will ever be able to have sex again. Dad grabbed me by my arm and d**g me out to Fran’s car threw me in the passenger door, he asked me what dealership I had ordered the car from, I told him, then he told Fran to get me cleaned up and my pussy shrunk down to a usable size. He also informed her that I had never consummated my marrage to Greg. Fran asked what the fuck is wrong with you, you haven’t made love to Greg yet. He thinks he did once, but he didn’t I d**ged him and tricked him. Aunt Fran called me a stupid slut, then asked me why, I told her I was so stretched out from fucking all the big black dicks I would never be any good to him the wedding night I faked us fucking I did ride him to get cum on his cock I couldn’t even feel him inside me. I’m no good to him or any other white man the only way I can get satisfied is with big black cock. Fran called my Dad and said the only way to get me fixed is surgery, she told dad she had talked to her GYN and she was taking me right over, but the surgery could not take place before the first of the year. Dad asked her what they were going to tell Greg, Fran says we will tell him that she has cancer in her female organs and she can’t have sex until after her operation, that she found out just after the wedding and she has been stressed out about it and she has been keeping it bundled up inside herself. Fran looked at me and said this is the last time we can bail your ass out get your ass cleaned up, get some rest and tomorrow we are going to take you home and pray Greg buys our story NO FUCKING AROUND AND NO MORE BLACK GUYS, oh and your BFF Sally has decided to go across the country and live with her mother. By the next morning my dad had all the money back in the bank and I could not take more than $50.00 out at a time without Greg’s written approval, turns out I went to the dealer my dad buys all the police vehicles from. Nov 10, 2012 My dad goes and meets with Greg explains my “medical condition” and I have been keeping it all pent up in side me and I was having a nervous breakdown. He said our bank account had been restored and that Fran was going to bring me back home if he wanted me back. He said of course he did he loved me with all his heart and soul. While Dad was talking to Greg, Fran asked me did I still love Gill and I told yes more than ever, Fran said ok you got a lot of making up to do! Dad called Fran and said it was ok to bring her home. Fran drove me home in my car, when I got there I ran into Greg’s arms we hugged and kissed and cried, Fran and dad brought all my stuff back in and Greg and I spent the afternoon putting it all away, that evening Fran and dad took us out to dinner when we got home we cuddled until Gill had to go to work at 9:00. Nov 24 2012 Greg has just got home from work and he had to change to go to his weekend Army Reserve Duty, he didn’t talk to me, he got a shower, changed into his army uniform grabbed his Army overnight bag said he would not be home till Sunday night or maybe Monday morning, and out the door he went. I noticed he forgot his cell phone I started to call out to him to get his phone but didn’t. Everything had been going so well for us and today I could tell something was wrong. We both used the same passwords so I was able to open his phone I checked his email first there was an email from an unknown source, The Subject was You Wife is Cheating on you, it said I have been fucking guys sence I was 16, that I was the entertainment for a black bachelor party the night before our weddings and the marks on my body were bite marks, and that I fucked a black guy minutes before walking down the aisle and three black waiters at the reception plus there were dates and details and pictures fortunately all the pictures were of my back but I knew it was me. Just then another email came in with more pictures and these had my face they were me blowing a black guy, another of a black guy fucking my ass and lots of me fucking black guys. I called Fran told her what I had, and it had to be Sally. She told me to take the phone to my dad and have his IT people trace the source of the message. My dad’s people traced the source it was indeed Sally and federal charges were filed for mailing and trafficking in pornography. She was arrested her computers and all digital materials were confis**ted, she pled guilty and was fined 10K and given 5 years’ probation, she also had to register as a sex offender. Nov 25, 2012 Gill came home at 7:00pm found his cell phone where he left it he checked his messages of course the new email with the face pictures of me had been removed before he saw them. I tried to give him a big hug and kiss, but he avoided me and pulled up the e-mail gave me the phone and said explain this and went and took a shower, so