24 Haziran 2021

Zoe’s Secret


Zoe’s Secret[09:17] Slinky String: like that idea do you[09:18] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): blushes[09:18] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): no?[09:20] Slinky String: but now you cant get it out of your mind can you[09:20] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): oh god[09:20] Slinky String: can you[09:21] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): stop[09:21] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): i dont wanna think about it[09:22] Slinky String: the warm salty thickness[09:23] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): blushes[09:24] Slinky String: the feel of it filling your mouth and forcing down your throat[09:24] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): ogod[09:25] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): im tryin not to have those images in my head[09:25] Slinky String: your trying but they wont stop will they[09:25] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): not if you keep mentioning it[09:26] Slinky String: be honest the moment i first mentioned it you could no longer get it out of your head[09:27] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) shakes her head[09:28] Second Life: Teleport offer sent to Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen)[09:30] Slinky String: hello[09:30] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): hi[09:30] Slinky String: even now your thinking about it[09:30] Slinky String: come here[09:30] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): um i shouldnt be here[09:31] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): im not[09:31] Slinky String: come here[09:32] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): um im good here, i think[09:32] Slinky String: closer in front of me[09:32] Slinky String: now isnt that better[09:32] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): i dunno[09:33] Slinky String: but i do and that is what matters[09:33] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): sorry?[09:33] Slinky String: just as i said[09:34] Slinky String: you dont know because you cant think straight can you[09:35] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): um i can[09:35] Slinky String: the umm just proves what i said[09:35] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): huh[09:35] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): im confused[09:36] Slinky String: exactly my point[09:37] Slinky String: you cant think straight[09:37] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): yeah i can[09:38] Slinky String: come closer[09:39] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) caughs[09:40] Slinky String: like i said you need a dose of canlı bahis thick warm cum[09:40] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) shakes her head[09:40] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): i dont think so[09:41] Slinky String: the feel of it in your mouth coating your throat as it slides down and fills your stomach[09:41] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): oh god[09:41] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): um i never .. not like swallow[09:42] Slinky String: the irresistable salty taste[09:42] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): though i think once maybe i should have[09:43] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): but i dont[09:43] Slinky String: you should always swallow it is bad not to[09:43] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): he got it in my eyes .. then took a photo when i coudlnt see[09:44] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): i about died from embarrassment when i found out later[09:44] Slinky String: show me[09:44] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): oh it was never given to me[09:45] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): it i had i could most likey have it removed if it got out[09:45] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): tom would kill me if he ever saw that[09:45] Slinky String: no matter where cum may land it is important to always swallow it[09:47] Slinky String: and who is tom[09:47] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): god um i meant my husband\[09:47] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): forget i said that[09:48] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): you got me all flustered[09:48] Slinky String: and in truth when he shot it into your eye you loved the feeling[09:49] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): no i it stung[09:50] Slinky String: i mean it turned you on just like i am now[09:50] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): god[09:50] Slinky String: didnt it[09:50] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): um i didnt want it to[09:50] Slinky String: i know you didnt but it did[09:51] Slinky String: and you dont know why but i am turning you on even more then that arent i[09:52] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): i dunno[09:52] Slinky String: feel how wet your cunt is[09:52] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) blushes[09:52] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): dont[09:52] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): why are you saying this stuff[09:52] Slinky String: feel it[09:53] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): bahis siteleri what no way[09:53] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): not here not like that with you ..knowing[09:53] Slinky String: and yet your fighting not to but you need to dont you[09:54] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): your tryingto mess with my head its not working[09:54] Slinky String: then why are you so turned on[09:55] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): dont say that you dont kow[09:55] Slinky String: yes i do[09:55] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): i .. should be going[09:56] Slinky String: but you will stay[09:56] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): oh why is that[09:57] Slinky String: because something inside you is telling you to[09:57] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): god[09:57] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): who are you[09:58] Slinky String: you cant lie to me you realize that now dont you[09:58] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): course i can[09:58] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) nods[10:00] Slinky String: see even your own body is betraying your words[10:00] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): pardon[10:01] Slinky String: you say you can but your body nodded in response to what i asked[10:01] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): you dunno what my body is doing[10:01] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): what[10:01] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): god your confusing me again[10:02] Slinky String: like i said you cant lie to me and deep down you know it dont you[10:02] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) folds her arms and stands there[10:04] Slinky String: you stand there but you are rubbing your legs together[10:05] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): noo im not[10:05] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) blushes[10:05] Slinky String: see your body is betraying your words[10:06] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): i shoud be going now[10:07] Slinky String: come here[10:07] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) steps back[10:08] Slinky String: stepping back isnt helping your only rubbing your legs harder[10:08] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): i am .. not[10:09] Slinky String: and now your rubbing it harder still[10:10] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): imn ot![10:10] Slinky String: and your hand is trying to move down but your fighting it[10:11] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): bahis şirketleri i cant do that[10:11] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) blushes[10:11] Slinky String: you right you cant fight it[10:12] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): your twisting things[10:12] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) panics[10:12] Slinky String: no im just telling the truth[10:12] Slinky String: go ahead and touch your cunt[10:12] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): well dont[10:12] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): noo[10:13] Slinky String: and yet your hand is almost touching your cunt now[10:13] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): im not i swear[10:15] Slinky String: then why are you squirming so much if it isnt true[10:15] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): you dont know that[10:16] Slinky String: i do though[10:16] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): god you catn know unless[10:17] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): no no ones is at the window[10:17] Slinky String: and now your hand is touching your cunt[10:17] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): stop[10:17] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) whimpers[10:17] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): im not][10:18] Slinky String: and your hand wont stop[10:18] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): i told you im not doin .. that[10:18] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): god i hope your alone[10:19] Slinky String: come here[10:19] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) shakes her head[10:19] Slinky String looks at you sternly[10:20] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): i dont care if your lookin at me from the front of the boat even[10:20] Slinky String: because it only turns you on more[10:21] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): im not i feel more imposed upon[10:22] Slinky String: if you cant be honest with me mayve i should let tom know[10:22] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): dont even tease like that you know you cant[10:22] Slinky String: maybe*[10:22] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): gives me the creeps[10:23] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): oh shit what do you mean maybe[10:24] Slinky String: be honest with me and then maybe you wont have to find out[10:24] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen) holds her breath shaking her head[10:27] Slinky String: so you know all of this convo is being saved including the part about taking cum in your eye and tom not knowing[10:27] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): what[10:28] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): no delete it[10:28] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): oh shit[10:28] Zoe (morlenden.dyrssen): why would you do that[10:28] Slinky String: because i can

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