5 Haziran 2021

Your Turn


I always did like to be awakened by the stirrings of a horny man. What a way to wake up. When you are sleeping soundly and oblivious to what is going on outside of your closed eyelids and you get that little signal that says “hey, wake up someone has their hand on your tits you don’t want to sleep through that now do you?” You know the signal right? Seems I get those little signals somewhat more frequently than usual, problem is when my eyelids open no one else is present except myself. How does that happen? In fact it started happening enough to where I would feel the arousal then subconsciously even be able to sleep through it. Now that is pretty bad. I just began chalking it up to aging and mid-life crisis. Sex in dreams, now that is the way to go. You get your sleep, you get your sex, and you have half the mess and it can be as good or as bad as you choose to recall the experience to have been. Now a witness to my sleep and my sex-in-dreams bears witness to the most amusing sensual observation he had seen in a very long time. I heard his version, now I will tell you mine. Well I guess I should tell you his too in all fairness remember I don’t recall it that way at all.

Man, it was one of the oddest things I had ever seen. I could not sleep so I was sitting up in a chair in the bedroom she was asleep in bed. Sound asleep really she was snoring a little but of course denies that ever happens. I was getting a little drowsy myself and had been trying to read a parts manual on John Deere tractors one of my favorite pastimes when I heard her make some kind of sound. It caught my attention so I looked over at her. She looked to still be sleeping. I watched her for a minute or so I guess she seemed restless etlik escort a little and I wondered if she was in pain or maybe dreaming.

She rolled onto her side and tossing the blankets aside in the process. She was wearing a pale yellow satin with lace trim nightshirt that barley covered her ass when she was standing up, now it was bundled up around her hips. This made me smile she looked cute that way. I kept watching her.

I watched her slide her hand between her thighs and sort of rested it there. She had a funny expression on her face she was biting down on her bottom lip as I have seen her do many times when she was having sex.

Her hand then went to her little treasure and I saw her knees part shit I was almost ready to laugh out loud but got a hold of myself and stayed quiet and I am so glad that I did. The look on her face was intense now and she touched herself so carefully seemed to be slow and intent. Hell, my dick was hard and all I could do then was watch her.

Her hair framed her rather rounded face and her dark eyelashes seemed to brush across her cheeks, which by the way were a nice rosy red color. Her skin was pale and she looked so innocent. Her tanned skin and that pale yellow caressing it made her look soft and sensual. The contrast of the plum sheets her auburn hair and the yellow gown was intoxicating. She really did look beautiful. Then the little moans started those familiar sounds she would make when she was being pleased. I found myself wanting to walk over there and get right in there with her but I didn’t I just watched. She was mumbling a little but not to where I could understand her. It was like a soft sultry teasing voice. I was very ankara eve gelen escort aware now that I was hard and very turned on.

She was on her back and her hips raised she seemed to know her way around her body pretty well for being asleep. Looking over at this site was getting to be too much for me. Her body was moving like she wasn’t alone her fists were clamped tightly into the sheet now. Her breathing was harder and faster and I knew she was about to cum, I knew that sound. I could see the glistening on her thighs from the wetness. I decided all I really needed about now was her hand wrapped tight around my dick. I recognized that throaty sound she makes I knew she had reached her orgasm and I was most amazed as she was in bed alone. I really needed some relief. Wow I really did I was rubbing my hand over my dick wanting to reach inside the shorts but I didn’t, not yet anyway.

I had gone to sleep thinking about this guy I met. I had been fantasizing about him for weeks now, he had a girlfriend I believe and I was married so it was kind of a fantasize only situation. He had the most beautiful eyes. I guess I found him floating around in dreamland he was willing and so was I.

I was standing in the kitchen by the sink looking out at the sunrise I was about ready to go to bed. I felt someone standing there watching me then I felt someone walk up behind me and press his or her body firmly against mine. I felt arms reach around me and a hand cupped over each breast I could see they were the hands of a man. He began moving his hands around massaging he moved the rings in my pierced nipples around this really peaked my sensations. He leaned over and began licking ankara escort across my shoulders and down the side of my neck. His breath was so hot and I could feel his hair brushing across my shoulders.

I could feel his hips grinding against me and I could feel he had an erection and I found myself pushing back against him like a dirty dance. He would bend his knees slightly and stand straight up again, up and then back down, I found myself moving just the opposite. His hands continued to squeeze hard on my breast then softly glance across them it was amazing. I grabbed a hold of his shirt- tail and just held on and pulled him closer.

He slid one of his arms down and around to the front of my body his fingers found their way easily to just the right spot now he was massaging me I was swollen and sensitive and quite receptive to this stimulation. The kissing and biting on the neck the hip thing and the breast massage going on and now this I just faded into the moment and blocked everything else out.

I began moving my hips to meet his touch I knew I was close the pace increased and I found myself reaching that explosive point. Then I did. I felt a deep shudder and a weakness suddenly in my knees I knew he was holding me up. He was whispering to me how beautiful he thought this was and how he had been wanting to do this for a long time.

I was feeling a little concerned about his current state of arousal and turned to face him but he stopped me. “What about you?” I asked him. He simply responded next time, next time baby. He put a finger across my lips kissed my neck and walked out. I didn’t see his face really but I just knew.

She seemed to fall back into a deep sleep. I shut out the little night- light eased in beside her put my hand between her legs and she was wet. I wasn’t sure what she meant by it but I distinctly heard her say “It’s your turn baby now just relax” I did and oh what a turn I took I only wish I knew who was first.

The End.

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