he could get ready to go to work. I didn’t see him the next week he was going to work at 6:00 pm and not getting home till 9:30 am, I was leaving for work at 8:30am and getting home at 6:30pm. I started fixing him lunches and putting notes in them telling him how much I loved him and hated our work schedule. Dec 17, 20012 Greg left me a message saying he was taking off from Dec. 22, to Jan 2, and asked if I could get off, he said on Saturday we could go out and get a tree, decorations and that he wanted to go to the Midnight Candle Light Service on Christmas Eve. I sat in the kitchen and cried for an hour I hadn’t lost my husband. Dec 21, 2012 I was sound asleep and felt the bed move and a set of strong arms pull me to a warm hard body, then I herd Greg say I love you Leana, I turned over in his arms we kissed and cried, then I took his hand and put it on my boob, I reached down stroked his cock pulled him on top me and put his cock between my legs he said we can’t I said just don’t put it inside me. I fucked him thru my pussy lips the combination of my hot wet pussy lips and his hot hard cock rubbing over my clit set us both off! Of course, he dumped about a gallon of cum between my legs and on the sheets. There we were in the middle of the night recovering from a great sex session laughing at the mess we had made, we had to change the sheets and took a shower together, when we got back into bed I cuddled up next to him and I felt his hard cock against my ass and smiled as he started rubbing it against me, I said hold on and went and got a big towel put it on the bed below where my ass would be and said we have lots of towels and only three sets of sheets and said climb up here big boy! We went thru one set of sheets and three towels that night! I knew I wanted this for the rest of my life and I wanted Greg by my side I threw away my birth control pills.Dec 22, 2012 I woke up to the smell of bacon cooking I walked out into the kitchen Greg is making us breakfast he says good morning sleepy head, he bends down gives me a short but tender kiss, then he asks me do I want eggs, pan cakes, french toast, all of the above? I tell him eggs over easy! He asked me to get out four eggs and start the toast, we made and ate breakfast together, we cleaned up and Greg smacked me on my butt and told me to go get dressed we needed to go buy our Christmas tree and ordainments for it! Just then the phone rang it was Aunt Fran, she asked what I was doing today, I told her Greg and I were off till after the first of the year and we were going out to get a tree and ordainments and put up the tree and decorate it. She said good your together we will be over in 10 minutes. Greg asked who was that I said Aunt Fran, she said they were coming over, Greg asked they who I said I don’t know? I went in got dressed nothing sexy jeans and a red plaid shirt, a pair of sneakers, a little make up and there was a knock on the door. I opened the door there is Fran and my dad with two boxes I said come on in we traded hugs and kisses and they asked us to sit down. My dad said I have asked Fran to marry me and she said yes, I had to think for a second and relized Fran was my mom’s sister not my dad’s. I stared to get up to congratulate them, but my dad said wait there is more, being a smart ass, I say don’t tell me Fran is pregnet, Fran said hush your mouth c***d no I’m not! She said no Greg I would like you to give me away and Leana would you be my maid of honor. I start to get up again but dad says wait not yet, Fran is moveing into my house and we want to give you Fran’s house, you will need to cover the closing cost, but you guys will have a desent house to raise a family in, this time we just sat it was a lot of information to process all at once, dad says oh one other thing due to things we have going on we are going to need to settle on next week, I just wanted to bahis şirketleri burry my head in Greg’s chest, Fran could see that we were overwhelmed and said lets take one thing at a time we brought a bunch of Christmas tree oddments some are antiques lets go thru these, and we would like to spend the day together, help get your tree up and then you two can decorate it tonight or tomorrow and we are going to take you two to lunch and dinner tonight. Then much to my susprise Greg says well congratulations you two I always sorta suspected you were getting it on, everyone laughs, then he said thank you for the tree ornaments as for the rest of it we will be spending most of Christmas Eve and Christmas with you two, BUT we just spent the best eight hours of our married life together and I would kinda like to stretch that out to at least 30 hours with just the two of us. Fran looks at me and says just two minutes with you in the bedroom, ok real quick we go in and Fran says whats going on I said last night he got off early I felt him about 2:00 I felt him come into bed pull me to him we made out then we had sex him on top him sliding his cock thru my pussy lips over my clit we came hard and we did it three more times, it was wonderful. I woke up he was up dressed making breakfast I helped him we ate he announced we were going to get a tree ornaments then bring it home put up maybe some pizza and hopefully more sex! Fran asks anything about Sally’s email I say nothing and I’m not bringing it up smart girl well we are going to get out of you way enjoy today, we walked out Fran walked up to Greg gave him a kiss and said you two have fun today, we will see you tomorrow. We went in Greg’s truck got the rest of the ordainments we needed a tree stand and skirt and of course lights, then we go to a tree farm find the perfect tree and Greg saws it down we take it back home put it in the stand put the lights on, I was putting ordainments on the top of the tree and Greg came up behind me cupped my boobs than kissed my neck, I leaned back against him felt his hard cock against butt I asked why are you so hard, he popped the snap on my jeans slid down my zipper down then pushed his hand down and cupped my pussy and inserted a finger and said why are you wet, I said because you are playing with my boobs and pussy! I heard him undue his belt then his zipper go down he bent me over the back of the sofa he pushed down my jeans and pantys in one move, then I felt his cock slide between my pussy lips and rub over my clit, he grabbed my hips and began pumping his cock thru my pussy lips, I told him to let me know before he was going to cum he said we would not last long, he lasted longer than I did the pressure on my clit was more than I could take and in about five minutes I yelled out OH GOD GREG YES, YES I”M CUMING! I fell to my knees and breaking the rules I grabbed his cock and swallowing it to his balls, he instantly exploded and dumped his load of cum down my throat and into my belly. Greg dropped to the floor pulled me into his arms we cuddled and fell asleep right there after all we didn’t get much sleep last night! We woke up two hours later, and Greg asked me where I learned that I knew what he ment, I said Sally taught me using her mom’s dildo, he said well you learned well, I said at least there is no mess to clean up and giggled, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me a long loving kiss. We got up, dressed, called for a pizza and finished the tree, and made pussy lip love three more times, before falling asleep in each other’s arms.Dec 24, 2012 I wake up and Greg is between my legs eating my pussy, I panicked I didn’t want him to know how stretched out my pussy was but it was too late his tongue was buried in there sucking me for all he had, somehow I managed to turn around get on top him and 69 with him, when I felt his hot cum squirting down my throat, I came and covered his face with my sweet cum. I turned around and fell into his arms, scared of what he would say about the condition of my pussy, and what he said was your pussy tasted sweeter and fresher than ever before, but good as it is we need to get a shower, I don’t think it will be an appropriate after shave for midnight service. I grabbed him and hugged him as tight as I was able to and pressed my lips hard against his and pushed my tongue as deep as I could into his mouth, with tears running down my cheeks, I pulled back and said I love you with all my being I have never been so happy in my life!We spent the rest of the day wrapping presents for dad and Aunt Fran and us, we helped each other wrap our presents for each other? We were kneeling at the base of the tree placing our presents, I crawled on top of Greg wrapped my arms around his head and kissed him a long loving kiss. Before long we were nude in bed Greg had my boob in his mouth, we rubbed, sucked, licked, felt and kissed each other for hours. Greg had just turned me over so he could bite my ass cheek and I saw the clock it was 5:20 dad and Fran were susposed to be here at 6:00 to pick us up for dinner and then go to church I yelled OH SHIT, Greg said whats wrong I said it’s 5:20 Greg yelled OH SHIT, we jumped out of bed and into the shower, we were still getting dressed when I heard Fran’s voice yell knock, knock are you k**s ready? Oh, your tree looks wonderful! I yell back we are running a bit behind but almost, Fran asks are you desent as she walks in the bed room, I’m only wearing my pantys and Greg just has on his boxers, Frans arms are full of our clothes and she says do these go in the dirty clothes, I look up Fran has a tear running down her face I say what wrong she says you don’t know how happy my sister would be if she could you two together this way, I said you and Mom were close, she says twins always are!Over dinner we worked out the details over getting Frans house, it would take everything we had in the bank, but we would make that up fast as we would be saving over 2K per month. We would settle on Thursday but not move in till after the holidays. Midnight service at church was beatiful.Dec 25, 2012 We got up went out and opened our presents, got dressed grabbed our presents for dad, Fran and my sister and brother-in-law. We exchanged presents at dads and did brunch. That afternoon we went over to my sister’s house. It’s a huge place six bedrooms, huge heated outdoor pool, large living room, party room with bar, huge kitchen and dinning room. We were given the official inventation to their official New Years Eve Bash every year they would pack the house with people for a real rocking, booze flowing party!Dec 27, 2012 At 10:00 am we went to settlement, by 11:00 am we were the owners of a house with no mortgage, our lease on our apartment was a month to month lease so we just had to give them 30 days’ notice. On the way home, we stopped and picked up a bunch of packing boxes, went home and started packing.Dec 31, 2012 I got notice today that my surgery was scheduled for Jan 8, 2013. We spent much of the day cleaning up and painting at the new house. We came home showered, got out dried each other off, Greg looked at me and said you are the most beatiful woman in the world. I blushed and said I’m dressing sexy for you tonight every guy at that party is going to be so jealous of you tonight, and I did black lace thigh highs, black lace garter belt, black g-string and black lace shelf bra. 6” heels, a very short skirt and a see thru pull over deep V top.We got to the party at 8:00 pm there was a blizzard going on and everyone agreed they would crash at my brothers because driving would be far too dangerous. As soon as I walked in someone stuck a screwdriver in my hand and the partying went on from there, I was sticking close to Greg about 10:30 I had to go to the bath room that was a real challenge, I was waisted and it was really crowded when I got there, there was a line two black guys were in line behind me, one said hi Leana how have you been I said hello he looked familiar but I had no idea where I knew him from, as it turned he was at the bachelor party, I finished my drink and one of the black guys said what are you drinking I said screwdriver, he took my cup and said I’ll get it refilled for you he did but added coke and ex to it he came back with drinks for the three of us, as we stood there I finished most of my drink and another black guy came up and said he found a bed room with a bath room and no line TJ the first black guy said come on we will let you go first I could hardly walk but they helped me, sure enough there was a bathroom with no line by the time I came out they were all nude I saw their huge black cocks, I was so fucked up when TJ pulled my top and skirt and g-string off and pushed me on the bed and the three of them started taking me, the bedroom door was wide open and a crowd had formed cheering us on.I had been gone a long time, so Greg started looking for me when he found me, I had one black cock in my pussy, one in my ass and the third I has sucked down to his balls. Greg quietly walked away got his coat, my sister asked him where he was going in this blizzard he just said away. Then next morning I woke up to a hard cock fucking the shit out of me before I opened my eyes, I had a big smile on my face, when I opened my eye and saw a big black guy fucking me I screamed NO GET OFF ME GREG HELP ME. The guy said whats wrong with you been fucking me all night, he picked up his pace and unloaded a huge load of cum in me, he got up went in the bathroom took a shower came out dressed and left. I was laying in the bed balling and calling for Greg with no response. My sister finally came in and said what all the noise about. I’m laying in bed nude suck marks all over me I asked where is Greg, she said he left last night in the middle of the blizzard, I asked why, she laughed my guess is because he found you in here fucking three black guys one, in your ass one in your cunt and one buried his cock in your mouth to his balls. I got my brother-in-law to drive me home when I got there all of Greg’s things were gone. I called Fran told her what happened and that I couldn’t find Greg, dad tried to locate him but could not. Jan 2, 2013 I called Greg’s work and was told he had quit. I didn’t know what to do, the little money in our bank account was still there, dad said there had been no action on his credit cards. Aunt Fran came over and called a mover to come take all our stuff to the new house. She spent most of the day holding me in her arms trying to console me. Jan 8, 2013 Fran came by to take me to the hospital for my surgery but during a pre-surgery blood test it was discovered I was pregnet, and they had to cancel the surgery. On the way home Fran said I didn’t relize you and Greg had made love I burst out crying and said we didn’t it has to be a black baby. Fran said your father is going to kill you, I said Greg will never forgive me. Feb 14, 2013 There is a knock at my door the person there said Leana Johnson I say yes, she hands me an envelope and says you have been served. I knew immediately it was devorce papers. I called Fran she set us up to meet with her devorce lawyer the next day.Feb 15, 2013 I meet with the lawyer she said I have gone over the papers your husband’s lawyer submitted, he has been very generous he has given you everything except his clothes and his pick-up that was his before you got married and you have no right to. You simply need to sign here in a few weeks you will be a free woman. I told her I don’t want a devorce I want him back I want to see him again, I want to take to court so I can tell him how much I love him how much I need him. The lawyer says you do relize he is represented by a JAG lawyer, which means he is deployed in a war zone there is no way you are getting him in court any time soon. I said I don’t care I’m not signing.Apr 25, 2013 We are in court for my devorce hearing. The judge asks why Greg is not in court his lawyer a female Jag officer in uniform stated that he is deployed in a war zone that can not be disclosed, then she asks for a recess to meet with her opponent, and the judge grants the recess and says this does not appear to be a difficult case please come up with a settlement. We ment in the court conference room. Greg’s lawyer started off by saying what is the problem here my client has given you everything why am I here. I tell her I don’t want everything I want him. Greg’s lawyer looks at me and says your really going to make me take you into court and rake you over the coals aren’t you. I have talked one on one with Greg, you have no idea what you have put him thru, how many times he has already forgiven you. If we go back into court I will start by brining in the car dealer that took your virginity, the 23 guys from the bachelor party you fucked the night before your wedding, the guy you fucked 2 minutes before you walked down the aisle, the three waiters you fucked at your reception, the email you sent your friend Sally telling how you deceived Greg that he had taken your virginity, your coworker you fucked almost every day back in the stock room, the shoe salesman from across the mall and the three guys you fucked New Years Eve. Oh, and when I point out that you and Greg have never had intercourse and the baby your carrying is black and then when I state that we are amending the settlement and asking for everything what do you think the judge is going to do, one other thing the judge has both a son and daugther deployed. Sign the damn papers or you and your black bastard baby will find your ass out on the street with nothing and don’t think your dad is going to take you in. Like I said I met with Greg several times the last time was 2 days ago. He knew about everything and forgave you, but you had to go fuck three black guys in front of half the town many of which were his coworkers you left him no choice but to signup full time with the military, he could hardly go back to his job after you put on your porn show with three black guys, he didn’t feel he could ever show himself in that town again. He is in the most dangerous place in the world and volunteering for the most dangerous missions, the fact that he is still alive is a miracle. Greg is the kindest, most loving, fateful man I have ever met, and when I get done with you here, I’m going back to him and tell him I love him and make him the happiest man in the world and show him what it’s like to make love to a real virgin. Now sign the damn papers and let everyone get on with their lives. Crying I signed the papers. A few months later I gave birth to a black baby and gave it up for adoption, I never saw the baby. I was given my surgery to tighten up my pussy. I gave up my cheating ways and eventually ment and married nice guy who I remained fateful to for the rest of my life. I loved him but never as much as I did Greg. Before Susan, Greg’s lawyer could get back to him, he had been wounded she caught up with him in the military Hospital in Germany. He was shot in the chest but recovered with no lasting effects. Appearently Sue was able to romance Greg to the point that in six months they were married and a year and a half later they had a baby boy.

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